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People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

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“Don’t eat this."

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DayDreaming Ge
'DayDreaming Ge' 9 hours ago
Toast Nutella and bacon on top😘😍😱🙏👌🏼
Annie Lee
'Annie Lee' 17 hours ago
Toria Vincolato
'Toria Vincolato' 1 day ago
pizza and ketchup!!! try it I swear its delicious! and pickles and mustard so good. cheese curls and mustard too!!
Alice Mochi
'Alice Mochi' 2 days ago
the way that the girls eat those stuff are just so cringey. just saying
'GinjaNinjaLextasy' 2 days ago
the only two i'd maybe like is the pb on a pickle and the cheetoh puffs in pickle juice, but even then idk lol
'Mads' 2 days ago
I'm weird asf but cheese sticks and peanut butter is so good😂
'batjoker12' 2 days ago
peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches... dont judge me
Ece Gencel
'Ece Gencel' 3 days ago
Hannah Montana changed our lives with this pickle and peanut butter thing
Sam Lamb
'Sam Lamb' 4 days ago
Who's the guy who looks like young John cusack
Glock_ 02
'Glock_ 02' 4 days ago
that guy is such a diva
john duran
'john duran' 4 days ago
It's so funny when they actually enjoy it
Tilda Sjödin
'Tilda Sjödin' 4 days ago
Am I the only one that eats sausages with nutella?
Poppy Sanderson
'Poppy Sanderson' 5 days ago
Raw Carrots and ketchup

Orange juice and muesli!
'CJ I.' 6 days ago
Is it weird that I like 2 dip my French fires in my milkshake?
Brandon the Chihuahua
I never tried it, but I think the Twizzlers and cheese looks pretty good. Also, I love pickle juice by itself, so seeing the cheat being dipped in it I was smiling. I haven't tried it before, but I know for sure that I'd like it.
The Walking Dead And other random shit
Your parents' junk
Erin Hutchison
'Erin Hutchison' 1 week ago
snickers and nacho cheese is everything
Geneva Ervin
'Geneva Ervin' 1 week ago
pickles and pb sandwiches are the bomb
Mark Shepherd
'Mark Shepherd' 1 week ago
Denny Moore's beef stew and peanut butter sandwich
Jenasis Nelson
'Jenasis Nelson' 1 week ago
Peanut butter.and hotdogs are really good
Probly an alien
'Probly an alien' 1 week ago
I know someone who has bbq sauce pickles ice and peanut buttet
Emmy Coelho
'Emmy Coelho' 1 week ago
Coming from a 35 week pregnant woman, pregnant women may crave weird things but 99% of this is enough to make me wanna puke.
Amber Slatter
'Amber Slatter' 1 week ago
i was literally making a Nutella and cheese sandwich as i was watching this 😂😂
Kevin Velez
'Kevin Velez' 2 weeks ago
0:17 - 0:23 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
'PandaPvP' 2 weeks ago
Me: MOM!!

Mom: yes Hun?


Mom: no.

Me: calls grandma


Grandma: yes??


