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People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 weeks ago

1, 520, 527 views

24, 534 Likes   574 Dislikes

“Don’t eat this."

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Katja Težak
'Katja Težak' 2 hours ago
I love Shane, he is just an awesome dude :D
'coolguyhino92' 3 hours ago
2:49 dying!
'ZENTVNGLE' 4 hours ago
My brother loves a bowl of potato chips (any flavour, his fav is BBQ) with lemon or berry yoghurt mixed through. I always told him it looked disgusting until I tried it, I love it!
Nikki Burris
'Nikki Burris' 6 hours ago
I did the, same thing and I loved all. of them
Carter Drake
'Carter Drake' 6 hours ago
The music was low key scary honestly
Nicole Fury
'Nicole Fury' 8 hours ago
I think the weirdest combo I've tasted was bread and gravy.
ok then
'ok then' 10 hours ago
I thought that was twizzler and mustard , imagine that , mustard would be worst than nacho cheese
Jimbus Mapping
'Jimbus Mapping' 11 hours ago
Pickle juice and chester's hot fries lowkey seems good
Pixelated Windmill
'Pixelated Windmill' 15 hours ago
You know those big crunchy rice cakes I think they're called? Well I like to take the white cheddard flavored ones and put nutella on it. Not as bad as it looks like
'Emily' 17 hours ago
Pickles and peanut butter is the beesssttt. Same with pickle juice and cheetos. Anything with pickles is the best
Cheyanne Nguyen
'Cheyanne Nguyen' 1 day ago
ok peanut butter and pickles is a southern thing so its not really weird at all.
The cheetos with pickle juice actually kinda looked good
'Banana' 1 day ago
these look pretty good actually
'LivingWithAva' 1 day ago
whαt αвσut cσσkíєѕ αnd mαчσ lml
Ham sandwiches with grape jelly is really good btw
I really like the licorice with nacho cheese..... it's so good....
Emilie Baconn
'Emilie Baconn' 1 day ago
That guy paired with Keith looked like that guy from Rogue One
Harry Gordon
'Harry Gordon' 1 day ago
Keith=click bait
IT Department
'IT Department' 1 day ago
Ketchup and tortilla chips are really good
'Amerikiwi808' 1 day ago
what this is crazy!!!!!!!!!!! 1,500,600 views!!!
Isabelle D778
'Isabelle D778' 2 days ago
I've seen someone do hotdogs and mayo.
Lian Linné
'Lian Linné' 2 days ago
I every time eat nutella with chees XD
Ezekiel Ogidan
'Ezekiel Ogidan' 2 days ago
I've actually taken nutella and cheese before :D
Stephanie austin
'Stephanie austin' 2 days ago
I love pickles and peanut butter lol
maegan james
'maegan james' 2 days ago
Have you lot your fucking mind
Amaya Camille
'Amaya Camille' 3 days ago
I always dip my French Fries into Wendy's frosty or just ice cream! 😋 it's so good
Kevin TheRandomGamer
real cheese!!!!!!! + nutella is good!
or im just weird v(' v ')v
june dun
'june dun' 3 days ago
i was pretty stoned one day & i ate takis with chocolate & it was rather amazing & delicious
Kasper Gregor
'Kasper Gregor' 3 days ago
i want to kill the gay guy
'KingdomHeartsZYX' 3 days ago
Club Crackers and Milk is my favorite
emily flores
'emily flores' 3 days ago
I actually eat hot cheetos with pickles 😂. anyone else?
Lewi Gao
'Lewi Gao' 3 days ago
Hipster McSwaggins II
My favourite is a cinnamon bun with butter and a piece of falukorv (a big swedish sausage). Seriously, it's amazing.
'Slime_Girlyy' 4 days ago
I always eat Peanutbutter and pickle sandwiches!!
jelly donut
'jelly donut' 4 days ago
try tuna, mayo, and Nutella with salt and pepper on wheat bread. i eat it a lot. butter popcorn and orange juice eaten like cereal is good. hummus and sour patch kids are also good.
Uyen Nguyen
'Uyen Nguyen' 4 days ago
Thats normal, i usually eat cereal and cookies with... orange juice
Triggrd sounds
'BlackVeilHarle' 4 days ago
The beginning "you're trash" lmaooo 💀💀💀
Hector Dubon
'Hector Dubon' 4 days ago
Whoever thought of chocolate chip cookie and mix it with ranch should go to hell
Alondra Guzman
'Alondra Guzman' 4 days ago
I eat jelly with scrambled eggs 🍳
Gina Perez
'Gina Perez' 4 days ago
I LIVE for Shane and his commentary.
Claire Bestgen
'Claire Bestgen' 4 days ago
Avacado and hummus
The-meme-steam-engine help
Don't eat while watching this.
The-meme-steam-engine help
Twizzlers with nacho cheese? How tf?
'DivaMonae' 4 days ago
my kids and I did cookies with mustard (good ), cookies with ketchup (not good), Graham crackers with seasoned salt (awesome) 😂😑
'kate' 5 days ago
sour gummy worms and mustard
Abby Margarethe
'Abby Margarethe' 5 days ago
Peanut butter and ketchup
becca kauffman
'becca kauffman' 5 days ago
Pineapples and potato chips are really good together
Javier Martinez
'Javier Martinez' 5 days ago
whiskey and pickle juice
