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TEARS OF JOY | Markiplier's Adventures 2 -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Markiplier

By: MarkiplierPublished: 2 weeks ago

1, 767, 426 views

119, 243 Likes   560 Dislikes

I love this game! It's such a delight to play and goes over some really great memories from years past. I'm honored that the developer took to the time to craft and finish such a cool experience. Please give them some support and encourage them to keep on creating awesome things! And thank you all so much for being here and creating these memories with me. I'm so happy to be able to do what I do and it's all thanks to you guys!
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MarkShadJack Fan
'MarkShadJack Fan' 1 hour ago
The dad part made me tears up man, that was some powerful moment.
prankster gangster
don't say cuss words I'm only five
prankster gangster
don't say cuss words I'm only five
Christina N.
'Christina N.' 2 hours ago
Virtual hug Much love sent your way. ❤
Tiny Human
'Tiny Human' 2 hours ago
sailer moon me: SAILER MARK
Richard Fisher
'Richard Fisher' 3 hours ago
my dad died so the dad part made me cry for like ten minutes
EmbaressedPandaz Gabby
Imagine Mark in the power puff girls..
uptown stoner
'uptown stoner' 3 hours ago
its a good story but really corny
Allison Squire
'Allison Squire' 3 hours ago
Mark, this video was awesome! I really did feel like I was about to start crying from how the game was made to be so touching and I hope they make another game like this one.
'Chubbycat2000' 3 hours ago
Mark I just want you too know your dad is really proud of you .and so is all of us your fans your a sweet and funny person thank YOU ❤️😊❤️
Ramiyah Joseph
'Ramiyah Joseph' 4 hours ago
'LML' 4 hours ago
It made me cry at the end
Christina Awesome
'Christina Awesome' 4 hours ago
Quinton Tucker
'Quinton Tucker' 4 hours ago
Mark there's nothing I can say but the you are a good guy, and it must be awesome to those who actually get to know you. Like it must be great to say, "yeah I met Mark". You leave a mark every where you go and on everyone who watches. Continue to do what you are doing because it's good and it makes a difference on such a grand scale no matter how small it seems. Like I said there is nothing I can say except you're a good guy. I bet you won't see this, but in case you do I hope in another life I can be one of those who are directly touched by you... in a not weird way. Markiplier for president 2019. @Markiplier
'narutosgs' 4 hours ago
Y destiny spore
Azec 5425
'Azec 5425' 4 hours ago
That was so sad and sassy. I love Johns games.
Felix Sanchez
'Felix Sanchez' 4 hours ago
Mark really is a special person to me, he makes my days feel much better. . . I love you Mark, we all do. You deserve all of the fanart, games, gifts ect. You've worked so hard to get yourself towards this point. I look up to you, it really would be amazing if I could see you irl. You may not be reading this but. . . I bet up there in heaven your father is watching you. He's watching you every single day, protecting you. And i bet he's really, really proud of you right now. He's always been.

