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Lil Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: LilYachtyVEVO

By: LilYachtyVEVOPublished: 2 weeks ago

3, 029, 661 views

68, 586 Likes   5, 419 Dislikes

Official video for Lil Yachty “Shoot Out The Roof” off of Summer Songs 2, out now. Listen / buy audio here:

Visit Lil Yachty online:

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Music video by Lil Yachty performing Shoot Out The Roof. (C) 2016 Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown Records

Tara Saunders
'Tara Saunders' 29 minutes ago
Al Johnson
'Al Johnson' 2 hours ago
They must be bad shots if they haven't even gotten paint on themselves but they can get it on the walls.
Caleb Bliss
'Caleb Bliss' 5 hours ago
I find mumble rapper's lack of lyrical ability entertaining. Like seriously do you have to trade your soul for an extra chromosome and sell half your IQ points for some cranial damage to become a trap rapper?
Kenster Real
'Kenster Real' 8 hours ago
it sounds like a bunch of retarded kids said hey let's make a rap song
Kenster Real
'Kenster Real' 8 hours ago
just still keeping my head down Cruz wat the rap game has become 😟
Bullock Gaming
'Bullock Gaming' 9 hours ago
Idk who this guy is but he is waayyy better than lil boat!!
James Bond
'James Bond' 9 hours ago
Half of you comparing him to Tupac and biggie may have probably never heard any song other than Hit em up or get around.. Stop the foolery
'FrenchWHITE' 10 hours ago
yachty, you aint kendrick, you aint cole, you aint kanye, so please, get out the scene
Lo Flo
'Lo Flo' 10 hours ago
1:31 cowboy bebop anybody?
'Fasachi' 10 hours ago
I thought Kaytheyacht got kicked out the sailing team?
savage boy ramon
'savage boy ramon' 11 hours ago
savage boy ramon
'savage boy ramon' 11 hours ago
Anthony Scipio
'Anthony Scipio' 11 hours ago
pinned by lilyatchyvevo

