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Swae Lee & 2 Chainz "Yacht Master" (Prod. by Murda Beatz) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio) -
Published: 5 months ago By: WORLDSTARHIPHOP

By: WORLDSTARHIPHOPPublished: 5 months ago

728, 544 views

13, 419 Likes   331 Dislikes

Listen to the official audio of "Yacht Master" by Swae Lee & 2 Chainz.

Murda's "Keep God First" mixtape out now:

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Peter Onguta
'Peter Onguta' 2 weeks ago
murda murdered this beat
'Thens213' 2 weeks ago
Dey need a video asap
Tjisewa Kahuku
'Tjisewa Kahuku' 2 weeks ago
swae lee mad skilled
Mr Stealyogirl
'Mr Stealyogirl' 2 weeks ago
Where tf is lil yachty lmao quit playing y'all know who the yacht master is
Jalen A
'Jalen A' 2 weeks ago
I liked before I heard it because these are my two favorite
RareMe Club
'RareMe Club' 3 weeks ago
didn't know this existed , I keep singing it though 😂😂 must of heard it on, autoplay in myself before
kostas bilias
'kostas bilias' 3 weeks ago
holly molly. .........
Osvaldo Garcia
'Osvaldo Garcia' 3 weeks ago
2 chainz🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
young yahye
'young yahye' 4 weeks ago
2nd best song on the tape GROWTH with offset comes 1ST
'IIPandaII' 4 weeks ago
[Hook: Swae Lee]
Yacht Master Rollie, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Some cameras just landed on me, we're rolling
Holy moly, damn
This bitch want me and the homies, so
Yacht Master Rollie, ayy
The cameras just landed on me, what's up (out of nowhere)
Holy moly
This bitch want me and the homies, so
Alan Jones
'Alan Jones' 4 weeks ago
what album is this?
Matthew Rivell
'Matthew Rivell' 4 weeks ago
One of Chainz hardest verses
'tzzupp' 4 weeks ago
kill me already why am I listening to this
NIc Rossi
'NIc Rossi' 1 month ago
yachty can suck it
alaysia pickett
'alaysia pickett' 1 month ago
oh shit
'DJ OGS PRODUCER' 1 month ago
the raaper is so bad for this fire beat...
Elijah Houston
'Elijah Houston' 2 months ago
two chains killed this too
Elijah Sanchez
'Elijah Sanchez' 2 months ago
Man Swae Lee singing is so LIT🔥🔥
'stewiegriffin65' 2 months ago
Yacht Master ROSHI, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah!
nostalgic baby
'nostalgic baby' 2 months ago
Jc and Liam sent me here
olivia swain
'olivia swain' 2 months ago
Who is here because of Jc Caylen
'woosdc' 2 months ago
Shoutout to Kian and Jc's vlog
'schroeder' 2 months ago
Beat eerily similar to On The Road by Manman Savage
Lyrie Direct
'Lyrie Direct' 2 months ago
im only a girl im pretty 🤗😐😂😂
'Mr XOTWOD' 2 months ago
I love it when Swae Lee said "See the motherfuckin' Porsche Carrera and got a boner"
Alexanderson Anderson
This is the dumbest song ever ahaaa "HOLY MOLY" this ain't no rap song no track I've ever heard has this little kid shit holy moly stupidest shit
carlos R. Ramirez
'carlos R. Ramirez' 3 months ago
niga niga niga niga niga
Sabaiston Mcswain
'Sabaiston Mcswain' 3 months ago
This song is chill😪😪😪😎😎😎🙏
Hood Vines
'Hood Vines' 3 months ago
Wheres yatchy🤔??
Davin Nguyen
'Davin Nguyen' 3 months ago
He said holy moly and its lit🔥 😂😂
King x6
'King x6' 3 months ago
Here before a mill
Brian Haddad
'Brian Haddad' 3 months ago
this song gonn blow up foooo
Jarett Knight
'Jarett Knight' 3 months ago
this beat is smackin
Derrick Curvoson
'Derrick Curvoson' 3 months ago
Swae Lee is so live wish they would've put Jimmy on this tho
'Ghost' 3 months ago
fire Haha
'CallMeCityBoy' 3 months ago
I thought this was a video smh...
melia brazy
'melia brazy' 3 months ago
this my new twerkin song
Zack Reed
'Zack Reed' 3 months ago
this shit sick
kinjari penson
'kinjari penson' 3 months ago
500k I was here remember
'GOLDEN K9' 4 months ago
I feel like these are Music special editions or exclusive, ya digg?
Ching Pow Wing Wow
'Ching Pow Wing Wow' 4 months ago
that goddamn beat is so fucking boss
'Tryaccx' 4 months ago
No one is talking how 2 chainz snapped at that beat drop
Keenan Balmer
'Keenan Balmer' 4 months ago
Yo B
'Yo B' 4 months ago
Black Beatle fans won't see us here
Cole Myers
'Cole Myers' 4 months ago
Andrew M
'Andrew M' 4 months ago
expected more from swae Lee of this fire beat
Eli Gilliland
'Eli Gilliland' 4 months ago
Itachi Uchiha
'Itachi Uchiha' 4 months ago
