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The inspirational ordinary Africans - BBC News -
Published: 1 week ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 week ago

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Here is a look at just some of the ordinary Africans who have hit the headlines in 2016.

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Thomas clueso Huebner
Black people also invented AIDS and Ebola. We love them!
Four Toes
'Four Toes' 1 week ago
Sonia Delly
'Sonia Delly' 1 week ago
otimo ..que bom que os que se inspiraram na historia dela deem um pouco dos ""creditos""para ela....seria uma ajuda maravilhosa para ela e sua família...gostaram da ideia?
'ladymusiclover' 1 week ago
Wow, so many hateful comments.
Jim Miklas
'Jim Miklas' 1 week ago
I think there is over 50 million coming to Europe in the next 2 decades as per the international bankers orders.
Dharqiul D
'Dharqiul D' 1 week ago
Brits... The definition of a cuck... Don't worry, America will save you.. AGAIN..
Vergil Christensen
The amount of racist comments here are astounding. All this video is doing is informing people about some amazing achievements by people living in Africa. Does it have to have racial motivations? Kudos to people living in these countries, many of which are going through immense struggles we in the west have trouble appreciating, and have managed to make something extraordinary of their lives
'Mubzi VLOGZ' 1 week ago
SOO many EU butthurts here. Admire these people instead!
Emmanuel Goldstein
After a white man is torturesd by 4 black thugs the BBC gave a fake news report lasting 30 seconds. It then produces a 4 min video telling us how wondeeful ordinary Africans are. The timing is of course deliberate. No wonder everone hates this disgusting anti-white organisation.
Tilted Tables
'Tilted Tables' 1 week ago
bitch never fled any "civil war" the pro-invasion media always claims there is a civil war in every third world country. this douche got elected because they flooded the u.s with criminals from somalia and they all cluster together in ghettos and vote based on race. her seething hatred for whites can now be channeled politically as the heathens she represents turn the area they invaded into a shithole
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 1 week ago
More non news. BBC desperately trying to avoid the biggest story in the world in the last few days.
Your Jesus:To be Christian means allowing Me to guide you
God the Father: My Love will conquer evil and hatred.

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Pugking Thugging
'Pugking Thugging' 1 week ago
Sending millions of vermins to Europe is also an extraordinary thing they have done.
Mohammed Refat
'Mohammed Refat' 1 week ago
so many butt hurt Europeans in the comments, I think they hate seeing non-whites successful
'TheRobo1997' 1 week ago
Everyone look at Europe's future in 70 years
Fi Free
'Fi Free' 1 week ago
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'fredo1070' 1 week ago
The inspirational ordinary Africans - like Boko Haram
Holes at Your Poles
No one cares about this, we want hollow earth discloser.
Caroline Izminster
Are you sure you didn't mean "insufferable" ?
Caroline Izminster
"Inspirational" !!!?????? You have got to be having a laugh. I can think of plenty of adjectives to describe Africans, but I can assure you that "inspirational" is NOT one of them.
European Nationalist
Where is the video for Europeans ?
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