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Published: 4 months ago By: DashieGames

By: DashieGamesPublished: 4 months ago

931, 414 views

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Thank yall for tuning in everyday!

'DashieGames' 4 months ago
Had to finally finish this joint! hope yall enjoyed the freestyles lol might finish another game tomorrow!
'Coc' 20 hours ago
Wоoоow this rеаааllу wоrks, tоdау I did рrеviоuslу add reеesоurсеs оn Suреr Маriо Run, I will соme bаck аnd try аgаin tоmооооrrоw, I hаaaаvе sаved thе link fоr уоu guуs.
Floofy Socks
'Floofy Socks' 3 days ago
erika joiner
'erika joiner' 3 days ago
Marisa Figueroa
'Marisa Figueroa' 7 days ago
Me: Imma put some headphones on

Me: I can't hear shit
jason Walker
'jason Walker' 7 days ago
I have that game you loser
Tea Berry
'Tea Berry' 1 week ago
love the freestyle
Raymond Contreras
'Raymond Contreras' 1 week ago
dashie, you never explained to us who tina,lory and shawna are.
blue rabbid
'blue rabbid' 2 weeks ago
Luigi's PUH time with peach. ( luigi X daisy) SORRY.😯
Yuмιє ღ
'Yuмιє ღ' 2 weeks ago
19:31 OMG XD
'Sebas' 2 weeks ago
Should've played at yosh
Mugen Lucky
'Mugen Lucky' 3 weeks ago
you bad gamer! you noob!
Andrea Saucedo
'Andrea Saucedo' 3 weeks ago
I have that game
Angelina Munoz
'Angelina Munoz' 3 weeks ago
can you play super Mario galaxy
Angie Kazama
'Angie Kazama' 3 weeks ago
Dashie raps better that today's rappers..
Anthony LaBate
'Anthony LaBate' 3 weeks ago
Su "puh" Mario run
Niles Fleming
'Niles Fleming' 3 weeks ago
Those boms at him. Like the support
ceddyfunny gamer Q and A
Funny and cool
'chrisgames' 3 weeks ago
'SuperSonicHaisam' 3 weeks ago
I love the freestyles my boi
super jeffy
'super jeffy' 3 weeks ago
luigi looks so cute when hes in the bubble
Team Sonic Frost
'Team Sonic Frost' 4 weeks ago
yooooooooooooooooooooooooo super rap
Prosinger 2.0
'Prosinger 2.0' 4 weeks ago
dashie each time the staras/stars change colors because u got all the previous colors the stage slightly changes
Blackops playz
'Blackops playz' 4 weeks ago
How the fuck to get Purple Toads *!!!
Jessie Machado
'Jessie Machado' 4 weeks ago
I pre-registered for the game XD
Santa7 Campos
'Santa7 Campos' 4 weeks ago
Smash Fludd!
'Smash Fludd!' 4 weeks ago
please play more if this with all the Yoshi's and toadette and give us a toad rally please
'Stargirl78' 1 month ago
There's an upgrade in this game, where you can play as 3 Yoshis with different colors. Why don't you do a bonus video of it?
Caren robinson
'Caren robinson' 1 month ago
TinyAwkward Gaming
'TinyAwkward Gaming' 1 month ago
When toadette rescues peach she kisses her but mushrooms don't have the sam gender as humans so ummmmmmmmm that's awkward
Bebo Soto
'Bebo Soto' 1 month ago
The Gods Will Protegt You
Zach Moreno
'Zach Moreno' 1 month ago
you're so bad at free styling!!!!!
skyla jaleque
'skyla jaleque' 1 month ago
who played super Mario run
Lynn Vazquez
'Lynn Vazquez' 1 month ago
it's a game
Lynn Vazquez
'Lynn Vazquez' 1 month ago
Dashie why don't u play run 3 in 2016 on DashGames
z 청
'z 청' 1 month ago
저분 ㄹㅇ병신인듯
Zachary Miller
'Zachary Miller' 1 month ago
Luigi's my favorite character
'McFunnTime' 1 month ago
Yo dashie that rap was soo DOPE!!!!!! keep that up yo boy!!!
Amya Wherry
'Amya Wherry' 1 month ago
do a video with your bro
Dre X
'Dre X' 1 month ago
where the app at
Sans The Sniper Master
Drake Seraphin
'Drake Seraphin' 2 months ago
Dashie may not know this but "shana" means pussy here in Brazil.
x man
'x man' 2 months ago
Xavier Estrada
'Xavier Estrada' 2 months ago
fuck Luigi
'Lovelyb' 2 months ago
your. the. best. player. in. the. world
Diego Dickie
'Diego Dickie' 2 months ago
Luismi for lyfe
SquirtleBe Trollin
'SquirtleBe Trollin' 2 months ago
Damn, Dashie can rap
Kirt Bott
'Kirt Bott' 2 months ago
Threw some bars down too love it 😂
Kirt Bott
'Kirt Bott' 2 months ago
Good job dashie. Ill add ya. Race me if you're bored at work or somethin maa niga
Kirt Bott
'Kirt Bott' 2 months ago
Love the grind on getting those coins!! 😂 it's hard but i use only luigi too!! Be cool if you added me if u still play. Either way idc 😂
jella modzz
'jella modzz' 2 months ago
Jake Hits V7
'Jake Hits V7' 2 months ago
I'm a wiener
Tony means Anthony
'Tony means Anthony' 2 months ago
Hey Dashie, since you are so funny and awesome, give me your Player ID so I could friend you. Here is mine: 5232-9439-8167!
Thank you FunnyDashie, my nickname for you!

