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Lil Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof -
Published: 2 months ago By: LilYachtyVEVO

By: LilYachtyVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

5, 841, 395 views

95, 966 Likes   7, 968 Dislikes

Official video for Lil Yachty “Shoot Out The Roof” off of Summer Songs 2, out now. Listen / buy audio here:

Visit Lil Yachty online:

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Music video by Lil Yachty performing Shoot Out The Roof. (C) 2016 Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown Records

Daniel Smith
'Daniel Smith' 34 minutes ago
These music videos don't match the tone of the song...
Seth Corbitt
'Seth Corbitt' 3 hours ago
i want to rap with you lil yatchy
Damian Rhodes
'Damian Rhodes' 6 hours ago
bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
alex dang
'alex dang' 11 hours ago
Omg this is no doubt garbage. How do I reneg my view count!?!
'BBQ AND FOOT MASSAGE' 12 hours ago
you can call him trash all you want but u gotta admit that that drop was hard af
destan anderson
'destan anderson' 13 hours ago
yo this shit fire times 3 there's no putting this shit out with water bro
Early Bird
'Early Bird' 14 hours ago
at first i didn't like this but the beat is the only reason I'll tolerate with this
Toxic Aura
'Toxic Aura' 16 hours ago
lil yaghty sucks
Kayd Roccity Music
'Kayd Roccity Music' 17 hours ago
Damn I thought my music was wack 😂😂tf is this I'm more lyrical then him
Jaylen Bryant
'Jaylen Bryant' 18 hours ago
Francis Marco
'Francis Marco' 19 hours ago
Song bout lit asf 🔥💯💯💯
'leveeguy234' 20 hours ago
one of my favorites
Mission Wong
'Mission Wong' 21 hours ago
Welcome To Lil' Burger, Home of the Lil' Boat can I take yo' order?
'kekelliot' 1 day ago
Shoodadee ROO
'digo' 1 day ago
yachty the type of guy to take a balloon on free balloon day
Trevon Townsend
'Trevon Townsend' 1 day ago
paint her face just like sting 🔥🔥🔥🔥 i just got what he said
Joseph Burns
'Joseph Burns' 2 days ago
This is pretty dope
Qwan Johnson
'Qwan Johnson' 2 days ago
I like the video but trust me Yachty no nigga wants to be you loool
Gregory Franklin
'Gregory Franklin' 2 days ago
so good you a me favorite rapper
'MrTwista' 2 days ago
rocque 17
'rocque 17' 2 days ago
I can't even explain how horrible this sounds. checked out 4 of his songs and they're all trash. only fuck boys blast this on the daily lmfao
Who_ listens?
'Who_ listens?' 2 days ago
this song goes HARD
t lo
't lo' 2 days ago
I don't like his music but like this beat that shit hard
Hayden Wright
'Hayden Wright' 2 days ago
niggas think I'm to nice thats rich shit
kylieplayzmsp msp
'kylieplayzmsp msp' 2 days ago
Christian Casey
'Christian Casey' 2 days ago
only decent drill from lil yachty
dont tell em
'dont tell em' 3 days ago
no what the fuck is this shit little kids listen to this shit we need biggie and PAC alive to put these bitches in their place.
dont tell em
'dont tell em' 3 days ago
if I here one more little kid say these gay fuckers are good I'm killing someone, I mean the little kids think this is music and they don't even know biggie or PAC god where are the parents.
Chase Hickson
'Chase Hickson' 3 days ago
This my favorite Yachty song 🔥🔥
'Caliskey' 3 days ago
Shit man I want that new Nintendo switch so I can play this shit. Splatoon 2 bought to be fye.
Amor Wong
'Amor Wong' 3 days ago
This song is just so happy, hard to explain how it makes you feel. The piano beat in the back
That Nigga ge
'That Nigga ge' 3 days ago
the beat lit words dumb asf
Carter Matties
'Carter Matties' 3 days ago
Wow, the trailer for Spatoon2 Looks Great!
'Annoyin' Prophet' 3 days ago
No Name
'No Name' 3 days ago
Teach me how to rap
Robbie iorio
'Robbie iorio' 3 days ago
Lil yachty is garbage.
Renita Finney
'Renita Finney' 3 days ago
1:30 this is my favorite part😂😂😂
'q' 3 days ago
I just saw this nerd's video on MTV.....Tell this nigga STOP using BAY AREA LINGO....."yawda mean"....and "ghost ride"..these fags be bitting....and we don't fuck wid this nigga....NIGGA!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Des DaGreat
'Des DaGreat' 3 days ago
This Sound Like The Start Of Ugly God-Bitch
snoop dogg dank kush
1:30 cow boy beebop!
'OG WWC' 4 days ago
Sucking dick to live rich
sharon erickson
'sharon erickson' 4 days ago
literally I have been listnin ta this song forever
Tom Marhahaha
'Tom Marhahaha' 4 days ago
lil yatchy the type of nigga to rap about food and be like I INVENTED FOOD...PEOPLE EAT FOOD CAUSE OF ME
Ryan Pouliot
'Ryan Pouliot' 4 days ago
Lil Uzi Vert, SHOTS FRICKIN' FIRED, listen to the beginning
Ya Boy Tray
'Ya Boy Tray' 4 days ago
is this a famous dex diss
Alfred Render
'Alfred Render' 4 days ago
your music. hard😂💰👑🐶
Eva styles
'Eva styles' 4 days ago
paint on her face like sting🎵🎶🔥
Eric Sartor
'Eric Sartor' 4 days ago
lil yaxhty
type of crazy migga
Karter Sika 303
'Karter Sika 303' 4 days ago
Iil Yacht type of boy to eat chips with a fork
Mitchel harrington
These dudes *literally sound mentally disabled, what the fuck is wrong with this youth???
I guess I'm not "Savage" enough to understand, who knows.😂😂👊
Mr Awesome
'Mr Awesome' 5 days ago
Sounds like one of Rice Gums diss tracks. Still FIRE though.
Caleb Hernandez
'Caleb Hernandez' 5 days ago
Dr.@k3 aka Doctor At K3
anyone realize lil yachty juss pulled a fuckn cowboy bebop gunfight mid song?
'DopeArts' 5 days ago
I like the beginning the most

