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DJ Paul ft. Yelawolf & Jon Connor "Get Away" [Official Video] -
Published: 1 month ago By: DJ Paul KOM TV

By: DJ Paul KOM TVPublished: 1 month ago

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DJ Paul teams with Yelawolf and Jon Connor in the official visual for "Get Away" from DJ Paul's Year of the Six project. Directed by Edward Crowe and David Hulbert.

Get YOTS Pt. 1 here:
Get YOTS Pt. 2 here:

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shivu magar
'shivu magar' 2 hours ago
Wolf killed it
'LUCKEY Luckey' 3 hours ago
magic murphy
Zul Fucker
'Zul Fucker' 1 day ago
the amount of the "get the fuck away from me ho" turned me off from this song 😏
none of the above matters
miss ole 36 mafia nigga seems the juice man got dollars in his eyes these days hell a nigga gotta wonder if he went to lord or koop funeral wonder how pat feels bout dat shit these days
Gabba Oitosete
'Gabba Oitosete' 2 days ago
is yela smoking meth??
Jake Gaudet
'Jake Gaudet' 2 days ago
Yela is really starting to go off the rails. Hope he's alright
Tina Noel
'Tina Noel' 2 days ago
Yelawolf Verse 😍
Ishmael Barre
'Ishmael Barre' 2 days ago
I don't get it why slim jesus playin with dirt and why is the pimp rapping and why is the real rapper at a grave yard is everything okay....I'm sooooo confused
Mohammed Gulfraz
'Mohammed Gulfraz' 2 days ago
Yela went in Haaaaard! looking forward to his next Album.
Phil McCrevis
'Phil McCrevis' 3 days ago
How many times can I rewind yelawolfs part though?
Snoopy Morris
'Snoopy Morris' 3 days ago
to my x fuck you hoe sick dick like a bitch
Michael Ornelas
'Michael Ornelas' 3 days ago
Jon Connor always kills the track
'Booge' 3 days ago
the hook sucks balls lol. they should have to him to gtfah
Donnell Powell
'Donnell Powell' 3 days ago
Long Live Yelawolf that boy bad 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Erobis Gaming
'Erobis Gaming' 3 days ago
why this shit so faded on their voices man...
Sebastian Sioła
'Sebastian Sioła' 3 days ago
Trey Diddy
'Trey Diddy' 3 days ago
This song bodies everything out right now!!!!!
eric beebe
'eric beebe' 3 days ago
does yela have a 3rd eye piercing?
J3st3r Na
'J3st3r Na' 3 days ago
Everyone saying yela looks bad he looks sick well I mean the guy did lose his best friend and he was hospitalized
Beat is fire yela is i dont know he dope but he aint there yet paul, bring back that evil crunk dark shit bruh smh lol
'Angelgurl1455' 4 days ago
yela!!!!!!! hellll yesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sexy AF!!!!!
'215hydra' 4 days ago
Yelawolf may not be as big as he was, but he's still fire as fuck. Always has a spot for one of my favorite rappers
Outer God
'Outer God' 4 days ago
This beat crazy
Stefan Stradowski
'Stefan Stradowski' 4 days ago
Yela has never looked cooler
Akeem Brown
'Akeem Brown' 4 days ago
Damn this track fire!!!! Love the sample of "Take me to church"
Dennis Harvey
'Dennis Harvey' 4 days ago
'Potent' 4 days ago
i think yela gave in and sold his soul :/
Darius Hodges
'Darius Hodges' 4 days ago
dj keep going KOM
Darius Hodges
'Darius Hodges' 4 days ago
fake Jesus Christ respect to dr. Dre all hail best producer of all time but my man from Memphis Tennessee DJ Paul is in the top 5 he needs no help and he has something that dr. Dre doesn't have it's call Oscar
Darius Hodges
'Darius Hodges' 4 days ago
respect to Pimp C but get the f*** away from me hoe came from DJ Paul and new song produced by the real king of Memphis one of the best of all times DJ Paul
Tyler Browder
'Tyler Browder' 4 days ago
Shit goes hard AF. killed it!
