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Fifth Harmony - All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap -
Published: 7 months ago By: FifthHarmonyVEVO

By: FifthHarmonyVEVOPublished: 7 months ago

289, 006, 487 views

1, 515, 545 Likes   112, 649 Dislikes

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Randy Sissel
'Randy Sissel' 20 minutes ago
Loryn is my favorite
Joeny Zhu
'Joeny Zhu' 40 minutes ago
How do they look so good !!! 👀 👀 👀 🔥 🔥 🔥
Manuel Zelaya
'Manuel Zelaya' 1 hour ago
They'd must call theirs forth harmony
Davi Martins
'Davi Martins' 2 hours ago
vai na parte 31a 32
Prenom nom
'Prenom nom' 2 hours ago
I love this song
Lawrence t.
'Lawrence t.' 2 hours ago
normani looks like moana lmao hahahahhahahaa
Amour Monica
'Amour Monica' 2 hours ago
Now that it's 4 of them , they have competition with Little Mix ☺️😍
CynthiaJustDance YOYO!
Ana Cristina Moreno Castañeda
No eran 5? Ahora son 4TH HARMONY :V
'Jessicalball' 3 hours ago
ok way too much hair flipping, hair twirling, and Egyptian walking. wtf is this video?!
'indopat1' 3 hours ago
Hello random person looking through the comments 😄
'indopat1' 3 hours ago
Emilia CL
'Emilia CL' 4 hours ago
Ahí todas las chicas son bonitas
Caliane Santos
'Caliane Santos' 4 hours ago
Brasil ❤
Faaby Galvaoo
'Faaby Galvaoo' 4 hours ago
teve que ir embora da banda fifth Harmon e pois nem sabia
Faaby Galvaoo
'Faaby Galvaoo' 4 hours ago
coitada da Camila
Elizabeth Caroline
'Elizabeth Caroline' 4 hours ago
Elizabeth Caroline
'Elizabeth Caroline' 4 hours ago
'sirgig84' 4 hours ago
Normani is sexy
Joselyn Solorzano
'Joselyn Solorzano' 4 hours ago
I like wear they are
rap lover
'rap lover' 4 hours ago
I love this song how about you
'NATALYߘ̀ PEREIRA' 5 hours ago
i Love fitf harmonia😘😘😘😘😘
Sii ent.
'Sii ent.' 5 hours ago
What they have on is too much even tho their 19&18 or 19&20 THIS is what Camila was talking about like look what Dinah has on. Camila ass is basically out lmao and etc.
Keith Exum
'Keith Exum' 5 hours ago
nice fith harmony
chiquis chiquilininos
la canción muy bonita😮😛
horanmyking 93
'horanmyking 93' 5 hours ago
lauren makes me horny 😎
Erika L
'Erika L' 6 hours ago
Mi favority is Camila and Lauren -
greninja hayate
'greninja hayate' 6 hours ago
Who is the prettiest of all them?
Delay Kenyi
'Delay Kenyi' 6 hours ago
I'd fuck the shit out of Lauren lmao
Sim Crazy
'Sim Crazy' 7 hours ago
(Forth harmony )
'TheGamerKid' 7 hours ago
1:30 is that Shawn Mendes
gisele almeida
'gisele almeida' 7 hours ago
flex eu odeio essa musica , sim , eu odeio ela, sabe o porque , a brook n sabe cantar... (cantar) ,flex podiam ter arrumado uma roupa melhor pra jane , flex a a jauregui n aguenta mas essa vida de escrava .... flex eu kordei hj com vontade de tirar a sombrancelha da hamilton pk nehh ta fei neh fia ....... obs : levem na brincadeira
fantastickitty x
'fantastickitty x' 8 hours ago
Uhm I'll try not to cring
no one VanDyk
'no one VanDyk' 8 hours ago
Catchy song+hot girls=300 million views. Now you know how to make a music video...
Marianna Torres
'Marianna Torres' 9 hours ago
Analisa Silva
'Analisa Silva' 9 hours ago
any more songs about sex
Analisa Silva
'Analisa Silva' 9 hours ago
the only good song by 5h is boss miss moving on every thing else is about sex or cheap in stupid
Rawr Its Lena
'Rawr Its Lena' 9 hours ago
Hot girls: In cute outfits and lit hair Standing on rocks taking selfies like a model 😍

Me: Sneezes out sand and gets salt in eyes when swimming
'H4RMONY VEVO' 10 hours ago
12 million views until 300 million
'Michelle' 10 hours ago
Camilas part is my fav!! She's def gonna be missed 😩
'linda' 10 hours ago
I love this song
hi ok
'hi ok' 10 hours ago
i love fifht harmony camila cabello is sweet
Zoë Grande
'Zoë Grande' 11 hours ago
this makes me miss summer
Mayflower Morgan
'Mayflower Morgan' 11 hours ago
My favorite song💙blue heart for blue sea
Rodrigo Silva
'Rodrigo Silva' 11 hours ago
Uau ❤
Urban Cooking
'Urban Cooking' 11 hours ago
sorry for 5th harmony lovers but they show a really bad impression for girls.. they are good singers but can they sing about something else for once? like zara larsson, little mix, 1D before... , ariana grande, nail horan, adele, etc!!!
Monica Dantas
'Monica Dantas' 11 hours ago
tão parecendo Brasileiras
Starr Sanchez
'Starr Sanchez' 12 hours ago
Laurens voice sounds cool in this video she sounds wonderful I'm other videos to but in this video like 9% more ig
Dwaipayan Datta Roy
'Dwaipayan Datta Roy' 12 hours ago
tiquim silva
'tiquim silva' 12 hours ago
brasil ?
'I'm super CUTE' 12 hours ago
what is flex??? can anyone tell me cause i think it's sex