Nigga you ain't Uzi, you ain't Carti, damn sure not me. Never on the scene, what you mean Nigga yadda mean
'Biranaven' 5 days ago
Lil Yachty you are my favourite rapper, I just love your songs so much !!!
George Shorter
'George Shorter' 5 days ago
Lil yahty actually can rap. He just don't fully apply himself
'ItsYaBoiHere' 5 days ago
Is this like a ghetto Splatoon?
'LyricalMajesty' 5 days ago
What is this shit
'Eskimo' 5 days ago
Ok.. who gave him a paintball gun this time...
The Gaming Smith
'The Gaming Smith' 5 days ago
Fuck sake rap is fucked
'Dxrn' 5 days ago
why all these mainstream rappers dropping garbage music outta nowhere
Taliyah Bolder
'Taliyah Bolder' 5 days ago
u know some kids is not going to notice this song. for 2year's right
YoungGvng Savage
'YoungGvng Savage' 5 days ago
Nigga you ain't Uzi, you ain't Carti damn sure not me #YachtyGvng
Brent Lebrun
'Brent Lebrun' 5 days ago
okay i wanted to see what the fuss was about for mumble rap.......why is this faggot famous? He aint shit compared to Bone Thugs N Harmony, Biggie, Easy E......This faggot is gonna die and be forgotten
Zyrie Ross
'Zyrie Ross' 5 days ago
He my nigga now❤😂😜
Kemba Savage
'Kemba Savage' 5 days ago
xxx rare
'xxx rare' 5 days ago
don't hate on Lil Boat, he gon be the shit one day. even tho this sound like some Soulja would make
Profound Observer
'Profound Observer' 5 days ago
this goes so hard on good speakers
'Radjvem' 5 days ago
I think I'm blind now
Gabriel Matthew Sioson (713gabsios)
Lil Yatchy the type of guy to order 100 mini pizzas instead of just 5 Large Pizzas for a party.
Sherry Kelinske
'Sherry Kelinske' 6 days ago
When you take the special need class paintballing
Kendama kid Worldwide
This is where ricegum gets his rapping inspiration
Vaeh Savage
'Vaeh Savage' 6 days ago
Peep Kodie
'ErmaKeef' 6 days ago
This reminds me of early hip-hop
Make A Mark
'Make A Mark' 6 days ago
did he say u aint uzi and aint cardi and nigga you sure is not me
Antonia La Negra
'Antonia La Negra' 6 days ago
The beat had so much potential.. anyway lil Yatchy is such a nice guy and sweet heart I can't dislike him.. but this lyrically is trash
Edwin Sanchez
'Edwin Sanchez' 6 days ago
I'm an upcoming artist trying to get some recognition, help me out by checking out my channel.
Elvin Boss
'Elvin Boss' 6 days ago
Lil yatchy =savage 🔥🔥
'marq' 6 days ago
Ace MnG
'Ace MnG' 6 days ago
this is so chill af
Marilène Côté
'Marilène Côté' 6 days ago
Crazy Nigga you are 😜👈🏿$$
Asante Crockett
'Asante Crockett' 6 days ago
lit Asf 🤘
Dadon Castellano
'Dadon Castellano' 6 days ago
the first I ever liked he made, beat fye AF!!!
'XcluziiveTv' 6 days ago
I like this yachty 😂😂his beginning music was annoying
louie maldonado
'louie maldonado' 6 days ago
Diamond Louis XIV
'Diamond Louis XIV' 7 days ago
1:30 Cowboy Beepbop anyone?
william caldwell
'william caldwell' 7 days ago
I don't care what y'all say, this shit goes
'BABY CAKES' 7 days ago
Where's perry ??
Tyson__Da __Kidd
'Tyson__Da __Kidd' 7 days ago
0:41 lil yachty can dance bro rs 😂💯
Russell Noe
'Russell Noe' 7 days ago
what a fucking waste of a great beat
Ian Clark
'Ian Clark' 7 days ago
I wonder many people stopped liking this song when they found out it was by yatchy
Jide C
'Jide C' 7 days ago
Love boat bitch!!!pow pow Love boat!!! Bitch!!! Lol I'm dead.
'xocolatinaHD' 7 days ago
Tyrell Knights
'Tyrell Knights' 7 days ago
Daniel Halawi
'Daniel Halawi' 7 days ago
why is idiot rappers like this fool famous his voice is funny and cant rap for shit and same trap beat every artist uses this is embarrassing
Yakuza asianboy
'Yakuza asianboy' 1 week ago
Dope! Check out Romano Westbrook
'InsaneYoloMan' 1 week ago
1:27 when you shooting up yo school
Morgan Samson
'Morgan Samson' 1 week ago
I'm here because of erykah's insta-snap... but the beat is groovy
Cr1st1an TEO
'Cr1st1an TEO' 1 week ago
This shit dropped harder than the atomic bomb on Hiroshima
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