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Published: 1 month ago By: DashieGames

By: DashieGamesPublished: 1 month ago

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Thank yall for tuning in everyday!

jella modzz
'jella modzz' 10 hours ago
Jake Hits V7
'Jake Hits V7' 2 days ago
I'm a wiener
Tony means Anthony
Hey Dashie, since you are so funny and awesome, give me your Player ID so I could friend you. Here is mine: 5232-9439-8167!
Thank you FunnyDashie, my nickname for you!

P.S.: Just please stop yelling in your videos, FunnyDashie!!
Shiny Milotic
'Shiny Milotic' 3 days ago
peach didnt give luigi a kiss. she told luigi to meet her in her room later
Kim Leppens
'Kim Leppens' 4 days ago
awesome raps ma boi
demetri Draper
'demetri Draper' 5 days ago
Thomasmowatt12345 Mowatt
Can you say my name plz
Romina Duenas
'Romina Duenas' 1 week ago
18:20 princess Peach bitch peach bitch kissed air!
SansVsYouTube Gaming Channel
XxMcflurry_CurryxX XxX
what ps4 game should i get on my birthday y'all?
• Kae •
'• Kae •' 2 weeks ago
fuck a "wee" bitch touCH MY WEE
Crazy Girl gg gc
'Crazy Girl gg gc' 2 weeks ago
he should be a rapper
Alejandro Arevalo
'Alejandro Arevalo' 3 weeks ago
Brush rly
'SuperJohnny' 3 weeks ago
Ace Critic
'Ace Critic' 3 weeks ago
Damn dude thanks some high blood pressure right there
Bathin Nate
'Bathin Nate' 3 weeks ago
what if u beat the game as Peach....does she rescue/kiss herself??
'#1Terrorist' 3 weeks ago
lol this was uploaded on my Bday dashie tell me happy birthday my boiii
'Donotcallmelexywexy' 3 weeks ago
If someone played as Yoshi, would Peach kiss a dinosaur?
Eric Raposo
'Eric Raposo' 3 weeks ago
Freestyles on point
'SuperSpinnyBally' 4 weeks ago
wo the fuck is SHUNNNAAA. is she like tina and lory
Sidney Gouribera
'Sidney Gouribera' 4 weeks ago
I'm subscribing you dashie, your funny
Josiah Carter
'Josiah Carter' 4 weeks ago
17:49 Dashie Said Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up Lol
Janja Hyena 2
'Janja Hyena 2' 4 weeks ago
Brandon Jaimes
'Brandon Jaimes' 4 weeks ago
Why did u finish this ... this are the best 😔
Super Unnamed Bro
'Super Unnamed Bro' 4 weeks ago
Grab ur pussy
victor sarceno
'victor sarceno' 4 weeks ago
Came back for the dope freestyles and beats. 🔥🔥🔥
Yousefomar omar
'Yousefomar omar' 4 weeks ago
which phone super mario run is in?
Maloni Greene
'Maloni Greene' 4 weeks ago
Konrad Korpalski
'Konrad Korpalski' 4 weeks ago
I fucking love this dude
'ABDELLAH AGOURAM' 1 month ago
hello , i think you should try the new super mario run game , i think you should try the new super mario run game
Skullz Mastrrr
'Skullz Mastrrr' 1 month ago
What if cashiers would play Pokémon go wouldn't that be funny? Or is it just me?
Nick dasilva
'Nick dasilva' 1 month ago
This mad dashie a clown😭😭
Heating Cooler
'Heating Cooler' 1 month ago
who else thought that Rashid had something going at 5:16
Super J
'Super J' 1 month ago
Can I get subscribers and likes 4 no reason. U would be awesome if u do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
read more
'read more' 1 month ago
"you gotta get tchronch tronch tchronched to get it?" lmfao onomatopoeias this dude comes up with
Yahir Herrera
'Yahir Herrera' 1 month ago
Yo Mario did all the shit why is lugi getting the kiss 😘 wtf man what dose peach 🍑 bitch peach 🍑 bitch want only one ☝️ Mario or lugi
Rockin G
'Rockin G' 1 month ago
the freestyle at 15:06 thooo🔥🔥🔥
Golden Gamer
'Golden Gamer' 1 month ago
They're realising Super Mario Run for android :")
Jose Lainez
'Jose Lainez' 1 month ago
Made it!
The Mr.Acorn
'The Mr.Acorn' 1 month ago
DASHIE DASHIE get all the coins and show us what happens
Nicolas Gibson
'Nicolas Gibson' 1 month ago
He goes off on the beat!!!
lifesounds antidemonic
U the coolest dash. U should start giving things away so more people can toon in and get u some more likes
Dwayne Mcmoore
'Dwayne Mcmoore' 1 month ago
Thank you cashier you make me smile even when um sad 😭 thank you so much
Keeyuh M.
'Keeyuh M.' 1 month ago
my phone burst into flames in the first 6 seconds of this video. i had to go to the local library to finish watching it. 🔥🔥🔥
'marthkid1' 1 month ago
I want Dashie and filthy Frank to drop a mixtape
Victor Hugo Alvarez Arana
Best Intro Ever 😂😂😂
King Aj
'King Aj' 1 month ago
Dead 💀 serious dashie needs to make a video were he raps to game beats plz
Saabir BHOLAt
'Saabir BHOLAt' 1 month ago
Fuck my family. So fuck u dashie for saying that
Ashlee Beck
'Ashlee Beck' 1 month ago
0.02 WTF was that a damn roach or something it was on the edge of the screen