Grandma: IM ON MY WAY!!
Marissa Lewis
'Marissa Lewis' 2 weeks ago
Pickles are the works of the devil 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Katrina Farias-Bissonnette
When I was pregnant I craved Cheetos and pickles together for about 3 months. Like that shits bomb
its_ allyza
'its_ allyza' 2 weeks ago
I feel like all these combos were made by pregnant women. (I thought this before they said it.)
Shawn Latour
'Shawn Latour' 2 weeks ago
Ranch and a cheese stick
plus minus
'plus minus' 2 weeks ago
my dad once had a gf who would always eat cheese with nutella as a snack. they broke up
Stacey Thuemmler
'Stacey Thuemmler' 2 weeks ago
my favorite weird food combo is one I made myself, cucumbers covered in ketchup😍 ITS SOOOO GOOD
'Tigrerra2015' 2 weeks ago
I hate ranch
'Cu-teaCakes' 2 weeks ago
pickles and peanut butter yummmm
Maggie Spratt
'Maggie Spratt' 2 weeks ago
Has anyone tried milkshakes and fries? It's actually good!
Meadow The Unicorn
'Meadow The Unicorn' 2 weeks ago
None of these look that bad to me, some don't look that good but not bad either 😂
MostAmazing Waffles
'MostAmazing Waffles' 2 weeks ago
You should've tried sausage with syrup.... Its good
Rachel Dohner
'Rachel Dohner' 2 weeks ago
OK but why didn't they try pizza rolls and icing? so freaking amazing
Jesusa Bagay
'Jesusa Bagay' 2 weeks ago
try chocolate cake stuffed with mayo. 👌😂😂😂
joy marcy
'joy marcy' 2 weeks ago
all of those sound gross except maybe cheetos n pickle juice. buzzfeed you guys need to try saltines n butter
Bry Koziol
'Bry Koziol' 2 weeks ago
Cookies and ranch is actually so good
Puteri Enelly
'Puteri Enelly' 2 weeks ago
I'd eat all of the snacks. They actually look pretty good.
'LightBeam' 2 weeks ago
None of these would be a problem for me.
Rosie Cookies
'Rosie Cookies' 2 weeks ago
pickles and peanut butter are my two least favorite foods. I would hate them so much together
a ka
'a ka'leah' 2 weeks ago
i eat sour cream with any chips😂
'CookieCat25Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Uh, I like pizza with ketchup?
'Pesen' 2 weeks ago
nutella and parmigiana is the best
Milena Kemppainen
'Milena Kemppainen' 2 weeks ago
when i was ilttle i used to put yoghurt on rye bread
get on my level
Marls Jimenez
'Marls Jimenez' 2 weeks ago
They should really try ritz dipped in coffee 😂
Rebecca Wieman
'Rebecca Wieman' 2 weeks ago
I'm so done like TF ARE THOSE LMAO
Nutella is disgusting, I'm so glad I don't work at Buzzfeed.
Jayce Zeller
'Jayce Zeller' 2 weeks ago
i know someone who eats pickles and nacho cheese
J Wargo
'J Wargo' 2 weeks ago
1 time my sister made me eat bread with a picle and mustured on it
Sophia P
'Sophia P' 3 weeks ago
0:55 someone make Keith's face into a meme. Please.
Brenda Worley
'Brenda Worley' 3 weeks ago
Cheetos and tomato soup, Cheetos and spaghetti os...yumm.
David Goldfeld
'David Goldfeld' 3 weeks ago
Search blue waffle and go on images.
Blazing Blaziken
'Blazing Blaziken' 3 weeks ago
My wart just peled off
Tiana Hoang
'Tiana Hoang' 3 weeks ago
"I used to love those.. But as a child, I also ate dirt." - Keith 😂
Riley Fillmore
'Riley Fillmore' 3 weeks ago
With the pickles and peanut butter, you shouldn't use fucking crunchy peanut butter. Use smooth you animals
'E_R' 3 weeks ago
Twizzlers are disgusting in their own 😷😷
Sweet Donut Gaming
'Sweet Donut Gaming' 3 weeks ago
lol is it weird that i eat black olives and peanut butter XD?
MaliciousFox YURI
'MaliciousFox YURI' 3 weeks ago
I always blender my pringles with dairy chocolate, it tastes nice ,_, try it
Caroline Forest
'Caroline Forest' 3 weeks ago
chocolate and cheese is delicious together, but not that disgusting fake cheese.... you need proper white (not orange) normal cheese, nothing fancy shamcy either, just regualar white cheese
