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Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser – League of Legends -
Published: 1 week ago By: League of Legends

By: League of LegendsPublished: 1 week ago

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In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast.

'SpicedRacoon' 4 hours ago
unban me
'TaliyahGod' 5 hours ago
Wow this looks cool but you know whats also cool? Taliyah, come check out my league youtube channel where i post game play and guides mainly based around taliyah! I will be uploading 1-2 videos DAILY! See you there :D.
Try Hard Gamer
'Try Hard Gamer' 5 hours ago
When is the patch coming out?
Dylan Brookshire
'Dylan Brookshire' 5 hours ago
when your support has mobi boots and you just have swiftness...
David Romero Albares
Hello, Fenrir! Did you get tired of smite?
ShadowMercy .D
'ShadowMercy .D' 10 hours ago
when you let your adc die then you go back and feed
TheMythof Feminism
'TheMythof Feminism' 11 hours ago
This was so fucking cool.

I still wish they'd make another long cinematic like "A New Dawn" though.
Blah Blah
'Blah Blah' 13 hours ago
Is that a new upcoming Graves skin? :D
Carlos Bernardo
'Carlos Bernardo' 13 hours ago
Nossa abandonou o amigo pra morrer, coisa de esquerdista
'NutsOwDude' 14 hours ago
wow the fatguy is urgot and this scared dude is like singed
Dylan Sahr
'Dylan Sahr' 14 hours ago
V43 Account
'V43 Account' 15 hours ago
Is this the new Call of Duty game?
'笑笑(Chris)' 15 hours ago
There is no AD in this game any more,you know.
'EirmasHD' 17 hours ago
That is Sion and Ezreal, right?
'wer8990' 17 hours ago
nice! is that a wriggles on his back?
Ano nymous
'Ano nymous' 17 hours ago
That's pretty sick.
G4mer Raflintack
'G4mer Raflintack' 18 hours ago
how many Weeks is coming the Update?
'n484251' 19 hours ago
Eat your heart out, Dota 2
'ぽろ' 19 hours ago
How about change your job to making movie not League of Tanks?
Ivan Milovac
'Ivan Milovac' 19 hours ago
i am playing warvick he is brutaalll😱😱😱😲😲😲😍😍😍😍
Yahoo Boy
'Yahoo Boy' 19 hours ago
Finally, they change warwik
Levi Hackerman
'Levi Hackerman' 19 hours ago
Is this another ADC pron ?
'Maikietje' 22 hours ago
is this like a new warwick or a remaster
DreamCatcher ASMR
'DreamCatcher ASMR' 23 hours ago
Hello everyone! I have a channel in which I upload video ASMR about League of Legend's Champion Lore, one of them is about the history of WARWICK! Come to take a look, listen and relax :)
'Eruptz' 23 hours ago
this looks so sick
Daniel Oh
'Daniel Oh' 24 hours ago
Warwick right now is op tho, why rework
L Lawliet
'L Lawliet' 1 day ago
Gimme a PC
'TrueBlue' 1 day ago
Most people think this is the view of the adc, but I personally think it's the view of the support. You see the jungler and ditch the adc, do something stupid, and then get killed.
'ThePyrolympian' 1 day ago
'ThePyrolympian' 1 day ago
Permaban WW now
'ichaukan' 1 day ago
Play it with the Nostromo self-destruct alarm in the background. It's the only thing that can possibly make it more marvelous.
Deekester .J
'Deekester .J' 1 day ago
Man, zuan champs get the best teasers. first seconds and now this. great job with the trailers riot
Sonan X
'Sonan X' 1 day ago
Looks like they brought back his old splash. Looks close to it. His current one looks a lot more modern.
'justinplay' 1 day ago
league when yuo want to nerf camille his op
'Greenscyth22' 1 day ago
Looks like the ADC didn't upgrade his boots.
Michelle LeeOreilly
Fleg also voiced our Prince Noctis (v/a: Ray Chase) from Final Fantasy XV. Long live our King Nocto-san!
Brendon Nicolas Grangeiro da Silva
Staka Duggan
'Staka Duggan' 1 day ago
Robby Mixon
'Robby Mixon' 1 day ago
This could be pulled off as a crazy horror movie.
Riot, you never disappoint.
Adam J
'Adam J' 1 day ago
0:22 it should be a skin for graves
'Faxi' 2 days ago
Pause at 0:14 Look at the mirror... Thank me later
Squeeshy Orange
'Squeeshy Orange' 2 days ago
Wait Junkrat and Roadhog are in League now?
Kawaii Foxy
'Kawaii Foxy' 2 days ago
lol this is me when i'm angry
'pryde71' 2 days ago
Is the Unchained Alistar skin still up for grabs for free?
Jared Tokuz
'Jared Tokuz' 2 days ago
This trailer is very similar to a cinematic in bio shock 1 lol
'CLOWN FIESTA' 2 days ago
reading the lore in 2017 LUL
Jensi Oquendo
'Jensi Oquendo' 2 days ago
Movement Speed Warwick.
Epic Mormon Brony
'Epic Mormon Brony' 2 days ago
Imagine my disappointment when I thought this was a new fucking skin.
Imagine my hope ignited when I found out this is a fucking overhaul of his story, character, and powers.
True Troll
'True Troll' 2 days ago
Wolfies HUD
'Wolfies HUD' 2 days ago
If only the game was as good as the cinematic
Ken Hamada
'Ken Hamada' 2 days ago
This new Warwick reminds me of the Primarch Konrad Curze from the 40K universe, if Konrad became a chimera like Warwick. (Though considering who is the writer for LoL's lore, I am not entirely surprised.)
The Joker
'The Joker' 2 days ago
Men looks like am watching a movie damn so cool but wow Fleg is dam, letting itself be cut when his about to go out N got ULTED by WW " LIKE DANM MEN DO U EVEN PLAY LOL lol "/ jk
'D4rkcl4n' 2 days ago
Okay, let's get serious for a second. I know it's funny to make fun of Rito for everything they do, "Ah hah, hah, Rito sucks at making a game, hah hah, they are just monkeys fiddling with their dick as they make the game hah hah." But can we take a second to actually appreciate what they do.

