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Sia & Rihanna Ft. David Guetta - Beautiful People (Lyrics Video) -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: MiniDuckVEVO

By: MiniDuckVEVOPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Sia & Rihanna Ft. David Guetta - Beautiful People (Lyrics Video)
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Tahmineh Najafi
'Tahmineh Najafi' 31 minutes ago
'myousher' 2 hours ago
2017 or 2011???
Mandy Goldstein
'Mandy Goldstein' 3 hours ago
I like
Levent yılmaz
'Levent yılmaz' 12 hours ago
Bu ikisinin sesi zaten birbirine benziyordu bu şarkıda tamamen karışmış,hangisi ne zaman söylüyor bilemiyorum :)
rachida agazanaï
'rachida agazanaï' 12 hours ago
The human being really got lost on this earth(ground) and is saying artists encourage that because behind them are malefic beings
Jonas Lindberg
'Jonas Lindberg' 16 hours ago
this song its just amazing.. thanks Sia
Erin Gharibi
'Erin Gharibi' 17 hours ago
The david guetta part ruined the entire thing
Cake Cat
'Cake Cat' 23 hours ago
it's something... definitely different than other Sia songs :D
Lucas Araujo
'Lucas Araujo' 24 hours ago
nem sei qual é o clip oficial já saiu de várias versões adorei a música😍
Anastasia MRTR
'Anastasia MRTR' 1 day ago
who's says that beautiful people don't stress ??..they stress a lot just to keep that beautiful face in the top...don't matters....anyone is beautiful and amazing with his own special way..😧💘:(
'theGMCALI' 1 day ago
link 4 wallpaper on the video
malik tabish
'malik tabish' 1 day ago
Hit Like if you think this gonna be the song of the year
Crispiano BRonaldo
The beatdrop just focked this whole nice song up. Guys there must be another version of this right???
Mundo Verde
'Mundo Verde' 1 day ago
bera 1954
'bera 1954' 1 day ago
is this from some movie ? :/
Tone Deaf
'Tone Deaf' 2 days ago
i guess it's fake
Albani Carolina Gil Fernandez

