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YouTube Sent A Mysterious Package... -
Published: 3 months ago By: Unbox Therapy

By: Unbox TherapyPublished: 3 months ago

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -

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Unbox Therapy
'Unbox Therapy' 3 months ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -
The Gaming Legends
'The Gaming Legends' 8 hours ago
I think you can choose a room in your house to store all the gifts you recieve
sawan oberai
'sawan oberai' 2 days ago
that tracksuit was looking good
Sandip Nahak
'Sandip Nahak' 2 days ago
Gage Lockhart
'Gage Lockhart' 3 days ago
shout out for next vid plz mah dud
Sean Kalkreuth
'Sean Kalkreuth' 3 days ago
This dude is the king of YouTube all hate lol
anshul kumar
'anshul kumar' 4 days ago
lol that's all...YouTube earning millions and throws peanuts at you and look how happy you are.
Mayur Kalke
'Mayur Kalke' 4 days ago
how to grow subscriber sir
'kwbyard' 4 days ago
one of the best YouTube channels hands down!
Kavan Shukla
'Kavan Shukla' 4 days ago
why is he doing so much overacting?
Graham Banzer
'Graham Banzer' 4 days ago
Sue Sylvester's hubby :')
I want one mobile for make new channel can you give me...???
ss technology
'ss technology' 5 days ago
hello frends
'Shhh......' 6 days ago
Congratulations for your 7M + Subcribers
Isaac Ali
'Isaac Ali' 6 days ago
only for u..not for jack?????
Manju Mittal
'Manju Mittal' 7 days ago
how is jack?
Jesús Robher
'Jesús Robher' 1 week ago
Who is Jack?
Brandon Phillips
'Brandon Phillips' 1 week ago
Math Circus Theme song!
مكتبة كرتون - cartoon library
i smash 3000 subs
Korrupt Gaming
'Korrupt Gaming' 1 week ago
Jack is the equivalent to Impractical Jokers' Larry
shinobi kakero
'shinobi kakero' 1 week ago
I like jack
Johan Sadewa
'Johan Sadewa' 1 week ago
Maybe youtube send it because you are getting fatter, so they tell you to do some exercise o:) (don't get offended)
Anime Freak
'Anime Freak' 2 weeks ago
use that mad chill for your beer lol
omar mokhtar
'omar mokhtar' 2 weeks ago
slav lou
Darky Agna
'Darky Agna' 2 weeks ago
slav suit
Liyana KY MeU
'Liyana KY MeU' 2 weeks ago
youtubers getting prizes make me jealous every time
Issa Sweidan
'Issa Sweidan' 3 weeks ago
big head too
[[PsYcHo KiD]]
'[[PsYcHo KiD]]' 3 weeks ago
Hey Bro You Are Awesome😍😍😘
Jefferson Loru KobaVlog
who else is watching in 2017
'smmshatil' 3 weeks ago
who the duck is jack???
Zurab Phertsuliani
'Zurab Phertsuliani' 3 weeks ago
Jack, my friend, who i've never seen...
Animation Movies Trailers
Are you mad you are idiot👎🏼
Vedaant Singh
'Vedaant Singh' 4 weeks ago
fuk u annoying person
Mahima Bhatia
'Mahima Bhatia' 4 weeks ago
They only gave you t- shirts .
'futuramabender20' 4 weeks ago
Great vid n all but I just cannot watch it past the unboxing part?!
Alpha Betsoup
'Alpha Betsoup' 4 weeks ago
*shouts out youtube on youtube
anbox thereby _ بالعربي
The Arabic translation is bad and alot of sentences are rong :)
Mahyar Javadi
'Mahyar Javadi' 4 weeks ago
When Google knits you a sweater.
'Arelam' 1 month ago
why no squat?
Imz Ali
'Imz Ali' 1 month ago
that's the stromzy outfit in shut up
Quest MMO
'Quest MMO' 1 month ago
Ayaan Husaain
'Ayaan Husaain' 1 month ago
very good
The Dugdale Brotherz
Unbox Therapy looking like a BTEC Stormzy
'MARK 1' 1 month ago
you look cool
Carlos Lemus
'Carlos Lemus' 1 month ago
Can you send to my a pic of you red adidas jacket from back?, I have one green but I want to print my name like yours, please.
'IceMage' 1 month ago
you left googles gift aside...
cok Bagus
'cok Bagus' 1 month ago
youtube going all SLAV
'WildAndrew' 1 month ago
russian cunt.
Flaming Experts
'Flaming Experts' 2 months ago
Dude you broke my speaker_-_ buy me a new phone
Sαѕυкє Ucнιнα 万華鏡館
I should be a unpackaging youtuber so I can get things from other company's lmao
'PokeNinja' 2 months ago
Wa yo name dude?To:Unbox Therapy
Shishant Biswas
'Shishant Biswas' 2 months ago
cool guy unbox every things
