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Published: 2 years ago By: Art -In Fusion

By: Art -In FusionPublished: 2 years ago

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Saud" redirects here. For the Pakistani actor, see Saud (actor). For the Romanian village of Săud, see Buntești.
House of Saud
Coat of arms of Saudi Arabia.svg
Country Saudi Arabia
King of Saudi Arabia
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
Founded 1744 by Muhammad bin Saud
Current head Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
The House of Saud (Arabic: آل سعود‎ Āl Saʻūd) is the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia. The family has thousands of members. It is composed of the descendants of Muhammad bin Saud and his brothers, though the ruling faction of the family is primarily led by the descendants of Abdulaziz Ibn Saud.

The most influential member of the Royal family is the King of Saudi Arabia, currently King Salman. The throne was designed to pass from one son of the first king, Ibn Saud, to another. His deputy Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is also from the ruling House of Saud, and the king-appointed cabinet includes more members of the royal family. While the monarchy is hereditary now, future Saudi kings will be chosen by a committee of Saudi princes, in line with a 2006 Royal Decree.[1]

The family is estimated to be composed of 15,000 members, but the majority of the power and wealth is possessed by a group of only about 2,000.[2][3]

The House of Saud has gone through three phases: the First Saudi State, the Second Saudi State, and the modern nation of Saudi Arabia. The First Saudi State marked the expansion of Wahhabism. The Second Saudi State was marked with continuous infighting. Modern Saudi Arabia wields considerable influence in the Middle East. The family has had conflicts with the Ottoman Empire, the Sharif of Mecca, the Al Rashid family of.. FIND MORE