Did they need to make this? Of course not. Yes it probably adds some publicity, and keeps some of their fan base playing, but if they really wanted to, they could've just got some gameplay from in game, or something a lot simpler.

Rito Games is probably one of the best gaming companies, with some of the most respectable people in said gaming companies, and honestly if anyone is to blame, it is Tencent for their money laundering controlling of our beloved Rito, and I think we should just take a second to appreciate Rito for what they do for us.
A Pet Named Steve
'A Pet Named Steve' 2 days ago
Warwick was my first ever champion. then I moved away from all melee combat entirely. might be time to go back
AD789_K40 QTTC_sáng T3
huhuhu scare of it
Jon Feyo
'Jon Feyo' 2 days ago
Who else is hyped for Gigantic?
TheDarkEnder I
'TheDarkEnder I' 2 days ago
'gamfreak21' 2 days ago
my fps in league is the same as my iq, I use the macbook.
'KiddoWave69' 2 days ago
ww mains coming out
andres muñoz
'andres muñoz' 2 days ago
And when UDYr rework? six years whit same!
'GoldThales' 2 days ago
This game have serious problems. They do not care about how people play good. Only about chat restriction + bans. ALready got like 6+ bans for calling noob nooob. Or by wanting repeatedly asking people roles they chooose to play do their job.

Got my 7th ban now. Want to say this game give cancer to all players that scold trolls...
They not even have function to remove chat or use block to never ever meet trolls in same team again.

Whats the poin in game like this then ?

New system for chooose lane waiting get other lane by force change role by autofill.

