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Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser – League of Legends -
Published: 2 months ago By: League of Legends

By: League of LegendsPublished: 2 months ago

4, 307, 856 views

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In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast.

Kevin Yang
'Kevin Yang' 14 hours ago
Anyone thinks this trailer looks like Zootopia's escape scene? lol. They should rename it to "Zootopia gone wrong“.
Igor José
'Igor José' 15 hours ago
This is fucking terrifying.
'Phoenix' 22 hours ago
goose bumps. goose bumps everywhere.
Вероника Сидорова
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No Sana No life
'No Sana No life' 1 day ago
this is legit scary imagine playing as this person in a horror game
'ArmageddonMusiq' 1 day ago
was dope
Luke Holdom
'Luke Holdom' 2 days ago
Austin Rotari
'Austin Rotari' 2 days ago
they should make one of these for every champion
Torki the Dwarf
'Torki the Dwarf' 2 days ago
I love LoL cinematics.
TheCouch Pals
'TheCouch Pals' 3 days ago
Dude I get chills at how good a cgi web series would be if League made one... One day fam.. one day.
'VaselineYeater' 3 days ago
with all the money league makes... game graphics look like they were drawn out of a pig's ass... look at paragon, heroes of the storm, and smite?????
Favillion Bellarion
did hans zimmer make the audio cue for warwick?
'BlankGer' 3 days ago
do more stuff like this, its amazing
Claudiu Dragan
'Claudiu Dragan' 3 days ago
Ian Sarmiento
'Ian Sarmiento' 3 days ago
this teaches us not to touch sharp things, and also curiosity kills . and oh never get wounded next to a warwick
Larry Byerly
'Larry Byerly' 4 days ago
Hey riot... with this kinda talent. Can you guys make another game or even a full length feature!? This was awesome to watch.
Butt Brothers Gaming
Check out my league of legends video's on my channel. Would mean a lot ^_^!
'OraBakuhatsu14344' 4 days ago
Urgot Rework leaked 0:22
Tacospaceman 416
'Tacospaceman 416' 4 days ago
this is truly terrifying
tutten larsson
'tutten larsson' 4 days ago
The graphics are nothing compared to WoW cinematics tho, and no I'm not a world of warcraft fanboy, I play league but still. Nothing compared to it, just sayin
'haheris' 4 days ago
What a whiny little bitch
Mykhael S
'Mykhael S' 4 days ago
Imagine a match with THAT kind of gameplay and with VR.
'OmegaBlack2609' 4 days ago
At 1:13 I would have done that song by Run the Jewels: Close my Eyes and Count to F**K!
'xPorsum' 5 days ago
Why did this scare me so much... whenever I see him in game im like SCRUB GET REKT
'Xekos629' 5 days ago
does he have paper skin? or did he practically punch the metal when trying to look out of it...
Uhh No
'Uhh No' 5 days ago
Finally, a quality champion that cost 450.
'Tom' 5 days ago
Make a movie already! These are too awesome to be so short!
Mirko Miki
'Mirko Miki' 5 days ago
Can someone say to me what is on back of ww.
Like its that engine or somethin?
ThatOneBlackGuy jones
Report Warwick for soloing
Gabe Newell
'Gabe Newell' 5 days ago
Fun Fact:
The dude that died first is voiced by Warwicks old voice actor.
Kinda cool.
Joshee J
'Joshee J' 5 days ago
who where the other two champions
'AshW343' 5 days ago
Virtual Reality League of Legends 2017 xD
Josh Dracoian
'Josh Dracoian' 6 days ago
The character with the FPS camera view sounds like the Scout from Team Fortress 2, to me.
Chenchipalooza Palooza
Hi im on the 3ds watching utube and all i can see is pixel colors
M-TP Sky
'M-TP Sky' 6 days ago
Zozo Games
'Zozo Games' 1 week ago
1:36 how it feels to chew 5gum?
Kevin Tran
'Kevin Tran' 1 week ago
adc 2k17
Warwick The Uncaged Wrath Of Zaun
I Had High blood
Joshu Salazar
'Joshu Salazar' 1 week ago
Just OMG
Lara W
'Lara W' 1 week ago
wohoo how nice X3
Dub Master
'Dub Master' 1 week ago
do more like this
Dub Master
'Dub Master' 1 week ago
this video wassssssssss awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
need more character trailers like this one
Shadow 007
'Shadow 007' 1 week ago
that. was. awesome.
'The_Magik_Waffle' 1 week ago
since when did lol became nightmare fuel ?
Amir Mohammadi
'Amir Mohammadi' 1 week ago
my name in lol kralsan110 come on to play my frend
Amir Mohammadi
'Amir Mohammadi' 1 week ago
oh my good it's good blood
Get Rekt
'Get Rekt' 1 week ago
this needs to become a horror game
Lan Nguyen
'Lan Nguyen' 1 week ago
1:10 but why tho?
Elijah Andrade
'Elijah Andrade' 1 week ago
i got scared
'IDONT MAINSHAC' 2 weeks ago
'IDONT MAINSHAC' 2 weeks ago