Silent Heart
'Silent Heart' 1 month ago
3:49 dashie...what r u doing with u hand?
'BlxckDiamxndz' 1 month ago
Thankful for Dashie
'SpikeRukal' 1 month ago
DACHIE! DACHIE! If you ever make it up to Michigan, holla at me. I have a crew that would love to chill with you, play Mario Kart, Mario Party, Smash Brothers, whatever you wanna do. Come chill with your fans fam!
Lexi Neal
'Lexi Neal' 1 month ago
Dashing deserves a break. He works way too hard for us
Concepcion Sierra
'Concepcion Sierra' 1 month ago
hay dole you rap good dole
Concepcion Sierra
'Concepcion Sierra' 1 month ago
how Did you get Mario run dole
'DaveDolla' 1 month ago
when it comes to freestyles sometimes I forget dashie with the shits
Jermaine Wiggins
'Jermaine Wiggins' 1 month ago
when he messed up it was low-key fire
Ernesto Lobos Cardenas
dashie fuku
'mrflex302' 1 month ago
she smellled luigi
Mystic Widow
'Mystic Widow' 1 month ago
Dashie's freestyles are better than most rappers today
'Lolomus' 1 month ago
Can someone help. I've got yoshi and toad bitch ass. But I'm trying to get Luigi. It's so exhausting getting 150 green and purple roads from rally run. And it gets really hard sometimes on toad rally when I can't find the stars which help u win. The world that I can't always find the stars in is the last airship world (on toad rally)
Remedialstorm12 !
'Remedialstorm12 !' 1 month ago
that rap at the beginning tho
'RoachVlogs' 1 month ago
Do the special levels just collect all the coins
Diego Hernandez
'Diego Hernandez' 1 month ago
Nate Dog18
'Nate Dog18' 1 month ago
The Chablo
'The Chablo' 1 month ago
'DnD' 1 month ago
When Mario or Luigi slide on they face try saying why are you slidin into the dm's
Xavier Walsh-Lopez
'Xavier Walsh-Lopez' 1 month ago
one of the coolest youtuber
'thesimplenamelol' 1 month ago
Who want dashie to vlog with hes family like if you want that
'JGaming' 1 month ago
Could be see ur brother ??
Verdic Gaming
'Verdic Gaming' 1 month ago
Play My Shit!!!😂
Bella Kassin
'Bella Kassin' 1 month ago
Dashie, we don't mind you spending time with your family. you definitely deserve it. have fun♥
Jack Rabbit
'Jack Rabbit' 1 month ago
Dashie!! If her age isn't on the clock then she ready for the cock!
Devin Casnave
'Devin Casnave' 1 month ago
10:25 when you say "shit" in German
Cutie Pie
'Cutie Pie' 1 month ago
He is the best or one of the best freestylers ever!
Justa Female Stan Yo
The "Yeah, I'm a wiener" 😂😂😂😂 I died
Link Pretty Ass
'Link Pretty Ass' 1 month ago
Mario ain't hittin' that Princess Peach Bitch Peach puhh right😕
Blanca Cruz
'Blanca Cruz' 1 month ago
Wait!! Luigi is supposed to be marios twin brother?
Pokémon Master
'Pokémon Master' 1 month ago
Original Recipe
'Original Recipe' 1 month ago
Take A Couple Days Off My Boi.
Serebrelknight //The king of knights
7:39 was killing me. Original recipe.
Zoned And Reckless
'Zoned And Reckless' 1 month ago
you should vlog with the FAM dachie
Nate The Shredder
'Nate The Shredder' 1 month ago
Can someone tell me how to record your iPhone screen?
'EXOTIC GAMER' 1 month ago
Nate The Shredder
'Nate The Shredder' 1 month ago
How do you record your screen?
'riotrandy678' 1 month ago
Dashie, quit complaining about Luigi's "made it" mah boi! I'm sure lots of others would say the same thing if they made it to their goal with just 100 seconds!
Vannah Jay
'Vannah Jay' 1 month ago
I just finished the game too. It's so cool. But I need to keep playing to defeat all the enemies and get all the color coins. My mushroom kingdom has all 5 bridges though. It's huge! Lol I love Mario. I need that Nintendo Switch now.
Titanium-_ Clan
'Titanium-_ Clan' 1 month ago
9 is better than 10 XD
Brian Valentin
'Brian Valentin' 1 month ago
He really got the bars tho😂😂😂
Agustin Juarez
'Agustin Juarez' 1 month ago
Dashie u should play unfair mario.. like he should
Benoit Leplae
'Benoit Leplae' 1 month ago
when is this shit gonna be available on android?
Zxdmaz Almazroie
'Zxdmaz Almazroie' 1 month ago
Nice video
Tomas Sliwa
'Tomas Sliwa' 1 month ago
Eddie Head
'Eddie Head' 1 month ago
Shawna bitchass???
'hoou1' 1 month ago
'ArtGuardian05' 1 month ago
The bubble you float in when you lose a life reminds me of the SNES game, "Yoshi's Island". Either way, love the vids and your freestyles as always!!
Angel Devil Bird
'Angel Devil Bird' 1 month ago
dashie should make a video with his family.
Nicolas Ortiz
'Nicolas Ortiz' 1 month ago
Make a skit with the fam!!!!!!!
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