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Will 2017 be a decisive year for Europe? BBC News -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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The BBC's Chris Morris looks ahead to what will be some of the top European news stories of 2017.

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'mbmj' 1 week ago
I pray for Madam Preaident of Marine Le Pen!
Kristoff Bjorgman
'Kristoff Bjorgman' 1 week ago
Populism, is that what they are calling it in Europe and Britain? We call ourselves the Deplorables in the USA. Both sound pretty epic to me.
Ronni Exsteen
'Ronni Exsteen' 1 week ago
kill the undemocratic eu, greeting from denmark  parasites, leacthes....only mistrust is left, and will last for many years
Blazed and Confused
The EU is a corrupt anti-democratic institution run by bottom feeding maggots.
al bugnfront
'al bugnfront' 2 weeks ago
interesting many major world events come to a head in March/April of 2017........Iran will have inter-continental missiles headed for Israel (according to Iran), the U.N. resolution against Israel for 100% embargo starts then. The "Black List" obama started against Israel .....U.N. 60th. Anniversary.....starts...and it goes on and on..too many to list here! "Armageddon" perhaps...."The Perfect Storm" perhaps...The "rise of the anti-christ"....looks that way! don't forget..Hamas and Hezballah say they will attack Israel for a "final battle" with 10,000 missles....tic tic tic tic tic tic tic tic.....
Tom Sanders
'Tom Sanders' 2 weeks ago
Popularism is nudge nudge wink wink dog-whistle for RACISM

I'm please the EU Projekt is having a hard time - there is no reason at all why free movement of people should be central to an economic union - it is only vital to a social engineering union.

Let's play hard ball with the Euro rich sauce eaters - world trade rules will suit us well enough.
Michael Mariner
'Michael Mariner' 2 weeks ago
Frexit is next..The E.U Idiot's had their chance to listen and change,they were unwilling,Good riddance to this failed experiment.
XtotheZ Xzibit
'XtotheZ Xzibit' 2 weeks ago
Dale H.
'Dale H.' 2 weeks ago
With mass immigration to the EU the EURO will sink over time anyway the EU are a dead duck.
Nathan Warrington
'Nathan Warrington' 2 weeks ago
A great debate is not of the EU falls but when, winning against populism won't end it in 2017.

The neglect of politicians will forever give rise to a populist movement that are a voice of the people, hence why they are popular.

So again, I would love to see a video on what year the EU will fall, because if it isn't politicians fighting for nation state democracy. It's the currency, soon to be gone.
'SIXHOTLOADS' 2 weeks ago
Hopefully the far right do well. I wouldn't even call myself a far right individual, but they're the only ones that are promising to defend Europe's culture and provide and embrace the family unit, and ultimately better communities. I'm getting tired of terrorism and a lack of integration. I don't want to live in a Europe where it's riddled with nihilism and race pimping.
'SIXHOTLOADS' 2 weeks ago
Hopefully, I hope the EU dies this year.
Grape Eyes
'Grape Eyes' 2 weeks ago
Brexit brought the EU to its knees,,
If France votes for Le-Pen then the EU will fall flat on the floor.
And finally if Merkel loses in Germany, then the EU would be shot in the head (Israeli style).
Mark christmas
'Mark christmas' 2 weeks ago
the eu is done its going down.
'Daftboy89' 2 weeks ago
Search: Alleged Kidnapping in Chicago broadcast live on Social Media . here on youtube now!!! share this with the world!
Emmanuel Goldstein
'Emmanuel Goldstein' 2 weeks ago
More Pro-EU propaganda and fake news from the anti-BBC. They couldn't resist having a negative snide remark about Trump at the end for good measure. Tossers
'infinitejest' 2 weeks ago
Liberate Europe from the EU!
692 mhw
'692 mhw' 2 weeks ago
The pendulum is swinging the other way, nothing to stop it as politicians are too stupid to see the wood for the trees and address the real problems. It will be too little too late as always.
slinky sack
'slinky sack' 2 weeks ago
European culture is interesting to me 
'leapsplashafrog' 2 weeks ago
Who cares as long as the U.K. Is out of it
Yhwh yhwh
'Yhwh yhwh' 2 weeks ago
We need Frexit and Nexit
Geography Nerd
'Geography Nerd' 2 weeks ago
The far right will win every single election in Europe. They said Brexit wouldn't work, or trump wouldn't win. Now look. Late 2017 will be the end of the EU and open borders. You watch
Makuta Teridax
'Makuta Teridax' 2 weeks ago
I hope to see the EU dissolve by 2025
God of War
'God of War' 2 weeks ago
BBC when are you going to report on that you've been taking bribe money off the eu without declaring it? Yep! You thought you could hide it! But now we know the truth. Hahahaha! You lying piece of shit SCUM!!!
Callum Edwards
'Callum Edwards' 2 weeks ago
More Soapbox
'More Soapbox' 2 weeks ago
Down with the EU - love Europe
'IWashMyOwnBrain' 2 weeks ago
Go Brexit.....
Caroline Izminster
'Caroline Izminster' 2 weeks ago
The Far Right will win EVERY major election in Europe this year. The people of Europe are utterly sick of bloody muslims, and their unlimited immigration into OUR lands.
anton lovell
'anton lovell' 2 weeks ago
The Libtards will threaten everyone with being labeled a Nazi and Europe will be under the iron fist of idiocy once more. Then when the political horizon is all clear, immigration will continue on a scale unimagined creating a tsunami of debt based growth for the Fractal Reserve Banking System, lots of smiling bankers.
Sizano Green
'Sizano Green' 2 weeks ago
And all I wish for is stability...
Chicken Linguini
'Chicken Linguini' 2 weeks ago
Yahoo ct_coet
'Yahoo ct_coet' 2 weeks ago
When it comes to France. I am full feminist! I AM WITH HER! #IAmWithHer
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