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Kevin Delaney Makes a Cloud -
Published: 2 years ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 years ago

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Jimmy and Lucy Liu perform science experiments with Kevin Delaney, including making a giant cloud in Studio 6B. 

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Kevin Delaney Makes a Cloud

'Teaspoons' 3 days ago
Hey noobs check out me channel
Goku Vageta
'Goku Vageta' 7 days ago
something here at 1:34 he says it so funny lol
Ethan Ferns
'Ethan Ferns' 2 weeks ago
4:04 rare footage of first nuclear bomb testing.
Mtm A
'Mtm A' 2 weeks ago
That's so cooollll
Rachel Turner
'Rachel Turner' 2 weeks ago
Who else thought of the movie Taxi when they were locked in the room when they breathed from the balloons 😭💀
Gaming Culture
'Gaming Culture' 4 weeks ago
Where can I buy a tank of Hydrogen, cheap??
Yume Matsushita
'Yume Matsushita' 1 month ago
I wonder how different the cloud would be with kool aid or coffee.
'VASANT PATEL' 1 month ago
What air did they breathe in for the balloons
wolf king
'wolf king' 1 month ago
Call me fucked up but isn't the cloud That he made look exactly like atomic mushroom cloud
'Marty' 2 months ago
I got a heart attack
'Isthatbeka' 2 months ago
If science class was like this everyday I'd never fall asleep
Aaron Denney
'Aaron Denney' 2 months ago
i wanna know what happens when u take in both of the gas at same time
FaZe Failure of the Sphincter
is his assistant joan watson from elementary?
'0vo0' 2 months ago
Science bitches
Ethan Brumback
'Ethan Brumback' 2 months ago
the guitarist in the band at 4:05 😂😂😂
Kevin Napier
'Kevin Napier' 2 months ago
We get it you vape
Jawel Zimbabwe
'Jawel Zimbabwe' 2 months ago
I haven't gotten a chance to see his show yet but it looks sick.
MikeTheGamer Chau
'MikeTheGamer Chau' 2 months ago
When his voice turned so low I was like that sounds like that part when he was talking in the movie taxi
'_Hillary_' 2 months ago
"I need you guys to stand back if you dont wanna get wet"

