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Bodybuilders Try Pole Dancing -
Published: 1 month ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 month ago

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Sexy female pole dancing on black background
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

Tee Popoola
Jon Schaefer
Anna Kia

A special Thank You to Barbell Brigade and Evolve Dance Studio.

emily burney
'emily burney' 8 hours ago
Psych X
'Psych X' 15 hours ago
they should make the guys wear heels next time lol
Nina Stellanova
'Nina Stellanova' 17 hours ago
Okay, I watched, and this is so freaking funny. "Don't pan down!"
Nina Stellanova
'Nina Stellanova' 17 hours ago
HAHAHAHAHA! Haven't even watched this yet, and I'm already laughing!
'D&DeventAB' 20 hours ago
SplendiT :)
Andrea Palomar
'Andrea Palomar' 1 day ago
I some how got here from Markipliers pole dancing video with the Game Grumps.... do not know how???
Ces San
'Ces San' 1 day ago
Damn, I want that white guy to grind on me!
Peachy Slimes
'Peachy Slimes' 1 day ago
Why was this stress reliving???XD
'Catgirl1313' 2 days ago
Who else finds john sexy
Anisha Srikar
'Anisha Srikar' 2 days ago
Can Eugene and Jon just do a video together? BuzzFeed, please make that happen. Actually I want Tee, Steve, Amanda, Keith, Zach and Ned there too!
No Way
'No Way' 2 days ago
Jon was the best 11/10
Syed Hussain
'Syed Hussain' 2 days ago
these guys are powerlifters not bodybuilders huge difference
Christian Bernard-Brewster
I don't know their names but the black bodybuilder NEEDS to work on flexibility. He is TIIIIIIIIGHT and can hardly move. Ouch.
Prissy Ty
'Prissy Ty' 2 days ago
They should change the name to bodybuilder back brake🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😹😹😹
'iceunelle' 2 days ago
I love this "bodybuilders try..." series
Amanda Betts
'Amanda Betts' 2 days ago
Jon is so cute wow
childhood drama
'childhood drama' 3 days ago
That black guy is ashy
Ching FUNG
'Ching FUNG' 3 days ago
Ha Ha, super fun, guys.
brianna allen
'brianna allen' 3 days ago
soil scan key gnemv scientific fight production participation letter.
MilkyMilkShake s
'MilkyMilkShake s' 3 days ago
Why is the black dude so fucking ashy like omg
Alejandra Gamez
'Alejandra Gamez' 3 days ago
'iKingNash' 3 days ago
"Pole dancing is a full body workout" 😂😂 get tf out
bri bells
'bri bells' 3 days ago
jk!!! barbell brigade😂😂😂
sl may
'sl may' 3 days ago
The big guy can't do anything! those muscles are useless!! lol
Andrew Nong
'Andrew Nong' 3 days ago
Brianna Malone
'Brianna Malone' 3 days ago
Am I the only one who looked in the comments to see if anyone else SCREAMED when they saw Barbell Brigade!!! JKParty FAM!!!!!!!!
'cookiechi' 3 days ago
squad goals
'meggieebubbles' 3 days ago
ben tran
'ben tran' 4 days ago
its barbell brigade bart works there
gory animates
'gory animates' 4 days ago
the fact that the woman is wearing mount everest high heels makes her even impressive in this
Amber Nevius
'Amber Nevius' 4 days ago
John is so hot! This might sound weird but I couldn't stop staring at his bulge in those shorts
'yaykamilla' 4 days ago
Jon = ian gallagher<3
'Shoinie' 4 days ago
'B S' 4 days ago
Jon is so hot
leo sousa #
'leo sousa #' 4 days ago
Im fucking dead 2:30
Mitch W
'Mitch W' 4 days ago
don't try to drink anything while watching this guaranteed you will spit it out from laughter
I made that mistake
'kyboots' 4 days ago
Fake News
Happy Happy
'Happy Happy' 4 days ago
John is graceful. Too graceful suspicious face
Rubia-Chan Nightcore
The true pole dancing King:Markiplier
Catarina Nazi
'Catarina Nazi' 5 days ago
John slays my life
Gregory Tanaka
'Gregory Tanaka' 5 days ago
"Don't pan down!!!"
Perico Loko
'Perico Loko' 5 days ago
And I'm sitting here like... pokes squishy legs
Stasha R.
'Stasha R.' 5 days ago
The Ashiness... it was real in this video lol. TheTee made me reach for my lotion AND my vaseline to grease my hands and legs up while watching this lol. Us Dark brown people lol gotta remember we just cant walk out the house without being fully moisturized up LOL cause if we dont.... EVERYONE will be able to tell lol.
Kitsune Akira
'Kitsune Akira' 5 days ago
It's like Jon is the Bodybuilder version of Eugene... they are can do anything or they just simply slay everything
King Coal
'King Coal' 5 days ago
Damn their thighs are freaking huge, those gains
Aire Vax
'Aire Vax' 5 days ago
lmfao the guy in red is my favorite
'Deandra' 5 days ago
"Mommy needs a nap" "Please never say that again"
