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DJ Paul ft. Yelawolf & Jon Connor "Get Away" [Official Video] -
Published: 3 months ago By: DJ Paul KOM TV

By: DJ Paul KOM TVPublished: 3 months ago

1, 370, 071 views

20, 365 Likes   552 Dislikes

DJ Paul teams with Yelawolf and Jon Connor in the official visual for "Get Away" from DJ Paul's Year of the Six project. Directed by Edward Crowe and David Hulbert.

Get YOTS Pt. 1 here:
Get YOTS Pt. 2 here:

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Jim McArdle
'Jim McArdle' 9 hours ago
Get the fuck away from me hoe!
Luis Fernandez
'Luis Fernandez' 9 hours ago
oh the different points of view in this song are mind blowing!!#
Красимир Вълчев
'coopdawg1525' 2 days ago
Jon Conner hooked up with my favorite rapper Yelawolf and one of the greatest producers of all time? Good God is the world finally ending? anyways...this shit is too fuckin fire haha!!!!
'Mercymanful' 3 days ago
I was trrrying exlpode a cave this year dddont ddo this ?
'Mercymanful' 3 days ago
Do u wona me to come ?
'Mercymanful' 3 days ago
Dont dare me to come in to the core wwhohaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
'Mercymanful' 3 days ago
'koshcon' 5 days ago
yelawolf on that mgk diet
'phraze' 5 days ago
Who is the hot girl with the tattoo's?
Jay T
'Jay T' 6 days ago
Jon Connor need to be on more tracks. He's underated.
'sickoizm' 6 days ago
This is the real
Fábrica de Arte
'Fábrica de Arte' 7 days ago
Yela is Back!
Billy Carpenter
'Billy Carpenter' 7 days ago
kendrick plus ra the rugged man- who ever the fiirst artist was sound IMO
Ez Lee
'Ez Lee' 1 week ago
rap has died..
Ted Forkey
'Ted Forkey' 1 week ago
great mix. was kicking
Bat Man
'Bat Man' 1 week ago
the Yela I love. Fantastic.
Griffin Stacy
'Griffin Stacy' 1 week ago
Yela.. 1:47 ..goin in'.
Trouble Ship
'Trouble Ship' 1 week ago
3 piece... most won't get it
Hugo ten Dam
'Hugo ten Dam' 1 week ago
I don't like this kind of style that much (sounds like some ignorant rap). Respect for connor and yelawolf though
'KrayzieBeatz' 2 weeks ago
Dj Paul always goes hard my last 2 beats were inspired by him check em out Dj Paul Type beat on my page 🔥🔥
'DJAZAlwayz' 2 weeks ago
Holly shit bringing back that underground vol 16 !!!
Matt  Law
'Matt Law' 2 weeks ago
yelawolf killed it and so did dj paul
Jordan Roll
'Jordan Roll' 2 weeks ago
DJ Paul signing to Slumerican was such a good moment, Yela & him are going to make some great music together just like this song!
lenny hughes
'lenny hughes' 2 weeks ago
Who's verse was first
Nathan Tugend
'Nathan Tugend' 2 weeks ago
get off that Ice yelawolf. not like youll ever see this but if you ever did drop the shit ive. been In your shoes
Reid Young
'Reid Young' 2 weeks ago
Yelawolf killed shit as usual
Meg Scott
'Meg Scott' 2 weeks ago
Yela is my absolute fave but this doesn't do him justice. Love you Yela and you're in my prayers. Gotta stay away from those crazy hos!
Gerald Harris
'Gerald Harris' 2 weeks ago
Lol guys 1.) It's just makeup on yela's face. That combined with the low lighting in the scene does effect the way his complexion looks.

2.) Yelawolf has always been skinny AF lol people fluctuate weight all the time especially when you consider the active lifestyle. (Whether or not drugs are involved)

3.) He's lyrically effing this track in its rectum, so he's still mentally adept.

