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Guys Get The Oil Sucked Out Of Their Pores -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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Where did this come from?!

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Grace The Weeaboo
'Grace The Weeaboo' 14 hours ago
i want these to see how bad my acne and how oily my skin is
The bestist jake ever In the world
No, putting your phone in rice doesn't fix it! Asians are attracted to rice, and they see the phone and fix it because there Asian, the Asians do it not the rice
Fede Alberti
'Fede Alberti' 1 day ago
What's the name of the guy with the hat and beard? He is so cute hehe
'Keyemku' 2 days ago
I don't understand, is this something unusual? Would have thought these guys would have used these at least once in their life.
Lane Magnus
'Lane Magnus' 3 days ago
I guess Jeremy Lin's career took a turn for the worst
'Dmonsear' 3 days ago
"guys" hardly
Kravis _
'Kravis _' 3 days ago
were did they get all the emos and gays?
'FlightEvolution' 3 days ago
are all the guys on this show gay?
Diana ortiz
'Diana ortiz' 1 week ago
I love Palladio matt lipstick they smell amazing and they so pretty I didn't know they had blotting papers I need some now
'Hani ARMY-BLINK' 1 week ago
"I have nice skin" it reminds me of Jin HAHHAHABA
Samuel Morais
'Samuel Morais' 1 week ago
Where can I buy it!! PUUUT A LINNK !!!
gabe a
'gabe a' 2 weeks ago
Why does every single man to show up on buzzfeed need to be gay?
'AsianDeluxe' 2 weeks ago
0:45 Michael carter Williams
ThatOneIndianKid IzHere
Do what I did I Took a cotton ball and I Put it in water and than i started wiping my skin and So much oil..
'Jeed' 2 weeks ago
I like that Indian guy
Ella Ashlin
'Ella Ashlin' 3 weeks ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so nice." Pretty much.
Steff Cee
'Steff Cee' 3 weeks ago
your videos are so so so so short. use the product properly and like show how its getting absorbed.
Alyiah Alaniz
'Alyiah Alaniz' 3 weeks ago
I look like garbage but my skin is so nice😂😂💀
'Rpay' 3 weeks ago
I literally see this everywhere at my school.
Mary Prescott
'Mary Prescott' 4 weeks ago
Anyone else's eyes water? But still found it really satisfying seeing all that come out...
'リアネット' 4 weeks ago
why did they hype up oil blotters lollllll
Spiritmist2 Gaming
'Spiritmist2 Gaming' 4 weeks ago
I need 500 of these
Alyssa Houng
'Alyssa Houng' 4 weeks ago
When the title of the video is so extra 😂
Vikram Oldham
'Vikram Oldham' 1 month ago
why do all the boys alwase sound gay?
M Rock
'M Rock' 1 month ago
"Lady tested. Lady approved. Did they trademark that?" 😂
Jeremy Adams
'Jeremy Adams' 1 month ago
Oh please. I could go through an entire package of those in a day! lol I just use napkins now.... numerous times a day, they are practically clear when I'm done with my forehead. Now that's gross!! LOL (Hate my oily skin!)
'Reggie' 1 month ago
I was already gay but um..
the guy with white hair turned me more gay
'mich' 1 month ago
y am i watching this lmao
'mich' 1 month ago
y am i watching this lmao
Samantha Sherman
'Samantha Sherman' 1 month ago
i even push out my sebaceous filaments, which will come back in like less than a day, just because it's satisfying to get the stuff out of my nose.
Patrick Queen
'Patrick Queen' 1 month ago
New people 😐😐
Gabe Helfenberger
'Gabe Helfenberger' 1 month ago
all gay much?
Almighty So
'Almighty So' 1 month ago
My face is so oily i two sheets and i drink a gallon of water per day wtf!!
'Dodod' 1 month ago
I actually own an item used on buzzfeed??!
'NameUnknown' 1 month ago
I wonder how many gay people there are at buzzfeed
Rome Banchit
'Rome Banchit' 1 month ago
I thought the thumbnail was rich chigga lmaoo
Madeline Xoxo
'Madeline Xoxo' 1 month ago
Wtf.....,,, buzzfeed get it together
Ur Trash
'Ur Trash' 1 month ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so soft" haha same.
'SneakyBukakke' 2 months ago
Buzzfeed has turned into like a gay ppl channel. Nothing wrong w that but they just aren't funny anymore :(
Aliens Active
'Aliens Active' 2 months ago
Why tf do you choose the weirdest people to be on you videos
Emily Pfleger
'Emily Pfleger' 2 months ago
Dude with that hat is so cute
sFx Chris
'sFx Chris' 2 months ago
Why is there always gay people on these videos?
Yuri Chang
'Yuri Chang' 2 months ago
it's like taking a napkin and pressing on top of the pizza to take out excess oil, except for your face.
'Alarna' 2 months ago
my face would drown those sheets
dean shazer
'dean shazer' 2 months ago
How many of them are gay
PierceTheTaylor 123
'PierceTheTaylor 123' 2 months ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" I think I died😂😂
bangtan. fool
'bangtan. fool' 2 months ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is nice"😂
Kyle Patel
'Kyle Patel' 2 months ago
Wow LA Is full of gay and emo People like Honestly there are so many but I hope this doesn't offend anyone and I'm not homophobic
Ariel Banks
'Ariel Banks' 2 months ago
why do ya'll care if they are all gay or not? I don't see homosexuals commenting on videos asking why everyone is straight (as most media is).
them being gay or not does not impact their ability to use, test and review a product. why is this a magical concept??
'Niki' 2 months ago
" I look like garbage but my skin is so nice"😂😂😂
Dis Enchantment
'Dis Enchantment' 2 months ago
Why not just wash your face ?
Rose Sienna
'Rose Sienna' 2 months ago
Mate the amount of oil coming off the Indian dudes face he could fry a Somoza XDDDD
Jimmy McManus
'Jimmy McManus' 2 months ago
How does Buzzfeed have so many gay employees? I feel like they go out of their way to hire gays over straight people.
Tisane Looseleaf
'Tisane Looseleaf' 2 months ago
omg that indian guy tho <3
'Xxrang3r' 2 months ago
Is everyone at buzzfeed gay?
Hagiwara Mio
'Hagiwara Mio' 2 months ago
It's very satisfying, well no as much as pore stripes of course
Sam Cotthoff
'Sam Cotthoff' 2 months ago
:41 what that Ned's laugh
Mist #1take
'Mist #1take' 2 months ago
Where can I get this from
aleks usinov
'aleks usinov' 2 months ago
I disliked cause they're gay
Bougie On A Budget
'Bougie On A Budget' 2 months ago
GameZ 4 Fame
'GameZ 4 Fame' 2 months ago
The guy who said he doesn't have any oil…

