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DJ Paul ft. Yelawolf & Jon Connor "Get Away" [Official Video] -
Published: 2 months ago By: DJ Paul KOM TV

By: DJ Paul KOM TVPublished: 2 months ago

1, 156, 529 views

18, 023 Likes   450 Dislikes

DJ Paul teams with Yelawolf and Jon Connor in the official visual for "Get Away" from DJ Paul's Year of the Six project. Directed by Edward Crowe and David Hulbert.

Get YOTS Pt. 1 here:
Get YOTS Pt. 2 here:

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Nathan Comeau
'Nathan Comeau' 7 hours ago
yela looks wicked...

Pray for the dude.
Kalyn Graves
'Kalyn Graves' 8 hours ago
that is 👌👌👌👌👌
Ryan Allen
'Ryan Allen' 12 hours ago
DJ Paul is the shit. They need to start playing this on SiriusXM
Alex Gdur
'Alex Gdur' 18 hours ago
Jordan Vialpando
'Jordan Vialpando' 23 hours ago
Yela done lost his mind
Papi Hokage
'Papi Hokage' 2 days ago
The production on this is crazy! I'm fucking with it
Brian Hoffman
'Brian Hoffman' 2 days ago
yela looking bad.
Ryan Kesler
'Ryan Kesler' 2 days ago
I feel like he shouldn't of got a massive forehead tattoo...
'kaosloyal5858' 2 days ago
they killed a good song
Kdd Hgfddf
'Kdd Hgfddf' 2 days ago
zirr grizz
'zirr grizz' 2 days ago
dj paul fucking up a good song with that trash hook
Nick Gwiazdowky
'Nick Gwiazdowky' 2 days ago
why does every rapper get a faux hawk? makes no sense man!!!
Chaos Gaming14
'Chaos Gaming14' 3 days ago
song gets good at 1:55 till 2:40
Kevin Oliver
'Kevin Oliver' 4 days ago
Paul always been #1 DJ since HCP. That sample from Hozier-"Take me to church" doe. When Ghetty Green 2 coming out? 🔥🔥
Joseph Dorman
'Joseph Dorman' 4 days ago
I've been to two mean of these
ry db
'ry db' 4 days ago
dj paul? is a hardcore dj mhmz
Teh Stranger?
'Teh Stranger?' 5 days ago
DJ Paul ruined it with his muttered garbage.
'MyXrayz' 6 days ago
Man thats a fire trio tbh...pure talent.
Panhandle Paranormal
'I try to be a good boy but I cant manage, damnit" wow wow... its not a profound statement till you live it like that.. JUST like that
aneurysm huile de colza
Why the fuck does Yella look like Lee from the Walking Dead video game in the thumbnail?
'LyricalMajesty' 6 days ago
Yela's verse sounds a lot like Eminems style
StealthBoy 420
'StealthBoy 420' 6 days ago
damn this shit yea I don't even have words
TZK Beats
'TZK Beats' 7 days ago
Great track! And at last a track that got the views it deserved! Damn we need to pump this these numbers up.. these are rookie numbers! (meme)
Geoff Blundell
'Geoff Blundell' 1 week ago
yelawolf just "Renegaded" dj Paul like eminem did to jayz.
KySlim 606
'KySlim 606' 1 week ago
Would Bn way Betta if left yelawolf off this song No H8 but I Jus dnt like yelawolf raps at @ll
Zulfy Hus
'Zulfy Hus' 1 week ago
mad verses but I fucking hate the chorus someone make a remix or remove it pls
'SAVE SNIPING HQ' 1 week ago
yela is my fucking dude bro i stg!!
Jamie O
Yelawolf's verse in this is amazing 😍😍
Jesse Williams
'Jesse Williams' 1 week ago
Canada all day!
You rep hard bra

