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Guys Get The Oil Sucked Out Of Their Pores -
Published: 1 week ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 week ago

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Where did this come from?!

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LoveeeBlanc Channel
'LoveeeBlanc Channel' 3 hours ago
So many cute guys in one video!
Ky Mason
'Ky Mason' 4 hours ago
Was the guy in the beanie wearing eyeliner?
'jesusruelasb' 7 hours ago
i have rally oil skin, those sheet could never get all the oil out...ive tried
Ryan Nicoletti
'Ryan Nicoletti' 8 hours ago
All they did was blot their faces with oil sheets...why is this a video
Tibor Dumitrescu
'Tibor Dumitrescu' 11 hours ago
that guy looks like jeremy Lin's lost cousin
American Horror Story: Roanoke
I need to get my spots removed, I am 17 and have Okish skin but I need to remove the redness and bags under my eyes
The Ace
'The Ace' 11 hours ago
3/4 of these guys act like disgustingly obvious gays
C02 1
'C02 1' 16 hours ago
The add I had before this was like 10 seconds long and then the other twenty seconds, they were telling you to click skip ad
Lou Payne
'Lou Payne' 17 hours ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is soo nice" I could be friends with this guy
lps fallen the wolf
'lps fallen the wolf' 22 hours ago
Indian guy: I don't think this will work.
Indian guy:I don't know wat to say.......

LAILA osama.kosara
'LAILA osama.kosara' 23 hours ago
He said " I look like garbage but my sink is clean " really I will not say to my self I look like garbage
'22jewelryart22' 1 day ago
Comment #700. 👍

I suppose the rice powder makes these nice. For several years I've been using end papers (the ones that are used with perm rods) from Sally Beauty. A box of 1000 lasts me over a year, and they're very inexpensive. Much more economical than blotting papers.
Colin Prince
'Colin Prince' 1 day ago
do people not realize that skin has a natural oil to it .
cσғғεε cαтs
if i ever did this the whole paper would be soaked af
blahblahblah Logan
I used this like four times a day
The Finni
'The Finni' 1 day ago
Who is the guy at 1:21?
'VenomousPride' 1 day ago
I have something similar to these (not rice-made but like, from Neutrogena that i just bought at a pharmacy store) and they're really good for ppl with oily faces. You can keep 'em in your purse or pocket and if you feel your face getting oily throughout the day but can't just wash your face, these are great. Or if you're wearing makeup! Just dab them to get the oil off and it doesn't remove the makeup.
Chella Rose
'Chella Rose' 1 day ago
Dry skin tends to be more oily! The body compensates by making more moisture - aka, oil. The right moisturizer may help with oily skin. :)
'hairstylesbygabby' 2 days ago
Where can you buy these??
'Memelicious' 2 days ago
Gay guys Get The Oil Sucked Out Of Their Pores*
Jackie F.
'Jackie F.' 2 days ago
can't you just say guys try blotting? why exaggerate lol
Auggie Williams
'Auggie Williams' 2 days ago
the guy at 00:29 looks and sounds like a Nepali.Anyone???
Darshika Bohra
'Darshika Bohra' 2 days ago
Next up on BuzzFeed
"guys get oxygen sucked out of their lungs" and then they would proceed to breathe.
citlali villegas
'citlali villegas' 2 days ago
" I look like garbage but my skin is so nice " 😂😂😂😂😂
Miki Gary
'Miki Gary' 2 days ago
they're wiping their skin with 5 dollar paper.
4 minute and monsta x
No, you put your cellphone in rice, because asians will come and repair your phone over night! 😂
Sliver Wing
'Sliver Wing' 2 days ago
My friends always tested this on me xD and nothing gets on the paper. They all hated me for that haha
'AyeItsJanice' 2 days ago
How did I get here, I was watching X factor 😂😂
chikkin nuggit
'chikkin nuggit' 2 days ago
i had no contacts in so when i read the title it said "guys get the old sucked out of their pants"
Micah Rena
'Micah Rena' 2 days ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" is going to be my grad quote thanks buzzfeed
'idekjulia' 2 days ago
everyone wants to be on ladylike
Turtle Frog
'Turtle Frog' 2 days ago
The bearded guy is fiiiiiiiine af
Drew Cyrus
'Drew Cyrus' 2 days ago
Wow... Blotting sheets tested.
Revolutionary. Comedic. A must-watch.
'AiRenji' 2 days ago
The brand they're using makes a really good rice powder for your face. Unfortunately it only comes in light beige even though it's labeled translucent
Yas Mean
'Yas Mean' 2 days ago
I don't want to start buying these because then I'd have to buy jumbo boxes of them since my skin is so oily
'Starecrow' 2 days ago
I need to buy this. My face is greasier than a double order of fries..
s Trick2Derp
's Trick2Derp' 2 days ago
lmao that shining forehead faded away
Aly Schroeder
'Aly Schroeder' 2 days ago
wow. much quality.
The Light
'The Light' 2 days ago
i need this!!!!
Kitties Talko
'Kitties Talko's' 2 days ago
the only things that sucks more is trolls.