Amir Khan
'Amir Khan' 4 days ago
What a load of bullshit Americans talking shit once again the Jews are behind everything media the 9/11 etc so the can invade Muslim countries for their wealth.... its all conspiracy theories as bush used to say
'The'Sev.' 1 week ago
CREEPY, they invaded the country and took over the whole land?
what a smart grandfather!!
my grandfather opened the very first cafe in my country, but it didn't last after his death so now we got nothing from that lol
'OfficialGalaxyCat' 1 week ago
They are ruling but not even the real royal bloodline of prophet muhammed there is a difference to be called saud and syed.
Umberto Fournier
'Umberto Fournier' 2 weeks ago
a great documentary
mark quaymark
'mark quaymark' 2 weeks ago
The Saudi royal family are evil war criminals responsible for the starvation of tens of thousands of Yemeni children and mass murder of innocents in Bahrain
'kingtyson999' 2 weeks ago
All white people on here hating the Saudi's yet they support the billionaires that are in their own country... jealousy
Izz Ibrahim
'Izz Ibrahim' 2 weeks ago
I love how these people just type in TERRORIST GO KILL THEM,Omg you forgot the terrorist narrator!!.
Leprince Blanc007
'Leprince Blanc007' 2 weeks ago
ceci est la vérité YouTube
'EDUARDO MORALES' 2 weeks ago
I wish I had been the bastard child of Abraham!
Sihaanm Ard
'Sihaanm Ard' 2 weeks ago
Corrupted people, brutal regime, friends of the USA
Sihaanm Ard
'Sihaanm Ard' 2 weeks ago
Bader Enad
'Bader Enad' 2 weeks ago
The Amarican killed him cus he stoped seelling them oil and mad it clear to them that they are AMERICA bitches lmao
Zohaib Shabeer
'Zohaib Shabeer' 3 weeks ago
Pakistan saudi Arab brother country...😘😘😘😘😘
Jam Waqar
'Jam Waqar' 3 weeks ago
love to saud
'shaf811' 3 weeks ago
if you look at the being of the video were the tower is coming down you can see controlled explosion. (controversy)
Miss Forte
'Miss Forte' 4 weeks ago
What I like about the Saudi government, they dont care if you are not Muslim. ALL are equal in Benefits.
Éire Celtic.
'Éire Celtic.' 4 weeks ago
52 sons
55 daughters
fucking hell OG
don jones
'don jones' 4 weeks ago
kill an fuck the saudi family can go die ,piece of shits just like the nazi amerikans
'Bio' 4 weeks ago
Julie O
'Julie O'Karma' 4 weeks ago
Please tell me why you love you got so much
The holy Bible Jesus
The Muslim Bible Allah
Helena Noura
'Helena Noura' 1 month ago
I hate when people say "Without oil they are nothing..". You know what, without people like you, the world is so much better.
Ahmad Al-asas
'Ahmad Al-asas' 1 month ago
Americans like to stick their noses in everything!
Navjot Freelance
'Navjot Freelance' 1 month ago
My GF is Saudi and she is really bossy but lovely .
Y2ser Yazeedi
'Y2ser Yazeedi' 1 month ago
احسهم يحشون عيال الكلب
apri lia
'apri lia' 1 month ago
the king has more than 100 children , can he memories the name of them ?
abdulrhman alaseery
'abdulrhman alaseery' 1 month ago
We are so proud of our leaders. And I hope some people focus on their own business. 🌝🌚
MeMyself &i
'MeMyself &i' 1 month ago
Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
omar mohamed labaiedh
royal of filthy stinky pigs
Lori Mabee
'Lori Mabee' 1 month ago
I love the level of power these people have can't be mad at that
Queen Nazanin
'Queen Nazanin' 1 month ago
Thank you for using the right name of Persian Gulf. Well done 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
عبدالله العديني
King Faisal was the best..
lepdener jamir
'lepdener jamir' 2 months ago
Saud + Oil = 100+ children
Albert bob
'Albert bob' 2 months ago
As a Muslim, I have to say that the Saudis are corrupt and their so called Wahabi Islam does not support true Islamic value that 99% of Muslims hold and the teachings of the Quran and The prophet Muhammed PBUH.
symore good
'symore good' 2 months ago
they are evil people cut peoples heads off 100 in 2016 forty seven in one day, there lies are shocking apparently taking in 100,000 refugees took 17
'hijazzains' 2 months ago
So we need a string Saudi King to reign in the Wahhabis...King Khalid who was weak alowed the Wahhabis run amok
Lord of the frogs MuslimCousin
the saudis are a filthy race. pure usa bumlick
Taslim Khalid
'Taslim Khalid' 2 months ago
houthis Will Win fuck saudi arabia
proud proud
'proud proud' 2 months ago
this ducumentary is a gift from american bootlikers to their southi masters.
fuck you america
'Kingmanification' 2 months ago
'Kingmanification' 2 months ago
'GonG108' 3 months ago
the US destroys and conquers so many countries , i don't get it why they did not just take over saudi arabia ,this would have made many things much easier .
Abdul Dhalla
'Abdul Dhalla' 3 months ago
The Saudi Royal Family is corrupt.
Jack Parker
'Jack Parker' 3 months ago
Saudi Arabia is the nazi germany of modern times.
Tufail Mohammed
'Tufail Mohammed' 3 months ago
This documentary is based on the ideas and mindset of American Assholes
'RIAKKLI WILLIAMS' 3 months ago
Alex Mozari
'Alex Mozari' 3 months ago
found this in thread...just listen to this FANATIC sodomite:
Allah u Akbar!!!! Saudi is elected head on the UN human rights council.... Are you a Saudi feet kissing American, or Brit? Yes you didn't complain because you know saudi human rights have been impeccable. We banned slavery in know that .. one of the first on arabian penisula...Cost us big money... now have to pay people to do the work... we have worked away around it though... in true human rights fashion....we rape, abuse and then behead Indonesian Domestic helpers.... no need to pay when head rolling on floor.. yes?
Now we have stepped up our war against Atheist Terrorist.... yes new law.... atheist is now terrorist in saudi... Of course you feet kissers approve .. don;t you?