Game made by utter no brain monkeys that only love no Brain people who not talk in chat at all, or even praise trolls for ruining game...its ok dude you died only 15 times you will get better for sure :D

One more thing Rito...this is cancer system. You obviously not care what players want at all.
Deez Gamez
'Deez Gamez' 2 days ago
guys u cab subscribe to my channel to see gaming vidoes
Deez Gamez
'Deez Gamez' 2 days ago
great video
Diogo Flórido
'Diogo Flórido' 2 days ago
Memes of Teemo, Videos of Teemo, Everything about Teemo Teemo Teemo!
Tan Xun Lin
'Tan Xun Lin' 2 days ago
Moral of the story: Karma's still a fucking bitch
Ikoma The Male Kabaneri
>Good cinematic graphics
>Good voice acting
>Suspense af
>Much more scarier and cool Warwick

but can't balance champions...
Bionic jellyfish
'Bionic jellyfish' 3 days ago
Theme park ride anyone?
'xXTurtleEliteXx' 3 days ago
adc 2k17
Samuel BokBok
'Samuel BokBok' 3 days ago
holy shit that metal shard is OP
it dropped him below 50% hp
GiotaRdr Giota
'GiotaRdr Giota' 3 days ago
when warwick smelled the blood and gave that look oml
Slam Berry
'Slam Berry' 3 days ago
This may be the best short they have ever made.
'jackstone112' 3 days ago
the whole turning into red/lava thing is so inspired by fenrir from smite XD
Dawid Szymon
'Dawid Szymon' 3 days ago
QUESTION TO RIOT: What happen with old look of WW and his skins? I get Warwick classic skin if I have him now?
ZEK 87
'ZEK 87' 3 days ago
oh i would like to see some cind of movie based on lol

that sound good isn't it ?
'Jéla' 3 days ago
Rito pls make movie
Hollie Poole
'Hollie Poole' 3 days ago
everyone go subscribe to mcguiregaminghd he makes awesome gaming videos and much more!!
'Shrooblord' 3 days ago
I LOVE it, this is thrilling to watch, man! Great job, Riot!
GoXR3Plus Studio
'GoXR3Plus Studio' 3 days ago
Make a League of Legends movie . This was very stunning . ;)
'LOLVN FanClub' 3 days ago
How to trigger ppl.exe
'LOLVN FanClub' 3 days ago
i love jayce mains!!
SKT Jatt
'SKT Jatt' 3 days ago
amazing voice acting
Uros Jasovic
'Uros Jasovic' 3 days ago
Is this guy Singed?
Trek Nut
'Trek Nut' 3 days ago
I feel bad for Fleg
Arasi Van pera
'Arasi Van pera' 3 days ago
finalmente la cazzitaggine che ww merita
Yung Nato
'Yung Nato' 3 days ago
check my channel 4 sick jax play
Gadnuk Breaker of Worlds
Ruined WW. Fucking idiots.
Jay Pham
'Jay Pham' 3 days ago
I get so annoyed by the thingy on his back

Zydane Delicana
'Zydane Delicana' 3 days ago
The Guy running is singed😆
Mr Punch
'Mr Punch' 3 days ago
When ww changed his energy kinda green thing in orange, than in red, it reminded me of FC Blood Dragon
Nick M
'Nick M' 3 days ago
What an idiot, why would he fucking touch the sharp metall? Im glad he died, thanks rito :)
Pear - Duelyst Player
Clearly the dude understands if he's bleeding WW gonna fuck him up due to the "Oh No" as soon as he saw the blood SO WHY TF DID HE THINK HEY LEMME GRAB AT THIS SHARP METAL
'EMP' 3 days ago
Should kalista kill other guy??? xd
'Vendetta' 3 days ago
cus i got warwick and i have not got the reworked skills
'Vendetta' 3 days ago
when does this release?
captain radiator
'captain radiator' 3 days ago
Fleg should have not put his hands on the metal
Hayden Hilscher
'Hayden Hilscher' 3 days ago
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