Ontario here all day respect for Merc
peter potts
'peter potts' 1 week ago
i enjoy the hook an yela's verse was sick asf. but overall in my (opinion) this song blows dick. i love yela an slum family till the day i die but this song dont do shit for me
Cory Ford
'Cory Ford' 1 week ago
1000th comment. Slumerican for life, Southern Ohio baby!
Luiz Barajas
'Luiz Barajas' 1 week ago
homie let her run around I gotta couple running around... I gaf about a love song..... anymore! crazy line
'lovlrx' 1 week ago
Herbert Jenkins
'Herbert Jenkins' 1 week ago
1:54 you're welcome
Matthew Tallent
'Matthew Tallent' 1 week ago
press 4
Chritis Ghaza
'Chritis Ghaza' 1 week ago
big upppp
'DDs' 1 week ago
I feel like this is a message for all the baby mommas. "get the fuck away" lol well at least my baby mommas.
'TripMenace' 2 weeks ago
Was not expecting to see Matt Barnes in this video
Nick Smith
'Nick Smith' 2 weeks ago
Jon Connor went savage on this shit.
Vladimir 420
'Vladimir 420' 2 weeks ago
Yela definitely went off. Planet rock.
Johnny Redcorn
'Johnny Redcorn' 2 weeks ago
WTF is this garbage? Lol, wow. What's happening to muoosik these days?
Robert Kraus
'Robert Kraus' 2 weeks ago
Happy Valentine day
Jay Money
'Jay Money' 2 weeks ago
yellow wolf starting to get that meth head look too him
robb dgaf
'robb dgaf' 2 weeks ago
Hell yeah! Feelin it
Mathias Tessmann
'Mathias Tessmann' 2 weeks ago
whats sample? please!
'XxTHE FURORxX' 2 weeks ago
song starts at 1:54 and ends at 2:40
donnie welch
'donnie welch' 2 weeks ago
yela snaps on this hoe. he should have just done 2 verses on this song and john connor do one. That would have made this song way better.
Nino Gotti
'Nino Gotti' 2 weeks ago
this yela guy is a fag
Robert Muniz
'Robert Muniz' 2 weeks ago
Damn is that what Yelawolf is looking like now? He's done lost it. He had/still has potential. I've been following his shit for awhile and he fell far.
Jason Encino
'Jason Encino' 2 weeks ago
DJ Paul been making a coming back!!!! after three six Mafia then came back with Da mafia 6ix and now this !? the come up is real
Kim Raybon
'Kim Raybon' 2 weeks ago
Real fans stand behind him not judge and i for one have much love for Yela aka MWA
'NoThorT' 2 weeks ago
so close to 1 million views come on lads!!!!
Deonte Billups
'Deonte Billups' 2 weeks ago
🔥🔥🔥 plus the sample 💩💩 dj paul and yelawolf
'MustangGTv3' 2 weeks ago
Dope as Hell kicker
Juan Hernandez
'Juan Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
yella looks like a junky
Michael Wilgus
'Michael Wilgus' 2 weeks ago
social media is not a trap. it's called do you got a learning progress. And teaches you more than school would ever taught you. Besides learning Dumass history. Get your game right? y'all waiste your time in homies that used you. And I'm alone better and stronger than ever. Besides fuckin with the croud. I will get awesome pussy in the near future. And you will get fake bitches from the past. hahaha
Mindy Buskov
'Mindy Buskov' 2 weeks ago
fucking love these
Alexander Rizal
'Alexander Rizal' 2 weeks ago
yela wolf!!! jesus christ
'ThatGäryGuy' 3 weeks ago
my only complaint is the vocals are really sqaushed
'blackdragon6' 3 weeks ago
DJ Paul out here looking like Alucard from Helsing 😂😂😂
Diah Ayu Hapsari
'Diah Ayu Hapsari' 3 weeks ago
Yela always the best!!!!
Jason Smith
'Jason Smith' 3 weeks ago
Paul bout to blow up... Again!!!
Wally West
'Wally West' 3 weeks ago
TL;DR : Get the fuck away from me, ho'.
Vernon Sinner
'Vernon Sinner' 3 weeks ago
Real music beautiful mix the lyrics are outstanding take a bow Yelawolf and Jon Connor
'YUNG PIICO' 3 weeks ago
Dope!!! killing them in 2017 🔥🔥🔥
'zzarr' 3 weeks ago
dam yela is looking pretty bad you can tell he's been on a bender of hard drugs his whole dimeaner has changed i hope he comes out of it and goes back to normal sometimes when you take it that far you dont come back. hope he's not perma tweaked. prayers brotha get well.
lattè _SplAsh
'lattè _SplAsh' 3 weeks ago
Yelawolf aka MWA aka "underrated G.O.A.T"
'GetShorty29' 3 weeks ago
Newest Yelawolf record "Before You Leave" on my page. Check it out and subscribe if you enjoy. Keep it SLUM ppl 🤘
Quintin Mcleod
'Quintin Mcleod' 3 weeks ago
Hope your doing ok Yela just looks like your doing rough right now
'CPT SMAKAHO' 3 weeks ago
dont do that repetitive shit man thats soo dead love yela but damn dont fall into that bullshit
infamous Ace
'infamous Ace' 4 weeks ago
yela is fine dude it's how the video was made to be .
Kusanagi 557
'Kusanagi 557' 4 weeks ago
"So step- back- nigga!!!" 1:10
Mateus mfmf
'Mateus mfmf' 4 weeks ago
'Angelic420x' 4 weeks ago
oh my god dj paul on this shit bring it back mother fucker yeahhhh
Owen Smith
'Owen Smith' 4 weeks ago
everybody sleeping on Jon Connor. he's the Tupac/rakim of this generation
James Pennington
'James Pennington' 4 weeks ago
I'm a born savage
try to be a good boy but I can't manage
'TheRounder1980' 4 weeks ago
This song is dope Connor and Yela killed it and Paul killed the hook
Jose Hidalgo
'Jose Hidalgo' 4 weeks ago
'Millantaro' 4 weeks ago
Hayley Game
'Hayley Game's' 4 weeks ago
Good to see yela is doing good still,scared me for a bit there
'MC RHYMES' 4 weeks ago
good to hear Yelawolf actually rapping again.
Lisa Love
'Lisa Love' 4 weeks ago
'WildChickenTV' 4 weeks ago
hello mgk i that you 0_0
Buddy Barlow
'Buddy Barlow' 4 weeks ago
Yelawolf look real bad...his face is so sunk in
'miavdo' 4 weeks ago
Only reason I came was to see Yela the only other plus to this song is Hozier
'Tunez' 4 weeks ago
everytime i see yelawolf he looks older and older.
Christopher Colleen
'Christopher Colleen' 4 weeks ago
No! What the hell is Yella even doing in this video? Half ass... trying to dig a grave ass...just playing around in the dirt the whole time ass...#worsegravediggerever ass... & DJ Paul! What the hell are you doing mixing HOZIER lyrics in this? Could have done without that bull sh*t & what the hell are you even trying to look like? All around bad video... I didn't "thumbs down" it tho.
MrIHadToDoIt614 x
'MrIHadToDoIt614 x' 4 weeks ago
Reinis Maurers
'Reinis Maurers' 4 weeks ago
Keep it up. Good stuff.
pancho V
'pancho V' 4 weeks ago
get the fuck away from me hoes
'JAD_87' 4 weeks ago
sounds like he says bumhole hahaha but he says dumb hoe??
UnderDAWG Music
'UnderDAWG Music' 4 weeks ago
Michael Smith
'Michael Smith' 1 month ago
"One Word" Classic
Sasha Lopez
'Sasha Lopez' 1 month ago
yelaa is the only good part -
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