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Guys Get The Oil Sucked Out Of Their Pores -
Published: 1 month ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 month ago

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Where did this come from?!

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Jeremy Adams
'Jeremy Adams' 9 hours ago
Oh please. I could go through an entire package of those in a day! lol I just use napkins now.... numerous times a day, they are practically clear when I'm done with my forehead. Now that's gross!! LOL (Hate my oily skin!)
'Reggie' 1 day ago
I was already gay but um..
the guy with white hair turned me more gay
'mich' 3 days ago
y am i watching this lmao
'mich' 3 days ago
y am i watching this lmao
Samantha Sherman
'Samantha Sherman' 3 days ago
i even push out my sebaceous filaments, which will come back in like less than a day, just because it's satisfying to get the stuff out of my nose.
Patrick Queen
'Patrick Queen' 4 days ago
New people 😐😐
Gabe Helfenberger
'Gabe Helfenberger' 5 days ago
all gay much?
Almighty So
'Almighty So' 1 week ago
My face is so oily i two sheets and i drink a gallon of water per day wtf!!
'Dodod' 1 week ago
I actually own an item used on buzzfeed??!
'NameUnknown' 1 week ago
I wonder how many gay people there are at buzzfeed
Josh Banchit
'Josh Banchit' 1 week ago
I thought the thumbnail was rich chigga lmaoo
Madeline Xoxo
'Madeline Xoxo' 1 week ago
Wtf.....,,, buzzfeed get it together
Ariana Grande
'Ariana Grande' 1 week ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so soft" haha same.
'SneakyBukakke' 2 weeks ago
Buzzfeed has turned into like a gay ppl channel. Nothing wrong w that but they just aren't funny anymore :(
Aliens Active
'Aliens Active' 2 weeks ago
Why tf do you choose the weirdest people to be on you videos
Emily Pfleger
'Emily Pfleger' 2 weeks ago
Dude with that hat is so cute
sFx Chris
'sFx Chris' 2 weeks ago
Why is there always gay people on these videos?
Yuri Chang
'Yuri Chang' 2 weeks ago
it's like taking a napkin and pressing on top of the pizza to take out excess oil, except for your face.
'Alarna' 2 weeks ago
my face would drown those sheets
dean shazer
'dean shazer' 2 weeks ago
How many of them are gay
PierceTheTaylor 123
'PierceTheTaylor 123' 2 weeks ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" I think I died😂😂
bangtan. fool
'bangtan. fool' 2 weeks ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is nice"😂
Kyle Patel
'Kyle Patel' 2 weeks ago
Wow LA Is full of gay and emo People like Honestly there are so many but I hope this doesn't offend anyone and I'm not homophobic
Ariel Banks
'Ariel Banks' 2 weeks ago
why do ya'll care if they are all gay or not? I don't see homosexuals commenting on videos asking why everyone is straight (as most media is).
them being gay or not does not impact their ability to use, test and review a product. why is this a magical concept??
'Curly' 2 weeks ago
" I look like garbage but my skin is so nice"😂😂😂
Dis Enchantment
'Dis Enchantment' 2 weeks ago
Why not just wash your face ?
Rose Sienna
'Rose Sienna' 2 weeks ago
Mate the amount of oil coming off the Indian dudes face he could fry a Somoza XDDDD
Jimmy McManus
'Jimmy McManus' 2 weeks ago
How does Buzzfeed have so many gay employees? I feel like they go out of their way to hire gays over straight people.
Tisane Looseleaf
'Tisane Looseleaf' 2 weeks ago
omg that indian guy tho <3
'Xxrang3r' 2 weeks ago
Is everyone at buzzfeed gay?
Hagiwara Mio
'Hagiwara Mio' 2 weeks ago
It's very satisfying, well no as much as pore stripes of course
Sam Cotthoff
'Sam Cotthoff' 2 weeks ago
:41 what that Ned's laugh
Mist #1take
'Mist #1take' 3 weeks ago
Where can I get this from
aleks usinov
'aleks usinov' 3 weeks ago
I disliked cause they're gay
Bougie On A Budget
'Bougie On A Budget' 3 weeks ago
GameZ 4 Fame
'GameZ 4 Fame' 3 weeks ago
The guy who said he doesn't have any oil…

All that oil looks like it could be from a bag from McDonald's on that piece of paper.
Celine Schmid
'Celine Schmid' 3 weeks ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is sO niCe" same
'WoodWin' 3 weeks ago
why only gays
Daisy the Meme Farmer
The Philippine side of my family uses these ALL the time, it's kinda normal for me 😂
'•RaiOfSunShine•' 3 weeks ago
lol I found one of those around my house.
Emil Petkov
'Emil Petkov' 3 weeks ago
why are they all gay?
'PvPeep' 3 weeks ago
I would use all of those paper for my very oily skin. Am I the inly one?
Crimea ball
'Crimea ball' 3 weeks ago
Thank you for calling customer service how can I help you!