BaNbUsAk ThE BoSs
'BaNbUsAk ThE BoSs' 5 days ago
Cucumber with ice cream
Ricky King Productions
2:34 best quote
'TuezdayLeone' 5 days ago
plain creamy milk chocolate and gruyere cheese is yum
Coco Does DIY
'Coco Does DIY' 5 days ago
this isn't that weird but I love hot Cheetos with guacamole
randomness tv
'randomness tv' 5 days ago
do mayo mixed with water and Nutella and dip chettos
'J_luvsmuziq' 5 days ago
i don't... like pizza and ranch.
Sophia Smith
'Sophia Smith' 5 days ago
I'm cringing so much
'Isabella' 5 days ago
I like putting tortilla chips into strawberry ice cream... everyone says its gross, but I don't see how it is??
Abbie Allanah
'Abbie Allanah' 6 days ago
i think pickle juice and cheetos looks GOOOOOOOOOOOOD
cassidy that emo girl
pickle juice and pretzels is good
cassidy that emo girl
chili and peanut butter sandwiches are amazing js
Karan Jagayat
'Karan Jagayat' 6 days ago
Chocolate with Tomato Sauce
vera k
'vera k' 6 days ago
God damn calm down with the music its psychotic
Haunted Hanna
'Haunted Hanna' 6 days ago
Oily sheen Shane
Adriauna S
'Adriauna S' 6 days ago
my brothers girlfriend ate pickles n peanut butter, and cheetos and pickle juice while she was pregnant
Hannah The short
'Hannah The short' 6 days ago
pepperoni and jelly sandwiches
'chuchuchuchia' 7 days ago
Peanut butter just has the right combo of flavor, consistency, and fattyness to go with lots of sweet and savory things
Haydee Eeveelover22
I eat stuff like this( don't judge meh) and it's usually good
Ryka Solee
'Ryka Solee' 1 week ago
Anyone else a pickle juice drinker? I feel weird when I drink it but it's just so good X.X
Idk wat My name is
mango + ketchup, SO GOOOOD
Nervous King
'Nervous King' 1 week ago
i believe when we watch these videos we are all drunk
Jeremy Dagenais
'Jeremy Dagenais' 1 week ago
The guy with keith is the funniest person ever!😱😁😂
Shantel Simmons
'Shantel Simmons' 1 week ago
Oreos and Ketchup
Gabby Mardlin
'Gabby Mardlin' 1 week ago
my brother and cousin use to cheeto puffs and m&ms on their pizza..
Keith Fought
'Keith Fought' 1 week ago
I've eaten a hot dog with peanut butter and a pickle and it tastes like roasted peanuts
And I've had chocolate pudding with bugles and it pretty good
Sarah Kim
'Sarah Kim' 1 week ago
Shane and Keith are my favourite people 🤣🤣
Joseph Wan
'Joseph Wan' 1 week ago
I love using chips to eat icecream
Suzie Walsh
'Suzie Walsh' 1 week ago
I eat pancake with chilli sauce.
MusicFreak 101
'MusicFreak 101' 1 week ago
Popcorn + nacho cheese = YUM
I'd eat pickle juice and Cheetos all the time...
Parris Peppers
'Parris Peppers' 1 week ago
I dip my fries in Dr. pepper. it's delicious
Autumn Archer
'Autumn Archer' 1 week ago
Cool ranch doritos pb and j
'S0rra' 1 week ago
this is my favourite video ever, i love buzzfeed
'emilije1' 1 week ago
try liver pate and nutella on bread!! its bomb!
Taylor Brand
'Taylor Brand' 1 week ago
I love hot Cheetos and peanut butter. It's so good, you should totally try it!
The Zircus
'The Zircus' 1 week ago
ketchup with scrambled eggs~
'Epicdemic' 1 week ago
$12 Disgusting Snack Combinations Vs. $572 Disgusting Snack Combinations
Kitty Cupcakes
'Kitty Cupcakes' 1 week ago
Yall know the canned Vienna sausages? welp after i eat em i drink the juice
Chara Or Frisk
'Chara Or Frisk' 1 week ago
Isabella Brand YASSSSSSSSS
Caitlin Foret
'Caitlin Foret' 1 week ago
Y'all need to try fries and either a milkshake or a Frosty from Wendy's
Shifthead The Artist
I have never ate ranch sauce or tasted
Feline for life
'Feline for life' 1 week ago
I straight up drink pickle juice, as well as dip pizza in it.
'DCO 7' 1 week ago
I put raisins on everything
Brittany S.
'Brittany S.' 1 week ago
Fries with ice cream is the best!!!!!!!!!!😍😍👌🏼
Taaliyah Shanelle
'Taaliyah Shanelle' 1 week ago
I eat chocolate and cheese anyway
but has anyone tried cheese and peanut butter that's so yum!!

And then I'd have potato wedges with maple syrup and a few times I've had a hot cheese and ham bagel smothered in syrup

I put peanut butter on almost chocolate... bread sticks, the works basically😂😂
Leah White
'Leah White' 1 week ago
peanut butter and pizza
Leah White
'Leah White' 1 week ago
cheddar Sun chips and salsa
Christina L
'Christina L' 1 week ago
I used to make little peanut butter and pickle cracker sandwiches
'Nymph' 1 week ago
Pickles and chocolate ice cream!
'Jake' 1 week ago
I used to eat Ketchup and butter in between bread... a ketchup butter sandwich
'Kawaii_Kitty111' 1 week ago
my wired good combos:

chocolate and Cheetos
maple syrup and chicken
also Oreos and penutbutter
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