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BBC World News Loop - Version 2 -
Published: 4 years ago By: Martin Anderson

By: Martin AndersonPublished: 4 years ago

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Looking at the new BBC World News studio screens they have a slow moving looping animation. I wanted to have a go at re-creating it and this was my second attempt along with some wonderful David Lowe BBC News music!

You can view my first rough version here - As you can see, this is a massive improvement!

Here is a breakdown showing how I put the animation together from 3D Masks, and layers. -

Victor Santos
'Victor Santos' 1 week ago
pensei que era tipo o do treta news
Emmanuel Nsombo
'Emmanuel Nsombo' 4 weeks ago
Lucy Lambert
'Lucy Lambert' 2 months ago
this double speed is the most intense thing
Alistair Thomson
'Alistair Thomson' 2 months ago
wonderful soundtrack again - still love it
Nathan Lyon
'Nathan Lyon' 3 months ago
Can you remove the BBC logo?
'Meglos' 3 months ago
Amazing mix - I'm putting together a slightly different visual version to use as the intro to my real news for private playlists for friends (currently a private video). Would it be make my ever-so-slight visual remix of this wonderful mix a public (or at least unlisted) video, so it can be viewed in my playlists please - with full credit and link to original source & artist included? For now, I'm using your version to avoid any copyright / no permission issues it could cause. Thanks.
Mario TV
'Mario TV' 5 months ago
Very Close To The Original!
'anipit' 6 months ago
Long live David Lowe ! thanks for the upload Martin !
Paulo Malheiro
'Paulo Malheiro' 8 months ago
Catchy. Unbeatable.
Aziz Nikbin
'Aziz Nikbin' 8 months ago
Great job on the video!
Kaden Reese Martin
'Kaden Reese Martin' 9 months ago
Impressive, BBC World News America has one similar, except it is not backstage, it's in the news studio itself, Can you try to remake it in BBC world News America colors as seen in the studio?
Emmanuel Xavier
'Emmanuel Xavier' 9 months ago
'CXbb_lndn' 10 months ago
only one positive thing about this morherfucking criminals BBC I can say is they employ good DJ's
Tan Ek Hern
'Tan Ek Hern' 10 months ago
I like both of these tracks. The first one I feel conveys a greater feeling of awe and wonder. This version has more action happening.
Joselino Oliveira
'Joselino Oliveira' 11 months ago
cual es la versión original?
Moawed Ahmed
'Moawed Ahmed' 12 months ago
'ZXTV' 12 months ago
Very amazing!
Saurabh Saxena
'Saurabh Saxena' 12 months ago
Its awesome !! Better than the original composer David Lowe in BBC.
Alfred Innes
'Alfred Innes' 1 year ago
hey martin fuck the colors , can you make a sound track like this, no dont think so, so fuck the rings , who gives a fuck which way the earth is spinning, for all i care the earths been on fire since its being turning. just enjoy the sound
Andrew Pau Sawm Sian Piang
This looks amazing! Although it looks different for me as I'm in the UK (so it says BBC News instead of BBC World News), you can hardly tell the difference between this, the ones on the screens in the broadcast. Great work!
Dave M
'Dave M' 1 year ago
David Lowe's Masterpiece !!
Milli P
'Milli P' 1 year ago
Grouping up as a child I personally hated the news but I would always stay for the countdown! Thank you! Favorite Memories due to this song!
'EREM DEMİR' 1 year ago
This is just what I'd been looking for, Mr. Martin. I love the countdowns of BBC. Thanks for the video you did which I liked and thanks for bringing this music to us.

