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Unverified Donald Trump Russia Tale Roils Politics | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC -
Published: 5 days ago By: MSNBC

By: MSNBCPublished: 5 days ago

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Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about a report that Donald Trump and President Obama were briefed on unverified claims that Russia has compromised Trump with a cache of incriminating or scandalous material.
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Unverified Donald Trump Russia Tale Roils Politics | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

David Wo
'David Wo' 8 hours ago
That goose wants it's neck back.
Slayers Gaming
'Slayers Gaming' 15 hours ago
Proof? Where is the proof that Trump has any russian ties. Where is the proof that russia has dirt on Trump. Proof is what we want.
Krista A Martin
'Krista A Martin' 18 hours ago
wasn't Obama put in office by Russia/Soviet Union?
joe boom
'joe boom' 1 day ago
Feel sorry for me I clicked the wrong show and lessened to this rubbish.
Christian Prepper
CNN -- Conspiracy News Network
Where Fake News could still true with a little imagination!
Christian Prepper
Brought to by -- CNN
(Communist News Network)
"Warping minds one Fake News story at a time!"
Mr. V
'Mr. V' 1 day ago
"It doesn't have to be true to be blackmailed with it."
I have held a Top Secret clearance for several years of my life working for the military, and civilian defense contractors. They always advised us to stay away from Russians, as you don't know who will attempt to recruit you for spying (etc). Example: They can take a photo of you and a Russian KGB agent, sitting at a table in a restaurant, that shows the Russian handing you a peice of paper. They will show you this photo later, tell you, they will tell your people, you were passing classified information to them. It's completely false, but, you are in hot water. They say, you better give them some real classified information, other wise they will leak it. See, how that works. This is how human exploitation for spying works.'s not's wedging in powerful influence. The CIA knows this tactic all too well.
Mr. V
'Mr. V' 1 day ago
On Jan 20th...I will consider the USA without a leader. China and Russia now know, they have an opportunity to be the world leader.
kat m
'kat m' 2 days ago
I hope to God this is a red herring. But if it's not, then welcome to the United States of Russia. I already find Trump's reluctance to turn over his tax returns and bromance with Putin troubling, and have suspected he may have financial ties to Russia.
Haopeng Zhang
'Haopeng Zhang' 2 days ago
Donald Trump is a little dog of Vladimir Putin. Russian may having some evidence about the bad thing that he was doing before. If Donald Trump do not listen to Russian, Russian will let everybody knows these evidence. If Donald Trump listen to Russian, and United States will be Russian's little brother
'yonimiller' 2 days ago
Hopefully the Russians will leak Trump's pee-pee tape before the 2020 election - So he can win in spite of it all over again! :))
Dawn Mahoney
'Dawn Mahoney' 2 days ago
This show rocks!
Richard Griffin
'Richard Griffin' 2 days ago
It sure seems like this issue has hit a nerve with Trump. If there is no substance to it why is he reacting so vehemently on this. When all in the American echelon are taking strong stances on Russian interference in democracy, Trump of course defends them. Almost immediately after the US imposed sanctions against Russia, Trump's transition members were making contact with Russian officials. Not a very bright move considering the intense scrutiny of Trump and his cabinet members. Trump has gone against and broken every normal diplomatic expectation of the office of President of the USA. He is arrogant and rude and not all Presidential.
Rodya Raskolnikov
'Rodya Raskolnikov' 2 days ago
All news from American mainstream media is Fake news , they are just spewing the propaganda and lies of democrats ! The only genuine news sources are - RT (Russia Today) , alex jones(infowars) and SANA (syrian news agency).
Democrats and Liberals are your REAL enemy . Not Russia or Putin !
Even if Russia was remotely involved , they deserve our appreciation and gratitude for educating the American people who are steeped in ignorance thanks to the Liberal propaganda of corrupt mainstream media .
President Trump must revoke all the sanctions imposed upon Russia and create favorable conditions that will ensure Russian interests have primacy around the world
Tom Martin
'Tom Martin' 2 days ago
Rachael Mad Cow,,,,,,how true.
Carlsbad Dragon
'Carlsbad Dragon' 2 days ago
MadDyke lying up a storm again
'Topspeed350' 2 days ago
Ugh, this announcer and her friend would be perfect working at the DMV
'sanmoratalla' 2 days ago
Rachel Maddow the Clintons got too much experiency , for this reason the american people , not trust on them .
Tom Hall
'Tom Hall' 3 days ago
Maybe another way of looking at, is that they are unsupported allegations against Trump, CIA and the Russians being hyped up by the wish full filling ( hoping it to be true) media
Facebook Facebook
'Facebook Facebook' 3 days ago
Donald Trump is a crook.
'MadATLSwagga' 3 days ago
We know all the majority of this stuff is true. The white uneducated working class doesn't care about any of this ish as long as Trump promotes the white supremacist ideology.
Bet it was a politician who leaked Trump's dirties. What a ridiculous embarrassment he's become.
john karford
'john karford' 3 days ago
lol this is more fake news!! GTFO
John Skogman
'John Skogman' 3 days ago
Wait, The Republican party for the matter.