You mean the world to me Mark. . . you really do. I don't know what I would do if you didn't exist. You mean a lot to everyone, we truely do love you Markimoo. Hugs and kisses :) BTW if i sound girly its cuz im a girl :))) im just using my dads phone.
Ebony Barrett
'Ebony Barrett' 5 hours ago
Lov this.Soo awesome!!✌
Travis Kuhs
'Travis Kuhs' 5 hours ago
I like how you dance
Green Holli265
'Green Holli265' 5 hours ago
Every time I watch this video I always tear up when he and his dad have their moment
Samuel D
'Samuel D' 6 hours ago
Markiplier, how can I speak with you in private? Got a little project that you'll be interested.
doge prince gamer
'doge prince gamer' 6 hours ago
I love u mark im a dogeprince
Future trunks of awesomeness F.T.O.A
Fuck the 500 dislikes
TheAwesome PurpleGirl
Hi Mark, I don't EVER like to see anyone cry but this time those were tears of JOY and I could see that from anyone including YOU!❤️❤️❤️Also if it wasn't for you starting Your AWESOME YouTube channel that we all know and love today then,....then I wouldn't be here making AWESOME ArtVids on my channel! (PS-I want to be the most AWESOME GAMER JUST LIKE U!❤️) LOVE YA MARKIMOO!!-TheAwesome PurpleGirl!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜)
pewdiepieisbae 33
'pewdiepieisbae 33' 6 hours ago
it so cute when Mark studders
Daydream Taco
'Daydream Taco' 6 hours ago
I almost cried at that dad part.
Anthony Smith
'Anthony Smith' 7 hours ago
it's Joy
Anthony Smith
'Anthony Smith' 7 hours ago
my name is in the title
Gamer Alleh
'Gamer Alleh' 7 hours ago
That's a weird thing to shout.
devil girl
'devil girl' 7 hours ago
holy fuck that was wonderfull also really funny
#GamerKing# AKA _SAVAGE
Play with him
#GamerKing# AKA _SAVAGE
Wade has another friendo nambed dlive22891
Alexa Stevens
'Alexa Stevens' 8 hours ago
Me: Oh he used Home by myuu. Marks dad comes in oh my god starts crying
Mitch Valente
'Mitch Valente' 8 hours ago
tears of joy:)
tuxedo. girl
'tuxedo. girl' 8 hours ago
Reaches through screen at the end and gives Mark a hug " Mark it's ok don't cry, shhh shhh
LilNee_Channn ;3
'LilNee_Channn ;3' 8 hours ago
i haves question X....D why does tiny box tim sound like toad from mario? X......D!!!!
tuxedo. girl
'tuxedo. girl' 8 hours ago
'EpicWubz' 9 hours ago
That's such a touchy place I mean seriously that is so sad
Wolfy Cat
'Wolfy Cat' 9 hours ago
'EpicWubz' 9 hours ago
OMG Gaming Girl
'OMG Gaming Girl' 9 hours ago
I'm you fan
Jeremy Sprague
'Jeremy Sprague' 9 hours ago
: ( SO SAD !
Original Oreo
'Original Oreo' 10 hours ago
Jaxson Halbeisen
'Jaxson Halbeisen' 10 hours ago
props to you mark my favorite Youtubeer
Original Oreo
'Original Oreo' 10 hours ago
When nurse was shaded I thought she was Chara XD (if you haven't played undertale Charas from undertale X3)
Aden Slemmons
'Aden Slemmons' 10 hours ago
I love you mark
Alex Money
'Alex Money' 10 hours ago
you're facing darkiplier video that was darkiplier
Ali Penn
'Ali Penn' 10 hours ago
He wanted you to go into the game completely without spoilers. If he were to redo the voice acting, I get the feeling he'd get you to do it.
Aviss Abyss
'Aviss Abyss' 11 hours ago
Cried so hard as soon as his dad showed up. So sweet.
live Cook
'live Cook' 11 hours ago
myliljoshler ::
'myliljoshler ::' 11 hours ago
lmao one of the fans in the cage was séan
'dragonhanyu' 11 hours ago
Since we're sharing feelings I have to share this, I deal with depression and some days it's hard just to get out of bed. But Mark, your videos help put a smile on my face and give me the strength to shake off all the sad thoughts that try to drag me down. So thank you. Thank you so much for being you. :)
'sailorgirl2848' 12 hours ago
I really want to see Mark do a cosplay if the warfstache power up costume from this game.
Kamari Washington
'Kamari Washington' 12 hours ago
it ok
Harley Katy
'Harley Katy' 12 hours ago
This is giving SO MUCH feelings😭😭😭😇😇😇😯
Glen Johnston
'Glen Johnston' 12 hours ago
