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People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations -
Published: 4 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 months ago

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“Don’t eat this."

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'LPSdoggo' 5 hours ago
Salt and vinegar chips and chocolate...sooo gooood
'Marissa' 18 hours ago
Wake Me Up Wake me up inside
I don't like most of these foods so I could not have survived this
Ashley Mills
'Ashley Mills' 2 days ago
This is offensive
Aseel AlAnsari
'Aseel AlAnsari' 2 days ago
Who else replied the weird burp at the end
mac simpson
'mac simpson' 2 days ago
the sounds of the food make me feel more uncomfortable than the food combos...
Shaina Tano
'Shaina Tano' 2 days ago
I eat takis and milk
Rebecca McClaskey
'Rebecca McClaskey' 2 days ago
I love tortilla chips and dill pickle slices. I used to plate them up like nachos. Pretty good if you're going for a majorly salty snack.
pajamas for life
'pajamas for life' 2 days ago
Fritos dips in orange juice
Holly K
'Holly K' 2 days ago
Sandwich advise - Cheese, mustard and jam, preferably strawberry. It also works toasted. I discovered it at the age of 12 when I wanted a cheese and jam sandwich, but only had Y Fenni cheese.
Vanya anya
'Vanya anya' 2 days ago
In my place nuttela combined with cheese delicious!!
Ingabirano Nintunze
i came here from watching buzzfeeders drink their own pee in that 8 Grossest Taste Tests video... and i'm supposed to believe a cookie in ranch is a problem 😂
Corgi Lover26
'Corgi Lover26' 3 days ago
Isaac akiyama
'Isaac akiyama' 5 days ago
all of this is my,dad
'Shookga' 5 days ago
I was watching this video whilst eating Nutella and cheese toast :/
Suga Jimin
'Suga Jimin' 6 days ago
nutella with cheese it was just like sandwich right
Shikha Jha
'Shikha Jha' 6 days ago
My spirit animal is the love child of Keith and Shane❤
Gabriela Velez
'Gabriela Velez' 7 days ago
I actually do cheese and nutella😅
Tricia Jones
'Tricia Jones' 7 days ago
pizza and queso!
Ellie Lampitt
'Ellie Lampitt' 7 days ago
Who else was really disturbed by the sound effect 😂
Adam Jacob
'Adam Jacob' 7 days ago
cheese and nutella is my thing i would put on my crumpets and toast
Team Beast
'Team Beast' 7 days ago
Apples and hummus is good
Jacinta Anthony
'Jacinta Anthony' 1 week ago
Pickles and cheese is the best!
Mai Seo-Hee
'Mai Seo-Hee' 1 week ago
Caprice de Dieux with Nutella. <3
Angel Jackene
'Angel Jackene' 1 week ago
omg i like hot Cheetos and pickle juice
Queenie Isn
"i want this one with barely any on it--AHHHH!" drops it. lol!
Omar Hernandez
'Omar Hernandez' 1 week ago
Hot Cheetos with chocolate 👌
Gabriela Stacy
'Gabriela Stacy' 1 week ago
Cheese and nutella? Wouldn't that be good?
Julie Moon
'Julie Moon' 1 week ago
I do the pickle and peanut butter thing
Candela Barbieri
'Candela Barbieri' 1 week ago
Yes, pregnant women eat pickles and peanutbutter
Sawtooth Felske
'Sawtooth Felske' 1 week ago
I love cookies and ranch
Lilly Powell
'Lilly Powell' 1 week ago
cheese and maple syrup :))))))))
i was eating nutella while watching this. I just lost my appetite.
Reyviano Adhiyassar
I eat fries with nutella
Ferenc Jonas
'Ferenc Jonas' 1 week ago
I had salsa cookies it was good
- Mako_Shar_k -
'- Mako_Shar_k -' 1 week ago
i dip my cookies in water instead of milk, coffee, tea, etc...
Silvia ivernali06
'Silvia ivernali06' 1 week ago
my sister is two and she keeping trying to have sex with me i am gorl
Marshall Mathers
'Marshall Mathers' 2 weeks ago
None of them were that bad except twizzlers with cheese tbh
Hannah Siena
'Hannah Siena' 2 weeks ago
I eat lasagna with rice
'Harper' 2 weeks ago
in elementary school I used to dip the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie in nacho cheese and it was actually amazing
Bree Randolph
'Bree Randolph' 2 weeks ago
I'm pregnant and i just went to the movies the other day and ate red vines with nacho cheese.
shy walker
'shy walker' 2 weeks ago
Did anyone else notice 2 groups were wearing the same clothes?
Alex Cerna
'Alex Cerna' 2 weeks ago
Wtf! How does he not like NUTELLA I mean it's Nutella who doesn't like it!!!
Shyanne Thorndike
'Shyanne Thorndike' 2 weeks ago
I eat peanut butter hot dogs and peanut butter hamburgers my Grandpa eats peanut butter and mac and cheese.... my favorite, peanut butter pancakes
Laura Huynh
'Laura Huynh' 2 weeks ago
I don't like ranch.
valerie marica
'valerie marica' 2 weeks ago
I eat artichoke hearts straight from the can.
saltines and ranch dressing mmm
Cunt Faggot
'Cunt Faggot' 2 weeks ago
666 dislike's
Estefania Hernandez Vlogs And Gaming
Cheetos and nacho cheese,best
Freyja Briski
'Freyja Briski' 2 weeks ago
I was watching this while eating a carrot dipped in hot sauce
Rebekah Knight
'Rebekah Knight' 2 weeks ago
Pizza with chocolate pudding is the bomb
Flora Manzano
'Flora Manzano' 2 weeks ago
I once took vanilla bean ice cram, hot fudge, dark chocolate chips and made a sundae with a lot of red pepper flakes ontop. sounds gross but to me it was like having a sundae with the spicy chili lindt chocolate on top.
'ABR' 2 weeks ago
Keith and shane are the best
Unicorn4 Prez
'Unicorn4 Prez' 2 weeks ago
I eat goldfish and strawberry yogurt
'TheWolfLied' 2 weeks ago
okay but peanut butter and tuna.... its fucking magic.
Fuck You
'Fuck You' 2 weeks ago
ham and brownies.. try it....
JayTeeGee - Minecraft
Grapes cheese and cracker are good together
Herb Ceguerra
'Herb Ceguerra' 2 weeks ago
I eat kit kats dipped in nacho cheese
India McEwan
'India McEwan' 2 weeks ago

