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DJ Snake - The Half ft. Jeremih, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: DJSnakeVEVO

By: DJSnakeVEVOPublished: 3 weeks ago

9, 324, 059 views

198, 934 Likes   6, 185 Dislikes

Directed by Director X
Produced by DJ Snake & Steve Goncalves
Concept by Steve Goncalves & Daouda Leonard
Light Installation: Hoshi by Nonotak Studio
Programming by Nonotak Studio

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Music video by DJ Snake performing The Half. (C) 2016 DJ Snake Music under exclusive license to Interscope Records

Nonotak Studio:

не обычный Tv
'не обычный Tv' 41 minutes ago
Hd isa
Subham Sarkar
'Subham Sarkar' 7 hours ago
nice1 its a party type one I love it
'chris' 9 hours ago
garbage rap. please Tupac have mercy on these crap rappers.
Gopeswar Namasudra
'Gopeswar Namasudra' 9 hours ago
no thugger
Randomness Ivan
'Randomness Ivan' 9 hours ago
Why young thug got a ballistic jacket on
Dede Assidiqi
'Dede Assidiqi' 13 hours ago
'tere' 13 hours ago
I do not like
Camden Barker
'Camden Barker' 14 hours ago
I love this song
jovan despot
'jovan despot' 17 hours ago
Can anyone tell me what does he say at 1:41 cuz it sounds like "oh my god" in my lenguage
'O'6 On The Track' 18 hours ago
damn the "auh auh auhau auh, auh auh " 😂😂😂
ankit dhiman
'ankit dhiman' 19 hours ago
fuck uppp... awesome snake
Felipe Rodrigues
'Felipe Rodrigues' 20 hours ago
Gilxhon Hima
'Gilxhon Hima' 21 hours ago
this music is so fucking good
Rei Lion
'Rei Lion' 21 hours ago
This song is annoying. Nothing but some rhyming words and a shitty repetitive beat.
Fatlum Beraj
'Fatlum Beraj' 21 hours ago
Maťka Adamcova
'Maťka Adamcova' 22 hours ago
Zdt Zdt
'Zdt Zdt' 23 hours ago
Підпишись на канал))))
Ogip Rikardo B
'Ogip Rikardo B' 23 hours ago
Not bad
'Yugi789_' 23 hours ago
Le mix qu'il Nous a Fait Du Snake Putain
love it
Lamar Waldo Weldon
'Lamar Waldo Weldon' 24 hours ago
Up early getting my mind right with DJ Snake jammin
'원종욱' 1 day ago
that rewind now reminds me youtube rewind XD
StoneD Kibao
'StoneD Kibao' 1 day ago
passando pra avisa q a Pain ganhou ontem '-'
Jan Ponocný
'Jan Ponocný' 1 day ago
This is going to be hit, boys :)
Wad GamesHD
'Wad GamesHD' 1 day ago
who's watching this in 22 January 😂
Fløboss Jr (Killua.)
Les Dj Fr C'est les meilleurs on vous bz tous👊💪
Enes Pozukcu
'Enes Pozukcu' 1 day ago
wayy aq güzel olmuş
'Kacem' 1 day ago
Same hot beat in every fucking music
Eva Manabat
'Eva Manabat' 1 day ago
❤ this song
Daniel Hagen
'Daniel Hagen' 2 days ago
Interesting....sounds like he stole the lyric from the hook of "Go Off" from Thizznick
Dough Boy
'Dough Boy' 2 days ago
listen to young thug webbie. same flow
'pañuelogameplay!' 2 days ago
If you like this music subscribe to my channel
'it's. Jeffrey' 2 days ago
I like youngthug 👍👍👍
KingsammyofficialVEVO •
Young Thug The Best 🔥😁
Hermosa musica :'3
'lil_savage' 2 days ago
love ur bass drops,it's sick
'FakeDant' 2 days ago
visualisaciones,descargas y pocos subs y likes... soy el unico que cree que esto es raro
'isoquantcurve' 2 days ago
at the end! !!
Jonaveth Gonzalez
'Jonaveth Gonzalez' 2 days ago
Make the music video of
(Oh Me Oh My) ft. Migos, G4shi & Travis Scott pleasssse
Ulises Loza
'Ulises Loza' 2 days ago
This is the same fucking shit, is the same beat and samples

