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Hashemi Rafsanjani : Iran's former president dies at 82 -
Published: 3 months ago By: Al Jazeera English

By: Al Jazeera EnglishPublished: 3 months ago

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Iran's former president Hashemi Rafsanjani dies at 82

Former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has died from a heart attack.

He'd earlier been taken to hospital in Tehran with heart problems.
The 82-year-old remained an influential figure in Iran.

He led the Expediency Council, which resolves disputes between the parliament and Guardian Council.

Al Jazeera's Dorsa Jabbari reports from Tehran.

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'AlexanderHector' 2 months ago
Michael Lewinsky: I don't know where you are but it seems like you've been grabbing your ankle a lot. Do you know FARSI? KAFAR  HAME RA BE KISH KHOD PENDARAD. Just because you are sucking on other's 10 inch Muhammad and grabbed your ankle for others, now you think everybody does that. BORO BACHE KOONY.
Tom Esin
'Tom Esin' 3 months ago
dorsa jabbari why your eyes are so beautiful
'AlexanderHector' 3 months ago
Mehdi Anwar : That shows your IGNORANCE. Agha Mehdi man khodam bache Tehranam Dadash. Shoma chand saletoneh? Man 70 sal Iraniam. 3.5 million Iranians. When Hitler came to power 30 million came into streets. When Stalin died 100 million mourned. Agha jan boro yekam motaleah kon shayad chechmet baz she.
'Tree' 3 months ago
watched a doco about Hashemi Rafsanjani about 4 days ago, then he dies. I watched The Force awakens a day before Carrie Fishers heart attack, and she dies. What is going on? Weird when stuff like that happens. I continue to hope for gradual normalization of relations between Iran and the West, and hopefully the 4 decades of both sides butting heads for very real and pragmatic geopolitical reasons will transform into a future of cooperation. I remain optimistic that the blunders of the past from the west can be forgiven, and the extremism that pushed Iran into isolation can give way to a new golden age for this massive nation who's history has brought so much to the world. As an atheist, I wish your nation continued peace and a bright future, and hope my Australian politicians and government do not repeat any further mistakes of the past. The Iranian family who live next door to me are the kindest and friendliest neighbors I've ever had. I beg Muslims around the world learn tolerance towards atheists, and I beg my country show the same tolerance to all the people of the world in return. But it is hard to ask Iran to stop executing homosexuals and atheists, when my own country Australia is committing crimes against humanity in our immigration camps such as Nauru and Manus Island. Still, Love and Peace to you guys!
Mehdi Anwar
'Mehdi Anwar' 3 months ago
He was a page of irans modern history and identity. May He Rest in Peace ❤️
Tom Harris
'Tom Harris' 3 months ago
The presence of Large Iranian people in Rafsanjani'e funeral more than being for the love of the man is to show their ant- regime, anti Khameni feeling. People not being allowed to show their true feeling about Islamic republic's leader and organizations under his influence will take advantage of any gathering such as this to show their discontent for Khamenei and hardliners in Iran. Now that is the fact.!
Coral Coral
'Coral Coral' 3 months ago
hala Reza shah konesh mizare
Coral Coral
'Coral Coral' 3 months ago
koni mord .kon con ham bezodi mireh(khamenehie)
Coral Coral
'Coral Coral' 3 months ago
ye koni kamtar
Elijah cesspoole
'Elijah cesspoole' 3 months ago
Rafasanjani is just another poster child for a pedophile religion. When will you idiots wake up to the evil facts of your sick satanic cult? KHALEE KHOOB.
Mreza Al
'Mreza Al' 3 months ago
Adam Doniger
'Adam Doniger' 3 months ago
What role did he play in the revolution?
King Mufasa
'King Mufasa' 3 months ago
The Iranian Shark Tank died.
King Mufasa
'King Mufasa' 3 months ago
خامنه ای 77 ساله شه. 5 سال دیگه میمیره.
Daniel Soni
'Daniel Soni' 3 months ago
روحش شاد و یادش گرامی
Johnathan stein meir
'Johnathan stein meir' 3 months ago
he was another Babak zanjani...but in mullahs dress lol
Hassan Allahyari
'Hassan Allahyari' 3 months ago
He done enough in terms of attracities, homocides, theft, unfair confiscation of properties, ravaging Iran forests, drying river, air pluton due to production of cheap fuel, caused poverty that innocent people selling their body organs and prostetution. Curse on him and all such criminals who call themselves Ayatollah including Khomeini and big dictator ALI Khameneie.

