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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 1 month ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Until Then”
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Ann Galison
'Ann Galison' 2 hours ago
Olusanya Ademuyiwa
'Olusanya Ademuyiwa' 3 hours ago
Dis is my life story! ! !
mada madalyn
'mada madalyn' 5 hours ago
MaryJane KillinEm
'MaryJane KillinEm' 7 hours ago
So much #Life given Toya!! smh u have no idea how this video touch me!! Strumming my pain with ur fingas...singing my life with ya words!!!! 🙌👏💯 Can't wait for PRT 2. There's no denying ur talent and power as an artist after this Ms Luckett!!!
Taniola G
'Taniola G' 7 hours ago
Music videos like this are so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'NeVa DuNN' 8 hours ago
*Spoiler Alert! Fella's don't think u can have a woman as a best friend! :)
Tanay Sharper
'Tanay Sharper' 9 hours ago
i love this song i listens to it over n over it reminds me with one of my male friend with this best friend of his smh
Marilyn Cook
'Marilyn Cook' 13 hours ago
That was some 2015 SHIT girl 2017 that beat pops off in my everythinhg.
jonathan edgecombe
'jonathan edgecombe' 13 hours ago
Dont mind her she will be right back .Women always go back at least once
Taneka Cross
'Taneka Cross' 18 hours ago
I feel like this is happening now in my life and my dude making it seem I'm crazy
Ms Mercedes
'Ms Mercedes' 21 hours ago
yesssss baby....dats wat i been waiting on Toya!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THIS....DA BAE IS BACK BITCHES....
Suetania Philogene
'Suetania Philogene' 22 hours ago
I'm too jealous for this shit to happen wit me. both of those muhfuckers bout to get 🤛🏽
'moneyvegas' 22 hours ago
Guys let's try to get this song nominated for some awards in 2017.
Autumn P.
'Autumn P.' 22 hours ago
This was my first time watching a video the whole way through and not reading the comments until the very end . The video was that eye catching lol really though!
Amari Builtmore
'Amari Builtmore' 22 hours ago
reality is so much better is there such a thing as shared secret truths damn i feel like you captured the pages of my life and displayed them to me...oh to love but reality is better for me. ty ms. luckett
Winston Warren
'Winston Warren' 23 hours ago
This is better than....
Tahesha Berrian
'Tahesha Berrian' 23 hours ago
...word for word. What good is a title if you aren't happy, appreciated or respected?! Back to life for me as well! ✌️😁...👑 Queen'n
A Cr
'A Cr' 24 hours ago
Now, that's was deep! I can't wait for the next one.
Cierra Williams
'Cierra Williams' 24 hours ago
this song is amazing but this video is phenomenal I love the video more than I love the film. Letoya is one of the best actresses in the world.
Mercede Johnson
'Mercede Johnson' 1 day ago
I absolutely love this video. it's like an excerpt from an experience I had...
Dazjhane Washington
you know what's messed up? She's talking about what i'm going thur right now. smh, every word he said, he said. sigh :'(
Wafa Fiel
'Wafa Fiel' 1 day ago
i liked the fact she left cuz these idiots think that when a woman is in love can not leave well hell u wrong cuz when. woman is hurt she can leave it means she is done.period
Ms. Swarovski
'Ms. Swarovski' 1 day ago
i hate it ehen men try to get away by saying things like u r jealous or insecure or shes just my friend... listen to your guts and watch his actions!!
Adwoa Boateng
'Adwoa Boateng' 1 day ago
I thought it was Taraji P. Hensen in the thumbnail loll
Nettie Genus
'Nettie Genus' 1 day ago
how do i post to IG.
Jai Cam
'Jai Cam' 1 day ago
Awesome song & video Letoya! Great job as ALWAYS! Much respect & love for you! Day 1!
DJ Augusto Martins
I Am Brazil Le Toya Luckett Favorite love song!
shantiana lay
'shantiana lay' 1 day ago
i love this song
Ashaki Dilnassa
'Ashaki Dilnassa' 1 day ago
This just happened to me
'mswoods39' 1 day ago
Why is it so hard to just be honest?? If he knew her longer, why not just be with her?? So unfair to bring someone else into the equation to hurt.