Norman Odinson
'Norman Odinson' 3 months ago
Fucking savages! Sickening!
Vlad Lenin
'Vlad Lenin' 3 months ago
tell me how to kill this motherfucker
Abdullah Al-Bayat
'Abdullah Al-Bayat' 3 months ago
Wth I am from Ksa and I am shii soona are fake not shiia
Leanne Paterson
'Leanne Paterson' 3 months ago
America has more oil than any other country. The Bushes capped them, paved over them. Hid them. Why? Because he did a deal with Iran and Saudi Arabia. He and his family would be the richest in America while the rest of America would be kept poor. Watch Trump un cap them. Watch the wealth flood America.
Mansoor Ismail
'Mansoor Ismail' 3 months ago
I suspect this is a British and Christian idea, the imperial Royal kingdom is about so much wealth possession and wealth creation. It is not Muslim idea, it is haraam, prohibited, in Islam to hoard wealth, such are metaphorically described as greedy, selfish and miser like
blind mice from black hole of the Pharaohs tomb.
jade foshee
'jade foshee' 3 months ago
just like the queen of england.
Islam2016 Peace
'Islam2016 Peace' 3 months ago
when the table turn in your favor, everyone side with you as it is happening with Suadi royal family otherwise they were worse than those afghan peasants
'MrStitsevol' 3 months ago
Just a shame that they preach hatred for all others. Cunts.
saulo chami
'saulo chami' 3 months ago
Fuck them! and their nasty religion.
Haroon Safi
'Haroon Safi' 3 months ago
yes kiss thier ass,if i have to choose between jew or Saudi, i will chose Jew
Elio Di Coscience
'Elio Di Coscience' 3 months ago
anti Muslims documentary :/ shows how much west hate Muslims and how much they want Islam to fall. ofcorse Saudi nationalism isn't right. they have been going against Islam for long.
The Good Samaritan
'The Good Samaritan' 3 months ago
17:46 Young King Faisal portrait = Joffrey Lannister (GoT) :)
Adan Noyola
'Adan Noyola' 3 months ago
someone please tell me the name of that lady
Manar Almarshad
'Manar Almarshad' 4 months ago
This is comically incorrect.
Anders K Andersson
'Anders K Andersson' 4 months ago
All monkey 🐒 faced Al Sauds should died with most horrific deaths and burn in hell!!!!
Imran Khan
'Imran Khan' 4 months ago
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Simon Crewe
'Simon Crewe' 4 months ago
donate me bitcoin get me to treatment thanks all welcome and much appreciated.
'Dan' 4 months ago
The Muslims are not a backward race. They are noble and stalwart to have withstood the modern decadence. One should look to Saudi Arabia as an example. From a desert with nothing they transformed into an oil power to whom the world and even the United States must appease.
Moses Benlevi
'Moses Benlevi' 4 months ago
any human who acknowledges that a man/women can be greater then another man/woman is not being honest with their true inner feelings.  He/She should look inward and question everything using only their true inner feelings because its a travesty to ones own sole. One should never succumb to the lies the outside world is telling them.  Others only look to seek strength through power and the quickest way to do that is mislead them into believing one can be greater then another.  There is no more greater example then the ROMAN catholic church who murdered a Jew and created a whole false religion that is based on the human Yeshuwa rose to a level greater then yourselves.  They used words like father and virgin mother in the story to ascend a human to a greater level then you to one day substitute Cesar,a human with Pope, a human.  Harry or William are not greater then you for you are a son of G-D, Hashem!
Abdullah Saad
'Abdullah Saad' 4 months ago
faisal was killed by CIA
strongman Airman
'strongman Airman' 4 months ago
one day . I will .......Saudi Arabia....
Humanity Dies
'Humanity Dies' 4 months ago
You all are so funny ! If they all are terrorist over the whole Earth then why you still exist hahaha. Islam exist for 1400 years and you all are never touched by a Single Muslim ! Dont fall for dirty politics !
'LUMINOUS G' 4 months ago
i had goosebumps at the start
The Proud Sun Bro.
'The Proud Sun Bro.' 4 months ago
Look at all these jealous idiots in the comment section, believing whatever lies their media/gov tells them. Sad.
This Documentary is full of shit.
Mary Clock
'Mary Clock' 4 months ago
cool doco
yunus yussuf
'yunus yussuf' 4 months ago
At this point isn't obvious that 911 was an inside operation by the infidels themselves.
med karmoude
'med karmoude' 4 months ago
the country's Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Emirates the following the devil's 💯 Christian people more murcy no matter what
Marko Vucic
'Marko Vucic' 4 months ago
What a bullshit of a "documentary". Fucking American bullshit.
Marko Vucic
'Marko Vucic' 4 months ago
American lemonade about Saudi Arabia, where everything is so nice and sweet. In reality this state is shit country patronized by USA and UK, while they keep on killing Shiah Muslims and harassing women and political opponents.
Monica Bitch
'Monica Bitch' 4 months ago
they all into ass, baby,,
Monica Bitch
'Monica Bitch' 4 months ago
george w bush is their bitch....they love his pink asshole....
abdulla hassan
'abdulla hassan' 4 months ago
fuck peice of shiit.. jealous
Familien Schrader
'Familien Schrader' 4 months ago
Saudi Arabia is a criminal backward state. Boycott companies with Saudi majority owners. They own half of the west and spend the money on funding terrorism, religious ignorance and bad taste vulgarity.
Khaled Al-Aboudi
'Khaled Al-Aboudi' 4 months ago
Who created Alqada? Ask the U.S.