Sent from my iPad
'N SA' 3 months ago
Karim Sadouni
'Karim Sadouni' 3 months ago
he was. evil. students...
'A ZME8' 3 months ago
He was probably the greatest left winger in Iran who was still in power, he was being attacked and accused in many different ways by the right wingers in the last 7 years of his life, most of it was because he never condemned the green movement and also his differences with the supreme leader of Iran. He was a smart politician, he ended the war with Iraq and he made Iran recover from the war, built many things...
calotchro You
'calotchro You' 3 months ago
'Persiancat' 3 months ago
He was a majestic shark (kooseh) hahaha
Mehdi ImamZaman
'Mehdi ImamZaman' 3 months ago
Rafsanjani was a thug, a thief, a liar, a conman, a drug dealer (Opium dealer) dressed in the religious clothing. He initially eliminated 72 of his competition (Beheshti and his gang) by blowing them up and blaming other parties. He had stolen billions of dollars from Iran (Oil, Gas, Gold, precious metals) and has caused a true epidemic of drugs in Iran. He was in full control of Iranian sugar and caused many shortages to make more money. Too bad he did not last to stand trial! Was he killed by Khamenei or did he die of natural causes, history might tell.
His counterpart Khamenei is more of criminal man. All of them agent of CIA, MI5, Mosad and KGB working hand in hand to steal Iranian money!.. Thugs dressed as man of God!
Alborz Khosravi
'Alborz Khosravi' 3 months ago
The winter is coming
Daniel Rocha
'Daniel Rocha' 3 months ago
He was good or evil?
Freeman Horton
'Freeman Horton' 3 months ago
to the dustbin of history !!
The Wipits
'The Wipits' 3 months ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. One more cancer gone, one more step to FREE IRAN.
James Bond 007
'James Bond 007' 3 months ago
Finally Another 20 Century Evil religion dictators is Dead ( Rafsanjani ) maybe one day in the future the world / History be able to see
The Damage islamic Republic Gov ( Religion dictatorship ) Done to great historical country The only country in Middle East that have a population Young /Educated / Pro Democracy and western life style
'issareign' 3 months ago
He inhaled too deeply when sniffing his imams seat.
Darius Zand
'Darius Zand' 3 months ago
رفسنجانی مسلمان شد
Said Saidi
'Said Saidi' 3 months ago
koose is died the fishs are Happy
Ilse Labus
'Ilse Labus' 3 months ago
Be darak. 12 Millionen iranian people live cous of them outsite iran.
darush Mirabbi
'darush Mirabbi' 3 months ago
like his prophet Mohammed he was a great thief
Hidayet Mohammed
'Hidayet Mohammed' 3 months ago
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (Arabic: إِنَّا للهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎‎)..
hamid adams adams
'hamid adams adams' 3 months ago
rafsanjani was indeed 1 of d great pillars of d Islamic revolution. ..during his reign he helped d liberation movements topple d gruesome apartheid regime..this is a great loss for all hamid Adams cape Town south Africa
'NedaAlive' 3 months ago
Koosse died .
Ashkan Faghiri
'Ashkan Faghiri' 3 months ago
a man many Iranian have a love-hate relationship with. Let's cross our finger for our next election. If extremist get elected, middle east will be done for I think; It is at it's limit already.
Sree ,
'Sree ,' 3 months ago
MGBHS..................................R.I.P.........................Iran's former president Hashemi Rafsanjani...............................
Pouya Daneshpajooh
'Pouya Daneshpajooh' 3 months ago
May he rest in peace
'M1CHAEL C0RL3ON3' 3 months ago
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (Arabic: إِنَّا للهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎‎) "We surely belong to Allah (SWT)and to Him we shall return."

I Didn't Know the Mans Politics but i know he was a Prominent Man in the Iranian Revolution May Allah (SWT) Give him peace Ameen
'johnh23z' 3 months ago
Good Man
'grinningchicken' 3 months ago
His family are going to have some worries.
Thomas Anderson
'Thomas Anderson' 3 months ago
He supported a free market position domestically, favoring privatization of state-owned industries, and a moderate position internationally, seeking to avoid conflict with the United States and the West.

In other words, he was an idiot, ready to sell Iran to the Imperialists.
Sajal Sahai
'Sajal Sahai' 3 months ago
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