Read more.
Ur local Kpop fan
'Ur local Kpop fan' 2 days ago
Where would I buy these?? Anyone know
maegan james
'maegan james' 2 days ago
This was the shortest video ever
Bree Ida
'Bree Ida' 2 days ago
Looks like someone's running out of ideas
'PeaceOfMyMind' 2 days ago
lol it's not that big of a deal. i was expecting like a machine sucking out gunk from their pores. but like, everyone has these.
Joshua Marsh
'Joshua Marsh' 2 days ago
I once put rice paper in my mouth thinking it was a tortilla....that was not a good night for me...
Taylor Vall
'Taylor Vall' 2 days ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" wow me too
'XxEXTREMExX' 2 days ago
Can I get 1k likes on this comment cuz every one else in the comments has at least 1k likes
FairyMouse Tale
'FairyMouse Tale' 3 days ago
Omfg EW it looks like a used napkin at a pizza place lol XD ew
'It'sMe Jackie' 3 days ago
Sometimes I click on a video and then I just read the comments and don't pay attention.
Cara V
'Cara V' 3 days ago
nooooo your face needs ooiiiilll
'poncho828' 3 days ago
are they all gay?
Carly Kennedy
'Carly Kennedy' 3 days ago
Hey I have that rice paperin my drawer lmFAO
Silver Mist
'Silver Mist' 3 days ago
yep, definitely out of ideas...
Pug Warrior
'Pug Warrior' 3 days ago
0:56 is that Miranda Sings?
Bomi Apink
'Bomi Apink' 3 days ago
oil blotting sheets an oily skin girls best friend in the summer I get this crazy highlight from my oily skin the winter too but I don't go out much during the Cold unless I'm going to class
'Tiara_H.' 3 days ago
use this all the time cause its kinda hot in my country
'TheFuries99' 3 days ago
BuzzFeed acting as if this is some revolutionary crazy think omg I cant
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" me
PenguinsHateSharks - Gaming
why do they all sound gay?
'BubbelsTheFish' 3 days ago
1:30 hahaha
Christina G
'Christina G' 3 days ago
I hate my oily skin but recently I learned that if you have oily skin it ages slower because it's always oily, never dry.
MissMystical Games
Bruh I need that!!!!
Anelle Nieves
'Anelle Nieves' 3 days ago
I love how some people at buzzfeed act like they are in lady like. Every body wants to be in lady like😂😂😂
'NyanCatLoverPS' 3 days ago
how come everything "feminine" is tryed by guys?
melissa radlinsky
'melissa radlinsky' 3 days ago
I washed my face right after watching this
David K
'David K' 3 days ago
I've got dry and oily skin it's hard to describe
You You
'You You' 3 days ago
Guys *Gay people
Luna Carnahan
'Luna Carnahan' 3 days ago
This is disgusting yet satisfying
Mia Gauci
'Mia Gauci' 3 days ago
I'm not being racist but I cannot understand the Indian guy he talks very quiet and has a thick accent
Panic! It
1:04 what's the guy's name on the right?
Sophie Burk
'Sophie Burk' 4 days ago
click baaaaaaait
'TheKidd' 4 days ago
I really need that
'Sarah's life' 4 days ago
Where did you buy it?
LetsPlayWith RYLIE
"Lady Tested, Lady Approved", It Seems Like *EVERYONE" loves LadyLike 😂
No Madge
'No Madge' 4 days ago
"Guys try blotting paper" is the appropriate title for this. Why? Because it's more accurate for both it's level of accuracy and interestingness.
'Dr.Pikachu' 4 days ago
Chriseon D
'Chriseon D' 4 days ago
they were just using makeup remover
'unbad13' 4 days ago blotting paper is not as common in the States then....
saoza de
'saoza de'' 4 days ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" 😂👍🏼 i really like the way he expressed it 😂
'thepawndalynn' 4 days ago
i have these but never used them. now i want to go try
'alfazeroneko' 4 days ago
I need this badly, I have these damn small black dots in my nose, and I tried water steaming but it didnt work out
Bradley Bell
'Bradley Bell' 4 days ago
Is it just me or did anyone see that on the right side it was all gay people and the left was interracial people?
jemimah ogilvie
'jemimah ogilvie' 4 days ago
I want to try this
'Gilmme' 4 days ago
Man are you kidding!!
Acting surprised ?


Why you so shocked ?????????
'_KaylaDawn_' 4 days ago
i don't have any oil on my face, it's not gonna do anything... says the guy with the giant pimple on his chin lol. Everyone has oil, everyone breaks out. it's okay
Nooha N
'Nooha N' 4 days ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" *continues to pat his face*
Fried Chicken
'Fried Chicken' 4 days ago
Buzzfeed is just making videos on things I hate having to do everyday
Grant Snyder
'Grant Snyder' 4 days ago
guys or gays? Gays.
Claudia Smith
'Claudia Smith' 4 days ago
Who cares? Why are they so dramatic?
Katie Wilds
'Katie Wilds' 4 days ago
They were wiping it and spreading the oil around their faces instead of dabbing it on their skin it makes me cringe
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice"
Buzzfeed u shoulda used this as the intro
'Superchubbyninja' 4 days ago
everyday after I take a shower I go in a bin full of rice to dry of
Caroline Hope
'Caroline Hope' 4 days ago
idk how a video of guys using oil blotters is so enteraining
Is it weird that I'm looking though the comments?!
Breanna Sky
'Breanna Sky' 4 days ago
That one guy who said his skin is nice because he didnt really have oil..... He was wrong. He gonna age like sliced apples.
Adam D
'Adam D' 4 days ago
My grandma's nose needs this asap.
'Funcat' 5 days ago
you should do people trying squishy
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