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Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video] -
Published: 2 months ago By: Sia

By: SiaPublished: 2 months ago

16, 093, 985 views

180, 150 Likes   3, 563 Dislikes

Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:

A Chisel Pixel Production
Directed by Lior Molcho

Producer - Chen Biton
Cinematographer - Danit Sigler

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Oğuzhan Öztürk
'Oğuzhan Öztürk' 22 minutes ago
yalan söylüyor bu pasta tabağı adiler
Fulya Cetin
'Fulya Cetin' 56 minutes ago
muhteşem😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Türkiye
'SpreckleFloss' 3 hours ago
Guddu :(
Domenico Berardi
'Domenico Berardi' 4 hours ago
Domenico Berardi
'Domenico Berardi' 4 hours ago
le film très touchant émouvant, Sia de la bombe!!
'Addiebi' 5 hours ago
This song is lit❤️❤️
Svetlana Aleksieva
'Svetlana Aleksieva' 5 hours ago
Mae Farrow
'Mae Farrow' 5 hours ago
wow it sounds like every single one of sia's songs but with indian influence what a work of genius
mind is like universe
the music is like indian music exactly
Herman Kisila
'Herman Kisila' 8 hours ago
Keep it up Sia' your amazing singer. . Love from Africa
Amine Moudni
'Amine Moudni' 8 hours ago
Strong song as usualy
I ll go to see the movie
Ruhuye Agab
'Ruhuye Agab' 9 hours ago
Çox bəyəndim
'M.K.D.' 9 hours ago
me: sia
sia: yes. how can I help you?
me: see ya!!!!!!!!!!
Fajar Ramadhan
'Fajar Ramadhan' 11 hours ago
_01 sia alive _________€___03 kill em with kidnees ___02 Never give up
Fajar Ramadhan
'Fajar Ramadhan' 11 hours ago
__I LOVERS _jakarta INDONESIA_____2 0 1 8 ______New delhi india , bangladesh , mumbai ,
Fajar Ramadhan
'Fajar Ramadhan' 11 hours ago
__________N E V E R G I V E U P __2017 MARCH_________________
DresMarHs BlacK
'DresMarHs BlacK' 13 hours ago
Hermosa canción Sia, no paro de escucharla ❤ 😉👌
Gaby  Chavez
'Gaby Chavez' 20 hours ago
Sia diva❤❤❤
Sans The Skeleton
'Sans The Skeleton' 20 hours ago
wendell santos
'wendell santos' 20 hours ago
y love sia te good
احلام الوردة
I love you sea ♥
ALIA Bassem
'ALIA Bassem' 22 hours ago
nice 😀😀❤
'raju' 23 hours ago
i think most of the peoples come to listen this song after watching the heart touching movie lion ....
klofisch 2008
'klofisch 2008' 23 hours ago
Very funny: Nobody understands that this song is absolutly the same as Sia's "cheap thrills" .... Nothing else than scam😵 She mustn't earn money with this shit
Name Karin
'Name Karin' 1 day ago
I lovee her 's music 's soooo much,she is really fantastic singer
Miss Alias
'Miss Alias' 1 day ago
Love Sia 😊
Jacob Murdock
'Jacob Murdock' 1 day ago
well now im crying haha -~- bell-*
Arjun M
'Arjun M' 1 day ago
Sounds like Indian remix of "The Greatest" ;) still rockin !!!👌👌👌
anil cr
'anil cr' 1 day ago
Great song...!!
Hoko Hoko
'Hoko Hoko' 1 day ago
i find my way home ohh
laura espina
'laura espina' 1 day ago
Irene balou rendeer
If you see the movie Lion, this song is so much more impressive! Great movie....give you the chills!
Hasan Kadhem
'Hasan Kadhem' 1 day ago
Sia is in my daily routine .I'm addected to her
Pravas Kumar
'Pravas Kumar' 1 day ago
Nice song SIA love from India
Sa Gg
'Sa Gg' 1 day ago
I love her
'Jay' 1 day ago
Does someone know where can I buy that black thing on their faces?
People Smart
'People Smart' 1 day ago
Love both the movie and this song
Germán Vicencio L.
am I the only one listening a volume drop between 1:42 and 1:44 ? its awful
Aishmiina Park
'Aishmiina Park' 1 day ago
Love it!!
'Yk KB' 1 day ago
Here from lion
ladyg melissa
'ladyg melissa' 1 day ago
where is ziegler
Sasha Trejo
'Sasha Trejo' 2 days ago
I pray for all the lost children in the world
Diana Craftix
'Diana Craftix' 2 days ago
привет я русская!
Ceyhun Mavzer
'Ceyhun Mavzer' 2 days ago
Pray for ma nigga Guddu
Renzo Rojas
'Renzo Rojas' 2 days ago
how can she only have 200k subs :(?
U Vs.
'U Vs.' 2 days ago
bollywood type music, wow!
Leyna Paula
'Leyna Paula' 2 days ago
Leyna Paula
'Leyna Paula' 2 days ago
Eduardo Dávila
'Eduardo Dávila' 2 days ago
this could also be her soundtrack to finding dory
Marco Asnowski
'Marco Asnowski' 2 days ago