Lynda Kelly
'Lynda Kelly' 3 days ago
Nobody believed Bill Cosby could be a pervert either but hey.
Maharajji NKB
'Maharajji NKB' 3 days ago
First off. The CNN Politics headline is dis-info. Intel chiefs did not speak with Trump about Russian efforts to compromise him.
Second. The Buzzfeed report is now an admitted fake.

This Russian boogie man narrative is still going strong within the enemy media camp. These folks are desperate to discredit Trump's victory in the Presidential election. Now they are trying to gain traction with a theme that Trump was/is in cahoots with Putin. These people are sicko losers.
'guarddog22' 3 days ago
How does Maddow still have a job ?? She's always wrong !
Joël LeMay
'Joël LeMay' 3 days ago
obama had no experience either yet you support him
karleelynn bustamante
They love when we fight among us..keep eye on ball...its not you against me thats all distraction.follow the real money ,then youll see truth.
karleelynn bustamante
Im wortied for her exposing the billionairs secrets..showing truth of what exxon and big oil doing around the world..taking from every to the corrupt leaders..the people getting screwed..ive know forever ,but shes showing us all...
Shaun Mantell
'Shaun Mantell' 3 days ago
Rachel Maddow epitomizes Fake News,she has no objectivity or credibility...Never forget her "interviewing" Donna Brazille,shebasked one question re providing questions for debate for Hillary,accepted the answer,immediately changed the subject,she is horrible....She should have own Youtube Channel or join TYT,she is incapable of any reasonable discussion on any political issues.
lulu san
'lulu san' 3 days ago
I dont appreciate this she/boy trying to find trash on my president Donald Trump. Leave him alone, let him work in peace. Everything that is going on is because of people like he/her.
lulu san
'lulu san' 3 days ago
i hate this she/boy. Shes is so hateful towards trump, I dont appreciate how shes always trying to find trash on my president and hers, Donald Trump
Eric Brink
'Eric Brink' 3 days ago
Carol Vandergriff
'Carol Vandergriff' 3 days ago
Carol Vandergriff 360 -835-9045
Carol Vandergriff
'Carol Vandergriff' 3 days ago
RACHAEL!!! Did you know my TV went out at 6:17 to. 6:26 showed you going backwards fast and faster would not stop then it froze my tablet was offline at the same time! this is from washougal Washington on channel MSNBC
Steven Poe
'Steven Poe' 3 days ago
Rachel please die you are so ridiculous
'LibertyMatrix' 3 days ago
MSNBC has lost all creditability
 Only trust WikiLeaks for the truth!
jolandi jansevanrensburg
MSNBC you are pathetic. Please close up shop
'RainbowEagle' 4 days ago
American presidents I remember:
- The cheater
- The dummy
- The cool guy
- The goldshower.
25% isn't enough to pass any exams. USA, you fail!
'Sun' 4 days ago
There is already talk of impeachment and a Watergate-sized crisis. Trump is seriously damaged, although his press conference performance on Wednesday suggests he does not realise it. Many in the US and abroad will view him in one of three ways: dupe, dope, or stooge. Russia wants to destabilize the US. Starting with Trump.
Alexafrierl Newman
Hilary's sore loosers, what happed to loving Trumps hate..
Maria V-H
'Maria V-H' 4 days ago
I wonder how much important info is kept from the public.
morgan - lee Liebenberg
Isnt Rachel Maddow wonderful? She's as relevant as the News Buzzfeed reports
Thomas Borgsmidt
'Thomas Borgsmidt' 4 days ago
You assume that Trump can be embarassed? Indications so far do not point to that.
Darren Ferguson
'Darren Ferguson' 4 days ago
Has Rachel ever mentioned the Russian uranium deal that Hillary Clinton was involved in.
Alphonso Rivera
'Alphonso Rivera' 4 days ago
They need to fire this idiotic excuse for a woman. – via @haystacktv
david turner
'david turner' 4 days ago
This doesn't look like the Russians trying to blackmail or coerce Trump. It looks like our so called intelligence services are trying to blackmail or coerce Trump. Since the election, the CIA and the establishment news media have been doing everything they can to undermine the new president and this country's democratic process. It amounts to sedition and treason, especially if this scandal mongering ends up being used as pretext for a coup against Trump, or to keep him from taking office as president.
Sunshine Bee
'Sunshine Bee' 4 days ago
nice narrative allegedly
Donald Miller (edited)
From what Rachel says about the incoming Trump administration have "zero experience in government," it appears she yearns for the good old days of the Bush Administration, the cabinet of which was the most experienced in US history. We know how well that worked out. || So keep on showing everyone how much you care about your country by trying to do everything you can to undermine the president elect. Sheees. The Evil One, the corrupt, the business as usual one lost. Get over it.
Still of the Night
This network is a JOKE!!!!!!!!
Lynne t
'Lynne t' 4 days ago
Really? Donald Trump is a RUSSIAN AGENT ! Grow up. And tell me how can he be the most UNPOPULAR President... he was elected by the MAJORITY Of your people.... come on,,,, you are talking such FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS... you are despicable !!!!!!!!!
