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Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video] -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Sia

By: SiaPublished: 2 weeks ago

6, 342, 297 views

113, 953 Likes   2, 061 Dislikes

Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:

A Chisel Pixel Production
Directed by Lior Molcho

Producer - Chen Biton
Cinematographer - Danit Sigler

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al aa
'al aa' 4 minutes ago
never give up 😍😍
Ghghgh G
'Ghghgh G' 8 minutes ago
2k haters LOL
ms-w al7
'ms-w al7' 8 minutes ago
Some arabic percussion on this song you'll never be us
Varun Datta Punjala
'Varun Datta Punjala' 2 hours ago
Aaron Deans
'Aaron Deans' 4 hours ago
'howdeyfeel' 6 hours ago
Yall need to listen to Indigo Misfit Bronx Tale
Milof F
'Milof F' 6 hours ago
wow Hola Soy mexicano pero eso no significa que que me gusta la banda Claro que no me gusta la banda me gusta puro pop aparte me inspira algunas canciones y soy un gran fan de Sia fan me inspira para cantar me motiva algún día Aprenderé hablar inglés y cantaré como ella Perdón es que a veces me motivó en cada canción y cada canción dice mi nombre en un futuro y en un pasado aunque no existe el futuro ni el pasado sólo es el presente sigan al presente feliz 2017
Tury Varela
'Tury Varela' 6 hours ago
y Maddie Ziegler??💔💔😭😭
'KARINA CASTRO' 7 hours ago
For me sia is better than sia...SIA IS BETTER THAN ADELE SHE'S SO GOOD!
Allan Higoor
'Allan Higoor' 9 hours ago
Who's watching thins on Jan/17 ? 🇧🇷 Sia is one of the best singers actually, 'cause she doesn't make apologies to drugs, violence etc. She teaches good things in her musics' lyrics.
'jody024' 10 hours ago
Sia simply does not know how to make bad music, EVERY track is that good!
Moez Mabrouk
'Moez Mabrouk' 10 hours ago
Venkattesh Waran
'Venkattesh Waran' 10 hours ago
kahin him chappal se na pel de madharchodon ko...
eat everything
'eat everything' 11 hours ago
Pakistani drum musuc
Max Henrichs
'Max Henrichs' 12 hours ago
† ZoDiac †
'† ZoDiac †' 12 hours ago
Non vi arrendete mai, porca puttana!! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Pratibha Kanojia
'Pratibha Kanojia' 12 hours ago
sounds like a great blend of Indian music.
Jana Aly
'Jana Aly' 12 hours ago
I have the hair of Sia but not black face
Xilef Leclerc
'Xilef Leclerc' 14 hours ago
Now over 6 million views
Husna Kuzucu
'Husna Kuzucu' 14 hours ago
ygs için güzel bir şarkı never give up
Jonny Boy
'Jonny Boy' 15 hours ago
2067 Anyone?
Mahbub Sarowar
'Mahbub Sarowar' 16 hours ago
Minedoaa Gamer
'Minedoaa Gamer' 16 hours ago
The best singers that talk about there childhood is sia and malenie
suresh p
'suresh p' 17 hours ago
their are two types of singer's 1 is Sia .2 rest of all
Ayoub Chinwi
'Ayoub Chinwi' 18 hours ago
who is from algeria :D <3
Manal Manal
'Manal Manal' 19 hours ago
Aoshieane Gopali
'Aoshieane Gopali' 19 hours ago
this song really motivated me..
love this song❤❤
Apoorv Tyagi
'Apoorv Tyagi' 19 hours ago
Intro music is indian. because we have dev patel as actor in this movie.
empty happy
'empty happy' 20 hours ago
i have been listening to dynamite by sia few days ago and now this song deleted from YouTube !
maverick james
'maverick james' 20 hours ago
evening next one gonna up do(^_^)b
anna-lena Gr
'anna-lena Gr' 21 hours ago
This is Perfect ❤🙏🏼
miss Ollargiu
'miss Ollargiu' 22 hours ago
😍 never give up
Shila Monmon
'Shila Monmon' 23 hours ago
Sounds a bit Indian but love it
Jøvquín Rõdríguez
since today this is my jam
sefa köseoğlu
'sefa köseoğlu' 23 hours ago
Düziçi nadia
'Düziçi nadia' 1 day ago
çok güzell beatiful
'Qasim' 1 day ago
Sounds a bit like Cheap Thrills. Still a good song though. Also most artists have 2 songs that sound very similar. It isn't something new.
Rae lahage
'Rae lahage' 1 day ago
that was the name of my song)
Roberto Araujo
'Roberto Araujo' 1 day ago
o vídeo foi lançado no aniversário da minha filha
Maya Appel
'Maya Appel' 1 day ago
I watched the movie, so sad I cried especially at the end
'M G' 1 day ago
I'm in love with this song 😍😍❤️
Ciprian Manolea
'Ciprian Manolea' 1 day ago
fuckkkkk illuminati Rockefeller Morgan and Rothschild fuckkkkkkk the moneyy
'SASA LUMAR' 1 day ago
عااشووو عاشوو..ورا ورا ..اسبح اسبح
Mar Munguia
'Mar Munguia' 1 day ago