Best Regards,

'bormisha' 1 year ago
Where did you get the extended countdown music in high quality? I didn't find any countdown music on the only David Lowe's CD with BBC music that is available for purchase.
Adeel Qadri
'Adeel Qadri' 1 year ago
version-2 is good.. world's best news sound track.
Mo Fahmi
'Mo Fahmi' 2 years ago
I love it mate, great try.
stephen whoever
'stephen whoever' 2 years ago
music from?
'ALİ ERKİŞ' 2 years ago
Lisa NLC
'Lisa NLC' 2 years ago
Absolutely awesome! Can't believe I actually found this music!! I just thought I'd try my luck cause I am quite obsessed with the BBC music... and here it is! Mr Anderson, ur the man! Could you do one of the BBC Global tune please?
nondo gizzy
'nondo gizzy' 2 years ago
hahaha...looks like someone managed to make the earth rotate the right way.
unlike version.
Megan Sutton
'Megan Sutton' 2 years ago
It sounds kind of epic for a news theme song
'mrbusdriversir' 2 years ago
And seen. Great graphic animation. 
'mrbusdriversir' 2 years ago
This one is one of the best I've heard. Thanks for sharing it. 
Anders Mostue
'Anders Mostue' 2 years ago
I prefer BBC from most channels world wide. Why? Because its reliable, a good source and polite to every part of the globe and showing a story with more then 1 side of the story.
kade jam
'kade jam' 2 years ago
am from Jamaica and i love this sound track . i look for all over so happy i found it  
James Gonzalez
'James Gonzalez' 2 years ago
Nice remix! Parts 1 & 2 were both good.
Mic Hubert
'Mic Hubert' 2 years ago
Australian here, The theme used is the theme not just used for the World News, but on most BBC bulletins?
Fabiano Mickaela
'Fabiano Mickaela' 2 years ago
Muito boa,parabéns BBC pelo grande trabalho.
Jimmy Park
'Jimmy Park' 2 years ago
I wonder how you made this. It's incredible
'Contour' 2 years ago
Where'd you get this?
'InfoSecGuru' 2 years ago
Fantastic! What a good job, Mark.
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 2 years ago
In what way do you think the first one was better @Ce Ceya?  There was not enough detailing on the globe, the speed of the rings were too fast, and the colouring was not accurate enough.
'EVERGREEN THUJA' 2 years ago
bleech, the version b4 this was better.  why fix what's not broken
Steven Milward
'Steven Milward' 3 years ago
I really like this, you can sort of imagine it being the back theme to a side scrolling text news feed. High-techy.
Don Roa
'Don Roa' 3 years ago
Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Martin Anderson, you are simply Great!!!!!!!!!!!! its my ring tone now!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for the upload....please keep making some more.....try even the NDTV are an asset for people like me....thanks once again....
Karlos Silva
'Karlos Silva' 3 years ago
Alberto Hietala Gomes
: : : E x c e l e n t : : :
'A.Leelee' 3 years ago
Wow this is  sweet!!!!!
'RASHID BROJIM T. C.' 3 years ago
Naresh Saklecha
'Naresh Saklecha' 3 years ago
Joan Manuel Cortes Puig
Greetings from Spain so awesome intro loop bbc one of the best world news coverage in Europe and world
Willian Erasmo Mercedes Mateo
tremendo trabajo musical, es inmenso. despierta sensaciones fuera de lo normal. felicidades
Figueiredo . Jorge
'Figueiredo . Jorge' 3 years ago
Javier Vilar
'Javier Vilar' 3 years ago
David Lowe, The best!!
Leo Birkin
'Leo Birkin' 3 years ago
I love this music!!
Josh Eastham
'Josh Eastham' 3 years ago
love the bbc i think i want to work with them as a ''technical boffin'' to use old british  
terms !
Usman Nazar Rathore
'Usman Nazar Rathore' 3 years ago
such a graceful mixer of tradition and modern music, BBC music has always been inspiring especially while i am working out and i have a target to achieve in some specific time and a countdown is going on in my mind, in-fact even in office assignments the music helps me to focus as well achieving tougher targets in lesser time ... :)
'Howard' 3 years ago
BBC Should release a new soundtrack with all countdowns mixed into one long track...would be awesome as there is so many
Sáimon Rio
'Sáimon Rio' 3 years ago
Paolo Umberto d
I Like It!
5 Music
'5 Music' 3 years ago
Can You Make Just A BBC News One Please. Thanks And Amazing Work!
Sunil Nevla
'Sunil Nevla' 3 years ago
and signals
Sunil Nevla
'Sunil Nevla' 3 years ago
Nice animations! The earth is orbiting, and the moon is giving it some pictures (the red circles)