Who created & have funding ISIS and protected by? Go ask H. Clinton & jon macken.

911 - the 15 hijackers. Prove it.
Why there is no proper investigation was taking at the time. And beside all that, who has been reported as wanted for war crimes ? ( G. Bush, donald rumsfeld, dick cheney ) if you don't know, they can't leave the U.S for the passed 5 years or more.

Stop taking your shit to others and point the finger at them.

Saudi got nothing to do with this shit.

Beside all that. How come the U.S is ok to get there nose in Iraq, but not ok for saudi to do so to help there protect neighbors. Why don't you be wise with your thought and mind, and speak the truth.
Malih Bouquet
'Malih Bouquet' 4 months ago
Yael Keys Photography
Guess what ya'll if the people in the world smoked marijuana we'd be in harmony! We'd probably have the munches but we'd manage. The leaders of the world Need to smoke some WEED! Just think if they would...they will be laughing, eating and chilling! All these other drugs and alcohol usage cause rage and the wrong foods, too! And we all know when we are in a rage state of mind=war.
nita debta
'nita debta' 5 months ago
Global Citizen
'Global Citizen' 5 months ago
if it was not for the west, these Arab sheikhs would be running after donkeys to get its waste and feed their children - the credit of success of Dubai goes to west - their corrupt arab donkeys who support terrrorism in Afghanistan and Kashmir are worst creatures on earth.
'RAHMATH ALI' 5 months ago
existance of monarchs are unfortunate so the false flag attack called 9/11
Usman Shafique
'Usman Shafique' 5 months ago
Idk what the documentary wanted to feed, what and how they did was tooo obvious and dramatic and away from the real facts.!
Alfred and Allie E. Gator Says Hi from the Swamp
Why do we need to be friends with such ruthless tyrants such as the House of Saud? What if we bought cheap gas from Jeff, Ted and Charlie's filling station for years while also knowing that they stored bodies in their basement? Their last names happened to be Dahmer, Bundy and Manson. Add a tan and some headscarves & it's the House of Saud.

Somehow we the people of the U.S. must divorce ourselves of the House of Saud as allies or we will be forever entrenched with Wahhabist terrorists like ISIS. Not to mention the splattering blood from Chop-Chop Square beheadings done by the Saudi government. The House of Saud are the biggest group of organized psychopathic dictators on Earth today.

If the U.S. continues to fund Saudi atrocities in Yemen and in Riyadh we are enablers of murder. That would be like funding Jeff Dahmer, Ted Bundy and Charles Manson even if we know they are active serial killers. Time for U.S. to stop funding the House of Saud and allow the Shia of the Eastern Province to peacefully claim their rights back one protest at a time. Trump can either help us achieve this goal or be a stumbling block in our path.

Either way the tyranny of the House of Saud will be brought to a close, we Gators would like to help with a peaceful dismantling of the House of Saud (HoS). The HoS are narcissistic psychopaths, that comes from too much power and wealth without any checks and balances. All the possibly good ones like Faisal and the one who just stayed out in the desert with his falcons are gone. Actually that would be a good idea for Mr. Trump, he could spend four years on an extended safari with his son and not start any wars.

Future phone call to Pres. Trump from House of Saud;

"President Trump! The Shia are invading the Eastern Province from all over! Please send help!"

"Sorry, House of Saud about that Shia invasion over there in the Eastern Province. Can't talk right now, got a nice Cape Buffalo in my sights. Peace out brah!" 

