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Rascal Flatts - Yours If You Want It (Lyric Version) -
Published: 3 months ago By: RascalFlattsVEVO

By: RascalFlattsVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

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Music video by Rascal Flatts performing Yours If You Want It. (C) 2017 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Hidetoshi Yagi
'Hidetoshi Yagi' 2 days ago
Cool I love this song ! I can t wait 4 a new album soon.
Tony Ridlen
'Tony Ridlen' 2 days ago
A song I like to hit the post with when I am on the air! LOL
Pat Creech
'Pat Creech' 1 week ago
love me some Rascal Flatts
Janet Thompson
'Janet Thompson' 1 week ago
as usual a great song
Bubbles Thellama
'Bubbles Thellama' 1 week ago
cars 3 theme song
Selby rulz
'Selby rulz' 1 week ago
Country Music Rulz <3
David Becca
'David Becca' 1 week ago
and you've done it again Rascal Flatts! what an amazing song!
Midnight Petrova
'Midnight Petrova' 2 weeks ago
Im Feelin' this song tonite!!!💘😿😻
Lil Red Truck
'Lil Red Truck' 2 weeks ago
Actual video will premiere Thursday
'thepretty1s' 2 weeks ago
love it!
Jon Klomp
'Jon Klomp' 2 weeks ago
I hope this new rascal flatts song will be in there new album
Josh Barrett
'Josh Barrett' 2 weeks ago
hi guys new fan here just wondering what type of music is this?
Savannah Heider
'Savannah Heider' 2 weeks ago
My favorite group since I was 16! I met these guys in 2014 at the CMA fest. Gary was singing to me in my ear as we were getting ready to pose for pictures. #imelt
Edwin Pierrot
'Edwin Pierrot' 2 weeks ago
I'm addicted to this song, I'm so happy that Rascal Flatts are still making country music, every song they create always draws from real life, still listening to them today, Rascal Flatts opened the door for me to listen to Country Music. love how every song has a beautiful meaning in their music.
'J G' 3 weeks ago
Just watched the movie "Wheeler" I had to come check out this song. R.I.P.
dj J
'dj J' 3 weeks ago
who came from ellen
first second
'first second' 4 weeks ago
never disappoints.
Bob Ivy Jr
'Bob Ivy Jr' 1 month ago
This is another great song. I really love this song.
'The GIBS' 1 month ago
Why isn't this a hit already? It should be all over social media
Jurosariano 2091
'Jurosariano 2091' 1 month ago
new album???
Rebekka Birgirsdottir Satejeff
love every beat
'humbrod99' 1 month ago
Great song. I love it.
'권영민' 1 month ago
please come to koreaㅠㅠ
Kitty Loves cats
'Kitty Loves cats' 1 month ago
1:48 THAT BOOT SHE PICKED UP....................I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marisa Rowland
'Marisa Rowland' 1 month ago
I love rascal flats songs
Melissa Blasdell
'Melissa Blasdell' 1 month ago
Love ❤️ it 😍😇 can't wait for the album 😍😇😎🤠 I love you 💕 guys 😍 keep rockin 😇😍😎🤠😇👍🏼❤️💕💕💕💕
Danny Shain
'Danny Shain' 1 month ago
Holy crap....killer song. Well done gentlemen. Looking forward to seeing that one live.
Chantal Anderson
'Chantal Anderson' 1 month ago
love everything they do absolutely love them
Kiki Jones
'Kiki Jones' 2 months ago
Glad they have something new out. Been waiting. Glad they are back at it
Exciting Mapping
'Exciting Mapping' 2 months ago
Hello Rascal Flatts,
Can we expect an official video of this song? (not lyric)
'Matthew25841' 2 months ago
Amazing work! So glad they're still making music!
Gamers section
'Gamers section' 2 months ago
minimum I can understand this song. AMAZING
Lightning - McQueen
'Lightning - McQueen' 2 months ago
'SuperLovebug8' 2 months ago
Rascal flats will never make a bad song this is just amazing and beautifully done
Zay Channel
'Zay Channel' 2 months ago
some In Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy...hear the Tune...I am a Country music director in a Radio, So tunes sounds familiar to me.
Singing By Cheyenne
'Singing By Cheyenne' 2 months ago
when this came out the day before my mom told me they were releasing a new song and the next morning I told my mom I knew the song and she looked at me like I had 6 heads. lmao.
Crystal Jett
'Crystal Jett' 2 months ago
Sonya Stanfill VonLuehrte
RF never stops amazing me!!!
Jodie Wilson
'Jodie Wilson' 2 months ago
OMG,,absolutely love it
Odny denduveit
'Odny denduveit' 2 months ago
I want it🤗🎼❤️
'm7j23s53' 2 months ago
Rascal Flatts have never disappointed me. A great song IMO.
tay tynn
'tay tynn' 2 months ago
this makes me feel good.
Lara Dajani
'Lara Dajani' 2 months ago
NO ONE got to know me well like you
Sam Sparks
'Sam Sparks' 2 months ago
Just an amazing song. This song could Hit #1 on the charts if they would promote some more!!
Josh G
'Josh G' 2 months ago
great song loved the music and lyrics both. its been a while since I've listened to your music. forgetting how awesome you guys are
Josh G
'Josh G' 2 months ago
shar music 248
Meaghan Amann
'Meaghan Amann' 2 months ago
Excited for this new RF music! It has a similar sound to a lot of the songs on their 1st album which I loved! :)
Aubrey Lee
'Aubrey Lee' 2 months ago
I never was a big Rascal Flatts fan, but I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!