Deemz The Mage
'Deemz The Mage' 4 days ago
oh shit, jon connor!
Nick Washington
'Nick Washington' 4 days ago
just in case nobody noticed John Connor, from Terminator films, they filmed a scene in that mortuary. fun fact
Mik Coffin
'Mik Coffin' 4 days ago
DJ Paul be wearing an old lady's church outfit.
Zaid Ali
'Zaid Ali' 4 days ago
Just pack 2 grams in the new twisty glass blunt and enjoy
Aaron Clemons
'Aaron Clemons' 4 days ago
Need this version....where?
Ron Don
'Ron Don' 4 days ago
'ToxicRemax' 4 days ago
hook kinda annoying but verses fire af
Sukari Williams
'Sukari Williams' 4 days ago
Where tf Jon Connor been? Lyrically he was the most promising of the XXL 2014 class. I thought he'd be running shit by now
'SeanMicsgotBeats' 4 days ago
This go Hard!!!
'MRMTHRFCKR' 5 days ago
about death or fame song?
Steve Bhikh
'Steve Bhikh' 5 days ago
am I the only one who got hyped when I saw Jon Connor?
'MrContractferal' 5 days ago
fuck, yela can rap. love his stuff where he spits straight bars like that.
'musicismylife23' 5 days ago
I wanted to like this song but it's absolutely terrible...the hook is so dumb and no effort was put into it....
'joshypoo79' 5 days ago
Will Etto
'Will Etto' 5 days ago
yela killed it. but that hook made no sense, didnt belong
'BurningTirez' 5 days ago
get da fuggaway get the fuggaway get the fuggaway from meh hoe savageeee
mecas ruins
'mecas ruins' 5 days ago
mwa just know a majority of these fans youve mad realisticly care more bout you then themselves and most of there family just know youre not alone keep pouring your heart out threw music and we will always be here to listen-slumerica
Presbýteros Payola
jon connor finally on. he earned this the boy has been doing it. extra nice
Jay Brown
'Jay Brown' 5 days ago
3 mother fucking 6
well yelawolfs part is good...
Mista Beatz
'Mista Beatz' 5 days ago
'Cali' 5 days ago
DJ Paul always brings the ol Yela out
Brian McElroy
'Brian McElroy' 6 days ago
idk about this song, it seems kinda shitty.
Dustin Pelletier
'Dustin Pelletier' 6 days ago
yelawolf took over this song. one of his best features.
lavelle smith
'lavelle smith' 6 days ago
this is dope as hell
Kole Clark
'Kole Clark' 6 days ago
good shit #team Trump
Aton Studio
'Aton Studio' 6 days ago
love !
Jake Widen
'Jake Widen' 6 days ago
yelawolf is back
Jake Widen
'Jake Widen' 6 days ago
him and caskey should do more music
ed core
'ed core' 7 days ago
some lezzy shit y'all can have it
Clifford “mr exclusive” Sithole
yelawolfs tattoos are disgusting
Ryan Kesler
'Ryan Kesler' 7 days ago
Can some one make me an mp3 of just yela'a verse?? please!!!
Saiyann Smith
'Saiyann Smith' 1 week ago
i love this song😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😎😘😘😘😍😍😘😌😌😌😌😺😺
dodi bones moonfrost
my boi yela
queenpuff 22
'queenpuff 22' 1 week ago
Don-Ke Billinsley
'Don-Ke Billinsley' 1 week ago
yelawolf Alabama stand up
Big Lowz
'Big Lowz' 1 week ago
fuckn DJ Paul producing straight classics for decades now
Clifton Brumbaugh
'Clifton Brumbaugh' 1 week ago
classic DJ Paul!! get the fuck away from me hoe!
Kyle Bundy
'Kyle Bundy' 1 week ago
Yelawolf is nasty in this song! His flow is sick!! Love it
The Real Rico Clientele (810)
Jon Connor!
