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HH Prince Fahad al Saud - Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards 2015 -
Published: 2 years ago By: Tribeca

By: TribecaPublished: 2 years ago


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Honoree His Highness Prince Fahad al Saud at the 6th annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards
In this clip, philanthropist and entrepreneur of NA3M games, Prince Fahad Al Saud discusses his dedication to "diversifying the human story, redefining Arab identity, and effectively shaping a brand new future.” When asked what he is most proud of when it comes to NA3M games, Fahad explains how thankful he is that the company gives him the opportunity to communicate new and authentic stories about his region and share them with the global community. Rather than perpetuating the negative stereotype of the Middle East, Fahad seeks to empower people and elevate people’s consciousness about the region, ultimately changing the single story narrative that he believes has “plagued” his region of the past couple years.

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