Amo la musica de Sia, sin violencia, sin desnudos (que lo único que hacen es denigrar a la mujer) únicamente mensajes positivos, ojala existieran verdaderos artistas como ella, con tanto talento que no necesita de escándalos, eso es ser talentoso de verdad!! admirable!!
'KYROGeN' 1 day ago
Lol, just went and saw Lion and sang the song when it played at the end! Everyone around me was do you know the song? :o
Noam Rotstain
'Noam Rotstain' 1 day ago
Wow, does Sia have any bad songs?
Lourdes Carbajal Diestra
Pawantee Suesad
'Pawantee Suesad' 1 day ago
i like song
Lourdes Garibay
'Lourdes Garibay' 1 day ago
who came here after seeing LION?
Anielis Colon
'Anielis Colon' 1 day ago
Is this maddie Ziegler and Lillyana from dance moms?
'EMILIO AMADOR' 1 day ago
mi teléfono es 24
Aldc Girl
'Aldc Girl's' 1 day ago
I guess the 2 girls are lily and elliana like if you think so
maia Jones
'maia Jones' 1 day ago
Who is the little girl ?maddie Ziegler ?
Sonali Parmar
'Sonali Parmar' 1 day ago
Love the Indian drums used, fave song
Cemal Cinardali
'Cemal Cinardali' 1 day ago
The HydeKid101 (HydeGamer101)
Please stop saying that all Sia's music sounds the same
You obviously haven't listened to all her albums and you probably just listen to the mainstream crap(not that Sia makes crap)
Waiora Ranginui
'Waiora Ranginui' 1 day ago
All her songs sound the same for example this song sounds like Unstoppable and Cheap Thrills...But still they are some of the best Bops released.
Guy Fawkes Desu Kawaii
Music vid reminds me of the BoxCar Children novels
Alejandra Rivera
'Alejandra Rivera' 1 day ago
miren, Yo si hablo españolll😌
Edier Ayalita
'Edier Ayalita' 1 day ago
I love you sía ❤
Romario Killuminati
Cade a galera do Brasil dá um salve aqui 😎😍😍😍😍😍😍
Thay Sousa __
'Thay Sousa __' 1 day ago
siiiiiiia ♥♥♥
The Best of all
'The Best of all' 1 day ago
Stamp on the ground. jump jump jump jump :)
mimi bautista
'mimi bautista' 2 days ago
son hermanos o novios
Ivelina Gancheva
'Ivelina Gancheva' 2 days ago
Много яка песен
Gabigilene Alves
'Gabigilene Alves' 2 days ago
love you lun
Tuba Gemici
'Tuba Gemici' 2 days ago
Sandra Van Der Linde
Love this song ❤
Sergiu Sergiu
'Sergiu Sergiu' 2 days ago
Cati romani ,stiu care e muzica buna????
Düziçi nadia
'Düziçi nadia' 2 days ago
çok güzel muhteşem türkler. +1
Zen Legend
'Zen Legend' 2 days ago
Those who complain about similar sounds and music..go check her recent release MOVE YOUR BODY.....she is a true artist...!!!!!
Yahya Sair OMG
'Yahya Sair OMG' 2 days ago
Marc Robinson
'Marc Robinson' 2 days ago
She seems to have some sort of method when creating her music which is nice and all because you immediately know when a song is hers, it has identity..... but...... its started to sound veeeery repetitive.
Italo Armes
'Italo Armes' 2 days ago
Apoorv Tyagi
'Apoorv Tyagi' 2 days ago
Who found it today like me 😂? Seriously I am so unlucky I found it that late.
Darin Eken
'Darin Eken' 2 days ago
Derek Wong
'Derek Wong' 2 days ago
Sia: True Talent
Many others: idek
Madhu Shahi
'Madhu Shahi' 2 days ago
sia starte new song 2017 with blast and keep moving on siaaaaaa
Нели Маринова
wowowo theee best! 🤗🤗🤗
طموح فتاة
'طموح فتاة' 2 days ago
sia l love you and I from lraq
O Pequeno Einstein
Jooooohn Ceeeeenaaaa
rick jasda
'rick jasda' 2 days ago
वाह इस संगीत वीडियो यह भारतीय संगीत की तरह एक बहुत लग रहा अद्भुत है!
Ali Eren Doğan
'Ali Eren Doğan' 2 days ago
Bir tane bile kötü şarkın olmaz mı senin be kadın 💕
Jasmin Pichler
'Jasmin Pichler' 2 days ago
Derive pilot principal kbptui task plan print one sentiment.
Noah Ferrer
'Noah Ferrer' 2 days ago
Tbh I was hoping that was Lilliana and Maddie, it wasn't smh
Cross Jeniel
'Cross Jeniel' 2 days ago
I never give up I never back down
aguss play14
'aguss play14' 2 days ago
este roba videos
aguss play14
'aguss play14' 2 days ago
No es oficial
Ichan Maralintu
'Ichan Maralintu' 2 days ago
must watch the movie "LION"
Fernanda Gonzalez
'Fernanda Gonzalez' 2 days ago
amo los videos de sia en especial los que sale maddie
'Tidus' 2 days ago
Sick of the tropical trend across music now, its horrible
Fernanda Gonzalez
'Fernanda Gonzalez' 2 days ago
Karla Aide Flores Reyes
Karla Aide Flores Reyes
Hyesun H.E.R
'Hyesun H.E.R' 3 days ago
I hope u become the legend of music are one of the kind ...sia u r the best we love u
Reis Jeppe
'Reis Jeppe' 3 days ago
Omg this song is really gorgeous ohooooooooo
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