Allie Frerichs
'Allie Frerichs' 3 weeks ago
Chocolate pudding with coconut shavings mixed into it then dip a clip cracker in it!!! It's the best thing ever
Josiah Thompson
'Josiah Thompson' 3 weeks ago
Graham crackers and apple sauce is gooood asf
unicorn poop
'unicorn poop' 3 weeks ago
I always eat pickles and peanut butter. so delicious 😛.
Briann Noble
'Briann Noble' 3 weeks ago
How to kill someone
1. take twizlers and nacho cheese
2.dip twizlers and deep in nacho cheese
3 run after someone
Armagan Dermen
'Armagan Dermen' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only person that thinks that nacho cheese on a cookie would taste really good?
Eternal Spirit
'Eternal Spirit' 3 weeks ago
Fires in a frosty
Rockability Kitty
'Rockability Kitty' 3 weeks ago
anything in pickle juice is AMAZING!!!!!!
'depressedpapi' 3 weeks ago
I like hot cheetos and lemon lime juice
Connor Adams
'Connor Adams' 3 weeks ago
pickle juice and puff Cheetos actually sound good
Squid - Agario
'Squid - Agario' 3 weeks ago
pls make a part 2 o this
Testificate Man
'Testificate Man' 3 weeks ago
I hate ranch
Syed Rahman
'Syed Rahman' 3 weeks ago
I've eaten cake with ketchup and soda all at once.
Jade Diamond
'Jade Diamond' 3 weeks ago
I always eat pickles and peanut butter because when my mom was pregnant that's what she ate
rocio valdez
'rocio valdez' 3 weeks ago
my favorite combo is blue raspberry slushy and hot Cheetos
Wirdo bubbles
'Wirdo bubbles' 3 weeks ago
pasta and peanut butter
The unknown madafaka
my friend soaks a peice of bred in green tea without sugar in it and she soaks it until its like, really soggy!
Y. Onur Yucel
'Y. Onur Yucel' 3 weeks ago
Why don't you make it healthy instead of all this sweetened sauces put some yoghurt with it like us Turks do...
Samantha Weiss
'Samantha Weiss' 3 weeks ago
I've eaten pickles and peanut butter before, about 8 years ago. I straight up vomited. Don't do it. Miserable experience.
Emily Ann
'Emily Ann' 3 weeks ago
Ketchup with Mac n cheese
Mr Rious
'Mr Rious' 3 weeks ago
eat nutella and real cheese, much better
Landon & Brenner Steinkamp
Try Bananas and Nuttela
Landon & Brenner Steinkamp
Try Garbanzo beans and cottage cheese next
Karla Katinka Falk
'Karla Katinka Falk' 3 weeks ago
carrots dipped in ketchup is f***ing delicius... and i normaly hate ketchup
Ylva Maria
'Ylva Maria' 3 weeks ago
How is cheese and nutella disgusting?? It's the best...
Alex Peña Jr
'Alex Peña Jr' 3 weeks ago
Selena Benavente
'Selena Benavente' 3 weeks ago
Right after this video I went to grab myself some hot puffs with nacho cheese :P
Tatiana Farnsworth
'Tatiana Farnsworth' 3 weeks ago
Weirdest pregnancy craving was this cold vegetarian meatball with an Oreo. Idk either 😂
Jazmyn Fuentes
'Jazmyn Fuentes' 3 weeks ago
I used to eat apples and ketchup
'Alexandriasw' 3 weeks ago
pickle juice and cheetos is actually good.
its Jess
'its Jess' 3 weeks ago
Miley ate pickles with PB in Hannah Montana 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
bwahh stone
'bwahh stone' 3 weeks ago
Lmao "your trash"
Michelle Mendoza
'Michelle Mendoza' 3 weeks ago
Snickers bar wrapped in a bologna
Taylor Young
'Taylor Young' 3 weeks ago
Flamin Hot Cheetos and cream cheese solo or on a bagel. The best stoned invention in history !
Mental Frog
'Mental Frog' 3 weeks ago
you guys should try a sandwich with Nutella, peanut butter, ham, roast beef, chicken, with mustard and cheese. i eat at least one every day after school. the combo is amazing sometimes i throw different meats on it but it just adds to the over all taste.
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