'Deandra' 5 days ago
Jon's gracefulness is goals.
Rachel Jones
'Rachel Jones' 5 days ago
the guys are back!!! round 2!!
Gaunjee Major
'Gaunjee Major' 5 days ago
OMFG BARBELL!!!!!!! Show me Bart and Geo!!!!
Sharky da man
'Sharky da man' 5 days ago
#boner john
Emily Kuzin
'Emily Kuzin' 5 days ago
Tati Carvalho
'Tati Carvalho' 5 days ago
I'll call the white guy "Eugene" because DAMN, the guy is good at everything.
Fingers crave
'Fingers crave' 5 days ago
This is what happens when body builders don't practice with their own body weight, shameful.
challenge accepted
why did they make pole dancing sexually I mean it can be used for exercise only
'Roxy' 5 days ago
Jon is so sassy lol
MoonCoffee .3.
'MoonCoffee .3.' 6 days ago
The problem is is that Pole dancing shows your a stripper.. 😂
'iEatEmos' 6 days ago
"My butt meat!" teehee
Seriously? Bruh
'Seriously? Bruh' 6 days ago
I've had 3 pole dancing related videos today - what is YouTube trying to tell me??
Blue_Kat (xXsnipergirlXx1)
Tee's butt... MMHM (Sorry not sorry xD)
Ann Sebastian
'Ann Sebastian' 6 days ago
when i saw barbell i was like bart and geo are going to pole dance
Alfred F. Jones
'Alfred F. Jones' 6 days ago
Man, Jon kills it everytime. As much as I loved seeing Jon score and Tee struggle, I felt that Amanda wasn't shown enough. There were times she was also rocking it but could barely be seen in the background :(
Bring back Steve too!
Ray Campbell
'Ray Campbell' 6 days ago
the guy in the gray needs to frolic in some lotion/Vaseline/coconut oil/coconut butter
'heykatie' 6 days ago
Body builders try irish dance!
'LilMissMary' 6 days ago
They should have the body builders do flexibility training for a bit :)
'lizziebethieboo' 6 days ago
yuri at the GPF banquet any one wink wink....oh and Chris too
Morgan Kane
'Morgan Kane' 6 days ago
"Don't touch me John"
Olivia Breville
'Olivia Breville' 6 days ago
The Caramel Kitten
God damn those heels though.
'Skiller450' 6 days ago
"Bodybuilders pole dancing? Suprising. You want to know what's not suprising? Saving 15% or more on car insurance Geico."
'marmalade' 7 days ago
tee is so ungraceful its kinda cute
'phixiant' 7 days ago
Am I the only one who is in love with Tee?
Kawaii - chan
'Kawaii - chan' 1 week ago
I body build but I can't FREAKING dance every time I dance people though a bee was next to me
Tom Bramfitt
'Tom Bramfitt' 1 week ago
I think it's safe to say there's something for everyone in this video.
Mia Belax
'Mia Belax' 1 week ago
pole dancing must be hella hard because you really have to be strong to lift your whole body up
Brian John
'Brian John' 1 week ago
Jon is adorable. 💋
'Muke' 1 week ago
I want to do the aerial silk, figure skating and pole dancing. but my upper body strength wouldnt let me leave the floor 😂
'volugthebeast' 1 week ago
"That hurt my butt meat" xDD
hOLdinG oN tOo YoU
Now we need Bart Joe and Geo to try pole dancing 😂😂
'Itzzmeghan99' 1 week ago
As soon as I saw barbell brigade I thought Bart and geo 😂😍😍😍
dba saleh
'dba saleh' 1 week ago
they just so funny
'GossipGurl888' 1 week ago
is it just me or does the girl look like rachel from suits
'OrbitxGalaxy69' 1 week ago
give that man some lotion
'Slome' 1 week ago
tammynooo :3
'tammynooo :3' 1 week ago
I LOVE FREAKIN JKFILMS AND ALL LF THEMhsajsyswshgvtfvtfvtfvvygbhgiuyrdxtrd
The Zircus
'The Zircus' 1 week ago
all of them are hot hot hot~
Henry quach
'Henry quach' 1 week ago
Quinn Hickling
'Quinn Hickling' 1 week ago
NIce tights big guy want to take me in a game of stretgo
'karaiko' 1 week ago
Can i request something. I don't know if it will be dangerous or not but can these body builders try figure skating. I'm obssessed with figure skating right now. Y'all can ignore this request if you want. I would just like to see them try.
Hit the Dab
'Hit the Dab' 1 week ago
Yeah, the girl was pretty good but JOHN though!!! You can't beat him
Diki Gurung
'Diki Gurung' 1 week ago
Jk fam!!
Sidiki Sumner
'Sidiki Sumner' 1 week ago
Emma Saunders
'Emma Saunders' 1 week ago
the guy in red is my queen
'pbnjsandwatch1' 1 week ago
'vespur' 1 week ago
2:30 god damn ok!
Lisa Simpson
'Lisa Simpson' 1 week ago
Did I just saw a giant black bodybuilder pole dance
Ashley Morgan
'Ashley Morgan' 1 week ago
I feel bad for the black guy.
little piggy
'little piggy' 1 week ago
'kieshaggy' 1 week ago
So is Jon a friend of Dorothy or what?
Chocolate Lover
'Chocolate Lover' 1 week ago
wtf am i watching...
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