'OctoberLibra1' 1 day ago
I love this video and LeToya's vocals are definitely on point. The best thing is to see her acting so well and getting television and movie roles. This video itself shows the range she has. I think the biggest thing that I take from seeing LeToya breaking free from the chains of beYAWNce and Destinys Child is that LeToya has spiritually found her own way...and has achieved spiritually what beYAWnce will never have and that is peace within herself. I am so looking forward to seeing LeToya play the Legendary Dionne Warwick in the film Dionne.....So excited and happy for her.
'Kairo' 1 day ago
She's matured in her style and confidence.
She really is in her own lane, she isn't trying to sound like anybody other than herself
Cicely  Lusk
'Cicely Lusk' 1 day ago
Regina Fontenot
'Regina Fontenot' 1 day ago
letoya luckett chick😓😓u do this everytime make me cry this song really touching...those men 💩💩
Jay P
'Jay P' 1 day ago
"i dont want you to change i want you to be the person that i met"
Jay P
'Jay P' 1 day ago
" i don't want you to change i want you to be the person i met"
Ashley Marria
'Ashley Marria' 1 day ago
I like the old school lyrics you sampled. these 90s babies know nothing of. your video hit home from my past and part of my present cause a nigga pay attention to his phone more than he pay attention to me but when a woman is finally fed up they leave with no warning no sign just poof we gone!
kapumpe chitalu
'kapumpe chitalu' 2 days ago
'colstonlchinese' 2 days ago
Very nice song and video. Congrats on your directorial debut sis.
Art Bark
'Art Bark' 2 days ago
Black Americans are mostly attracted to each other for the sex (Which is perfectly okay) but without the financial, economic, equity and political love in the community, we are not going to make it. If we don't start to understand the real problems in the world and drop the foolishness... Just doomed. Lovely video!
Tony Dinh
'Tony Dinh' 2 days ago
"im not the jealous type" righttt
Just Yanni
'Just Yanni' 2 days ago
going through a break up and need some more break up songs. any suggestions??
Rènee Cason
'Rènee Cason' 2 days ago
The Truth Hurts
DeeAnne Ivy
'DeeAnne Ivy' 2 days ago
she is slaying this hair style and it was a smart move with the chorus!!! love it
Samantha Ford
'Samantha Ford' 2 days ago
'Melanin_Chaos' 2 days ago
Letoya kinda looks like Tarji in this video 🤔🤔
sheslays alldaY
'sheslays alldaY' 2 days ago
Yoo this video was dope love love looove you Letoya
moni H.
'moni H.' 2 days ago
his sexy ass
Tammie Williams
'Tammie Williams' 2 days ago
That was my life at one point, it hurt like hell, especially when you try to talk to your so call friends, that pretend they don't know what the 😫going on, now that sad ,on my part😢✌
Blue print
'Blue print' 2 days ago
the same thing happened to me except the girl was my best friend and they kissed in front of me on the fourth of July.... I'm so in denial thinking I can't see my self with someone else and I'm just trying to get better and back to life
Jamar Johnson
'Jamar Johnson' 2 days ago
Just watched this with my girlfriend since shes a fan. 8mins of this? what was the point? Bad lip syncing and the production was off. Not tryna come off as a hater. Song wasnt good.
Sara Duarte
'Sara Duarte' 2 days ago
Dahoraaaaaaa!!!! Isso que é uma cantora de verdade!!
'Leatherwood22' 2 days ago
Yaaas Letoya Luckett killed this! It's so good! Can't wait to see the conclusion of this. It's so good. They did the damn thang!😄😄
Tammie Perry
'Tammie Perry' 2 days ago
My new favorite song, this song is so real!!!!!!
Rodrica Smalley
'Rodrica Smalley' 2 days ago
the video is much better than the song
Nikki Foster
'Nikki Foster' 2 days ago
man this video was so good it had my husband on edge wondering what's next. shoot when is the movie coming out?
LeToya Luckett is very talented
Terri Berri
'Terri Berri' 2 days ago
Dang!!!!! That was INTENSE!!!!! I actually knew a guy that valued his female "friend" over me. And she was/still is a true THOT! Had to get up outta there! When you start seein them red flags.......👀👀👀👀

Very nice vid!!!! Lawd I got into it!!! Keep the creativity comin Letoya! You've come such a long way!!!
Chrisy Baptist
'Chrisy Baptist' 2 days ago
love this song current situation mmmmm time I get back to reality n back 2 my life
Tony Vang
'Tony Vang' 3 days ago
I love this. The beat, the everything!
