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Chris Lane - For Her -
Published: 6 months ago By: ChrisLaneVEVO

By: ChrisLaneVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

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For Her' – The new single from Chris Lane, off his debut album 'Girl Problems', out now!!

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Music video by Chris Lane performing For Her. (C) 2016 Big Loud Records

Eric Torres
'Eric Torres' 14 hours ago
Why this sound like a Luke Bryan and FGL song would sound like mashed up. Smh
Cheyene Grandfield
'Cheyene Grandfield' 16 hours ago
Awww!! That is so cute!!
Charlene Debosky
'Charlene Debosky' 19 hours ago
This is to cute.
destiny guillory
'destiny guillory' 19 hours ago
o fuck me
Mandy Kirchoff
'Mandy Kirchoff' 23 hours ago
This is beautiful.
Lindsay Dannelly
'Lindsay Dannelly' 2 days ago
A girl can dream!
Kaden Johns
'Kaden Johns' 2 days ago
Imagine she said no
Zoey Eymer
'Zoey Eymer' 2 days ago
Why is her friends crying but not her. It looked like a no until she seen that shiny rock.
Sam Shady
'Sam Shady' 2 days ago
she looks like a beeotch!
joseph nies
'joseph nies' 2 days ago
Kinda pisses me off she only says yea like bitchhhhh
Ethan Weirick
'Ethan Weirick' 3 days ago
Chris lane's hair kinda looks like the Heat Miser from that one christmas cartoon The year with out a santa clause lol.
'CC J' 3 days ago
Benny Boo
'Benny Boo' 3 days ago
this song is great!!!!
vidkid255 carrots
'vidkid255 carrots' 3 days ago
I love this song Chris lane go to my channel
Umar Chaudhry
'Umar Chaudhry' 3 days ago
what a BOSS!
i am awesome
'i am awesome' 4 days ago
Talsrey *
'Talsrey *' 4 days ago
this is so sweet
Marcus Storie
'Marcus Storie' 4 days ago
i wish my marriage was like this and we was still togather the tuffest part is knowing i see her with someone else and she wont walk back through the door after work
Franco David ChangHim
So beautiful🙌🏻
Blue Eyes All The Way
this is so sweet.
very unique one in a million.
I hope I find someone just like this..
Jonatan Pham
'Jonatan Pham' 5 days ago
My wife proposed to me. I couldn't refuse headgame was 100%
Deanna Smet
'Deanna Smet' 6 days ago
Love this song and Chris Lane's voice..This song is beautiful
big RED
'big RED' 6 days ago
this song is stupid... just stupid
johnn romerr
'johnn romerr' 6 days ago
hermosa cancion
James Thomas
'James Thomas' 6 days ago
Anyone else think the one over her right shoulder was going to blow it? But if you watch her body lang. she wasn't going to say no. She was trying not to pass out. watch after she says yes an you will notice her knees buckled.
cj graber
'cj graber' 7 days ago
I thought she was going to say no for a second.
Samantha Smith
'Samantha Smith' 7 days ago
hey cutie do you have a gf
Angela Cross
'Angela Cross' 1 week ago
THAT STUFF only happens on TV but it's SWEET!
Alaina Johnson
'Alaina Johnson' 1 week ago
OMG what a great surprise and way for engagement
Deanna Stevens
'Deanna Stevens' 1 week ago
Yep... Cried!!! Blessings to you all.
Jose Alberto Leyva
could've reacted better. bitch was fine though. lol
Tasha Hernandez
'Tasha Hernandez' 1 week ago
aww this is beautiful😭
Andrew Newton
'Andrew Newton' 1 week ago
she didn't seem like she wanted too say yes
Nympho 1
'Nympho 1' 1 week ago
Fred Edish
'Fred Edish' 1 week ago
Worst attempt at a country song I have ever heard.....
'TheLegand27' 1 week ago
what kind of bullshit reaction was this
Grayson Hutch
'Grayson Hutch' 2 weeks ago
so cute! She wasn't expecting it!
