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Catfish and the Bottlemen - Black Skinhead (Kanye West cover in the Live Lounge) -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBCRadio1VEVO

By: BBCRadio1VEVOPublished: 1 year ago

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Catfish & The Bottlemen - Black Skinhead in the Live Lounge

'Eli' 4 days ago
I like how they incorporated The Black Keys and Kasabian in this, it's kick ass! Love Catfish and the Bottlemen
Eli Reid
'Eli Reid' 5 days ago
'Ryan' 7 days ago
Wow this doesn't work at all
'alisha' 1 week ago
OO ah van mcann say OO ah van mcann
jade amber
'jade amber' 1 week ago
still one of the best live lounges to exist
Tsstsaa wholeworld
lyrics please
Eloise Whitley
'Eloise Whitley' 2 weeks ago
always come back to this video xxxxxxx
'theamityabi' 2 weeks ago
this is gOLD
Cassandra Grande
'Cassandra Grande' 3 weeks ago
this is sex
space dementia
'space dementia' 3 weeks ago
they mash up kasabian, black keys and kanye and created perfection, I love them :)
Rayyan Khan2
'Rayyan Khan2' 3 weeks ago
the singer is a total Julian Casablancas rip-off
'0' 3 weeks ago
this is ass
Alexa Calderón
'Alexa Calderón' 3 weeks ago
Maya Ahmad
'Maya Ahmad' 3 weeks ago
When I heard this was a Kanye west I was like, dfuq
Maya Ahmad
'Maya Ahmad' 3 weeks ago
I have the live lounge cd and this is one of the best go-to songs
Aja Ellis
'Aja Ellis' 3 weeks ago
I want to buy this version and play it everyday
Will Henderson
'Will Henderson' 3 weeks ago
Anyone know the guitar tab?
Pompy Domps
'Pompy Domps' 3 weeks ago
What a cover
Twombly Snr.
'Twombly Snr.' 3 weeks ago
2:27 putting his earphones away
2:31 wearing his earphones again

