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Published: 4 months ago By: D&B Nation

By: D&B NationPublished: 4 months ago

1, 268, 388 views

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'Swag094' 1 day ago
body wave
Dior Yeez
'Dior Yeez' 2 days ago
Damon got hops
Zayveon Feaster
'Zayveon Feaster' 3 days ago
I pick curly
Isaiah Eller
'Isaiah Eller' 5 days ago
were do yall play at were is that gym
Malik Reacts
'Malik Reacts' 6 days ago
thumbnail is at 14:04 or 14:00
Madden Madden 17
'Madden Madden 17' 1 week ago
I pick the body wave
Dom Marrone
'Dom Marrone' 1 week ago
Dem ovo nice
Elizabethk Castillo
Kelvin Mcmillian
'Kelvin Mcmillian' 2 weeks ago
'TED' 2 weeks ago
That tall white dude a sharpshooter bruh
J0yceLyn 02
'J0yceLyn 02' 2 weeks ago
Bianca should get the curly hair🤗
Uzekiel Martin
'Uzekiel Martin' 2 weeks ago
Uzekiel Martin
'Uzekiel Martin' 2 weeks ago
box braids
Destiny Martin
'Destiny Martin' 2 weeks ago
Dats my coach!!!
Kathy Davis
'Kathy Davis' 2 weeks ago
Tyler Osterloh
'Tyler Osterloh' 3 weeks ago
I play basketball to I am good
Droski PCF Seadrow
'Droski PCF Seadrow' 3 weeks ago
go to Ke'Moree you tube pg
Jordan Allender
'Jordan Allender' 3 weeks ago
That white dude was a ball hogger
Daveon Charles
'Daveon Charles' 3 weeks ago
white boi got a strap
Lycan Savage
'Lycan Savage' 3 weeks ago
this man low-key suck at basketball💯
Divaa Depina
'Divaa Depina' 4 weeks ago
you should get none you are beyutifull just the way you are
Apen Muludy
'Apen Muludy' 4 weeks ago
the curly one
Stephen Lamb
'Stephen Lamb' 4 weeks ago
9:45 my mans got moves lmao
Daniell George
'Daniell George' 1 month ago
Briana Johnson
'Briana Johnson' 1 month ago
She should get body wavy in her hair
Buduce Boy
'Buduce Boy' 1 month ago
White dude need to be in the nba
Alex Sanchez
'Alex Sanchez' 1 month ago
White boy was the nicest on the court
keyshan williams
'keyshan williams' 1 month ago
That white boy can ball though I don't care what nobody say
keyshan williams
'keyshan williams' 1 month ago
At 10:50 that white boy just chill
keyshan williams
'keyshan williams' 1 month ago
The curly one
Lakeisha Knowles
'Lakeisha Knowles' 1 month ago
body Wave
Jaylen Kimble
'Jaylen Kimble' 1 month ago
body wave
Valerie Marchena
'Valerie Marchena' 1 month ago
love u guys soooooo much
'CARLOS DOMINGUEZ' 1 month ago
'MaSaa_IcO' 1 month ago
fuck niggers
Jouseph Perez
'Jouseph Perez' 1 month ago
body wave plz
Stefan August
'Stefan August' 1 month ago
That white niqqa needa get signed with the warriors
Coco Bloxss
'Coco Bloxss' 1 month ago
Body wave
'HIGHLIGHTS Master' 1 month ago
Toya Brewerirkd96o260245wo
girl you are pretty
Norriea wilson
'Norriea wilson' 1 month ago
Damien is so short out there compared to the other men
Nasir Gray
'Nasir Gray' 1 month ago
Yo her eyes😍😍😍
deadly princess
'deadly princess' 1 month ago
body wave cause you can curl and straighten it
Just Light skin
'Just Light skin' 1 month ago
How does your baby breath in that bed
B&L forever
'B&L forever' 1 month ago
omg I love how Bianca say her name so cute and they inspired me and my sister to make a channel but we didn't start yet and we will record on a phone because we don't have a camera and if we did I don't know how to edit on a camrea
23Beast Boy23
'23Beast Boy23' 1 month ago
subscribe to my channel
'P.G FITNESS' 1 month ago
Hey guys I'm a 17 year old from Australia and I just started a fitness Channel. I'm a track and field trainer for younger kids,I would appreciate it if you guys can check it out and subscribe please. Thanks
Devyn Crum
'Devyn Crum' 1 month ago
They usually put seasonal salt on their fries
Stephan Martinez
'Stephan Martinez' 1 month ago
Damien out there complaining like lebron.. lol
Stephan Martinez
'Stephan Martinez' 1 month ago
the white Stephen Curry
Necee Brown
'Necee Brown' 1 month ago
