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BBC weather presenter giggles through forecast - BBC News -
Published: 9 months ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 9 months ago

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BBC weather presenter Louise Lear has an attack of the giggles - in the middle of a live broadcast.

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Tahir Rana
'Tahir Rana' 1 month ago
BBC haven't got anything better to do but to send goons to people's Homes!
Ali  Saeed
'Ali Saeed' 2 months ago
Are you mentle
أني أحب كاحل الله
كلاب كلاب
Morgan Harris
'Morgan Harris' 4 months ago
looks more like she was crying lol
Bill Moore
'Bill Moore' 6 months ago
paticilly funny!!
'kdunstfan1' 6 months ago
can't stand this woman
Brian Corry
'Brian Corry' 8 months ago
Louise Lear Was Laughing not Crying
Mad Penguin
'Mad Penguin' 8 months ago
Why are your weather forcasts so diabolicallly incorrect and changeable within hours ? With all the technology you barely get it right. Chemtrail must feature in not getting it right.
Sulpak Arena
'Sulpak Arena' 8 months ago
да...чо могу сказат...дура уволит
Michael Lamb
'Michael Lamb' 8 months ago
It's almost impossible to hold back when you get into a fit of laughter like that.
Jemsal Dogan
'Jemsal Dogan' 9 months ago
What a melt
'MIRAS ZHANABAYEV' 9 months ago
аркасына не болган
'siningwow' 9 months ago
This is the best the BBC can do to get people to even look at there bullshit
Tomas Ma
'Tomas Ma' 9 months ago
love it
E Xox
'E Xox' 9 months ago
I watched it live and almost choked on my dinner, I don't understand how this makes everyone laugh so much as it does me😂😂
banofee Donut
'banofee Donut' 9 months ago
She probably got fired
Loretta James
'Loretta James' 9 months ago
And what with the hunchback?
Chris Walters
'Chris Walters' 9 months ago
When I need cheering up, I'm going to come back here. Lifted my spirits so it did.
scott walker
'scott walker' 9 months ago
she must have had sex a few minutes before ;)
Abel Petit
'Abel Petit' 9 months ago
Don't do drugs kids
Igor Dobrenky
'Igor Dobrenky' 9 months ago
leopard cannot change his spots.
Coco Chanel
'Coco Chanel' 9 months ago
I like it 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂everybody should keep laughing . because the head news it's make me upset.
'kingago83' 9 months ago
Great mature woman. Lol.
Арман Туяков
Какаина обнюхалась... По ходу...
Александр Желтоухов
Англичане сходят с ума?
'PEPSIMAX2018' 9 months ago
LOVELY LADY ... don't fire her
Bliiizheee Banderlogi
какие же они всё таки уродливые... эти потомки шлюх, воров, убийц и прочей маргинальной нечисти англосаксонии.
Дмитрий Бурдасов
дунула тетка ганджубаса.
Сергей Сычев
А что у неё на спине ? горб ?
Джон Баклажан
У нее живот на спине?!!!
'o' 9 months ago
Yo, I feel you girl
Weeder Forecast
Jose Silva
'Jose Silva' 9 months ago
'1505markiz' 9 months ago
а что у неё под спиной, подушка)
Саня Невский
похоже она под коксом.
саня саныч
'саня саныч' 9 months ago
Да по ней видно, что она плачет. Смех скрывает слёзы.
Tamas Lakometz
'Tamas Lakometz' 9 months ago
HIGH AS [email protected] !
Nick Oxborrow
'Nick Oxborrow' 9 months ago
Best video for a Long while!
Grace Haywood
'Grace Haywood' 9 months ago
Why is she laughing anyways
Правозащитный комитет Дело Чести
May be California cornflakes...
Jhayne Art of Life Thought and Inspiration
Yes, what is that lump in her or it's back? Weird. Is it human?
Антон Тарасов
Какая страхоёбина!!!! Теперь я понял почему за границей развивается пидарасня. У Русских таких проблем нет, ведь наши женщины самые красивые. Завидуй Еврожопа и пендосия и долбите себя в очко всю жизнь!!!
Катерина Тимпан
Что-то курнула: я видела такое у подростков, которые баловались травкой..
Владислав Сурков
Её уволили?
Сергей Блажес
Наркаманака штоле?
Александр Клименко
А страшна - жуть.
вася котофеев
в Англии температура 23-24 градуса , а в Омске - 28 , вот вам и сибирь)
'Axemanudeath' 9 months ago
Should be more of it , lol ...I'm tired of how serious the world is getting. Bring back quality English humor ... I miss the goons, Monty Python , black adder ... Love Little Briton.
Ricardo Rodrigues
'Ricardo Rodrigues' 9 months ago
What's that lump in her back?
Aron William Lynch
'Aron William Lynch' 9 months ago
I want t know what she was laughing at.
green rocket
'green rocket' 9 months ago
I love that bbc news uploaded this themselves lol sometimes we need to laugh and giggle.
Vincent L.
'Vincent L.' 9 months ago
we all need to laugh. i love it.
Vincent L.
'Vincent L.' 9 months ago
we all need to laugh. i love it.
:-p :-D
':-p :-D' 9 months ago
So what was she laughing at?
'TheNasheR93' 9 months ago
Great journalism
Fahad 999
'Fahad 999' 9 months ago
how is this news?
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