P.S.: Just please stop yelling in your videos, FunnyDashie!!
Shiny Milotic
'Shiny Milotic' 2 months ago
peach didnt give luigi a kiss. she told luigi to meet her in her room later
Kim Leppens
'Kim Leppens' 2 months ago
awesome raps ma boi
Demetri squad
'Demetri squad' 2 months ago
Thomasmowatt12345 Mowatt
Can you say my name plz
Romina Duenas
'Romina Duenas' 3 months ago
18:20 princess Peach bitch peach bitch kissed air!
SansVsYouTube Gaming Channel
XxMcflurry_CurryxX XxX
what ps4 game should i get on my birthday y'all?
• Kae •
'• Kae •' 3 months ago
fuck a "wee" bitch touCH MY WEE
Crazy Girl gg gc
'Crazy Girl gg gc' 3 months ago
he should be a rapper
Alejandro Arevalo
'Alejandro Arevalo' 3 months ago
Brush rly
'SuperJohnny' 3 months ago
Ace Critic
'Ace Critic' 3 months ago
Damn dude thanks some high blood pressure right there
Bathin Nate
'Bathin Nate' 3 months ago
what if u beat the game as Peach....does she rescue/kiss herself??
'#1Terrorist' 3 months ago
lol this was uploaded on my Bday dashie tell me happy birthday my boiii
'Donotcallmelexywexy' 3 months ago
If someone played as Yoshi, would Peach kiss a dinosaur?
Chino XL
'Chino XL' 3 months ago
Freestyles on point
'Cathcoli32' 3 months ago
wo the fuck is SHUNNNAAA. is she like tina and lory
Sidney Gouribera
'Sidney Gouribera' 3 months ago
I'm subscribing you dashie, your funny
Legacy Light
'Legacy Light' 3 months ago
17:49 Dashie Said Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up Lol
Janja Hyena 2
'Janja Hyena 2' 3 months ago
Brandon Jaimes
'Brandon Jaimes' 3 months ago
Why did u finish this ... this are the best 😔
'EmmnejsElRandom' 3 months ago
Grab ur pussy
victor sarceno
'victor sarceno' 3 months ago
Came back for the dope freestyles and beats. 🔥🔥🔥
Yousefomar omar
'Yousefomar omar' 3 months ago
which phone super mario run is in?
Maloni Greene
'Maloni Greene' 3 months ago
Konrad Korpalski
'Konrad Korpalski' 3 months ago
I fucking love this dude
Skullz Mastrrr
'Skullz Mastrrr' 3 months ago
What if cashiers would play Pokémon go wouldn't that be funny? Or is it just me?
Nick dasilva
'Nick dasilva' 3 months ago
This mad dashie a clown😭😭
Heating Cooler
'Heating Cooler' 3 months ago
who else thought that Rashid had something going at 5:16
Super J
'Super J' 3 months ago
Can I get subscribers and likes 4 no reason. U would be awesome if u do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
read more •15 years ago
"you gotta get tchronch tronch tchronched to get it?" lmfao onomatopoeias this dude comes up with
Yahir Herrera
'Yahir Herrera' 3 months ago
Yo Mario did all the shit why is lugi getting the kiss 😘 wtf man what dose peach 🍑 bitch peach 🍑 bitch want only one ☝️ Mario or lugi
Rockin G
'Rockin G' 3 months ago
the freestyle at 15:06 thooo🔥🔥🔥
Golden Gamer
'Golden Gamer' 3 months ago
They're realising Super Mario Run for android :")
Jose Lainez
'Jose Lainez' 3 months ago
Made it!
The Mr.Acorn
'The Mr.Acorn' 3 months ago
DASHIE DASHIE get all the coins and show us what happens
Nicolas Gibson
'Nicolas Gibson' 3 months ago
He goes off on the beat!!!
lifesounds antidemonic
U the coolest dash. U should start giving things away so more people can toon in and get u some more likes
Dwayne Mcmoore
'Dwayne Mcmoore' 3 months ago
Thank you cashier you make me smile even when um sad 😭 thank you so much
Keeyuh M.
'Keeyuh M.' 3 months ago
my phone burst into flames in the first 6 seconds of this video. i had to go to the local library to finish watching it. 🔥🔥🔥
'marthkid1' 3 months ago
I want Dashie and filthy Frank to drop a mixtape
Victor Hugo Alvarez Arana
Best Intro Ever 😂😂😂
King Aj
'King Aj' 3 months ago
Dead 💀 serious dashie needs to make a video were he raps to game beats plz
Saabir BHOLAt
'Saabir BHOLAt' 3 months ago
Fuck my family. So fuck u dashie for saying that
Ashlee Beck
'Ashlee Beck' 3 months ago
0.02 WTF was that a damn roach or something it was on the edge of the screen
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