can master yi get a rework
Louis Game
'Louis Game' 2 weeks ago
'cuteshadowKIA' 2 weeks ago
Still waiting for a 60AP item with spellshield, armor, magic penetration, like this stupid AD item you ruined the game with.
Matt Sand
'Matt Sand' 2 weeks ago
This video is so cool!!!!
Jhepoy Dizon
'Jhepoy Dizon' 2 weeks ago
This gives me nightmares
Curtis Bell
'Curtis Bell' 2 weeks ago
this is by far the greatest cinematic trailer I've seen by riot especially the voice acting of the leap like holy god that was blood curdling
'RENE ADORIO' 2 weeks ago
Urgot? Was that Urgot! No wonder he hadn't receive an update for so long. The update got killed XD
Zaksec Gaming
'Zaksec Gaming' 2 weeks ago
LoL horror game/movie with warwick as the antagonist pls
Dragon Ryan
'Dragon Ryan' 2 weeks ago
if overwatch makes a movie before league of legends ima be disappointed
Altin Zenunaj
'Altin Zenunaj' 2 weeks ago
the best more
'DRMIN3R' 2 weeks ago
Fuck League its a sht game
'Derpifier' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else realize the Riot fist logo on the door?
'SchaZa' 2 weeks ago
0:52 Riot logo
Ha Tran
'Ha Tran' 2 weeks ago
TheWingzert VA
'TheWingzert VA' 2 weeks ago
welp shit
Brian sommer, the voice of old ww
got killed by new warwick
nice way for a send off riot
'eurodavidloquendero' 2 weeks ago
new adc
Trương Hoàng Khai
Lol you create Dum-packed few Korean is not it?
Bordi Botond
'Bordi Botond' 2 weeks ago
I know that this is not related to the video but please send someone a link or something because it was stolen the profile of Legend Leagues pls healp
Derek Tingle
'Derek Tingle' 2 weeks ago
people still play this trash?
Arthur Passedouet
'Arthur Passedouet' 3 weeks ago
Like an horror film OMG gg that'x unbelievable
Mickey McCoy
'Mickey McCoy' 3 weeks ago
is the character with the green glowing stuff and the shotgun thing a real character. not warwick, the guy who got the door shut on him and warwick killed first. the on who said "shut up and move" at the beginning .if he is a character in League, what's his name?
'MOHAMMED GHOZALI' 3 weeks ago
Rework wokong pls
'BestofYTChannel' 3 weeks ago
This video has been selected by the channel as one of the best Gaming videos on YouTube and was added to the channel's playlist accordingly. Thanks for sharing.
'Plyta4LT' 3 weeks ago
Dustoe McDust
'Dustoe McDust' 3 weeks ago
the voice acting was superb
'Monroe0110' 3 weeks ago
when you hear that sound of death you know it's time to TP
Alien magikarp
'Alien magikarp' 3 weeks ago
What deal?????
DeadShot&NoobMonster GamingGR
He didnt go and watch ww walk away the elevator started and pushed him...LOGIC
'JoKeRuLaN' 3 weeks ago
TuRKeY <3
'Khangthinh/Galileon' 3 weeks ago
I want Urf back
to the game
james valdez
'james valdez' 3 weeks ago
Great Trailer u can even make an fp League Of Legends :D rate 10/10 nice graphics awesome trailer :D
Open Case
'Open Case' 3 weeks ago
Bullshit! why does this video only have 4 million views? THIS IS FUCKING GREAT AND IT SHOULD HAVE OVER 40 MILL VIEWS!
In Me Angel
'In Me Angel' 3 weeks ago
so scary @3@"
JSP 44
'JSP 44' 3 weeks ago
jajajaja q pendejo el men ese
'CausticEnforcer' 3 weeks ago
Anyone else think that zaunite would actually be a decent graves skin
Gilderoy Feedhard
'Gilderoy Feedhard' 3 weeks ago
Sums up bot lane pretty well.
Sam vs
'Sam vs' 3 weeks ago
Wtf, I just can't get over how awesome this is
'Traxestella1991' 3 weeks ago
That 'Duh Duh' sound when you are at low hp... F*cking jizz myself every time
'Darkrien' 3 weeks ago
The new bioshock looks amazing!!!
'ItsJustRobin' 3 weeks ago
This was the best trailer for a champ ever! It is sooo gooood
'XxGAMERZZ ZZXX' 3 weeks ago
'XxGAMERZZ ZZXX' 3 weeks ago
Mordekaiser should get a rework . like Mordekaiser the darklord plssss.
tricia triotory
'tricia triotory' 3 weeks ago
First League of Legends that I watch with the characters saying some words
'Johny's Magic' 3 weeks ago
Fu Ying Zheng
'Fu Ying Zheng' 3 weeks ago
riot is a group of untrustworthy thieving liars. do not play their game. my account has just been permanently suspended without reason or prior warning and they refuse to give me a refund. do not put any money into this game. they could just randomly ban your account too and refuse to say why or provide a refund.
slovak niga
'slovak niga' 3 weeks ago
who is in first person
'Nocturus' 4 weeks ago
Christ imagine what Cho'gath would be like if he receives a rework cinematic.
Michael Zhou
'Michael Zhou' 4 weeks ago
So this is what minions feel like in league....
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