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No Jumper - The Yes Julz Interview -
Published: 10 months ago By: No Jumper

By: No JumperPublished: 10 months ago

184, 518 views

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If Yes Julz isn't the coolest person I've ever interviewed, she's damn close. I was astounded by how smart, motivated and passionate she was throughout this interview and I'm incredibly happy to get to share it with you. Enjoy!

00:30 What she does
01:30 Upbringing
07:00 Born to promote parties
10:00 Most popular in the yearbook
12:30 Her first party
19:00 Do you ever get depressed
25:30 iPhone related stress disorder
27:00 Working your ass off
31:00 New Music Monday and giving credit
33:00 Getting started throwing parties
35:30 Getting popping on Instagram
40:00 College and how she learned about business
42:00 Who put you on game?
43:30 Sexism
47:00 Let me know if I can get dat dinner
52:00 Racism accusation
1:00:00 Fake booty accusations
1:03:00 Paparazzi
1:04:30 Snapchat
1:11:30 The dog filter
1:15:00 Relationship status
1:22:30 Smoking weed
1:26:30 Julz briefly interviews Adam
1:28:20 What does the future hold?
1:31:00 David Geffen

No Jumper is The Coolest Podcast In The World.

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Kevin Dose
'Kevin Dose' 5 hours ago
I don't care what anobody says. This girl been to Haiti, she's good with me!
shakib rashid
'shakib rashid' 3 days ago
She has a nice ass
kayden richards
'kayden richards' 2 weeks ago
She's fye asf
'os.carr' 3 weeks ago
She seems sketchy idk.
BigNigga27 Alex
'BigNigga27 Alex' 3 weeks ago
Bitch I'm Michael Jackson dangerous I got yesjulz in my bracelt
Stephanie Abreu
'Stephanie Abreu' 3 weeks ago
LOVE this interview.. never knew who she was or what she does but this interview was great, i feel like i sound just like her.. LOL instead im not up there YET haha i love her drive & where shes going with it ! Very smart girl
marvin mccleoud
'marvin mccleoud' 3 weeks ago
so puerto ricans can say nigga now?
'Defy' 3 weeks ago
this is a really good interview shout out to adam!
Prettyboy Sam
'Prettyboy Sam' 4 weeks ago
? A??
'? A??' 1 month ago
jd finocchio
'jd finocchio' 1 month ago
Lmao all her friends were doing drugs and pregnant from winthrop 😂 I'm not surprised. I live in the next city over and all you hear about is drugs in that city even though it's somewhat nice
kermit da froge
'kermit da froge' 1 month ago
interview skrillex, mija, Tyler the creator, or mac demarco
Ethan Conroy
'Ethan Conroy' 1 month ago
'check check no jumper the (self proclaimed) coolest podcast in the world'
Terrel Jones
'Terrel Jones' 1 month ago
This guys a shitty interviewer
Bailey Beck
'Bailey Beck' 1 month ago
shes so fuckin smart
Jason Williams
'Jason Williams' 1 month ago
Just copied and pasted her name in google and add "sextape" to it and boy this white girl got a phat ass booty she was taking the dick and recorded some of the tape herself!
Don't waste your time watching this interview got get some lube and get the demons out!
Soulless Rogue
'Soulless Rogue' 2 months ago
How about an 070 Shake interview??
John Proctor
'John Proctor' 2 months ago
Wow, useless hoes are still getting peoples attention. Bitches like this don't deserve fame.
J Soul
'J Soul' 2 months ago
Tyler Nolan
'Tyler Nolan' 2 months ago
She's a thought
'UNCHARTED' 3 months ago
YesJulz let me know when you want to work. I'll be your videographer.
emile heskey
'emile heskey' 3 months ago