Steven Wilcox
'Steven Wilcox' 2 weeks ago
She's really attractive... and sexy. ;)
Tracy Prestwood
'Tracy Prestwood' 2 weeks ago
Coolest proposal ever! :)
samantha Poindexter
'samantha Poindexter' 2 weeks ago
nury chavez
'nury chavez' 2 weeks ago
she didnt seem excited or in love
king chiff
'king chiff' 2 weeks ago
I would do this to my girl when I get one
Mariah Chesshir
'Mariah Chesshir' 2 weeks ago
He should go to they're wedding too
Baby Capri
'Baby Capri' 2 weeks ago
Loving this <3 sooo sweet. she's just speechless and not sure if its true or a prank maybe. that reaction though, she's surprise! idc what others might think that it looks like a "No" not all women get overly reacting by getting proposed.
Lucas Kasten
'Lucas Kasten' 2 weeks ago
that backwards tricep flex to grab the ring lol
Austin Roberts
'Austin Roberts' 2 weeks ago
The whole video would've been a waste of time if she said no
Albert Faustino
'Albert Faustino' 2 weeks ago
awesome video
'NitrogenPlayz' 2 weeks ago
based on the video it looks like she was gonna say no xD
'K B' 2 weeks ago
I'm just waiting on the love of my life!! waiting for him to pick me up
Pumpkinlove335 Msp
'Pumpkinlove335 Msp' 2 weeks ago
I didn't like her reaction. It seems like she was going to say no but when she saw the ring she changed her mind.....
lady kay
'lady kay' 2 weeks ago
When I got proposed to my reaction wasn't your typical reaction either lol. I didn't jump for joy, cry, scream, ... I just smile and said yes. Lol. It doesn't mean I love him any less than the woman who screams and cries when being proposed to. Everyone reactions to situations differently. You most definitely shouldn't discredit their feelings because of that
Sarah D
'Sarah D' 2 weeks ago
I definitely cried..Thanks Chris for having such a REAL music video about love. This was beautiful!
Trevor Greer
'Trevor Greer' 2 weeks ago
my mom loves you
Trevor Greer
'Trevor Greer' 2 weeks ago
You are the best singer
Arika Mitchell
'Arika Mitchell' 2 weeks ago
i wish i has someone rn
Jackson Duncan
'Jackson Duncan' 3 weeks ago
nice chris
cortney givens
'cortney givens' 3 weeks ago
So did anyone else here the weird mans voice in this song??
Natalie Nowak
'Natalie Nowak' 3 weeks ago
In too Tennessee he looks different
Russell Gray
'Russell Gray' 3 weeks ago
Yoooooo the feeeeelllllssssss I wish I could have done something like this for my fiancé but a lighthouse proposal is good too ;)
Brandon Recknagel
'Brandon Recknagel' 3 weeks ago
Everybody is saying "She was gonna say no", but I think she may have just been shocked. I proposed to my wife on stage before a Craig Morgan concert, and she was so shocked, it took her a second to realize what was happening. She had been begging me to marry her for months. Lol. But I kept telling her I had to figure out a way to surprise her for the proposal. Walworth, WI County Fair 2009. This guy definitely topped me though. :)
Makenna Trullinger
'Makenna Trullinger' 3 weeks ago
that is so adorable
Goldn Messi
'Goldn Messi' 3 weeks ago
Nick Fradiani - All On You...Very beautiful and fun songs, but disappointingly very tinny views.. Spend million and Elaborate  the videos and will get 200 million views..
Autumn A
'Autumn A' 3 weeks ago
Love that Chris Lane used a real couple and not actors for this video!!! Beautiful!!
Riley Tedesco
'Riley Tedesco' 3 weeks ago
I love the genuine love story ❤️
Alicia Rumbach
'Alicia Rumbach' 3 weeks ago
My heart started racing like it did when my baby boy proposed to me i got teary eyed I wish I could see my proposal on video but I'm so happy for these two I hope wedding planning and your life together is nothing but happiness
Mark Wood
'Mark Wood' 3 weeks ago
he is the most unique singer I STG I cried a little this is how every guy should think of their girlfriends this is amazing I love this 😩💞
Java Bain
'Java Bain' 3 weeks ago
What if she said no?