0% originality
le nhat
'le nhat' 2 days ago
good song and i like it
Chelsea Chick
'Chelsea Chick' 2 days ago
This beat needs Sean Paul
Chibuikem George Frederick Ajulu-Okeke
I think I found my wife
Ramon Montano
'Ramon Montano' 2 days ago
the half is the best
Andre Andalenta
'Andre Andalenta' 2 days ago
Faster 1.25 Very good song
Jade 19708
'Jade 19708' 2 days ago
Which is the one in the gold colour hoodie, the one at the very beginning?
Ik Ram
'Ik Ram' 2 days ago
it is amazing i love it <3
Your LOvE is Fading
DJ snake be all over this B
Jonathan borauh
'Jonathan borauh' 2 days ago
Yo yo awesome
bernard meyerbernardmeyer
je like
'KoimaLechoN' 2 days ago
This sing so live I just had to comment.
ram degrace
'ram degrace' 2 days ago
I Just broke my repeat button
xXGoshoPompataXx Subscribe for more
This is the best song for ever
vishwajeet tanwar
'vishwajeet tanwar' 2 days ago
great beats better than lean on
Gul Khanzada
'Gul Khanzada' 2 days ago
every shit that DJ Snake touched, turned into a hit
Vito Corleone
'Vito Corleone' 2 days ago
Young Thug ! háá
Marieta Dimitrova
'Marieta Dimitrova' 2 days ago
2:46 I'm in love ,DJ Snake is so hot.........
oceane et son monde
J'aime énormément comme toutes tes musiques 😜
Jorge Martinez
'Jorge Martinez' 2 days ago
¿Te gustan las negradas y el electro?
¿te gustaria juntar los dos tipos de musica?
djsnake lo hace posible😉
'FrzyGaming' 2 days ago
Oh look, Young Thug showed up to the video. 💀💀
Habib Ramadhani
'Habib Ramadhani' 2 days ago
apik dj
cadena de Hotspanish brocoli
young thug is the best nigga 😂😕😎😎
Keef 2K (KeefHitemup95)
the drop made my meat beat me
Ziera Watson
'Ziera Watson' 3 days ago
I love this song
Jaana Sikiö
'Jaana Sikiö' 3 days ago
Hari mata hari lejla
Themastermind 90210
Them girls twerking FUCK
HERO Sebastian lugo
Wtf. The videos its all ass
Jesus Piece
'Jesus Piece' 3 days ago
who is the producer of that song Swiizy or Snake ?
deborah osuji
'deborah osuji' 3 days ago
i live for dj snake tunes believe me
Pietro Turcato
'Pietro Turcato' 3 days ago
Look my dab bitch ❤️
Maja & Ajsa
'Maja & Ajsa' 3 days ago
Nice Song!!!This is a Beutiful duet!💖❤💗
KiLL Dragon™
'KiLL Dragon™' 3 days ago
So eu de br aqui ? ;-;
Mr. T
'Mr. T' 3 days ago
that beat..
Thiago Gouveia
'Thiago Gouveia' 3 days ago
Braba...Cade os BRs? Deixa um salv rapeizeee
Cesar Gamer37
'Cesar Gamer37' 3 days ago
awesome :V
Mohamed Zaheen
'Mohamed Zaheen' 3 days ago
Who is listening to this with socks
Mark Tangnian
'Mark Tangnian' 3 days ago
is dj snake nd dj mustard related ????
Nicholas Deifendeife
غلا بنت الحربي
Danny Silva
'Danny Silva' 3 days ago
Entertainment Channel
I upload videos of many singers.... Subscribe me pls
jane lirios
'jane lirios' 3 days ago
'THYTHI' 3 days ago
i love song
Aleksandar Kastratovic
1.25 better :D
brian jiwen jordy
'brian jiwen jordy' 3 days ago
dj snake looking go off go offf great dj snake your songs and your remix i like
Ricardo Costa
'Ricardo Costa' 3 days ago
bitch bitch
Brandon valdez osorio
al putasoooo viejon!! :V
Enrique López
'Enrique López' 3 days ago
Altos Sonidos :3
mayuri Pawar
'mayuri Pawar' 3 days ago
Who is watching comment while seeing song
Jander Maverick Bareng
Esmond Mckoy
'Esmond Mckoy' 3 days ago
You think TSwift listen to this?
Hakuna Matata
'Hakuna Matata' 3 days ago
Like si hablas español & te gusta Dj Serpiente 💚👍🏽
paulo sousa
'paulo sousa' 4 days ago
top music
Antonio wilson Carvalho
steven pierre
'steven pierre' 4 days ago
Spent 2 hours googling this song. Worth it 😂
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