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Fifth Harmony - All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap -
Published: 9 months ago By: FifthHarmonyVEVO

By: FifthHarmonyVEVOPublished: 9 months ago

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'inasexymood' 41 minutes ago
That first girl did like three head jerks to the left BYE.
Ana Malia Black
'Ana Malia Black' 1 hour ago
I wonder how people can like Normani she always looks like the jealous one
alisson gama
'alisson gama' 6 hours ago
The man sing like he have a Dick in your throat
'GaLaXy G!RL' 7 hours ago
They look so pretty
bunnybaby 2085
'bunnybaby 2085' 7 hours ago
I feel like this is the video u post when u just turn 18
Berinna Garcia
'Berinna Garcia' 8 hours ago
I love U Normaniiii 💛👑
Ay sha Yaz
'Ay sha Yaz' 9 hours ago
1:27 normanis smile 😍😍
sil vana
'sil vana' 9 hours ago
Bañuelos Margarita
'Bañuelos Margarita' 9 hours ago
Love fifth harmoni
Fabricio Ribeiro
'Fabricio Ribeiro' 10 hours ago
Faith Egwuonwu
'Faith Egwuonwu' 11 hours ago
they all look great at this video
Erika Magdiel Ravelo Acevedo
me. gusto la musica
Josephine P
'Josephine P' 11 hours ago
Tishia Walcott
'Tishia Walcott' 11 hours ago
I love this song its amazing
'K3n15ha' 11 hours ago
Anyone else enjoying the eye candy? lol
Haring King King King
100K + Dislike Normani's Haters/Bashers
Mya Jackson
'Mya Jackson' 13 hours ago
I miss the group ....... why they stop 😎😔😔😔😭😭😭😭
luna vic vi
'luna vic vi' 13 hours ago
i love fifhit harmone
Alan Clark
'Alan Clark' 13 hours ago
The one in the black on you sound like a child singing
CloseCypress goku
'CloseCypress goku' 14 hours ago
so hot!!!!
govou chainz
'govou chainz' 14 hours ago
I came to watch this video and masturbate..
Joao Pedroso
'Joao Pedroso' 14 hours ago
Karen Gonzalez
'Karen Gonzalez' 18 hours ago
Y Camila lofte
Herbivo 132
'Herbivo 132' 18 hours ago
Nataly Mena
'Nataly Mena' 18 hours ago
Leo Felciano
'Leo Felciano' 19 hours ago
Passou Na Tv
'Passou Na Tv' 19 hours ago
Keylan Santana Viera
'Keylan Santana Viera' 19 hours ago
OMG i love you soo much
yuliana vega
'yuliana vega' 20 hours ago
ahora no son 5h son 4h que fome ya no es fifth harmony es four harmony
Pamela Ferreira
'Pamela Ferreira' 20 hours ago
Amei amo as fifth harmony👌👌💜💜
Keiandra Vital
'Keiandra Vital' 20 hours ago
i love it
Emma Leiphart
'Emma Leiphart' 21 hours ago
shows a lot... -.-
'YoungMeek' 22 hours ago
I can't believe they left poor Fetty in a damn cave and went of partying
melagriao cutaquinte
a versão genérica e atualizada de Pussy Cat Dolls rsrs
'kurakai18' 1 day ago
Normani is so fucking beautiful!! all the girls are beautiful tho!
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 1 day ago
camilla is the best in the group, but she leaved the group😞
Sarku Roll
'Sarku Roll' 1 day ago
Normani and Dinah make me question my life
'Lovezys123' 1 day ago
Bro everyone be complimenting Normani, but damn Dinah is gorgeous.
valeria scott
'valeria scott' 1 day ago
onque no se ingles me gusta la canción 😍😚😘😊😰pero tbien quiero desir te amo normany o I love you normany
'Triikz' 1 day ago
Poor Fetty wasn't getting any the whole video. Poor guy 😂
Jewels !