fetty wap: i wanna flex with you baby
normani: flex time to impress. come and climb in my bed
Deez Marbles
'Deez Marbles' 12 hours ago
but whatabout Flex by Mad Cobra
Ty Ty
'Ty Ty' 13 hours ago
i remember when this came out and im just as confused about where Fetty Wap is as I am now.......ANYWAY......THIS VIDEO/SONG MAKES ME WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH.......but Its winter 😂
Pasquale Ferone
'Pasquale Ferone' 14 hours ago
iqra pri
'iqra pri' 14 hours ago
normani you are not from this planet... 👌😱
'OLIVER TWINS Oliver' 14 hours ago
Also they try to away hard to be sexy
'OLIVER TWINS Oliver' 14 hours ago
Watching in 2017 because camila quit
Alice Tourny
'Alice Tourny' 14 hours ago
she Islande live
Victoria 111
'Victoria 111' 14 hours ago
good game and well player
Laura Cognard
'Laura Cognard' 15 hours ago
vous êtes Français
Katherine Blieber
'Katherine Blieber' 15 hours ago
I love lauren's voice is very good but all harmonizer is good
vitoria da Diversão
'vitoria da Diversão' 16 hours ago
'SamukaBR' 17 hours ago
wats it brasil
Michelle Bain
'Michelle Bain' 19 hours ago
I love this song
Blake Bellamy
'Blake Bellamy' 19 hours ago
Camila is so hot
Guys if you want to know if your gay or not just answer this question do you like camila if no your gay
Because she's the cutest girl ever
Goey En Bee
'Goey En Bee' 20 hours ago
camila cabelo and lauren jaguar is so very beautiful and cute
guy Farting
'guy Farting' 20 hours ago
I masturbated really hard this video.
Shay Adams
'Shay Adams' 21 hours ago
Amy Lee
'Amy Lee' 21 hours ago
Normani been slaying all day
Adriana Santiago
'Adriana Santiago' 22 hours ago
me I luv this song
some much 😎
Otgonbayar Batjargal
'Otgonbayar Batjargal' 23 hours ago
camila best😍
Nelson Leonard
'Nelson Leonard' 23 hours ago
You can flex in all your body
Jorden Jones
'Jorden Jones' 24 hours ago
I'll climb In your bed babe ;)
Es Ol
'Es Ol' 1 day ago
Beatriz Moreo
'Beatriz Moreo' 1 day ago
i love you gifs😘😘😋😋😚😗😊😉😆
Maria Eduarda
'Maria Eduarda' 1 day ago
'z0mb.e' 1 day ago
love song I biggest fAn lol
Phoebe Gaudion
'Phoebe Gaudion' 1 day ago
Can I just be normani please?
Phiona Sibisi
'Phiona Sibisi' 1 day ago
Normani has blossomed so much. she is so hot
Jayleen Rosa
'Jayleen Rosa' 1 day ago
I love this song
'LuckyMusiqLive' 1 day ago
its crazy how music can change your mood. anyone else relate to this? such a catchy song. the beat is stuck in my head. love the video too. I'm getting popular fast because I rap about real life problems..would mean so much to me if you could subscribe to my channel. who else is here on January 20th?
Melissa Komons
'Melissa Komons' 1 day ago
Wait so Dinah ISN'T wearing bottoms?! LOL
antonio abelardo gelvis liscano
Ángeles Andrade Castro
like si hablas español
antonio abelardo gelvis liscano
phamala even
'phamala even' 1 day ago
Fifth harmony!! 3 3
Veronika Morris
'Veronika Morris' 1 day ago
I'm 9 and my causin is 7 we love you so much
Itsemmaxoxo 04
'Itsemmaxoxo 04' 1 day ago
Camila said they need her in the group cause she makes them better boooooyyyyyyy there way better without you
'KEIRY VALLE' 1 day ago
esos chavos que salen ai están bien guapos el pelon y el primero que salio
'KEIRY VALLE' 1 day ago
cantan bonito
TheCrazedYandere 123
Normani: Don't be shy do your thing
Selena: I just wanna look good for yah
Ariana: I'm so into you
Chainsmokers: So baby pull me closer
Justin: What do you mean?
Britney: WOMANIZER OHHH YOUR A WOMANIZER (defending Selena)
Justin: Is it to late now to say sorry?
Shawn: I know I can treat you better ;)
Angel Alvarez
'Angel Alvarez' 1 day ago
this songs is catchy.☺
KawaiiGirl901 ToyChicaOMG
0:30 that boob wave tho
Yasmin Druijts
'Yasmin Druijts' 1 day ago
Please harmonizers tell me! Is it true that Camila switches with her twin sister sometimes...? I don't believe it but I want to be sure
The Biebs
'The Biebs' 1 day ago
for all the horny guys pause at 1:42 thank me later.
Emily M. Gannon
'Emily M. Gannon' 1 day ago
like the song
Reyna Cruz
'Reyna Cruz' 1 day ago
i love this song
Skylar Reign Heart
yeah thats sad
'M PB' 1 day ago
behind the scenes fml
Sherlyn Soto
'Sherlyn Soto' 1 day ago
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