Both: "Oh eh" "eh" 😂😂😂😂😂
'Potato' 3 months ago
Great video! Check out The Spanish Plague for entertaining live stream content!
Bamboo Milk
'Bamboo Milk' 3 months ago
Larry Seuga
'Larry Seuga' 3 months ago
i may now start my ninja smoke pellets disappearance
Ruel Jaer
'Ruel Jaer' 3 months ago
this guy is so cool
Liam Talbot
'Liam Talbot' 3 months ago
how do you dislike this:)
Alex Landherr
'Alex Landherr' 3 months ago
Sounds like they are kinda high on something.
'ABII' 3 months ago
Everybody does helium. This was better. Imagine that deep gas on morgan freeman. Or pikachu.
'MrGumbwit' 3 months ago
4:05 ice nuke
'The_pHp' 3 months ago
Why was the thumbnail not the cloud part
Ewan Hamilton
'Ewan Hamilton' 3 months ago
Best Late show scientist.
toxic kid
'toxic kid' 4 months ago
omg the hindinberg hahaha
dani sc
'dani sc' 4 months ago
'5seraj' 4 months ago
Is that what batman does when he escapes
'TrumpetDude45' 4 months ago
Puts Steve Spangler to shame.
Samantha Smith
'Samantha Smith' 4 months ago
He reminds me off the guy from titanic
Katezki Heromachi
'Katezki Heromachi' 4 months ago
i will confirm that you made a cloud if it rains then its a cloud
Alan Gracewolf
'Alan Gracewolf' 4 months ago
This science expert they have is actually pretty awesome! Now I really want private practical lessons with him forever 😂
Venu Anujay
'Venu Anujay' 5 months ago
He a scientist, has a beard and is cool, He is officially approved by me as the a part of the cool gang
Anastasia Wiguna
'Anastasia Wiguna' 5 months ago
the coolest thing i've ever seen
abraham hernandez
'abraham hernandez' 5 months ago
How to make a mushroom cloud.
zzz zzz
'zzz zzz' 5 months ago
crazy Russian hacker must do the last one!!!
bailes _0212
'bailes _0212' 5 months ago
he look like a cool science teacher
Much Cool
'Much Cool' 5 months ago
Let's go Arkansas
yoku wakaran
'yoku wakaran' 5 months ago
damn lucy still killing it
Its Graphics
'Its Graphics' 5 months ago
The best guest of all time to me
Diego Juarez
'Diego Juarez' 5 months ago
Ahmed Hassan
'Ahmed Hassan' 5 months ago
Pulls out vape
DJ Aido
'DJ Aido' 5 months ago
can Kevin Delaney please be my best friend😂
'JoshDunIsJoshFun' 5 months ago
We watched this is science yesterday.
Hayden Beam
'Hayden Beam' 5 months ago
OMG is that lucy Liu i love her
'BLAKE the GREAT' 5 months ago
dexter gotta a bigger laboratory
'Lillyology' 5 months ago
Little Rock 🐗
George Channel
'George Channel' 5 months ago
what gas that make the boat float
Truly Infamous
'Truly Infamous' 6 months ago
With that beard, anything is possible.
Krystal Moreno
'Krystal Moreno' 6 months ago
extremely similar to steve spangler
Israel Sifuentes
'Israel Sifuentes' 6 months ago
who else heard little rock and tought of zombie land?
'VikkiV' 6 months ago
He's from my home state , woo , let's go Arkansas .
MotherF Jones
'MotherF Jones' 6 months ago
I hope Justin didnt hear Jimmy say "omg, you are the most fun person to hang out with"
Nithilasaravanan Kuppan
We get it, you vape.
Max Al.ayoub
'Max Al.ayoub' 7 months ago
Cthats lucy liu not asa akira u perv lol
Good Knight
'Good Knight' 7 months ago
Steve Spangler did that second experiment on the Ellen show
blood swimmer
'blood swimmer' 7 months ago
steve spagler was better if u agree
Jaime Niebla Oliveros
the voice of jimmy fallon is like the one he did on taxi with queen latifah
Walrus The Tree
'Walrus The Tree' 7 months ago
This guy really knew he had to condense time. He was in a rush the entire clip.
Memphis Spotter
'Memphis Spotter' 7 months ago
Wonder if jimmy had a flashback to the movie "Taxi".
Colin Sasser
'Colin Sasser' 7 months ago
omg how is this possible :0
'N.V.E.' 7 months ago
4:04 allahu..
'Dombittalor' 7 months ago
discount steve spangler
Jonathan Garza
'Jonathan Garza' 7 months ago
This guy is trying to be steve Spangler...he's even doing his experiments but props to him for making science fun
Thrill_Em Kil
'Thrill_Em Kil' 7 months ago
Suck on that Spangler
Randall P.
'Randall P.' 7 months ago
Look at the guitar player's face at 4:05 O.O
Narahari Pothamsetty
'Narahari Pothamsetty' 7 months ago
"I'm gonna make a cloud" freaking makes atomic explosion
Isaac Luna
'Isaac Luna' 7 months ago
what would happen if you filled a balloon half with helium and half with the heavier gas and inhaled both at the same time and then spoke?
AntMan Sam
'AntMan Sam' 7 months ago
Science expert? Like a scientist? Lol
'megalexantros' 7 months ago
this is not so amazing when you think how every scientist can do it
suvendu sekhar sabat
'suvendu sekhar sabat' 7 months ago
SF6 is really harmful for the ozone layer. It has a global warming potential of 23900 times that of CO2. Since the start of 2016 it has been banned for all applications except electrical switch gear and they are handling it so poorly. WTF
Carolline0805 Francess
this guy is amaysing
DForum Productions
'DForum Productions' 7 months ago
I just saw a video of Lucy Liu get wet and yell in excitement on National Television 👌🏾😂
'ZeroPlayz' 8 months ago
Lucy Liu made me laugh asf😂
Strawberry Bleach
'Strawberry Bleach' 8 months ago
me when I vape 😂😂 jk lmao
Mitchell B
'Mitchell B' 8 months ago
That guy is so lovable
'loganngrimm' 8 months ago
steve spangler did these same things tbh he's a knockoff lol
Dok Cutty
'Dok Cutty' 8 months ago
im from little rock and ive seen that guy a couple times...hes pretty awesome...even better when he isnt rushed
Trent Munson
'Trent Munson' 8 months ago
Action Bronson is wild now
'MaxUniverse' 8 months ago
raining inside 101
Whitney Woodward
'Whitney Woodward' 8 months ago
Silly kevin, you can make a cloud much easier than that. All you need to do is vape!
Jerome Taa
'Jerome Taa' 8 months ago
Making fat clouds
George Glez
'George Glez' 8 months ago
-321°C is below 0K, which is impossible
Vir al
'Vir al' 9 months ago
Vape lord nord could make bigger...
Mike Ignatius
'Mike Ignatius' 9 months ago
this dude is just copying Ellen
sahil arora
'sahil arora' 9 months ago
hahaha that balloon thing was cool
A jar Of memes
'A jar Of memes' 9 months ago
4:04 gandolf confirmed
Xavier Aguilar
'Xavier Aguilar' 9 months ago
what did Jimmy breath in the balloon?
Julian Pagano
'Julian Pagano' 9 months ago
4:03 The coolest thing EVER!! XD
'DeafEyeOfficial' 9 months ago
when they did the balloons it reminded me of the movie Taxi lol
Michelle Leord
'Michelle Leord' 9 months ago
is it weird that I'm kinda turned on by Lucy's gassy voice?
Jake B
'Jake B' 9 months ago
insta sub if he just stood on stage vaping for 4 minutes
'TyrantWarlord' 10 months ago
Lucy Lui, god damn she fine.
Saga Angwald
'Saga Angwald' 10 months ago
The first one we did in science class in school
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