I don't know better artist than Sia.
Sia is the greatest.
Ahmet Arslan TJK
'Ahmet Arslan TJK' 2 days ago
Menna Mohamed
'Menna Mohamed' 2 days ago
i want some songs to sia
Magali Benitez
'Magali Benitez' 2 days ago
'palmicit' 2 days ago
Great great movie a lot better than la la shit
Ranga Samarasinghe
powerful song,,,
Shritan Srivatsavai
Moosafeer Noorida
'Moosafeer Noorida' 2 days ago
Moosafeer Noorida
'Moosafeer Noorida' 2 days ago
sia's song are the best of best. they are fabulous!
Paulo souza js7900
ipad 4arab
'ipad 4arab' 2 days ago
I cried when I watched the movie; now I'm crying again watching this song.....
Shritan Srivatsavai
awesome movie
'VZJoy' 2 days ago
Looks like this song is combination between Cheap Thrills and The Greatest
Jack de bliksem Msp
THE face omg
I watched the movie it's so good but amazing and sad at the same time.
Jonas Vieira
'Jonas Vieira' 2 days ago
I love Nicole Scherzinger's cover! on the pre Oscar and Airplan.
Shark Attack
'Shark Attack' 3 days ago
Everything Sia does is great. It's amazing.
Mabell Orobio
'Mabell Orobio' 3 days ago
I just watched this movie! amazing Asia!!
Umut Agir
'Umut Agir' 3 days ago
sia 😍
Renato Dias Medeiros
See Nicole Scherzinger`s version performs at The Weinstein Company Pre-Oscar party, is much BETTER THAN sia`s version, although this is a not bad version.
Marcin Ograbek
'Marcin Ograbek' 3 days ago
fanowskie utworki
Marcin Ograbek
'Marcin Ograbek' 3 days ago
sia fajocha utworki
Gautam Kumar
'Gautam Kumar' 3 days ago
LION.. truly deserves an oscar
'GOLEYCİİİ' 3 days ago
dinlemekten sıkılmadığım ender bayancı şarkılardan bir tanesi teşekkürler sia
jazzy junko
'jazzy junko' 3 days ago
Elfy Tours
'Elfy Tours' 3 days ago
one of the greatest movies of all the time!
Hu H
'Hu H' 3 days ago
Was sobbing the last 20 minutes of the movie 😭 and then sias song came on which made me sob even more
Savage Man
'Savage Man' 3 days ago
Watch the movie "Lion" and this song will be a 100 times more powerful to listen to
Funk Yourself
'Funk Yourself' 3 days ago
Whaaaaat?! Usually I hate Sia's music for it's not thekind of music I listen to but this song, maybe because it is from a great movie, is awesome
Rana Alazemi
'Rana Alazemi' 3 days ago
I love sia ❤️❤️
Black Rose
'Black Rose' 3 days ago
Movie and song is 10stars
Paulo souza
'Paulo souza' 3 days ago
musga daora
Grace Chen
'Grace Chen' 3 days ago
it sounds the same as cheap thrills
Anooradha K
'Anooradha K' 3 days ago
just mesmerized..
'Edu' 4 days ago
MASTERPIECE! Somebody have a doubt!? Let's go to 100 million views! <3
This woman is an angel!. Love u so much Sia, thanks for your music.
fredi meneses arguello
I love you, Sia, you're the best
Now i see where edd got inspired for his beat on Shape of you
Dagmara Bogusz
'Dagmara Bogusz' 4 days ago
i like it 👍
kawaii Potato
'kawaii Potato' 4 days ago
I really yang to watch lion now...Netflix doesn't have it...YouTube doesn't have it....DAMNIT
Rooman Sandhu
'Rooman Sandhu' 4 days ago
Sia is a famous and owsome singer unbelieveble performance i only dont understand one thing why se hide her face?😕😕
sara Mastouri
'sara Mastouri' 4 days ago
Ridhwanah Haque
'Ridhwanah Haque' 4 days ago
lion was sad I cried my fave movie is Lion its a true story this was the end scene music of a clip of the real story and people
A. Mustafa
'A. Mustafa' 4 days ago
it's really good
Wendy D
'Wendy D' 4 days ago
i love the song and the movie is amazing!!!
Sunny Islam
'Sunny Islam' 4 days ago
If you have ever been a child, raised a child, lost a child or met a child — or any of the above with respect to a mother — this movie will wreck you.
Luna Yanrikk
'Luna Yanrikk' 4 days ago
Ful dober komad Sia! Pozdrav iz Slovenije 🤗
Rene Barska
'Rene Barska' 4 days ago
Sia have a nice voice!!!
sai bhargav karne
'sai bhargav karne' 4 days ago
That's a Indian music in the background in the beginning
isa Coli coli
'isa Coli coli' 4 days ago
love Sia's songs ..they are so inspiring. Hopefully she will make a world tour soon ...please come to southamerica!!♡
illangon shangiah
'illangon shangiah' 4 days ago
full energetic......!
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