Wouldn't complain about that one bit. : )
Nina Tamu qumahi
'Nina Tamu qumahi' 5 months ago
A fairly good constructed narrated western propaganda about the history the running and functioning of the house of Alsaudi kingdom.
A ruthless barbaric terror breeding and sponsoring dictatorial desert dwellers mornachy ruling with an iron fist and brute punishment of the sword ( isis style )with an extreme Islamic wahabi idiology but on the other hand happens to be a vital and a convinient geostrategic western allie and partner in the middle east not only for their abundance in fossil resources but also for their human resource suppply ( foreign fighters assets/agents ) strategic foreign policy hot spots territorial events and psyops/blackops operations around the globe.
Anthony Mavros
'Anthony Mavros' 5 months ago
I want to prove I can get rich on youtube comments
Chaudhary Muhammad Sabeeh
propaganda things are also included in this video, DAYMN.
'mog5020' 5 months ago
I hate u dam muslims.....i really hate your fukin GUTS.....put their men in the U.S. Briggs so they can get raped up their BUTTS......they come straight from HELL cant u frickin TELL? ..if u get too close to one, u will pick up the foul SMELL......Obama is a muslim MAGGOT, b4 he was president, he was a dam FAGGOT....hes destroying the USA, somebody let him HAVE IT ....michelle is a man, or so they SAY, obama is open that he supports all the GAYS; he even lit up the white house with gay lights on that fateful day, that they legalized gay marraige; oh theres hell to PAY......but there is a bigger trouble , these muslims need to be INCRIMINATED, cause they want us non-muslims all to be ELIMINATED .....these jinn motherfookers will saw off your HEAD, they want nothing more than to see us all DEAD...they are tryin to take over the WORLD by jihad as the evil UNFURLS....they claim to be of PEACE, while the muslim violence continues to INCREASE, if they pass their sharia law here, our lifestyles will immediately CEASE.....they worship a false god named allah who doesnt ever TALK, and follow a false prophet, lil girls he loves to STALK....his name is mohomo (may pus be UPON HIM) he was raped at 17 (four arab bandits DONE HIM)....JESUS says the gates of hell will not PREVAIL (Matth 16:18) but oh they will cause great sorrow, before they FAIL......obama sold Iran the nuclear bomb so they can blow up our COUNTRY....i even got a video of two muslims rapin a DONKEY....muzlims have killed more people than anyone else in world HISTORY ....were the heck they come from?.....from hell!!! its no MYSTERY....if u r a muslim and u r reading this, i hope u r DISGUSTED;while ignoring the fact that muslims cant be TRUSTED, if u were smart, u would leave the cult of STRIFE, and become a Christian, and inherit eternal LIFE....JESUS has no love for muslims; he imformed me, so be ye WARNED; i have no reason to lie, on the day of Judgement, Islam will be SCORNED,.. omg i wish you were never even BORN...... every country that u took over has been completely DESECRATED, but the U.S.A. will never be INTIMIDATED, tho we are being islamically SATURATED........who in the heck told you idiots that the rest of us cant EXIST??...we got a gay, muslim president that is givin you an ASSIST,,,in the Lambs book of life, no muslims name is on the LIST.....all muslims are forsaken for their crimes against HUMANITY, ...when JESUS returns, he will restore back the worlds SANITY....obama is tryin to remove our guns, so we cant fight for our LIVES, without our guns we cant fight back, it will be hard to SURVIVE ....obama has purchased 6,000 brand new gulloitines, wonder what they are FOR? plus 3, 000 new unoccupied camps what does the anti-Christ have in STORE? for us Believers, it doesnt matter cause we wont be here NOMORE.......Our Lord said he will not forsake his followers, and this we know is so TRUE, u muslims bought about your own death but took many souls with YOU........MERRY CHRISTMAS u pedophile animal RAPISTS, when GODS judgement arrives, you wont be able to ESCAPE IT .......this goes for you al-quida and ISIS, the nuclear fire will cleanse us of the muslims,homos, atheists and non-belivers who caused this CRISIS...i know ill get hate mail and threats from the DEVIL, but i dont care suk a hogs anus on his LEVEL......i could go on and on but im tired of this RHYME, ill just stop and watch as u run out of TIME......GOD BLESS AMERICA :) :)
Declan Burke
'Declan Burke' 5 months ago
just savages with cash
'sirchums' 5 months ago
sword of flesh. lol
Way. of life
'Way. of life' 5 months ago
I hope Donald Trump bring down these a**holes
Gisele Belole
'Gisele Belole' 5 months ago
the 9/11 was an inside job. created by americans themselves
Aslam Parwez
'Aslam Parwez' 5 months ago
All these commentators are the Real Terrorists.
'CHRIS198490' 5 months ago
oil, thieves, lies, corruption =royal family
Jim will Bump
'Jim will Bump' 5 months ago
These saudis have waged an undeclared war on us!!! The turd chewing caravan sneaky thieves!!! When do we knock down these mud-sucking savages? When? Are we gonna wait another 9 11? NO WAY!!! IT IS NOW! WE KNOCK EM DOWN NOW!!!
Micheal Wane
'Micheal Wane' 5 months ago
The Saudi Wahhabism was and is a project of the Judeo-Chrisian alliance(Israel through British empire, US and NATO) to destabilize the Muslim countries and then invade them as liberators.These Wahhabis will travel thousands of mile to attack any Muslim state but will not travel a few hundred miles to liberate the Palestine from the Zionist.
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