look at my dad's channel UFL real Tuff talk
Necee Brown
'Necee Brown' 1 month ago
Damian you can play basketball
Jessie Sandles
'Jessie Sandles' 1 month ago
do you know josh
r morris
'r morris' 1 month ago
body wave
7reTheGod 757
'7reTheGod 757' 2 months ago
Damien stay in fights
Kayli Bowser
'Kayli Bowser' 2 months ago
I love your videos 🤑🤑🤑
'Ty' 2 months ago
finally im not the only one #bigguyscanhoop
Dennis Ruttner
'Dennis Ruttner' 2 months ago
her teeth all ready are whiter then white homy
'tykeylan123' 2 months ago
white dude xold den ah bitxh
Blaine Goodwin
'Blaine Goodwin' 2 months ago
pink highlights
Jalil McCloud
'Jalil McCloud' 2 months ago
how about u play me one on one Damien. I bet I would spank u boy
rill savage
'rill savage' 2 months ago
y was he yelling at the guy in the grey teshert
Ashti shana
'Ashti shana' 2 months ago
This guy will punk his wife but fold on the court. I don't understand why we say "fight" to get views and there was none. 🤔
'JustMykaila' 2 months ago
Body wave for Bianca
'FLAWDAWADA8' 2 months ago
damien you ass at bball
NDS Boys
'NDS Boys' 2 months ago
i have the same car seat cover with the elephants #TeamDamien
jay zilla
'jay zilla' 2 months ago
fuck d and b yall are scamming mother fuckers bro stop click baiting there was no fight you've done this twice now
Clifton Turner
'Clifton Turner' 2 months ago
they started fighting at 15:00
Kerry Will Williams
'Kerry Will Williams' 2 months ago
They play better than half of these nba stars
Brian Palacios
'Brian Palacios' 2 months ago
dude has a cavs shirt with some kobes' s on😂😂💀💀
King Zay
'King Zay' 2 months ago
that white boi made all his shots
Alexis Peterson
'Alexis Peterson' 2 months ago
Edward Chen
'Edward Chen' 2 months ago
Why he always cut out parts he miss???????
Luis Lozano
'Luis Lozano' 2 months ago
that white tall dude can ball
Jonathan Isaac
'Jonathan Isaac' 2 months ago
Dude with the red shorts who got crossed looked like
Colin Kapernick
'MARSHALL Townes' 2 months ago
body wave
Kaylee Devine
'Kaylee Devine' 2 months ago
'CharlieTube' 2 months ago
Damien has little man syndrome
'CharlieTube' 2 months ago
Fight ???? You mean argument !
Terrance Mason
'Terrance Mason' 2 months ago
Why would you watch a video,waiting for a fight?
Tracy Reid
'Tracy Reid' 2 months ago
Damien remind me of Pepe for sum reason
Joshua Reyes
'Joshua Reyes' 2 months ago
dam u see that big ass white man ballin hard asf I think he was shy to dunk on them foos
'BWA-REDtv' 2 months ago
'Jspeedgaming' 2 months ago
the fucking title should've been Damien got Into a fucking argument not into a fight , back at it again with the shitty misleading title you two cunts
Faik Gaming
'Faik Gaming' 2 months ago
D show him
'JUAN RUFFIN' 2 months ago
Awl damn I've had red Robin at least five times in my entire life I tell you red robin is fucking fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jo snow
'Jo snow' 2 months ago
Damien short tho
Jaaay Saucyyy
'Jaaay Saucyyy' 2 months ago
The white boy confused 😂😂😂
Keywan Riggins
'Keywan Riggins' 2 months ago
body wave
ZeZeckz axb
'ZeZeckz axb' 2 months ago
someone said worldstar 2 times LLS
Fight Videos
'Fight Videos' 2 months ago
Back at it again wit da fake fights
Gregory Washington
'Gregory Washington' 2 months ago
get tfo
Damien tores
'Damien tores' 2 months ago
i ment damien
Damien tores
'Damien tores' 2 months ago
my name is dampen
Lil Tre tre
'Lil Tre tre' 2 months ago
Y'all should get a fan phone
Nakia Williams
'Nakia Williams' 2 months ago
body wave
Shamyah Henderson
'Shamyah Henderson' 2 months ago
I think body wave
'cashmoneymulla' 2 months ago
Boi my teeth fucked up😁😷😂
'NoLimitJayB' 2 months ago
All he did was argue that was it
Jonathan  Truncellito
'Jonathan Truncellito' 2 months ago
haha white dude ballin said can't no body guard me
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