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U Name it Challenge Vine & Instagram Compilation 2016 #UNameItChallenge -
Published: 5 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 5 months ago

243, 783 views

4, 391 Likes   189 Dislikes

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lashawn mcfarland
'lashawn mcfarland' 4 weeks ago
the king bach one was lit
Aaleyah Fuller
'Aaleyah Fuller' 1 month ago
Destorms made me hungry
'DWareFamily' 1 month ago
Winnie the pooh is on FIRE!!!!
'DWareFamily' 1 month ago
the funny part starts at 1:58
Nicholas Chamber s
'Nicholas Chamber s' 1 month ago
Nicholas Chamber s
'Nicholas Chamber s' 1 month ago
Ethan Dixon
'Ethan Dixon' 1 month ago
Princeton Alexander
'Princeton Alexander' 2 months ago
I love it so much!!!!!!
'TomoCooking' 2 months ago
the first one was funny to me
the king1235
'the king1235' 2 months ago
1.11-1.35 tho
myeshia Emery
'myeshia Emery' 2 months ago
kingbach one
myeshia Emery
'myeshia Emery' 2 months ago
this is funny
Islam Yous
'Islam Yous' 2 months ago
second is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Makaila Adkins
'Makaila Adkins' 3 months ago
cool beast
'cool beast' 3 months ago
4th Harmony _ SummerRainbow130
2:37 Me and My Friends At School 😂😂😂
4th Harmony _ SummerRainbow130
1:47 At first I was like "Just stop" and then when he moved his arms and hips fast ( Idk whats that called, if you know what its called pls tell me, it was the last move the boy in the grey did ) I was like YEEAAA!!
j awesome litt
'j awesome litt' 3 months ago
when someone says what's for dinner
xx SMG xx Soft Apple xx
King Kamui
'King Kamui' 3 months ago
What is that version called when the guy starts rapping at 1:09
Charli Claxton
'Charli Claxton' 3 months ago
1:26 why he sound like krayzie bone🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alejandro Öwęņś
'Alejandro Öwęņś' 3 months ago
5:27 why dafuq am I laughing at that one?😂😂😂
Devin Trower
'Devin Trower' 3 months ago
i want some chicken wings
Green Sparrow
'Green Sparrow' 3 months ago
be honest now, how many times did you replay destorm's fire verse😂😂
Green Sparrow
'Green Sparrow' 3 months ago
that rap that destorm did, plz tell me it's real
Prince White
'Prince White' 3 months ago
Houston Texans17
'Houston Texans17' 3 months ago
That white boy needs to go away he can't dance I'm so done
Lazizi Joseph
'Lazizi Joseph' 3 months ago
this kid suck at dausin
Benzi Noel
'Benzi Noel' 3 months ago
it's weird that it's from a pastor
goodcook gaming
'goodcook gaming' 4 months ago
destorm's was the best one😂👏👏❤👌👌
Maddy J
'Maddy J' 4 months ago
the second video was it asf
Rj Cruz
'Rj Cruz' 4 months ago
I like that last one
Craig Dah Boss
'Craig Dah Boss' 4 months ago
destorm was lit 🔥🔥🔥
Shae Porcher
'Shae Porcher' 4 months ago
l love this
JJnasty Gaming
'JJnasty Gaming' 4 months ago
the third was dumb
Spaz Denir0
'Spaz Denir0' 4 months ago
these are funny
Jeremy Tyler
'Jeremy Tyler' 4 months ago
I love this video so much and want to like this video
Norma Isreal
'Norma Isreal' 4 months ago
Aldhany Riupassa
'Aldhany Riupassa' 4 months ago
the rap one was lit
Master Tinklez
'Master Tinklez' 4 months ago
When the dog was barking he totally stopped at the part where it said dogs. He be like: THOSE ARE MY BROTHERS!!
gamingwithcaleb minecraft tips and more
lol that white kid well I'm white too so
Alvin Antwi asumany
'Alvin Antwi asumany' 4 months ago
0:56 is on fire m8
Devin Trower
'Devin Trower' 4 months ago
that beat tho turn up 😗😗
karina mason
'karina mason' 4 months ago
king bach is the badest in this vid
Tobias Banks
'Tobias Banks' 4 months ago
2:14 white boy is lit🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hnic_Replayz I
'Hnic_Replayz I' 4 months ago
I like the I like the part when it was fake Fightin and then hit the folks
Ife Ouma
'Ife Ouma' 4 months ago
that scared me the killer clown
Nyan Painter