Omkar Desai
'Omkar Desai' 1 week ago
She got a very good tone
Mother must have been a funeral director cause she killin'
Takin' the shovel out and diggin' pot holes with these hot hoes
Leather pants get tight
Booty feelin' on my collar of my good phone
I never bother her to come home
Homie let 'em run around
I got a couple run around
I give a fuck about a love song
I've packin' like a person hit the floor
Back up in the feelin off tour, boy
Bitch I'm unplugged, no cord
Takin' out the trash, chores, chores
I got style that you can't afford
Can't buy so you wanna try, cry my Lord
Gettin' beat up in the seat of a Chevy heater
But winners better believe it cause I drive no Ford
Never mind your boy, friends
This Benz and these ends is a fuckin' toy
I took your hotty out your Maserati
Fuck her in a port-a-potty
Flowin' out the crap in the joint
I'm a born savage
I try to be a good boy but I can't manage
Damn it
I just want a palm, panties and some arm candy
From all over the planet, planet rock
E38 Guy
'E38 Guy' 1 week ago
first guy was dope as hell.. do paul sucks yela killed it..
'AlbaAM' 1 week ago
Omg Yela kill it
leland bailey
'leland bailey' 1 week ago
Damn yelawolf beat it up.
Elijah Sixx
'Elijah Sixx' 1 week ago
Yela's bestfriend dies, and his gf leaves him within a few months of his best friends death. homie hits the bottle hard wants to die wants people to care he turns to the crowd for comfort they boo him he freaks out on stage he ends up "in a psyche ward" then says yelawolf committed suicide and MWA is here to play. he's lost and sad lonely and scared. honestly I hope the MWA spin really gives him the strength to make it to tomorrow because I fear we are going to lose a rising star this year if not. Yela if you ever see this he's always with you and I hope you know die hard fans will always be ready to listen just talk man, fuck the flex this is real life.
The Conspiracy
'The Conspiracy' 1 week ago
if you don't have anything better to do check out my music
'S.oterik' 1 week ago
That hook.. idk
Ian Paluck
'Ian Paluck' 1 week ago
Yela killed that!
Eddie Amaya
'Eddie Amaya' 1 week ago
motherfucker yela is beast!!
Chris Potts
'Chris Potts' 1 week ago
Yella killed that fuckin shit mane!!!!!!!!
'jeffg' 1 week ago
DJ Paul is fucking legendary. Glad to see him throw down with Yela
Tyler powell
'Tyler powell' 1 week ago
💯🔥 SlumSalute for this! shits hard!⚡
'Blunteeezy' 1 week ago
damn wheres yela gonna get a tattoo next? his nose? lol
matt wallace
'matt wallace' 1 week ago
so wolf might be the coolest dirt bag ever
noviomarcus nimma
'noviomarcus nimma' 1 week ago
vanilla on speed
'MyricalLyrical' 1 week ago
Why does Yela hate himself so much? No way you face tat unless you wish you werent you
Michelle Machado
'Michelle Machado' 1 week ago
it came out great!
Kuntry Dela Rosa
'Kuntry Dela Rosa' 1 week ago
dam yella.look terrible, prayin forem
'steven12345678954' 1 week ago
What the hell did yela do to his face the tatts we're enough but all these piercings but im glad his old flows coming back
'PDM RAP' 1 week ago
yelawolf is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ed Negron
'Ed Negron' 1 week ago
yelawolf looks skinny as wiz Khalifa wtf
'BIGTR33TR0N' 1 week ago
yelaWolf Aka MWA flow is unmatched,John Connors flow is powerful and this whole track is heat....I make music as well and post to my channel that's why I'm taking notes from these guys
Sean Rider
'Sean Rider' 1 week ago
that beat though.. fire
Da-mel Melton
'Da-mel Melton' 1 week ago
What is he saying ?
Drake Knight-Graves
i remember seeing this on the jokerrs' IG. he helped film a bit.
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