"my friends were on heroin" that shit went left real fucking quick lmfaoooooo
'ahrens07' 3 months ago
Wow intelligence
'wmurphy1996' 3 months ago
Lmao so many lames in these comments jealous there's a female in the rap game doing it better than them 🤔
'cauchamar' 3 months ago
This culture is hilarious. We keep having to pretend all these girls with giant asses (real or fake) are more than that.
Ryan Michael Dunn
'Ryan Michael Dunn' 3 months ago
i just beat the rope outta myself to her sex tape with this playing in another chrome tab louder to muffle her moans so my landlord cant hear it. she got the fatty on her.
'deadmane' 3 months ago
Yea New England is fucking whack mad heroin addicts racism and old school
Its Lake
'Its Lake' 3 months ago
new england boys we out here
Nyc ZooYork
'Nyc ZooYork' 3 months ago
Heroin abusers are in the most active cities and even there they'll say there's nothing else to do
Bella Noire
'Bella Noire' 3 months ago
noooooo sir this tacky white bitch can't have a N WORD pass because she has a dimpled ass GTFOH that shit was lifted
Bella Noire
'Bella Noire' 3 months ago
race is funny to WHITE PEOPLE!!!@
'lue630' 3 months ago
is that your mom??
'Christian' 3 months ago
Shes hot
'Ahmoney' 3 months ago
Pisces gang
'Ahmoney' 3 months ago
strange i can relate to her knowing she was special shit and suppose to be something
DigiDrip. SwazeeTheP
'DigiDrip. SwazeeTheP' 4 months ago
she cool and all but ion know after this .... s m h I used to be obsessed I think she getting cocky
DigiDrip. SwazeeTheP
'DigiDrip. SwazeeTheP' 4 months ago
lemme fuck
Beast Extracts
'Beast Extracts' 4 months ago
this interview has meaning and gives a great message yo. unlike some of the other ones.. i can actually see myself coming back to this just for the perspective she brings. interview more goal driven non fucked up people.
Beast Extracts
'Beast Extracts' 4 months ago
i think adam found his future wife.. chick is one in a million tho
Joseph Gelb
'Joseph Gelb' 4 months ago
Great interview
M Coll
'M Coll' 4 months ago
bad posture
Chris S
'Chris S' 4 months ago
OK. I don't care about her enough to watch this. but I searched Bootymath and this came up.. did she talk about him?
Wyatt Jackson
'Wyatt Jackson' 4 months ago
that sex tape was fire my nigga i busted like 53 nuts
Arden Dobbins
'Arden Dobbins' 4 months ago
Best female no jumper interview. Hands down. SO mcuh relates Yes Julz. <3 Coolest chick ever. #girlcrush @yesjulz
Daniel Ortiz
'Daniel Ortiz' 4 months ago
Great interview! Keep it up! Wishing you both much success!
'SHANNON RUSH' 4 months ago
YoBoy OGStyles
'YoBoy OGStyles' 4 months ago
i busted a nut to her yesterday lol no volume so i dont know how she sounds moaning lol
'Art' 4 months ago
You cleaned the table for her
'Donatello' 4 months ago
That sextape tho #THick
x TrapxGodxApak
'x TrapxGodxApak' 4 months ago
Big white booty :)
'Donatello' 4 months ago
Miami is the struggle on the real tho alot of unseen talent down here
cody hernandez
'cody hernandez' 4 months ago
rope gang
Dirty K?&
'Dirty K?&' 4 months ago
Her sextape was bomb ass fuck
Dirty K?&
'Dirty K?&' 4 months ago
Her sextape was bomb as fuck
'haz34lyfe' 4 months ago
that sextape was trash
'whurdyo' 4 months ago
ayo she can get it but that filthy frank interview doe...
Praisal Is Godly
'Praisal Is Godly' 5 months ago
I want a bitch like yesjulz a white big booty bitch.
I townsend
'I townsend' 5 months ago
she played hockey, thats why she got a fatty - and ou, i was F.Child too, YesJulz da shit