Lynne t
'Lynne t' 4 days ago
shame Rachel, you really have such TRUMP issues. catch a wake up!
W Zen
'W Zen' 4 days ago
I love those moments when Rachel is flinching like she is just about to be punched right in her face
Dong Longer
'Dong Longer' 4 days ago
Trump's birther fake news and his buttbuddy Bannon's numerous fakes- so
poor little trust fund Donny is getting some aimed at him hahahaha Dumpf
is one of the kings of dishonesty. The worst role model of all time!
'nobysvic' 4 days ago
well! if you want different results just do different things!.. maybe that works putting non experience people on key places!!!
Gary Thorman
'Gary Thorman' 4 days ago
No evidence to substantiate, but bless her heart, Rachel goes with it anyway.  I love MSNBC !!
Trajan Augustus
'Trajan Augustus' 4 days ago
The guy reporting needs to lay off the mascara. Makes him look like a freaky tranny.
Marc Silliman
'Marc Silliman' 4 days ago
yet you put it on
'Mournbalde' 4 days ago
Allegedly, allegedly, allegedly, allegedly, and we have no idea if it's true she says.. Then why is this even coming from your hate filled mouth?
'9' 4 days ago
You people are dying, hahaha. It's like watching a slow suicide. Your hearts are filled with poison. No one will miss you.
Ray Chepaitis
'Ray Chepaitis' 4 days ago
if is not a true (which is not) then you are fake news (which is not new)
Bryant Whittaker
'Bryant Whittaker' 4 days ago
MSNBC Sucks!!
Bryant Whittaker
'Bryant Whittaker' 4 days ago
MSNBC is Fake news!!
Bryant Whittaker
'Bryant Whittaker' 4 days ago
MSNBC is a Joke!!
'mrunderhill40' 4 days ago
More Fake News !!!
351 Charlie
'351 Charlie' 4 days ago
Maddow could become good at making comments . . . she just needs to work a little bit on her ignorance, silly remarks, and her appearance.
David Williams
'David Williams' 4 days ago
pmsnbc sucks megadiddos
Leon Powe
'Leon Powe' 4 days ago
What could the Russians have that they could possibly blackmail for? HIs supporters are satisfied that they made a pact with the opposite of a saint. Hopefully, they won't get a the typical movie twist ending with this pact. His rallies are like Nazi rallies where everybody was happy and into following the leader only to find out that they were in deep crap later.
Dennis Lee
'Dennis Lee' 4 days ago
Fake news, integrity sink again, how low can you go.
'¯\_(ツ)_/¯' 4 days ago
ever since november 8th it's sounded like she's been on the verge of tears lmao
Tom Frasca
'Tom Frasca' 4 days ago
She is a 7 Million dollar a year corporate dumbass..
'bobbyb5' 4 days ago
I can't believe this vulgar, petty, childish man is President.
D Johnson
'D Johnson' 4 days ago
Give it up Rachel. You lost.
Freeborn Chimedza
'Freeborn Chimedza' 4 days ago
Your organisation sucks
Deplorable Canadian
So nauseating.
Antony Stringfellow
As yet unsubstantiated, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least. This is how many criminal organisations work. Even Irish travelers (often called gypsies) in the UK have been using this tactic for many years. They trick people into compromising themselves in order to either discredit them, get them locked up, or control them. I'm sure the organised criminals gangs in Russia and the Kremlin are more than familiar with such tactics. They are very effective.
John Skogman
'John Skogman' 4 days ago
Jesus Christ you are getting so nauseating to listen too. IE oil piece tonite. SO WHAT!! they own there own oil. Im a liberal dem. Rachale is getting so schrill.
Rodney Terry
'Rodney Terry' 4 days ago
Oh boy.... Speaking of fake news.
Dave Wayne
'Dave Wayne' 4 days ago
This network and talking heads should be totally ashamed of themselves. CNN as well. so obviously anti republican and pro elite and democrat followers. I'll never watch these false event and fake news stations again. you are all disgusting Americans. Go USA go Americans..enough of the fake news, false flag events and these news actors with their scripts that are identical station across the great country. turn them off !!
Draconis Dragonheart
Loving every minute of the mad rush for FAKE NEWS!
Vincent Gardner
'Vincent Gardner' 4 days ago
Why don't you report the news
for a change.
TX Rider
'TX Rider' 4 days ago
ROFL, it turns out that this whole thing is probably a 4chan /pol/ troll, which makes a lot of sense.. They came up with this troll spread it to the most hostile press etc. and they ran with it.. If so their "fake news" narrative is finished..
Deb Classyfied
'Deb Classyfied' 4 days ago
This just gets crazier and crazier
'todd' 4 days ago
Rachael Madcow seems overly gleeful over a non-story
Neil Pridgeon
'Neil Pridgeon' 4 days ago
I hope Trump calls out MSNBC next.
'Desi' 4 days ago
"LEAN BACK" Rachel there is nothing there.
'2012ishere' 4 days ago
hes our next president. like it and love it or you have a choice it sheet and die byeach.
'Maeroa145' 4 days ago
Feel sorry for people listening to a kind of reporters like this
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