Girish Kumar
'Girish Kumar' 4 years ago
This music sends a chill down my spine when i hear it on TV ..Thank you :)
Juvan Redelinghuys
'Juvan Redelinghuys' 4 years ago
Well done!
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 4 years ago
It is a piece of music made by the original composer and was used for some behind the scenes programmes back in 1999 - 2000 when that branding was first created.
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 4 years ago
Photoshop, After Effects, 3DS Max
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 4 years ago
These animations do take many many hours to animate, render, and then composite. So I will not be doing any to order.
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 4 years ago
Its not a tutorial, but I did do a breakdown showing the various elements I pieced together to make this animation. There is a link to it in the description.
Jay Dantara
'Jay Dantara' 4 years ago
Would love a tutorial from you. This is brilliant work.
'ian128MB' 4 years ago
Hey , i'm trying this on AE , but how do you put the globe inside rings?
Jack Makin
'Jack Makin' 4 years ago
Bbc I believe it was from 2000 if I'm right
'TrynaBeSmiley' 4 years ago
Is it your music or originally from BBC? I mean can I use it commercially? btw, good job men.
Joan Manuel Cortes Puig
CBC should have a special news theme like London's BBC has
Farbod Pasand
'Farbod Pasand' 4 years ago
Nice, What software did you use?
Tamer Salmem
'Tamer Salmem' 4 years ago
Very nice edition! Great job, great quality! Do some more!! :)
T5T Archived
'T5T Archived' 4 years ago
Or if its hard and it takes lots of hours Can you make a BBC World News titles music for me
T5T Archived
'T5T Archived' 4 years ago
Make a BBC News version of it
simon carter
'simon carter' 4 years ago
well said mate
The Morning Sage
'The Morning Sage' 4 years ago
Where can I download this?
Sam Fisher
'Sam Fisher' 4 years ago
it sucks my willy it makes me feel good you dont get pleasure from it
RobloGuys Productions
cuz you are jealous
Alan Joy
'Alan Joy' 4 years ago
this just sucks
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 4 years ago
Yea I recreated it from looking at photos of the screens in the new studios
Sam Fisher
'Sam Fisher' 4 years ago
did you make this or get it from BBC direct or something?
'sio77nvd' 4 years ago
Would it be alright if you upload a version with the BBC World News box removed? I saw the 2013 World News countdowns and in the end they also use loops with the box removed. If you can't, I understand. This is very brilliant work done. I'm surprised you're not working for the BBC, because you should. Nice job :D
'theultimatetroopers' 4 years ago
Oops a typo what I ment to say was the theme you used is like a mixture of 1999 music and current music! :D
'theultimatetroopers' 4 years ago
the theme you used is like a mixturr of 1999 music and currents ones! :D
'Ethan' 4 years ago
Guys, stop criticising him. It's not here to be criticised. Just enjoy, or leave.
Phil Goodyear
'Phil Goodyear' 4 years ago
Between the BBC Italy i saw the bbc membership so i at tesco i am buying this
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 4 years ago
Because I saw it in the studios, and promos for BBC World News now they have moved into New Broadcasting House
Hakan Ahmad Fatahillah
oh i see. but how do you know it is the looping animation from the studio screens?
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 4 years ago
In the channel's ident, there is an additional globe element visible in the inside of the rings, but this is not the channel ident, it is the looping animation from the studio screens
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 4 years ago
The globe and the rings are not too big. The screens in the new studio are a closer view compared to the channel's ident
Hakan Ahmad Fatahillah
also i think the ring and the globe are sticked each other.
'Facy5' 4 years ago
Ok, no problem ;)
Martin Anderson
'Martin Anderson' 4 years ago
I would prefer if you did not use my animations
'Facy5' 4 years ago
Hello ! Is it possible to use your video in order to go with the new BBC World News countdown, because I have the extended one. Of course, if you let me use your presentation, I will credit you. Thank you by advance for your answer ! :)
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