Sidenote: He's not a Satanist. It's just cool to be dark in rap culture. Always has been.
Cassie McLennan
'Cassie McLennan' 2 weeks ago
the verses are tight but the hook sucks
'Rick' 2 weeks ago
1:48 piano off beat
Mohit Rawat
'Mohit Rawat' 2 weeks ago
Nobody talking about connor he is 🎆
Jacqueline Pavloff
'Jacqueline Pavloff' 3 weeks ago
MY # fuckin 1 jam right now holy shit... repeat all dayum day Yela killin itttt! ⚡️⚡️
Rahmat Jusri
'Rahmat Jusri' 3 weeks ago
Fuck happened to yela? He look fucked up
'Concept' 3 weeks ago
Jon Connor is so slept on. This shit is 🔥
Ozzy Ozz
'Ozzy Ozz' 3 weeks ago
DJ Paul shouldve went in first nobody watches full videos anymore attention spans are horrible.
New Music Revolution
Them boys at Aftermath need to quit with the hold up and drop a damn single for JC's Vehicle City. Going on 3 years since this man released any new original music. Ridiculous.
Lane Wyman
'Lane Wyman' 3 weeks ago
get away feat shawdy fatt is so much better imo.
'Ducky1521' 3 weeks ago
Who's the guy in the beginning? Sounds just like every other mainstream rapper. Bad pronunciation, vocabulary, and uses nigga every 2 seconds to try to make his verse longer.
Timothy Edwards
'Timothy Edwards' 3 weeks ago
A dis s**t! go n hard as fuck yo yes sir
'p0th0lessuck' 3 weeks ago
I like the country style stuff Yela does, but im a gritty hip hop fan first, and THIS. THIS is the Yela that I crave. This is that ruthless yelawolf that goes so hard.
Marco Valente
'Marco Valente' 3 weeks ago
kingsssss do sommmmm
Marco Valente
'Marco Valente' 3 weeks ago
gande som continuem ta la de flow
Josh Darlea
'Josh Darlea' 3 weeks ago
im sorry but DJ paul reminds me of Dr Teeth jumping around lmfaooooo
Mario Reyes
'Mario Reyes' 3 weeks ago
Egzon P.
'Egzon P.' 3 weeks ago
Yela goes hard as a mf #Legend
Brandon Mahler
'Brandon Mahler' 3 weeks ago
Yelawolf is straight savage,he killed this track
Ross Oman
'Ross Oman' 3 weeks ago
mother must've been a funeral director lol
pamela polhamus
'pamela polhamus' 3 weeks ago
Holly Miller
'Holly Miller' 3 weeks ago
Jade David
'Jade David' 3 weeks ago
Yela needs to put the blow down. He looks like shiy
'LyricalMajesty' 3 weeks ago
Yelawolf's verse was way too short.
Daniel Moreno
'Daniel Moreno' 4 weeks ago
mwa flow is crazy, replayed his verse 10x
J D!v!s!on
'J D!v!s!on' 4 weeks ago
Yela talking about Fefe right here
Nathan Comeau
'Nathan Comeau' 4 weeks ago
yela looks wicked...