MLG panda gaming
'MLG panda gaming' 2 weeks ago
kechup and candy
Dat Gamer
'Dat Gamer' 2 weeks ago
How dare they treat Nutella like that!
'Josh' 2 weeks ago
What about cookies and orange juice?
Joe Baxter
'Joe Baxter' 2 weeks ago
I dip fries in ice cream and milkshakes
Ashley Reusora
'Ashley Reusora' 2 weeks ago
pb&j hot dogs are fantastic!
XxOreosxX43 Gaming
'XxOreosxX43 Gaming' 2 weeks ago
the guy that said are you out of u r fucking mind is so right
Zaid Al Sekri
'Zaid Al Sekri' 2 weeks ago
I love Shane so much😂😂😂😂
Uni Kim
'Uni Kim' 2 weeks ago
The gay guy in the grey is the most annoying buzzfeed person EVER!
Hoang cuong
'Hoang cuong' 2 weeks ago
is this even legal?
Suicidal Squid
'Suicidal Squid' 2 weeks ago
1:43 omg I love him so much
Heather Lexie
'Heather Lexie' 3 weeks ago
Okay I've missed something.

'Phoenix' 3 weeks ago
Great I wanna try all of these know. These look delicious
Nica Angela
'Nica Angela' 3 weeks ago
If i am gonna eat the cookie with ranch i will shout why you ruined the cookie!
hEwAs SeNtFoRmE
'hEwAs SeNtFoRmE' 3 weeks ago
The roughest seemed like the cookie and ranch ehh
Galaxy Fox
'Galaxy Fox' 3 weeks ago
omg Keiths faces
Kaitlyn Waring
'Kaitlyn Waring' 3 weeks ago
I used to eat peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. Now I eat cheese and A1 steak sauce.
Annie Romero
'Annie Romero' 3 weeks ago
I love to scoop pita chips in ice cream. Is that weird?
Choi Mochiii
'Choi Mochiii' 3 weeks ago
Though, as an asian (eastern one), I used to eat everything with rice - from bread to condensed milk or candies 😂

These combinations aren't so weird, just a little uncommon.
Yasmin Smith
'Yasmin Smith' 3 weeks ago
It's like pregnant combos lol
Sierra Bittle
'Sierra Bittle' 3 weeks ago
My mom eats pickles with peanut butter all the time
Dannielle Fitzgerald
the try guys should try potatoe scones and Nutella the best weird food combo ever.....
Gracie Castner
'Gracie Castner' 3 weeks ago
Mm cookies with nacho cheese
'WangEmHigh831' 3 weeks ago
I used to eat peanut butter and pepperoni sandwiches a lot
play more video games
Is honey and banana on toast weird?
Dilynnie Cathey
'Dilynnie Cathey' 3 weeks ago
I had a friend that ate pizza diped in chocolate milk that were from the cafeteria... idk how it hasn't killed him yet...
Glittery Gummies
'Glittery Gummies' 3 weeks ago
I hate ranch
Lizzie York
'Lizzie York' 3 weeks ago
Chicken ramen and peanut butter crackers.
Martina Mazzotta
'Martina Mazzotta' 3 weeks ago
I eat bagels and yogurt umm ketchup and pork chop and chips in my burgar
Courtney Fick
'Courtney Fick' 3 weeks ago
ahhh Shane <3
'jadapotato5551' 3 weeks ago
basic bitches
That Guy She Warns You About
Try eating pickles and mayo
Allen Kim
'Allen Kim' 3 weeks ago
I like the gay guy he is funny
Llama Daddy
'Llama Daddy' 3 weeks ago
I thought cookies and ranch was a great idea...

and so it was xD

Black Dan 90
'Black Dan 90' 4 weeks ago
what? cheese and nutella, man it's like cheese and chocolate right? well i eat that btw, in Martabak Form
Dark Liquid
'Dark Liquid' 4 weeks ago
Shane and Keith almost wear the same colour of clothes xD
'shybriabryant' 4 weeks ago
look i do cookies and ranch okay don't do that lol
Danger Align
'Danger Align' 4 weeks ago
Cookies and Orange juice
gamer guy nathan
'gamer guy nathan' 4 weeks ago
Peter Lattos
'Peter Lattos' 4 weeks ago
How come they didn't try bananas and sprite
Lilith Moons
'Lilith Moons' 4 weeks ago
the twizzlers and cheese is actually so good like confirmed but I use Fritos jalapeño cheese and it's bomb
Ella Greenup
'Ella Greenup' 4 weeks ago
nutella on buttered popcorn
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