'Jewels !' 1 day ago
Ally and Camilla has very nice voices 👌👌👌
Júlia Cruz
'Júlia Cruz' 1 day ago
Amooo essa musica e a banda Fifth Harmony
Britney Peppa
'Britney Peppa' 2 days ago
Andres Galvan
'Andres Galvan' 2 days ago
it is good
Andres Galvan
'Andres Galvan' 2 days ago
I love the songs
Adriana Aparecida
'Adriana Aparecida' 2 days ago
Te adoro meninas eu tenho um pendraeve que tem todas as suas músicas
Juan Calos Vidal Parra
Wasswa Diaby
'Wasswa Diaby' 2 days ago
Pretty Liar
'Pretty Liar' 2 days ago
I like the voices of Lauren and Normani the most ♥
Aguus Henderson
'Aguus Henderson' 2 days ago
Henna Holappa
'Henna Holappa' 2 days ago
nati  bujad
'nati bujad' 2 days ago
es la mejor canción del mundo
Garrett Ochoa
'Garrett Ochoa' 2 days ago
Camila and Lauren are the epitome of gorgeous
Oxalis Frias
'Oxalis Frias' 2 days ago
1:27 Camila is so beautiful
Nubia Bastos
'Nubia Bastos' 2 days ago
linda de mais
Nubia Bastos
'Nubia Bastos' 2 days ago
massa de mais
Mariaclaragoncaves Ferreira
Jacob Haurum
'Jacob Haurum' 2 days ago
Damn! I miss fetty
Fatima Benheda
'Fatima Benheda' 2 days ago
I Love you song en mi colegio me pego todo el rato cantando la hasta en un examen
Maria Eduarda
'Maria Eduarda' 2 days ago
lolo goxtosaaaa
Epitácio Lima Barbosa Júnior
Imagine fifth harmony cantando ragatanga. '0'
Jariya James
'Jariya James' 2 days ago
the guy sing.. he cant sing.. please stop.. no being mean to be haters or rude.. He cant sing. he sound drunk
I like fetty wap the best lol x#
Maria Jahnea Navarro
i love da songs so much
Rohan Akib
'Rohan Akib' 2 days ago
love lauren soo much
'marmarisbacc2' 2 days ago
Dinah tho. She's the one.
Nathan Beard
'Nathan Beard' 2 days ago
Who else came here after watching Matt Crawford's video at the same beach they filmed AIMHF???
Omran Hamadi
'Omran Hamadi' 2 days ago
Can anyone tell what Fetty Wap says because I can't
Kika Gallegos
'Kika Gallegos' 2 days ago
camla is betaful
Zachary Gallegoes
'Zachary Gallegoes' 2 days ago
this is so sexy!!!!!!!
'tvtime2122' 2 days ago
My boyfriend just asked me to marry him this morning while this song was playing... i said YES!!! this song is so special to us now. its so catchy and i love the video. Check out my boyfriends music by searching "Lucky- Wannabe [HD Official Video]", he's growing fast! Who else is here on March 20th?
Petronia Pearson
'Petronia Pearson' 2 days ago
this song is very nice not nice nicest
Fernando Salazar Reyes
Dinah Jane and Camila Cabello are the best. I love them 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
Jardel Govender
'Jardel Govender' 2 days ago
Why do I love Dinahs solos so much?😢😢😢😢
Fernando Sanchez
'Fernando Sanchez' 2 days ago
I went to the rodeo to see 5th harmony my fav song was all in my head
Amanda Irizarry
'Amanda Irizarry' 3 days ago
i love this song
Sheppe_ Licious
'Sheppe_ Licious' 3 days ago
Came for the song, stayed for the bodies
Meggan Greulich
'Meggan Greulich' 3 days ago
I'M GAY FOR U LAUREN ! (sorry for my bad english bc i'm french 🤔)
Meggan Greulich
'Meggan Greulich' 3 days ago
Lauren is so FUCK*NG HOT
panchita j.l
'panchita j.l' 3 days ago
las love
Ana Júlia Soares
'Ana Júlia Soares' 3 days ago
uuuuu rul
Akuma Arashi
'Akuma Arashi' 3 days ago
gotta love that 0:31 boom titties smash
player 30000 gamer
Júlia Vargas
'Júlia Vargas' 3 days ago
só eu de harmonyse brasileira aqui ??I from Brazil ❤
Osiris Ramos
'Osiris Ramos' 3 days ago
x d was
ugaso hussein
'ugaso hussein' 3 days ago
TOP gamer
'TOP gamer' 3 days ago
i love lauren
Christina Mantzekus
'aymen' 3 days ago
1:26 there is something weird with her sound
LíviinhaMaryanne Lívia Maryanne
Brasileiros ? Cadê Vocês😍😌👏
Yudi Panda
'Yudi Panda' 3 days ago
Dinah :O
Adriana Aparecida
'Adriana Aparecida' 3 days ago
adoro vocês
Lache Chana
'Lache Chana' 3 days ago
Lache Chana
'Lache Chana' 3 days ago
Charlaine Arcader
'Charlaine Arcader' 3 days ago
Patricia Jeanblu
'Patricia Jeanblu' 3 days ago
flex <33 ™
Fouad Souane
'Fouad Souane' 3 days ago
Nicki Minaj : Oh my gauche look at that bot :o
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