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DJ Snake - The Half ft. Jeremih, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz -
Published: 2 months ago By: DJSnakeVEVO

By: DJSnakeVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

14, 585, 888 views

246, 996 Likes   7, 750 Dislikes

Directed by Director X
Produced by DJ Snake & Steve Goncalves
Concept by Steve Goncalves & Daouda Leonard
Light Installation: Hoshi by Nonotak Studio
Programming by Nonotak Studio

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Music video by DJ Snake performing The Half. (C) 2016 DJ Snake Music under exclusive license to Interscope Records

Nonotak Studio:

Wo83 Fht
'Wo83 Fht' 1 minute ago
Nice music
Regina lomzuali Kc
'Regina lomzuali Kc' 6 minutes ago
i like it😄😄😊😊
mohamed amin
'mohamed amin' 4 hours ago
the drop <3
Jimena Acosta
'Jimena Acosta' 5 hours ago
me encanta DJ snack es lo mejor y sólo participa con los mejores
mansoor TV
'mansoor TV' 11 hours ago
The girls on this video are hot as FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Huntersgaming123' 12 hours ago
That's 😎
Dikky Fajri
'Dikky Fajri' 18 hours ago
'Awesomebhav' 19 hours ago
Multiply the money up not just half of it
'SARTHAK JARUHAR' 21 hours ago
nice 1
Smooth Simmons
'Smooth Simmons' 1 day ago
love this
Minecraft Man the 1st
was this song on the radio?
'CASABLANCA' 1 day ago
Very good music .
'YoungA170' 1 day ago
Hello world! I'm an upcoming music artist can you guys listen to my music and show support thanks.
Ray Tijerina
'Ray Tijerina' 1 day ago
I love when bitches move like dis
Julio Dinis
'Julio Dinis' 1 day ago
before beeing famous
Alyen BG
'Alyen BG' 1 day ago
best 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alyen BG
'Alyen BG' 1 day ago
Nelson Nephew
'Nelson Nephew' 2 days ago
I love what young thug was wearing
sere ne
'sere ne' 2 days ago
Hisarci SN
'Hisarci SN' 2 days ago
veri good music
Aron Mojica
'Aron Mojica' 2 days ago
whos that girl 😍
prashant lahre
'prashant lahre' 2 days ago
awesome song DJ snake
Damn You
'Damn You' 2 days ago
Dew Officer
'Dew Officer' 2 days ago
música top demais
luis david fernandez bido
very good music
INDIA Chanel
'INDIA Chanel' 2 days ago
I love you singer & DJ Snake
the beast mann
'the beast mann' 2 days ago
love it
'ScienceTwist' 2 days ago
very good music. I like shredding odd stuff while listening to this music. it is pumping me.
Jayden Beadle
'Jayden Beadle' 3 days ago
i like how Young Thug rap
Amara Santosh Kumar
just superb
Damifejla Senaj
'Damifejla Senaj' 3 days ago
super :D
Paralelos games
'Paralelos games' 3 days ago
I love this song
Luisito7 moreno
'Luisito7 moreno' 3 days ago
like si Hablas español :v
Javs Rome
'Javs Rome' 3 days ago
DEAM, THAT SONG IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shax H
'Shax H' 3 days ago
Erik Alexander
'Erik Alexander' 3 days ago
DJ Snake simply rulez
Jhonny Soares
'Jhonny Soares' 3 days ago
Henry TheGreatAmerican
More crap with totally paid for view counts. Crappola!!!!
kaustuv sanskrityayan
what is meaning of dj
Alasdair Skelly
'Alasdair Skelly' 4 days ago
Screw little t
Thibo Staneala
'Thibo Staneala' 4 days ago
dj snake making a mix of trap , hiphop , hardstyle and tropical house
FarhnN AhmMd
'FarhnN AhmMd' 4 days ago
Real song starts at 2:18 ....#YoungThugger
Lyne Dupre
'Lyne Dupre' 4 days ago
love dj snake
Adrian Gallegos
'Adrian Gallegos' 4 days ago