Here for 2 chainz 🔥 !! Hes been killen it lately 🔥
justin Bruce
'justin Bruce' 4 months ago
sheesh! I wonder what Lil yachty gotta say about this
Lone Wolf
'Lone Wolf' 4 months ago
Lmao 2 chainz save this song
'¥VNG SAMVRAI' 4 months ago
2 chainz still tha MVP of tha track
Dirty K?&
'Dirty K?&' 4 months ago
Sway makes the hardest hooks in the game
Lord Destiny
'Lord Destiny' 4 months ago
This song triggers me.
Noah Paar
'Noah Paar' 4 months ago
confident is saying that I'm at least 500 of the views...
Eli Munati
'Eli Munati' 4 months ago
Chainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #HOLYMOLY
Maxxwel Lopez
'Maxxwel Lopez' 4 months ago
chainz snap so hard on dis😈💯
'Yungin' 4 months ago
sleeping on this...
'boi' 4 months ago
I hope sremmurd doesn't split up...
Pete Keaveney
'Pete Keaveney' 4 months ago
dunno what yal on, the hook is fire. holy moly
Bryant Honors
'Bryant Honors' 4 months ago
holly molly
_JustConcentrate _
'_JustConcentrate _' 4 months ago
play that stupid screaming commercial again youtube and I promise I will break you!
gary everett
'gary everett' 4 months ago
swae lee
_JustConcentrate _
'_JustConcentrate _' 4 months ago
What 2 chainz song has almost the same beat? it's with wiz.
Mauro Miramontes
'Mauro Miramontes' 4 months ago
I don't fuck with free loaders!!
John Wall
'John Wall' 4 months ago
2 chainz made the song
Extreme Kush
'Extreme Kush' 4 months ago
We got young Jackie chan up in dis bitch lol
Jesse Hernandez Garcia
here at 300,000! this shit is going to blow up for sure...
sandieelove molly
'sandieelove molly' 4 months ago
got Franks in my pocket they chillin😊💸💸 Holy Molly This bitch Wants Me && The Homiee🔥
Gilbert Mercado
'Gilbert Mercado' 4 months ago
Had to comment because I didn't like the #
'RezMah' 4 months ago
They should replace 2 chains with Slim Jimmy
Im Poison_xFury
'Im Poison_xFury' 4 months ago
lmao i got a Yacht Master II Rolex
Celous Hayes
'Celous Hayes' 4 months ago
This shit flight
'IamFreddy' 4 months ago
Swae Lee Is The Goat .
Brian C
'Brian C' 4 months ago
Quavo x Lee
'TRAPPIN VALPO' 4 months ago
check my music pliss:(
Julian Guzman
'Julian Guzman' 4 months ago
wheres the yacht himself
'jadeola' 4 months ago
Need a music video for this so firee
joseph sales
'joseph sales' 4 months ago
Lil yachty needs to do a remix on this someone at him please
Shayne Abrahams
'Shayne Abrahams' 4 months ago
At first I thought it was "Yacht match the Rolly" but obvi. it's Yach Master but I think my way is a better lyric lol
Jesse Gandee
'Jesse Gandee' 4 months ago
got franks in my pocket, they chillen
R Y E N /// F R E S C O
Everyone check out my new tracks. Thanks for the plays and support! #ROME
'JDH' 4 months ago
swae lee sound like he 10
maleek silvers
'maleek silvers' 4 months ago
nah I think swae Lee was hard
Mr Swag 8843
'Mr Swag 8843' 4 months ago
Swae Lee is so creative with his hooks. Unlike other hook artist were you hear two hooks and you've heard em all. cough Quavo, Tory Lanez, Kevin Gates, Future etc. cough
kwaza kendricks
'kwaza kendricks' 4 months ago
'Raisin' 4 months ago
how you gon make a song called yacht master without lil boat
Aethon Beats
'Aethon Beats' 4 months ago
platinum inc
Juan Moreno
'Juan Moreno' 4 months ago
swae lee has a completely original style, thats why a takes a minute to sink in how ill his lyrics are. all his shit 🔥
Jimmy Ovando
'Jimmy Ovando' 4 months ago
was it that bad ?? that it actually made 2chianz sounds 🔥
Lord Destiny
'Lord Destiny' 4 months ago
Why would they make a song about one of the ugliest rolexes they could think of? Why not a datejust or a Daytona or even a day date! They pick a fucking yatchmaster. Yuck!! Literally one of the ugliest wrist watches ever made by Rolex. Yuck!! That's just my opinion.
'YANLIN ZHOU' 4 months ago
hard af
North Wolf
'North Wolf' 4 months ago
This is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 👑
Be dat bitch
'Be dat bitch' 4 months ago
what hapoened to rae lmao
'AF mabro NDBZOP' 4 months ago
errbody be sayin dat way now ma nigga rtk started dat shit
Dirty K?&
'Dirty K?&' 4 months ago
How you gon have a song about yachts with no yatchy?
richie mauluka
'richie mauluka' 4 months ago
i prefer them together they compliment each others voice sremmlife
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