Crippling Depression
'Crippling Depression' 2 months ago
Damn you scared the crap out of me when I clicked on the video
Official Calm
'Official Calm' 2 months ago
my first search in google. "Bermuda Triangle"
Kevam Patel
'Kevam Patel' 2 months ago
Apple's too egoistic to send anything to anyone.
ayy lmao
'ayy lmao' 2 months ago
lol they just sent him a bunch of shitty sweaters.
Jae Jun Brian Lee
'Jae Jun Brian Lee' 2 months ago
Why is this fucker screaming in his videos now? When he first started his channel he used to be this humble dude. Now he's cocky and got his head far up his ass.
Tzu Nahmii
'Tzu Nahmii' 2 months ago
It's pronounced [ˈadiˌdas], you're welcome.
Dat Boi
'Dat Boi' 2 months ago
Today we learned Lewis is true Gopnik
Jecole Jeoffrey
'Jecole Jeoffrey' 2 months ago
Stop yelling man it's annoying as fuck
Rubik Geek
'Rubik Geek' 2 months ago
Subscribe to me if you want to know how to do this
Jemma Lile
'Jemma Lile' 2 months ago
Is this a reupload??
'EPIC_EMANN' 2 months ago
CSG got one aswell
UndeadLy Shinko
'UndeadLy Shinko' 2 months ago
GV Lewis ^< ^
Robbie Coombes
'Robbie Coombes' 2 months ago
Is anyone watching this with their device leaned against an eggplant/butternut squash
Legit Wubz
'Legit Wubz' 2 months ago
PewDiePie got the same Jacket from YouTube lol
Boris Hale
'Boris Hale' 2 months ago
How do you get so much stuff sent to you?
'RamyDabeast' 2 months ago
He gets Sponsored by many company but I get sponsored By Myslef
'ASLAM PATEL' 2 months ago
Happy new year 🤘🏻
Ashton Enriquez
'Ashton Enriquez' 2 months ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
remy slosberg
'remy slosberg' 2 months ago
Does anyone notice how he kinda looks like Manny from GTA 4 but with a red outfit instead of blue?
'olgierd2001' 2 months ago
btw you sayingg adidas right (im from germany )
ProtoFreeze Gaming
'ProtoFreeze Gaming' 2 months ago
0:22 i laughed so hard XD
Alex Foss
'Alex Foss' 2 months ago
laxman abhishek
'laxman abhishek' 2 months ago
why are this gifts given to u?
Nick De Coffeu
'Nick De Coffeu' 2 months ago
гопник блять какой-то XD
'SamDaHacker' 2 months ago
I need one
'SamDaHacker' 2 months ago
What the fuck
'CaseyN12' 2 months ago
0:22 highlight of the video
'ItzSubz333' 2 months ago
csg got that aswell red shirt
Mexican Guy who just plays Xbox
thought that mad chill was a sweater for your penis
Yazan Taha
'Yazan Taha' 2 months ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'Nicolle' 2 months ago
thats so slim shady
WINWINnie The Pooh
'WINWINnie The Pooh' 2 months ago
Looks like he's part of Nct 127 HAHAHA. I can imagine him dancing 'Limitless'😂
Umma Akhi
'Umma Akhi' 2 months ago
You looking good ;-)
sathya narayanan
'sathya narayanan' 2 months ago
JAck is not Real.............youre HallucinatinG
Hsomething Singh
'Hsomething Singh' 2 months ago
You are so Smart Lewis. You call your camera Jake!!! SUPER SMART!!!
Leon  Kennedy
'Leon Kennedy' 2 months ago
The Russians want to Participate
Julie Willems
'Julie Willems' 2 months ago
you This one actually looks like heavily beeutifulbutter
Lana Clifford
'Lana Clifford' 2 months ago
To everyone who has a pixel phone-- how good is it? Should I get it?
Mike Yu
'Mike Yu' 2 months ago
Put the whole thing on and squat on the tableDon't lift your heels
'Jamazoid' 2 months ago
or...your Missy Elliot!
'Paranoiasnfm' 2 months ago
I love your watch! <3
'lazyba6' 2 months ago
hey look its fred durst !!
George Agyemang
'George Agyemang' 2 months ago
Can i get a gift for the new year? I know we are already a month gone but better late than never.
Awaiis Zurii
'Awaiis Zurii' 2 months ago
Prodvct OG
'Prodvct OG' 2 months ago
LoL a Christmas sweater for the phone
Matthew Bradshaw
'Matthew Bradshaw' 2 months ago
shoutout to YouTube
Rare Pepe
'Rare Pepe' 2 months ago
I don't understand how it come that YouTUbe haven't sent that tracksuit to LifeOfBoris CYKA
'King' 2 months ago
"my first google search" "pornhub"
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