'Nyan Painter' 4 months ago
Mom what you got from the okay.
'X1GHd' 4 months ago
the kng bach one was lit af
Zac Evans Sr.
'Zac Evans Sr.' 4 months ago
Jack Val
'Jack Val' 4 months ago
white boy messed it up
Gabriel Davenigno
'Gabriel Davenigno' 4 months ago
King Bach was good
steveisthebest 1234
'steveisthebest 1234' 4 months ago
destorm killed that shit
Angel Bautista
'Angel Bautista' 4 months ago
at 7:16 they had to clean up all the trash
Debra James
'Debra James' 4 months ago
DC Part THOOOOOOOOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😂😂😂😂😂
Roman Reigns
'Roman Reigns' 4 months ago
King Bach lit
'MONKEY SAVAGE' 4 months ago
dcyoungfly got bars
Deborah Lowe
'Deborah Lowe' 4 months ago
u cute and funny
'CBO27' 5 months ago
vine are so long now
Roselyn Valverde
'Roselyn Valverde' 5 months ago
King Bach when church lit was lmao like so lit and funny
ludivine quammie
'ludivine quammie' 5 months ago
remson destorm bach and tonio kill this !!!!!!!! :")
Jack Franzen
'Jack Franzen' 5 months ago
destorm got some BARS
jf the king
'jf the king' 5 months ago
on 1:04 is good nice
Janiva Mellor
'Janiva Mellor' 5 months ago
did you know she is going to sue everybody who does the u name it
leiner vasquez
'leiner vasquez' 5 months ago
hey guys , i actuallt made a dance video about this....and failed😂but if i could get at least ONE like that would be amazing so if some of yoh could llease check lut my channel
2K Dribble Gawd
'2K Dribble Gawd' 5 months ago
Dad wat did I tell u about doing challenges
Cougra Cougar
'Cougra Cougar' 5 months ago
white people can't do the popular dances can they?
'EMTCrimznModz' 5 months ago
Destorms rap at 1:30 was 🔥🔥
Ahmed Adel
'Ahmed Adel' 5 months ago
2:08 he scarred the shit out of me
'Say' yoni' 5 months ago
yeah put the migos on
aroldo serna
'aroldo serna' 5 months ago
whats the version at 0:47
Myss Jaye
'Myss Jaye' 5 months ago
1st dude wuz funny lol
Abram Garcia
'Abram Garcia' 5 months ago
Wtf did I watch
Elijah Smith
'Elijah Smith' 5 months ago
he killed it
Elijah Smith
'Elijah Smith' 5 months ago
he probably wanted to eat them noddles
David Kriewaldt
'David Kriewaldt' 5 months ago
Wow thats one crazy ass vine 😎
Aquafire Broz
'Aquafire Broz' 5 months ago
1:56 I hate
Jhoan2 Martinez
'Jhoan2 Martinez' 5 months ago
Dominicano siempre arriba
Jeremy Taylor
'Jeremy Taylor' 5 months ago
that dog killed it I mean literary
Xzavyer Smith
'Xzavyer Smith' 5 months ago
Who didn't like the first one?!?!
jayla star
'jayla star' 5 months ago
#1 kingbach wa da best
Jeremy Taylor
'Jeremy Taylor' 5 months ago
them bars lit
Jeremy Taylor
'Jeremy Taylor' 5 months ago
that was tihgt how he was rappin
Jeremy Taylor
'Jeremy Taylor' 5 months ago
Walter Jackson
'Walter Jackson' 5 months ago
This is easily the best thing i've watched so far, much support to the original song,
Misha Barret
'Misha Barret' 5 months ago
1:17 Lit
Maverick Najera
'Maverick Najera' 5 months ago
0:56 is lit
Flaming Arrows
'Flaming Arrows' 5 months ago
Is the one that Destorm rapped on Spotify by chance 😝😏
Dick Grayson
'Dick Grayson' 5 months ago
Once upon a time in the internet univers. Someone who rap her shopping list is become a legendary meme!
Нитин Раимаджий
tell me the name of that song plz(beans creams potatoes tomatoes
spartacus xx
'spartacus xx' 5 months ago
wtf? the dog raps so damn good, im dead. 😂
Jacques JJVR
'Jacques JJVR' 5 months ago
0:56 song plz
SliMeY i
'SliMeY i' 5 months ago
1:46 so funny😂😂😂😂😂
'ZeCAMMO' 5 months ago
The last one doe
Houston Texans17
'Houston Texans17' 5 months ago
That white bot needs to stop
Samuel Hernandez
'Samuel Hernandez' 5 months ago
Tak Machiri
'Tak Machiri' 5 months ago
2:51 that one really Christian/catholic person in your church that is always overcome by the LORD and collapses lmao
Aidan White
'Aidan White' 5 months ago
What's is that song called
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