Charlie L
'Charlie L' 3 weeks ago
so Vitalyzdtv got married...good so no need to make any more of his fake pranks 🖒
Lisa Fulton
'Lisa Fulton' 3 weeks ago
omg that made me cry lol
Angela Cross
'Angela Cross' 3 weeks ago
Now,THAT's LOVE!!! AwwwSome!!! CONGRATS...BEST WISHES to NOTHIN BUT GRRREATness...£θ£! 'n AMAZING MAKE-UP time after the less than GREAT TIMES!!! LlloVe your songs!!! ROCK ON!!!
Zack ashick
'Zack ashick' 3 weeks ago
worst song ever!! id say the back street boys are more country.
Emmalee Starnes
'Emmalee Starnes' 4 weeks ago
He is so nervous
Hannah Kretzing
'Hannah Kretzing' 4 weeks ago
Omg. I sent this to my friend Maria and we texted each other about how it was so beautiful.
becky barks
'becky barks' 4 weeks ago
where can i find this song?
Nikko Malone
'Nikko Malone' 4 weeks ago
she not feeling him like that....her reaction was poor and unimpressed. "what."
Elizabeth   E. Tindell
I love the way he did this video with ordinary people
'jacoblee16' 4 weeks ago
I like the how he sings in the beginning...that's something i could listen to all day.
Derek Mosley
'Derek Mosley' 4 weeks ago
everyone sayin her reaction should of been better? like how else was she supposed to react ..she was in shocked and surprised he got on one knee...u must of never been surprised before by anyone with out knowing a dam thing...its beautiful
Livia Flynn
'Livia Flynn' 4 weeks ago
This is one of the cutest songs! Her reaction could have been more happy but she probably didn't know what to say at the moment. It would be a breathtaker! Love this song though! :) Great job Chris Lane! I lobe how the friend in the back is also crying while videotaping, that would be me and best friend.
Crystal Baer
'Crystal Baer' 4 weeks ago
awwwww!! so sweet!!! 😍❤💙💓💕 love this song!!
ness pie
'ness pie' 4 weeks ago
lol. so I own this song like I listen to this almost daily and I was watching this for the first time and I was wondering why it sounded familiar. lol space case
Matt McGhee
'Matt McGhee' 4 weeks ago
She acted like she didn't know what was going on he was on one knee what do you think he was doing.
'KAKennemur6' 4 weeks ago
wow beautiful
Jackie Walker
'Jackie Walker' 4 weeks ago
so. so. sexy man
Derek Mosley
'Derek Mosley' 4 weeks ago
Jus just a beautiful song no other way to put it
Derek Mosley
'Derek Mosley' 4 weeks ago
amazing song, i have that with my wife and if u find it in ur life better hold and cherish it.. love this of my new favs to listen to
tay mc
'tay mc' 4 weeks ago
i wanna cry after seeing this
matthew thouvenel
'matthew thouvenel' 4 weeks ago
i love this song
Kelsey Smith
'Kelsey Smith' 4 weeks ago
I love him so much! I love his voice,video. I love this song so much it feel alike about me something else what should I do something!!!
Drea TwilightCreed
'Drea TwilightCreed' 4 weeks ago
What if she said no... PLOT TWIST!
Katie Knox
'Katie Knox' 1 month ago
I was thinking about how she didn't really show much emotion... but then I remembered how I felt when my fiance proposed, and I couldn't talk or even feel my face so I just stood there like an idiot and didn't say a word!
Steven Knowles
'Steven Knowles' 1 month ago
pop music not country music lmao tho
'RIOS WES' 1 month ago
still better than twilight
Isaac Romero
'Isaac Romero' 1 month ago
be careful Asians are high maintenance!
Jakey Boyd
'Jakey Boyd' 1 month ago
hi alexis i love and care fore you and want you foreever\
elang baru
'elang baru' 1 month ago
that was romantic
Billie Durham
'Billie Durham' 1 month ago
Awwww...Soooo sweet.
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