let me just say this shitt been fire just tryna announce before the bandwagons come 🔥🔥🔥
Juan Ponce
'Juan Ponce' 4 days ago
This song was so good that my ears lost their virginity
Brick Bazuka
'Brick Bazuka' 4 days ago
Respect from Russia
christian maldonado
good dj
Katherine V
'Katherine V' 4 days ago
'petrogaz' 4 days ago
freak of the week vol.2 both good tho
Edgar 360
'Edgar 360' 4 days ago
mg tu pene
'anabebeLA' 4 days ago
yas snake saw him live all they way from South padre tx
Caio Sheen
'Caio Sheen' 4 days ago
PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Drama's Nation' 5 days ago
hit like if you thinks it is sick <3 <3 DJ Snake
'felinho' 5 days ago
the mathafucking best song
Τολης Δημοσκιδης
good job DJ SNAKE well done
Lecea Sun
'Lecea Sun' 5 days ago
1:43 what if she farted...
Mandakhnaran Ariunchuluun
just for this song i searched like 2 days my only clue was rewind XD
'Hugo TEULIERE' 5 days ago
Le meilleur Dj du monde est Français les amis
Samuel salazar v.
'Samuel salazar v.' 5 days ago
Dale like a esta MONDA!!
Jefferson Silva
'Jefferson Silva' 5 days ago
Rewind now 😉
Shariq Khan
'Shariq Khan' 5 days ago
this is so UnderRated, song is a GEM <3
The Emerald Skull
'The Emerald Skull' 5 days ago
1:26 girl's name?
Anna Butta
'Anna Butta'' 5 days ago
bboy shivam
'bboy shivam' 5 days ago
Best beat I ever heard I love dj snake
Wail Minhal
'Wail Minhal' 5 days ago
Gareth Wall
'Gareth Wall' 5 days ago
terrible 😂😂😂😂😂
Jessica Jimenez
'Jessica Jimenez' 6 days ago
Dj snake is cute asf 💦😍
MishkA Army
'MishkA Army' 6 days ago
this song starts 1:07
'ProBroSquad' 6 days ago
The way u can see the camera in the mirror 😂😂
'Aidl_56' 6 days ago
whos that dancer in the green body suit?
Danel Silva
'Danel Silva' 6 days ago
3:39 There was no such backpack for men???
Пламена Атанасова
😮😮😮яка песен😮😮😮
Avil Roshan
'Avil Roshan' 6 days ago
Young Thug...whyyyyyyyyy🖓
kan I shay
'kan I shay' 6 days ago
rewind now ..... YouTube 2016😂
Fredy Garcia
'Fredy Garcia' 6 days ago
Jhen Orquita
'Jhen Orquita' 6 days ago
i loved the beat 😍 its perfect for me even i play this 10times a day 😅💓
Yah babay
'Yah babay' 6 days ago
dat ass thou? I swear god knows how many times i fought not to jerk off this shit
Eduardo Cruz
'Eduardo Cruz' 6 days ago
Esta ja gran mezcla de hip hop/rap y beats
Roliene Rubillo
'Roliene Rubillo' 6 days ago
'Butterfly-Naly' 6 days ago
🎶❤️❤️love love i like 🎶🔥🔥👌👊👍
Super Estif Gaymer
Denis Cruz
'Denis Cruz' 6 days ago
Christopher Mercado
to beris veris meris
'ArnoldFTW97' 6 days ago
Social Studies
'Social Studies' 6 days ago
Andreiwe smp
'Andreiwe smp' 6 days ago
'FOOD GURU' 6 days ago
can u teach me too make trance DJ SNAKE
ishe sagiya
'ishe sagiya' 7 days ago
l like the song
Larissa Belieber
'Larissa Belieber' 7 days ago
Essa música top 🙏🏻🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍
'Théo RIBANIER' 7 days ago
He critisize guetta for stilling his lean on but this song sounds like pure mustard for me ! you copy too. its all about copying when its about commercial music business
Jefferson ServolO
'Jefferson ServolO' 7 days ago
The video may have been good, but you can not sing it!
Yiğit Işık
'Yiğit Işık' 7 days ago
Song 10/10 ,

Yellow Dancer 10/91239145124142124214 <3 <3
'FK BOI' 7 days ago
catch me outside how bout dat 😎
ainish hylle
'ainish hylle' 7 days ago
best song 😍
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