It's a conspiracy; EXPLAIN THIS BBC !1!!!11!!!
'amber' 1 month ago
that little click at 2:14 fuck
Kasabian Fan04
'Kasabian Fan04' 2 months ago
They stole this idea from kasa
Amy McCarthy
'Amy McCarthy' 2 months ago
Fact: this cannot ever become ordinary
JohnnySuz Burn
'JohnnySuz Burn' 2 months ago
black keys
'bluedudeinahole1' 2 months ago
Title: Black Skinhead
Songs in the video: Howlin' For You, Black Skinhead, Shoot The Runner
Rebecca Johns
'Rebecca Johns' 2 months ago
It's gets me every time, they're so talented. Love them so much. (:
Anna Howland
'Anna Howland' 2 months ago
I'm pregnant
'maraneliana' 2 months ago
Julian Casablancas wannabe.
Chris T
'Chris T' 2 months ago
I wish Van was my best friend
'Bozy' 2 months ago
Ellie Brown
'Ellie Brown' 2 months ago
This just is sex
'rickard767' 2 months ago
This is amazing
'Bob34teletuvi' 2 months ago
howlin' for you wtf?
Slavomíra Nemčíková
pals! how it's been a year already?! this still gives me the chills ♥
Drew k
'Drew k' 2 months ago
2:11-2:28 Sleep-Dragonaut
Emily Engleheart
'Emily Engleheart' 2 months ago
This needs to be put on Spotify ASAP.
Michelle T
'Michelle T' 2 months ago
Fucking love this cover 👌🏼
Soledad S
'Soledad S' 2 months ago
I always come back to this 💙
'RezHD' 2 months ago
This is really good
rat kid
'rat kid' 2 months ago
I'm shook this is great
Javiera Duque
'Javiera Duque' 3 months ago
I LOVE THIS <3 <3 <3 <3
// K A I L E I G H //
1:57 to 2:14 was the best 17 seconds of my life
Ben Rujo
'Ben Rujo' 3 months ago
I'm trying to figure out exactly why I love these guys so much and I think a big part of it is the total rockstar vocals.
Julia Rodrigues
'Julia Rodrigues' 3 months ago
Que voz, meu Deus ❤
'slutthefuckup' 3 months ago
i love catfish but this was so shit omg
Luca Rizzi
'Luca Rizzi' 3 months ago
this is good
Teddy Beamer
'Teddy Beamer' 3 months ago
this is like a mix of kanye and the black keys AND I LOVE IT
Rebecca Silver
'Rebecca Silver' 3 months ago
This needs to be on iTunes
Natalie Eldary
'Natalie Eldary' 3 months ago
This is my favorite video of all time
'James' 3 months ago
The verse at the start is Howlin For You - Black Keys for anyone interested...
Camila Parra
'Camila Parra' 3 months ago
"here we go"
'Katarina' 3 months ago
Yeah bois!!!! v good v proud
Dulce Garcia
'Dulce Garcia' 3 months ago
'alisha' 3 months ago
100% the best live lounge ever
'I'm not a plant' 3 months ago
i want to be that mic
Stacey F
'Stacey F' 3 months ago
why did I only hear this now!? TOO GOOD
'mintyponeh' 3 months ago
This gets better and better lorddddddd
Ollie Woodward
'Ollie Woodward' 3 months ago
Should re-release the song White Mophead
ally maree
'ally maree' 3 months ago
i lov e nutting
Dan Partridge
'Dan Partridge' 3 months ago
Oh hi there Oli Sykes holy shit 2:09
Lydia Wyatt
'Lydia Wyatt' 3 months ago
Really wish I could download this somewhere D:
Sherry Hisham
'Sherry Hisham' 4 months ago
no offense, but this is so much better than the original.
LetTheLame Begin
'LetTheLame Begin' 4 months ago
If Van wanted to he could murder a few screamo bands
'TheBaltoRevolution' 4 months ago
Sad he did edit out 'romans' and replace it with spartans
ev noww
'ev noww' 4 months ago
this is so fucking good...
shannon howard
'shannon howard' 4 months ago
2:11 I think my heart just skipped a beat
'007' 4 months ago
He is singing it so effortlessly. Still one the best live lounges to ever exist.
'val' 4 months ago
"Let's go to LA, baby!" hahahahaha
Jj McGuin
'Jj McGuin' 4 months ago
David Montez Delgado
'David Montez Delgado' 4 months ago
What the fuck is this bitch doing? This is white stupidity in all it's glory. You just do not do this! WTF!??? This is not...
'covetness' 4 months ago
His smile towards the end when he says, "Let's go to" fucks me up
'covetness' 4 months ago
Owen Glover
'Owen Glover' 4 months ago
0:49 "Here we go"
Down Syndrome
'Down Syndrome' 4 months ago
could white people not
12Rez4uTv 12
'12Rez4uTv 12' 5 months ago
When I first heard this song.... Original I thought it was a navajo's song
Tartan Petals
'Tartan Petals' 5 months ago
Full volume
Mio Akiyama
'Mio Akiyama' 5 months ago
2:10 killed me
Carleigh Healy
'Carleigh Healy' 5 months ago
I think about 2:10-2:12 every moment of everyday
Blaze 420
'Blaze 420' 6 months ago
its crazy how u can make songs and music like this and they didn't fuck up
Blaze 420
'Blaze 420' 6 months ago
ayy the beginning s hot af
Xanne Paulissen
'Xanne Paulissen' 6 months ago
Love em😍
Melisa Lara
'Melisa Lara' 6 months ago
What pedal or effect is Bondy using at 0:14 ?
wiped out
'wiped out' 6 months ago
i want Van to punch me in the face @ 0:50
'littlebookofchanel' 7 months ago
This cover is sex
Cara Mild
'Cara Mild' 7 months ago
Baby I'm hallin for you
Isabelle Castillo
'Isabelle Castillo' 7 months ago
I want to physically be that mic
grace murrgay
'grace murrgay' 7 months ago
WHAT thE Zfuckckx
Jessica Akers
'Jessica Akers' 7 months ago
This needs more views!!!!
Michael Park
'Michael Park' 8 months ago
Yeah copying what Kasabian & KW had already done - good vocal though.
Gracie Cupcakes
'Gracie Cupcakes' 8 months ago
Miriam Diaz
'Miriam Diaz' 8 months ago
i love it 😍
The HeavyJets
'The HeavyJets' 8 months ago
Fyllow Mellow
'Fyllow Mellow' 8 months ago
so fucking good but feels like he's having sex w the mic
'harrisonfedor' 8 months ago
2:10 gets me every time
So Dun With Panic! At The Bottlemen
I can't get over how beautiful this is
'MsAstroBanan' 9 months ago
Alex Grosul
'Alex Grosul' 9 months ago
what song on 2:12 - 2:26
'Livelaughlove&maddie' 9 months ago
im sorry im just gonna just say this. god van is gorgeous
-Alex Sungtong -
'-Alex Sungtong -' 9 months ago
Oh my fuck how have I only just seen this!!? Mind blown
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