His dad died of cancer in his house markiplier once woke to his step mum screaming he went to his dad and held his hand his last breath of words was "I love you... So much"
Laura Chouinard
'Laura Chouinard' 12 hours ago
he cried... I cried... everyone cried
Pazleigh Christensen
'Pazleigh Christensen' 12 hours ago
Pazleigh Christensen
'Pazleigh Christensen' 12 hours ago
'Kenzie' 13 hours ago
I honestly started crying when Mark started tearing up cause he's just so sweet he's too good for this world💙
'GalaxyDragon' 13 hours ago
Cake_ Love
'Cake_ Love' 14 hours ago
that's werid my name is Leslie
'RadDcComics08' 14 hours ago
WTF..........The Intro
Damn, I can't believe I cried when Marks dad popped up.
It was something I wasn't expecting that to happen and it did.
Kari Potati
'Kari Potati' 14 hours ago
Markiplier we love you mark!! youre an amazing man! i cried so much! thank you for existing. thank you for making videos and bringing happiness to us when were down♡
Lillie Erwin
'Lillie Erwin' 14 hours ago
omfg that was realy sad
Kristina Brincefield
'Kristina Brincefield' 15 hours ago
Mark I know what you been through I going through it with you and your a good guy Mark and I will be with you I'm so sorry for you but we love you because your a good guy 😘
da boss gamer
'da boss gamer' 15 hours ago
awesome game!
gedeon lyombo
'gedeon lyombo' 15 hours ago
i was crying so damn much its so 😢😢😢😢😢
Ashley Taylor
'Ashley Taylor' 15 hours ago
This was precious to watch. It is just nice seeing Mark when he play his fans' games.
Wuft Chan
'Wuft Chan' 15 hours ago
mark nice plus1 biceps
Wuft Chan
'Wuft Chan' 15 hours ago
im crying
Doroteja Bachtijeva
'Doroteja Bachtijeva' 15 hours ago
also Mark best intro in the whole chanel
S Medrano
'S Medrano' 15 hours ago
The freaking part with his dad made me cry 😢
Ayano Aishi
'Ayano Aishi' 15 hours ago
23:47 I think Mark was crying...if he was then Mark don't cry we will cheer you up! 🙂
da boss gamer
'da boss gamer' 15 hours ago
the guy who voices mark in the game sounds like bardock from dragon ball z abrgied
Hannah Ringblom
'Hannah Ringblom' 15 hours ago
I cried so much when his dad came and all after
Doroteja Bachtijeva
'Doroteja Bachtijeva' 15 hours ago
22:41 isint that ur twerk autfit Mark
Wuft Chan
'Wuft Chan' 15 hours ago
who just came back from watching the markipler rap. 😰😰😰
Wuft Chan
'Wuft Chan' 15 hours ago
the funny thing is  just watched his spore series :p
Insane Kaity
'Insane Kaity' 16 hours ago
Mark I cried when you started to get teary-eyed and sad you make me happy I just wish I could meet you that would make my day
mario sith
'mario sith' 16 hours ago
That's so so sweet oh God that is really sweet awwwwwwwwwwwww I love that
Iris Stormbell
'Iris Stormbell' 16 hours ago
Markiplier YOU ARE NOT AN IDOIT....BUT... in My Eyes being a dork is the best thing you can be so to me you are the best one around
'Mr.Creepydrawsta' 17 hours ago
I cried at the part with his dad and till the end
simply lini
'simply lini' 17 hours ago
Demon Girl1709
'Demon Girl1709' 17 hours ago
Who cry at the part when his dad came and you know...
Clay Barksdale
'Clay Barksdale' 18 hours ago
the feels
'Marine364' 18 hours ago
The part with his dad makes me cry every time. ps mark, he must me so proud of you. :)
Dulce De Los Santos
'Dulce De Los Santos' 19 hours ago
Lol hahaha funny
Arun Knights
'Arun Knights' 19 hours ago
Stay strong Mark and continue your good work.
Jade Meindertsma
'Jade Meindertsma' 19 hours ago
what are you doing
Mahmoud Alkhalili
'Mahmoud Alkhalili' 19 hours ago
Thats so sad😭😭

Meagan Williams
'Meagan Williams' 19 hours ago
my name is Lesli
Mazie DeBose
'Mazie DeBose' 20 hours ago
his dancing tho
Konami klub!
'Konami klub!' 20 hours ago
I couldn't help but cry
Desiree Martinez
'Desiree Martinez' 20 hours ago
this is like the best fan game that I have seen mark ever play!!
psalm sagadal
'psalm sagadal' 20 hours ago
hope find his nurse
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