Pray for the dude.
Kalyn Graves
'Kalyn Graves' 4 weeks ago
that is 👌👌👌👌👌
Ryan Allen
'Ryan Allen' 4 weeks ago
DJ Paul is the shit. They need to start playing this on SiriusXM
Alex Gdur
'Alex Gdur' 4 weeks ago
Jordan Vialpando
'Jordan Vialpando' 4 weeks ago
Yela done lost his mind
Papi Hokage
'Papi Hokage' 4 weeks ago
The production on this is crazy! I'm fucking with it
Brian Hoffman
'Brian Hoffman' 4 weeks ago
yela looking bad.
Ryan Kesler
'Ryan Kesler' 4 weeks ago
I feel like he shouldn't of got a massive forehead tattoo...
'kaosloyal5858' 4 weeks ago
they killed a good song
Kdd Hgfddf
'Kdd Hgfddf' 4 weeks ago
zirr grizz
'zirr grizz' 4 weeks ago
dj paul fucking up a good song with that trash hook
Nick Gwiazdowky
'Nick Gwiazdowky' 4 weeks ago
why does every rapper get a faux hawk? makes no sense man!!!
Chaos Gaming14
'Chaos Gaming14' 4 weeks ago
song gets good at 1:55 till 2:40
Joseph Dorman
'Joseph Dorman' 4 weeks ago
I've been to two mean of these
ry db
'ry db' 4 weeks ago
dj paul? is a hardcore dj mhmz
Teh Stranger?
'Teh Stranger?' 1 month ago
DJ Paul ruined it with his muttered garbage.
'MyXrayz' 1 month ago
Man thats a fire trio tbh...pure talent.
Panhandle Paranormal
'I try to be a good boy but I cant manage, damnit" wow wow... its not a profound statement till you live it like that.. JUST like that
aneurysm huile de colza
Why the fuck does Yella look like Lee from the Walking Dead video game in the thumbnail?
StealthBoy 420
'StealthBoy 420' 1 month ago
damn this shit yea I don't even have words
TZK Beats
'TZK Beats' 1 month ago
Great track! And at last a track that got the views it deserved! Damn we need to pump this these numbers up.. these are rookie numbers! (meme)
Geoff Blundell
'Geoff Blundell' 1 month ago
yelawolf just "Renegaded" dj Paul like eminem did to jayz.
KySlim 606
'KySlim 606' 1 month ago
Would Bn way Betta if left yelawolf off this song No H8 but I Jus dnt like yelawolf raps at @ll
Hey iThinkUrFat
'Hey iThinkUrFat' 1 month ago
mad verses but I fucking hate the chorus someone make a remix or remove it pls
'SAVE SNIPING HQ' 1 month ago
yela is my fucking dude bro i stg!!
Jamie O
Yelawolf's verse in this is amazing 😍😍
Jesse Williams
'Jesse Williams' 1 month ago
Canada all day!
You rep hard bra

Ontario here all day respect for Merc
peter potts
'peter potts' 1 month ago
i enjoy the hook an yela's verse was sick asf. but overall in my (opinion) this song blows dick. i love yela an slum family till the day i die but this song dont do shit for me
Cory Ford
'Cory Ford' 1 month ago
1000th comment. Slumerican for life, Southern Ohio baby!
Luiz Barajas
'Luiz Barajas' 1 month ago
homie let her run around I gotta couple running around... I gaf about a love song..... anymore! crazy line
'lovlrx' 1 month ago
Herbert Jenkins
'Herbert Jenkins' 1 month ago
1:54 you're welcome
Matthew Tallent
'Matthew Tallent' 1 month ago
press 4
Chritis Ghaza
'Chritis Ghaza' 1 month ago
big upppp
'DDs' 1 month ago
I feel like this is a message for all the baby mommas. "get the fuck away" lol well at least my baby mommas.
'TripMenace' 1 month ago
Was not expecting to see Matt Barnes in this video
Nick Smith
'Nick Smith' 1 month ago
Jon Connor went savage on this shit.
Vladimir 420
'Vladimir 420' 1 month ago
Yela definitely went off. Planet rock.
Johnny Redcorn
'Johnny Redcorn' 1 month ago
WTF is this garbage? Lol, wow. What's happening to muoosik these days?
Robert Kraus
'Robert Kraus' 1 month ago
Happy Valentine day
Jay Money
'Jay Money' 1 month ago
yellow wolf starting to get that meth head look too him
robb dgaf
'robb dgaf' 1 month ago
Hell yeah! Feelin it
Mathias Tessmann
'Mathias Tessmann' 1 month ago
whats sample? please!
'XxTHE FURORxX' 1 month ago
song starts at 1:54 and ends at 2:40
donnie welch
'donnie welch' 1 month ago
yela snaps on this hoe. he should have just done 2 verses on this song and john connor do one. That would have made this song way better.
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