Jas Ann
'Jas Ann' 3 days ago
yasss im here for it!
Iris Carr
'Iris Carr' 3 days ago
this song puts me in my feelings. she brought r&b back.
Awkwardly Normal.
'Awkwardly Normal.' 3 days ago
That was so good
Bryhanna Peroti
'Bryhanna Peroti' 3 days ago
Love thissss you go girl👏👏👏
'Chy' 3 days ago
certain faces she make she looks like taraji p Henson
Layshawn Edwards
'Layshawn Edwards' 3 days ago
Thats exactly why if I was a woman, I could understand the not wanting to deal with your man having a female friend thing. You don't wanna be insecure but we see this shit happen way to often. We see what happens in the end every time
Danaja Taylor
'Danaja Taylor' 3 days ago
Yaaaaaasssssss LeToya you better giv me mf liiiiifffffeeee.
Brian Gomez
'Brian Gomez' 3 days ago
I love this song!
Latiquea J
'Latiquea J' 3 days ago
I did not know this was a real movie
'TheKaydij' 3 days ago
Zachary Sanchez
'Zachary Sanchez' 3 days ago
Zachary Sanchez
'Zachary Sanchez' 3 days ago
Rob Ridley
'Rob Ridley' 4 days ago
wow...loved EVERY MINUTE of this. good job to latoya and her team !!!👏👏👏
Anastasia Knuckles
This is exactly what I'm going through now. I don't see the work, but I see that I'm tripping because of the work. "I'm working for us" 😶
a h s a r BACKWARDS
but there's no way in hell , I would have watched her be all over my man . I would have said something . Like hold up bitch , tf is u doing ?
a h s a r BACKWARDS
I watch this video 50 million times a day lol , I LOVE THIS SONG!!
Nicholas Scott
'Nicholas Scott' 4 days ago
This is a good song
Kamaria simone
'Kamaria simone' 4 days ago
this would be a good movie eats popcorn
Jennifer Trujillo
'Jennifer Trujillo' 4 days ago
She is amazing- Love this song!
Tomunisha Malone
'Tomunisha Malone' 4 days ago
this is so real back to life back to reality I love you even tho I know your not good for me
Diligent Disciple
'Diligent Disciple' 4 days ago
its like a really good movie with great acting
HG_ 7
'HG_ 7' 4 days ago
This video is straight 🔥 how come this isn't big and getting the recognition it deserves?
Chanel Maki
'Chanel Maki' 4 days ago
latoya shouldve answered the phone like its late hes sleep show some freakin respect for me..
Yanique Kennedy
'Yanique Kennedy' 4 days ago
This song having me questioning my boyfriend about his best friend dwfl he know her long before me 8 years of friendship they better be friends loll
dang it might be long but I love this song and for may ladies it hits home
Matilda Sabol
'Matilda Sabol' 4 days ago
Good to see you back out here singing. I love you on ROSEWOOD :)
bushra a
'bushra a' 4 days ago
This giving me life omg 😩
Sfu Set
'Sfu Set' 5 days ago
this is a short film not a song
Latoya Fox
'Latoya Fox' 5 days ago
Best friend my ass 👊🏽
Crystal Chatman
'Crystal Chatman' 5 days ago
Soooooo dope!!!!!! the video, visuals were everything!!
C. Jones
'C. Jones' 5 days ago
Awesome video with a message every woman needs to take heed to. We have a six sense and it will let us know when something ain't right with our man. BOOM! I left his ass the same way she did 15yrs ago and ain't never looked back. Thanks for the confirmation LeToya cause I got another one who think his shit don't stink. I can show him better any day than I can tell him though. Luckily we don't live together. Now I know what the look on my ex face was like from the look on dudes face in this video. KARMA is REAL and I don't wish bad on no one but...........
Shameka Arthur
'Shameka Arthur' 5 days ago
gorgeous Letoya , beautiful man nd great nd o so realistic song.
Luxcious Nat
'Luxcious Nat' 5 days ago
Definitely needed to see a story like this!! You go girl x
Sierra Goodall
'Sierra Goodall' 5 days ago
I knew this wouldn't end well when 1. The "friend" threw shade at Toya when introduced and 2. When he told her after she voiced concerns about the meeting friend..... "maybe it's YOU"
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