Christiaan van tuinen
She can ride good she just need some hydration
evolkuf hellafornia
'evolkuf hellafornia' 5 months ago
check out my game Hip Hop Block on App Store Pls
her sextape was trash ya'll over hyping it, its basically unyankable unless you enjoy looks at faces and butt cheeks
El Chapo
'El Chapo' 5 months ago
two peat, adam. a second interview with questions about a 2nd tape. work ya magic the culture believes in u.
El Kastr
'El Kastr' 5 months ago
we need a Sex tape with yesJulz for the Culture.
rarestation collective
Hit Up JAUZ GHASTLY OR NGHTMRE i really want to hear 1 hours worth of interview because i want to know more!
Mecca Johnson
'Mecca Johnson' 5 months ago
"Why were you moving around so much? Wtf were your parents doing?"
"... I was in foster care" 😭
El Chapo
'El Chapo' 5 months ago
can we get a 2nd interview with questions concerning a second tape cus bih that shit was fiye 😤👏👏👏👏
Reggie Noble
'Reggie Noble' 5 months ago
Who the fuck is this bitch? Link to her porn vids?
kris king
'kris king' 5 months ago
was this before she got donkey fucked?😂
'mp1995' 6 months ago
moans in yes julz "fuckkkk brooooo
Baba Rangela
'Baba Rangela' 6 months ago
I will fuk this big ass
'Matata' 6 months ago
Her sex tape is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Pretty Awesome Lit Music
I wanna see a gingerea & mom interview
'Brian' 6 months ago
throw it back like yessss juuuulz
Panda Gang
'Panda Gang' 6 months ago
The way how her bf pulled her hair... :D :D :D
Panda Gang
'Panda Gang' 6 months ago
Okay, next step is finding her tape. ;-)
Glenn Jones
'Glenn Jones' 6 months ago
adriano ravina
'adriano ravina' 6 months ago
great interview, interview sean pablo and sage elsseser or jason dill
Jim Adler
'Jim Adler' 6 months ago
"Instagram popped off, then photography become a thing." ...These LA people man...
'mace97' 6 months ago
part 2 addressing that sex tape when??
Kanye West
'Kanye West' 6 months ago
I saw her getting piped tho!
finesse god
'finesse god' 6 months ago
bruh whys the video 720p only smh...
Playboi Uzi
'Playboi Uzi' 6 months ago
He definitely hit that
Luis Hernandez
'Luis Hernandez' 6 months ago
hit it from the back like she yesjulz yeah
tripnolace /
'tripnolace /' 6 months ago
i roped to her leaked vid hahahaha
'nyeeezy' 6 months ago
shes italian eh?thats white, puerto rican is diverse country.. so she could still be a white rican
IKEA MONKEY *on lsd*
'IKEA MONKEY *on lsd*' 6 months ago
Yo Adam ask her if she wanna do another sex tape
'SoBanked-' 6 months ago
Her moan in the sextape sound like she got a strep throat struggling to get that moan out. But either way I'd still pipe like that's getting in the way of me hitting it.
'madden69beast' 6 months ago
That tape was fye who else agrees ?
Big Eazy
'Big Eazy' 6 months ago
Those moans 🔥🔥
'AfroUchiha' 6 months ago
She sounded like a decapitated giraffe tryna run around n shit
'Wanted' 6 months ago
Who's here bc her sex tape leaked?
Areaus Robinson
'Areaus Robinson' 6 months ago
'Cifts' 6 months ago
Her moan in her sextape sounding like she was going super saiyan
'Cifts' 6 months ago
'Cifts' 6 months ago
'Flinchey' 6 months ago
Y'all peep that tape
Noel b
'Noel b' 6 months ago
her sextape got exposed lmaoo
'ydnaDandy' 6 months ago
lol she's friends with all the different groups 1:26:00 skiing like a mo fucka haha
'ydnaDandy' 6 months ago
shajidul mahdi
'shajidul mahdi' 6 months ago
adam we need a yesjulz sex tape review!
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