All that oil looks like it could be from a bag from McDonald's on that piece of paper.
Celine Schmid
'Celine Schmid' 2 months ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is sO niCe" same
'WoodWin' 2 months ago
why only gays
Daisy the Meme Farmer
The Philippine side of my family uses these ALL the time, it's kinda normal for me 😂
'•RaiOfSunShine•' 2 months ago
lol I found one of those around my house.
Emil Petkov
'Emil Petkov' 2 months ago
why are they all gay?
'PvPeep' 2 months ago
I would use all of those paper for my very oily skin. Am I the inly one?
Crimea ball
'Crimea ball' 2 months ago
Thank you for calling customer service how can I help you!

I'm kiddin I like India, except the fact that in Smite Hinduism, Bakasura looks like a monster from hell. In reality, Bakasura was a giant swan.
Raul Martinez
'Raul Martinez' 2 months ago
Why are all these guys gay?
Kyle McCarron
'Kyle McCarron' 2 months ago
Is there on straight male in this video?
'Hoosh' 2 months ago
why TF are they all gay
ryu hudson
'ryu hudson' 2 months ago
It's like gay people are your main target for these experiments😂
'AZZY' 2 months ago
You guys are out of fucking contents
Soupurb _
'Soupurb _' 2 months ago
Is it just me or are the men on buzzfeed almost girly like, they dont act like men; gay
David Diaz
'David Diaz' 2 months ago
Benjamin Woodburn
'Benjamin Woodburn' 2 months ago
i love how the guy will all the pimples says i dont have alot of oil on my face
'21locusts' 2 months ago
Didi Vlogs
'Didi Vlogs' 2 months ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so nice!"
Nick Kitchen
'Nick Kitchen' 2 months ago
Is everyone gay now? Like everyone in the video lol
ImI axb
'ImI axb' 2 months ago
why is their always gay people on this.
Zenaido P
'Zenaido P' 2 months ago
They are literally oil blotting sheets...... girl it's not that deep just post your video and go
Redwolf Gamer
'Redwolf Gamer' 2 months ago
One day i want to get some of these not shower for 2 days and then try these. Would feel so satisfying
Cassidy Meow
'Cassidy Meow' 2 months ago
Jared is adorable
'•It's Alexa•' 2 months ago
'Tmoneytanny99' 2 months ago
lol seems like Trump owning your fake news asses also made your videos shittier
Tiffany R
'Tiffany R' 2 months ago
it's legit just blotting paper. i have some; want a video????? cmon buzzfeed step it up
Big Black Cock
'Big Black Cock' 2 months ago
Where can you get these?
Dysthymo Philia
'Dysthymo Philia' 2 months ago
'Tim' 2 months ago
Did you just assume their genders?
jasmine allen
'jasmine allen' 2 months ago
Heya there .. Omfg official It looks for me like" sex share
'socrates_mr' 2 months ago
sooo, are you all gay?
Ugh my life
'Ugh my life' 2 months ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so nice" like actually me
Jade Pelley
'Jade Pelley' 2 months ago
"i thought i good skin but i was proven otherwise" 😂😂😂im crying
'Im FUBAR' 2 months ago
i don't like buzzfeed.
'GothicQueen' 2 months ago
where can you buy that?
james arnold
'james arnold' 2 months ago
Do you have to be gay to get in buzzfeed??
Colin Brooks
'Colin Brooks' 2 months ago
The dude had a hickee
shaun beare
'shaun beare' 2 months ago
any reason why is it a all gay cast?
princess Mimi
'princess Mimi' 2 months ago
is this actually just a video of people using blotting sheets? i can see people do that on the train any day, i thought this was a special machine thing
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