I'm kiddin I like India, except the fact that in Smite Hinduism, Bakasura looks like a monster from hell. In reality, Bakasura was a giant swan.
Raul Martinez
'Raul Martinez' 3 weeks ago
Why are all these guys gay?
Kyle McCarron
'Kyle McCarron' 4 weeks ago
Is there on straight male in this video?
'Hoosh' 4 weeks ago
why TF are they all gay
ryu hudson
'ryu hudson' 4 weeks ago
It's like gay people are your main target for these experiments😂
'AZZY' 4 weeks ago
You guys are out of fucking contents
_okey__ _
'_okey__ _' 4 weeks ago
Is it just me or are the men on buzzfeed almost girly like, they dont act like men; gay
David Diaz
'David Diaz' 4 weeks ago
Benjamin Woodburn
'Benjamin Woodburn' 4 weeks ago
i love how the guy will all the pimples says i dont have alot of oil on my face
'21locusts' 4 weeks ago
Didi Vlogs
'Didi Vlogs' 4 weeks ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so nice!"
Nick Kitchen
'Nick Kitchen' 4 weeks ago
Is everyone gay now? Like everyone in the video lol
ImI axb
'ImI axb' 4 weeks ago
why is their always gay people on this.
Zenaido P
'Zenaido P' 4 weeks ago
They are literally oil blotting sheets...... girl it's not that deep just post your video and go
Redwolf Gamer
'Redwolf Gamer' 4 weeks ago
One day i want to get some of these not shower for 2 days and then try these. Would feel so satisfying
Cassidy Meow
'Cassidy Meow' 4 weeks ago
Jared is adorable
'•It's Alexa•' 4 weeks ago
'Tmoneytanny99' 4 weeks ago
lol seems like Trump owning your fake news asses also made your videos shittier
Tiffany R
'Tiffany R' 4 weeks ago
it's legit just blotting paper. i have some; want a video????? cmon buzzfeed step it up
Big Black Cock
'Big Black Cock' 4 weeks ago
Where can you get these?
Dysthymo Philia
'Dysthymo Philia' 4 weeks ago
'Tim' 4 weeks ago
Did you just assume their genders?
jasmine allen
'jasmine allen' 4 weeks ago
Heya there .. Omfg official It looks for me like" sex share
'socratesmr' 4 weeks ago
sooo, are you all gay?
Ugh my life
'Ugh my life' 4 weeks ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so nice" like actually me
Jade Pelley
'Jade Pelley' 4 weeks ago
"i thought i good skin but i was proven otherwise" 😂😂😂im crying
'Im FUBAR' 4 weeks ago
i don't like buzzfeed.
'GothicQueen' 4 weeks ago
where can you buy that?
james arnold
'james arnold' 4 weeks ago
Do you have to be gay to get in buzzfeed??
Colin Brooks
'Colin Brooks' 4 weeks ago
The dude had a hickee
shaun beare
'shaun beare' 4 weeks ago
any reason why is it a all gay cast?
princess Mimi
'princess Mimi' 4 weeks ago
is this actually just a video of people using blotting sheets? i can see people do that on the train any day, i thought this was a special machine thing
Melmel Vergara
'Melmel Vergara' 4 weeks ago
lmao i like the guy with the backwards baseball hat
Hey May
'Hey May' 4 weeks ago
michael jones
'michael jones' 4 weeks ago
Did anyone else get that gym shark commercial before this video
Liliana Avila
'Liliana Avila' 4 weeks ago
toilet seat covers do the same thing AND they're freeee!
Eli Duran
'Eli Duran' 4 weeks ago
every other comment:

anybody else breathing?

no... just me? Okay
Alphakakarot 420
'Alphakakarot 420' 4 weeks ago
Running out of ideas
random pranks pranks
fucking geys everywhere
Amanda Love
'Amanda Love' 4 weeks ago
Ok then.............................
'HolyBiscuit69' 4 weeks ago
Wait the rice and phone thing isn't a myth? I thought it was just a joke about how much Asians liked rice.
Fathma Tuti
'Fathma Tuti' 4 weeks ago
Buzzfeed is literally running out of ideas
Kate Hedley
'Kate Hedley' 4 weeks ago
Why is it every video someone's like 'I'm so nervous' you're literally putting paper on your face. They could probably be asked to put on a shirt and they'd be like 'I'm so nervous'
Brandon Morhange
'Brandon Morhange' 4 weeks ago
why are most of these guys queerbos
Matt Kay
'Matt Kay' 4 weeks ago
Couldn't get through thirty seconds of this video because of the gay guys.
Justien Asseburg
'Justien Asseburg' 4 weeks ago
I look like garbage but my sin is nice. I love that one 😂
Tatiana Garza
'Tatiana Garza' 4 weeks ago
no ones gonna say anything about the SOFT GLOW part lmao
'moonfirenb' 4 weeks ago
I love this product, use it all the time at work.
Penny Lane
'Penny Lane' 4 weeks ago
They literally just made a video of people putting paper on their face
Ruby Martinez
'Ruby Martinez' 4 weeks ago
ive used this product for about a year or so and its an amazing product. it sucks up all of the oil and leaves a powder o the face looks nicer.
'Sinthin' 4 weeks ago
Why is there such a high number of gay people at buzz feed as if there are more gays than normals.
Chloe Bascetta
'Chloe Bascetta' 4 weeks ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is So nice" me too man, me too
Ryan Murray
'Ryan Murray' 4 weeks ago
One of them didn't apply to the word "guys"
Michaela Lynn
'Michaela Lynn' 4 weeks ago
Next up on Buzzfeed runs out of ideas: people try toilet paper!
Sophia Woo
'Sophia Woo' 4 weeks ago
Really running out of ideas
Rhiannon Potter
'Rhiannon Potter' 4 weeks ago
Oh sweethearts. ❤ I have to blot at least twice a day usually. Hello sebum. 😭
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