instagram @albani.gil_0103
Tere Ambrosio
'Tere Ambrosio' 2 days ago
WTF with this lyrics?
ดอก ทอง
i like this verion
Juan Serrano
'Juan Serrano' 2 days ago
is this rape culture ? lol
'cloud99a2' 2 days ago
And what does ugly people?
Joana G
'Joana G' 2 days ago
i already know that Song for a year
Łukasz Kubiak
'Łukasz Kubiak' 2 days ago
Project x
Ncnsv Life
'Ncnsv Life' 2 days ago
I'm a Turkish Youtuber. And you're invited to my channel ! ✨❤️
Amanda Gaarsdal Nielsen
wow this was horrible. Not Sia or Rihanna, but that beat at the end... jesus
'AGE AGE' 2 days ago
rihanaaaaaa loveeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Irene Baggetto
'Irene Baggetto' 2 days ago
this is so so so bad.
Abdul Rouf
'Abdul Rouf' 2 days ago
Martha Reeinaa
'Martha Reeinaa' 2 days ago
Tamer Hammad
'Tamer Hammad' 2 days ago
wanderful movie
Melody doll
'Melody doll' 2 days ago
Goose Bump!! Feels like back at my college frat party again.... Woof.. Woof!!!
saddam sarwar
'saddam sarwar' 2 days ago
and Ugly people say fap fap fap....
'Stjepan' 2 days ago
"NO, we won't say NO." -errrm... you just did kinda :S
Naomi Reed
'Naomi Reed' 2 days ago
this sounds like only sia
Be Jaysus
'Be Jaysus' 2 days ago
The video is just clips taken from the movie Project X.
'FERNRARI PS' 3 days ago
Luciano Santos
'Luciano Santos' 3 days ago
Desculpa, mas vai flopar, é legalzinha, mas é flop
Lexi Elite
'Lexi Elite' 3 days ago
Sia and Rihanna = Perfection
Im In loveee
'Reedz' 3 days ago
did they really make a song together?
susan bastos
'susan bastos' 3 days ago
amooooooo 😎💜
ViVid Tube
'ViVid Tube' 3 days ago
I like ure work Maaaan!! mmmmm <3
Irenia Campos
'Irenia Campos' 3 days ago
I already needed an adrenaline rush like these 😜
luis casaña
'luis casaña' 3 days ago
mmm will, esta mas o mierda..!
Dwalisumuzi Zinhle Dewa
Sia & Rihanna! Such complimentary voices
Kevin Martinez Huamani
The King Electro
'The King Electro' 3 days ago
More bass please.
'Mooncerv' 3 days ago
Amgad S3d
'Amgad S3d' 3 days ago
what the name of the film in this vedio
seamus m
'seamus m' 3 days ago
Rest in Peace 200,000 Beautiful people Die each year world wide from Drug Abuse
To the people that Glorify drug use you are a part of the problem a part of the death and destruction
Young people of the world Say yes to life
'YOLO 9' 3 days ago
first time I'm thinking that David guetta wasn't upto the mark.... especially 2:10
Sanad Desu
'Sanad Desu' 3 days ago
Thumbnail please!
g gilles (v6)
'g gilles (v6)' 3 days ago
projet x :) :) :)
nos saleem
'nos saleem' 3 days ago
watonsiker hemdenasıl
I find movie thanks guys
watonsiker hemdenasıl
Do you have any information about the movie?
Cynthia Beaumont
'Cynthia Beaumont' 3 days ago
I can't believe Sia would condone a video like this, kids drinking and doing drugs.
Brandon Porter
'Brandon Porter' 3 days ago
Footage is from superbad.
omg loved it!!! ❤
rudy milne
'rudy milne' 3 days ago
i like the song makes me dance the video is young
House On Fire
'House On Fire' 3 days ago
That drop david guetta, rape my wife please ahhahaha <3
Anusmita Banerjee
'Anusmita Banerjee' 3 days ago
I just love this song...😍😍😍
Snow Flakes
'Snow Flakes' 3 days ago
Panda *
'Panda *' 3 days ago
This is The High Life 😍
Ony Yasu
'Ony Yasu' 3 days ago
I think sia and rihanna sound quite perfect, but that drop is just shit
a b
'a b' 3 days ago
love this vid!!!
Mike Mighty Geek
'Mike Mighty Geek' 4 days ago
When you get to the beat, here is button for you 02:12
'YagsidoG' 4 days ago
You can't see the forest for the trees
You can't smell your own shit on your knees
ed montalvan
'ed montalvan' 4 days ago
todo lo creado es hermoso
Junior Kick
'Junior Kick' 4 days ago
Great song but the chorus sucks really bad, not a good "drop". Very disappointing.
dario gomez
'dario gomez' 4 days ago
Rihanna finish..
Derion Vlog
'Derion Vlog' 4 days ago
Project X
norhan masoud
'norhan masoud' 4 days ago
" Beautiful People say GO GO GO !! " NOW i can study as i'm Beautiful ☺..
" Beautiful People dont STRESS STRESS STRESS !!" WTF girl what should i do 🤔🤔
" they never REST " R U kiddn me !!👿
'OMG MANOLIS!' 4 days ago
Can someone explain to me, when did Sia release this song? I mean like theres nothin bt it online and especially not on spotify? + is this the real version? Since I cant find anything bt it online I barely even k if Im just listenin to some weird fanmade mix atm..?
Abe Halterman
'Abe Halterman' 4 days ago
Hahahsshahs that's not my life

'Şaireyn' 4 days ago
Klip çekimleri için para bulamamışlar o yüzden Kıbrıs gecelerindeki mekanların derlemesini yapmışlar gavur oğulları
Tom Desmond
'Tom Desmond' 4 days ago
they burned down some trees for the video. fucking disliked.
Marisa Franco
'Marisa Franco' 4 days ago
Natalia Jonguitud
'Natalia Jonguitud' 4 days ago
Why can't I find this song on iTunes? :(
Coleccion infinita
i am disappointed with Sia.I am sorry but I dont like it.
Ivan Cortes
'Ivan Cortes' 4 days ago
the minute 1:45 and others is from AVICCI music video "Wake Me Up" (minute 3:34 )
'DopeLyrics' 4 days ago
1 Million Viewssssss
taner dursun
'taner dursun' 4 days ago
Readers of comments
Ագապի Համբարձումյան
Perfect song <3 <3 <3 <3
atiqah beduk
'atiqah beduk' 4 days ago
sia and rihanna voices really blend in
Volney Alves
'Volney Alves' 4 days ago
Que música é essa Senhor?! 😱
Rida Khiat
'Rida Khiat' 4 days ago
thank you for music!!!
it is my favourite music !!!!!!!!!!!
'PeterFeelTV' 4 days ago
Who knows track started from 2:26?
'吳大均' 4 days ago
drop is weak~~
'StarstruCk728' 5 days ago
what remix is this?
josh chang
'josh chang' 5 days ago
i'm loving.....
ikhwan ahmad
'ikhwan ahmad' 5 days ago
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