Terrence Shipway
'Terrence Shipway' 2 months ago
I Love you Shalene Nicole Peters, but you hurt me
Marion McArthur
'Marion McArthur' 2 months ago
Loved it first time I heard it. They are so so good.
'AVA SURRELL' 2 months ago
guys, i know someone realated to jay and gary.....
Ben H
'Ben H' 2 months ago
This just became my new favorite song, really looking forward to the release of their upcoming album
'Graeme' 2 months ago
If this song goes in Cars 3 it will get overplayed and old really fast
Sallirose M
'Sallirose M' 2 months ago
I'm not a huge fan of theirs for some reason but I LOVE THIS SONG!!! It's one of if not my favorite song of 2017 thus far! Definitely gonna be a big hit for them :)
'colonelcraig21' 2 months ago
This would be a great song to come just after or before a proposal, but you'd have to make sure the other person feels the same way first.
Lara Dajani
'Lara Dajani' 2 months ago
I can't promise waiting, but I can try going on loving you
Hannah Snyder
'Hannah Snyder' 2 months ago
How are there over 200 dislikes?!!!! Were you not listening to the same song? I've been in love with this band since 2000!
Denise Granja
'Denise Granja' 2 months ago
clash with Dalton
'clash with Dalton' 2 months ago
baby it's yours if u want it
Marg Camper
'Marg Camper' 2 months ago
change I wanna know feel's been so, so long I've been with someone ...i need comfort and cuddling. feel wanted...
Football Fights
'Football Fights' 2 months ago
HI! A random guy scrolling down in comments Have A great Day ❤, From a small Youtuber who's Dream is to get 1k followers 😇🙂
brittany weber
'brittany weber' 2 months ago
i love this song
Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen
Seriously, this is an epic song, best Rascal Flatts since Banjo.
Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen
LOVE IT! Unlike those traitors Lady Antebellum, you guys have stayed Country!
Randy Cox
'Randy Cox' 2 months ago
+ size. A G chord looks like the fickled finger of faith
Lindsey Ducker
'Lindsey Ducker' 2 months ago
This band has been my absolute favorite since I was 18yrs old. Every song has a very powerful meaning and has truly been an inspiration to me over the years. I hope to get to see them in concert again sometime. Keep on rocking guys, you're a God given talent and remember to always stay true to your roots.
'Thatgirl0403' 2 months ago
Dan + Shay just brought me here!
Rin Rin
'Rin Rin' 2 months ago
amelia sousa
'amelia sousa' 2 months ago
Thanks Rascal Flatts for this beautifull song. I really love you.
Bella E
'Bella E' 2 months ago
New music from them YAY😍
Hema. K.
'Hema. K.' 2 months ago
love it 😊
Marg Camper
'Marg Camper' 2 months ago
don't want to get hurt anymore...I'm scared to trust...
'KARLEENE KERELIUK' 2 months ago
Great song!
'BackToTheMovies' 2 months ago
These guys have never made one bad song.. ever... FACT
Amanda Barbee
'Amanda Barbee' 2 months ago
I love it so much they are the best band ever!!!
Lila Bear Baker
'Lila Bear Baker' 2 months ago
Love this song and Rascal Flatts !!
evelyn villaverde
'evelyn villaverde' 2 months ago
unica argentina?
Denise Koenderink
'Denise Koenderink' 2 months ago
love love love it!
John Schroder
'John Schroder' 2 months ago
Sounds like another soundtrack for Cars 3, eh?
kayla Livingston
'kayla Livingston' 2 months ago
classic chey
'classic chey' 2 months ago
rascal flatts always reminds me of summer
'Myst' 2 months ago
They are back ???
Brandi Wright
'Brandi Wright' 2 months ago
i want it and i want you 🌞💙💯
Glittering Cloud
'Glittering Cloud' 2 months ago
I love this song so much! although my favorite 3 songs are What Hurts the Most, Bless the Broken Road, and Love You Out Loud
Ann Crosby
'Ann Crosby' 2 months ago
Love their forget-you-courage for performing at Trump's inauguration! Most musicians backed down when pressure mounted not to. They are true to their devil-may-care music with their lives! Yayyyy....!!
Kayla L
'Kayla L' 2 months ago
Beautiful song!
Emille Bitencourt
'Emille Bitencourt' 2 months ago
Brazilian fan here ✌ this is amazing, i love the beats and the lyrics, omg RF is always on point
Linda Weese
'Linda Weese' 2 months ago
Rascal Flatts you are so awesome you don't ever let me have a favorite song by you they are all my favorites from you just amazing songs keep it up love country music
Vicky Hutchins
'Vicky Hutchins' 2 months ago
whoa .... another great song, you guys are amazing !
'HookedOnJesus' 2 months ago
Great tune. It's time to realize, we want it lol.
The PannuKakku
'The PannuKakku' 2 months ago
Cant wait when this is on spotify
The PannuKakku
'The PannuKakku' 2 months ago
Ohhhh this is amazing af
Zkleire Doesn
'Zkleire Doesn't Care' 2 months ago
OMG!! I've been waiting for their new song since forever AND this came out AWESOME💓💓💓
Champagne Mami
'Champagne Mami' 2 months ago
OMG They ARE back! 🙌🙌🙌 Just in time before Cars 3 releases! 😭🏁🚗 2017 is gon be a GOOD YEAR!
Darlene Schmidt
'Darlene Schmidt' 2 months ago
Almost died from happiness when I saw this!!!! I love Rascal Flatts
lux luz
'lux luz' 2 months ago
very good :)
Laura Kissinger
'Laura Kissinger' 2 months ago
love it..
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