I am is son don't make fun of my dad
Emmanuel Jioklow
'Emmanuel Jioklow' 12 hours ago
at 0:41 he is dancing like a fish out of water, gasping for air.
'soup345' 12 hours ago
This song is the product of niggas not flushing the toilet
Stephan Shearin
'Stephan Shearin' 12 hours ago
'ILoveCaptainCold' 12 hours ago
I got a lil yatchy ad lol
Amir Eskridge
'Amir Eskridge' 12 hours ago
I got a lil yachty ad
YFE Music
'YFE Music' 12 hours ago
Damn lil yatchy went from original to a direct copy of uzi, dex, xxx, and rich smh. Damn. R.i.p. Yatchy.
papa pepe
'papa pepe' 13 hours ago
What is this ! How can people like this .
L ight
'L ight' 13 hours ago
Lyrically yachty is trash. I bump this in a party tho
Immortal King
'Immortal King' 13 hours ago
Stop being butt hurt, I dont listen to yachty often but this a good song.
Justin Wiggins
'Justin Wiggins' 13 hours ago
Bruh I always skipped this song on Summer Songs 2. I was sleep af on this ish. Ish bumps.
itsnotlisa_niico Lisa_niico
why are they wearing all white is this a war in the north pole
'Turdman' 14 hours ago
Who else keeps getting Nautica ads with Yachty in it?
Ulises Figueroa
'Ulises Figueroa' 14 hours ago
wow no autotune
Melvin Richardson
'Melvin Richardson' 14 hours ago
very great song your good making music sound believable
Owen McLoven
'Owen McLoven' 14 hours ago
I just turned 24. Am I old enough to have sex yet?
Bound Along
'Bound Along' 14 hours ago
Lil yachty the type of nigga to dye his hair with kool aid
Skrill Bill Gates W
'Skrill Bill Gates W' 15 hours ago
I kinda like this song
Justin Evans
'Justin Evans' 15 hours ago
King Killua Roblox Master
he siad u ant uzi
'TropicalLegit925' 15 hours ago
Bruh tell me why I gotta Lil Yachty ad before I watch one of his damn music videos
Damian Ruiz
'Damian Ruiz' 15 hours ago
in my opinion i think this is his best song
Julissa Wilson
'Julissa Wilson' 15 hours ago
Who gon be mad when this come on LAs HOME FOR HIP HOP 92.3 and they say this is a new song
henrrkwhn “genraa”
Lil Yachty watches Cowboy Bebop? or did he just randomly find the sample, at 1:31
Zidarius Poole
'Zidarius Poole' 16 hours ago
cool video
The One
'The One' 16 hours ago
rappers nowerdays are called lil or big what happened to middle
'PROchief' 16 hours ago
'sk8ergangsta2003' 17 hours ago
lil crotchy itchy as fuck this shit trash. good beat though.
Hardik Singh Negi
'Hardik Singh Negi' 17 hours ago
tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh
Low Quality Beats
'Low Quality Beats' 17 hours ago
Anybody else not a big fan of this?
Low Key,xo
'Low Key,xo' 17 hours ago
is that girl kodie
Fast Gurlz
'Fast Gurlz' 17 hours ago
every time i watch this why does the lil yacht commercial come up
Merman Helville
'Merman Helville' 17 hours ago
the rapping does not match the music
Jae Moody
'Jae Moody' 18 hours ago
dipset is gonna be the next music video
'Odyssey' 19 hours ago
Current favorite song to get hyped to
Joshua Hollis
'Joshua Hollis' 19 hours ago
Bro he can rap I use to hate this nigga at first but he be spittin'🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fergy Da Truth
'Fergy Da Truth' 19 hours ago
i just had a seizure bruh no lie i just choked on my tongue
Guwop King300
'Guwop King300' 20 hours ago
Lil Boat BITCH
'thephantom1412' 20 hours ago
Hi, Super music from Paris
Chihuahua lover OMG I
I love lil yachty
Ahmed Salem
'Ahmed Salem' 20 hours ago
cheetos are going to sue you for stealing their hairstlyle.
Stephy 6257
'Stephy 6257' 20 hours ago
Maybe I need to smoke some reefah to enjoy this
Stephy 6257
'Stephy 6257' 20 hours ago
who's tryna be him lol
Pandora Radio®
'Pandora Radio®' 20 hours ago
why people hatin on this man hes talented and lit
The Ultimate Music
'The Ultimate Music' 20 hours ago
Been fuckin wit lil yachty since broccoli
Josiah The Kid
'Josiah The Kid' 21 hours ago
I never really liked Yachty before but I like this :) I think he's starting to grow on me
'iTrillium' 21 hours ago
'iTrillium' 21 hours ago
ooooh threw day dipset
Rick Foster
'Rick Foster' 21 hours ago
No body else peep he put makeup on at 0:09 - 0:10
2000 watts
'2000 watts' 21 hours ago
This is not bad actually
Danielle Mcfadden
'Danielle Mcfadden' 21 hours ago
I love this song ❤
'ZeruskoO' 22 hours ago
is it Kodie Shane in the back? nice
'GANGANGANGANG' 22 hours ago
damn, i thought this was bali baby's song for a second. i'm tilted as fuck.
Armando Valentin
'Armando Valentin' 22 hours ago
Subscribe to me thank you
Petunicorn Dream
'Petunicorn Dream' 22 hours ago
Petunicorn Dream
'Petunicorn Dream' 22 hours ago
He is so stupid that he should
Petunicorn Dream
'Petunicorn Dream' 22 hours ago
He thinks he is cool when gens a weirdo that has no style
Jhazeer Cousar
'Jhazeer Cousar' 22 hours ago
he made sense in this song
pesston wuz
'pesston wuz' 23 hours ago
here before 3 million views
Jacoby Miles
'Jacoby Miles' 1 day ago
lil yachty seems like the person that runs in the halls and throws water balloons and scream Bitch !!😂
'Phodex' 1 day ago
yo this kid from my school made a cover of lil yahctys broccoli and its type fire yall should check it out look up "Lil' Soapie"
Darnell Chaney
'Darnell Chaney' 1 day ago
Lil boat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rogelio morfin
'rogelio morfin' 1 day ago
how u gonna be hard and holding a fuckin paintball gun xd
'GNA HD GAMER' 1 day ago
Lil Yacht is a great rapper
Donte Ware
'Donte Ware' 1 day ago
balling hard like Derek fisher🔥
PanKaroleq DaProgrammerXd
Waistband tuck
'Waistband tuck' 1 day ago
lil boat is better then eminem
'Swizi' 1 day ago
J.J. Enobun
'J.J. Enobun' 1 day ago
lil yatchy look like that dude who chases butterflies
Imani Johnson
'Imani Johnson' 1 day ago
I love how he just having fun with his raps and not really giving af about y'all calling him trash.
rizky adi
'rizky adi' 1 day ago
yachty ma gawdddd
'Rob.F.S.' 1 day ago
the beat sound old school a lil bit and he hit that hoe
krool Kidz
'krool Kidz' 1 day ago
how can you hate on this song
'NLMB King' 1 day ago
Bouta Go Buy Sum Nautica
Othello Williams
'Othello Williams' 1 day ago
Lil yachty makes music for people who still use crayons in school
Tom Thurlu
'Tom Thurlu' 1 day ago
this shit is trash
Nickolaus Martinez
yachty is dope af
Johnterrius Morgan
get off lil yatchy dick 2pac and biggie old and gone go back to the past tell them to pull down they pant a join the rodeo oh wait we can't go back to the past
Tempo Wempo
'Tempo Wempo' 1 day ago
Atleast this dude don't mumble
King Supreme
'King Supreme' 1 day ago
this shit fire idc what anyone says 💯‼️🔥
'Asian' 1 day ago
The fucking ad with NATUCIA in the beginning was better then the whole song.
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