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10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Phone -
Published: 2 months ago By: Facts Verse

By: Facts VersePublished: 2 months ago

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

Narrated by : Darren Marlar

Adventure Fighter
'Adventure Fighter' 16 hours ago
Wow you helped my life!! Thank you so much!! All I want is taking a screenshot!!!!!! Lol I know it already
Thecats Gamer
'Thecats Gamer' 17 hours ago
I know mkst
Maureen Eme
'Maureen Eme' 21 hours ago
i know all these
ChurbrthA Chur
'ChurbrthA Chur' 1 day ago
Dis is awesome
The Newt
'The Newt' 1 day ago
You can't get parallel space on Iphones
Leo Guzman
'Leo Guzman' 2 days ago
Wow good clickbait we all know how to charge our phone idiot🖕
Cupcake007 LPS
'Cupcake007 LPS' 2 days ago
Lol I agree like everyone knows about screenshots
Carlos Guzman
'Carlos Guzman' 4 days ago
you guys...sure you know about screen shots.Bunch of boring ass motherfuckets.
Evan Lowther
'Evan Lowther' 4 days ago
I knew about all of that
[Insert Name Here]
6:42 "The Sony duel shock 4 controller" While showing the PS3 controller
Miguel Barrientos
'Miguel Barrientos' 5 days ago
This Video is for old people
'LavaPoolGaming' 5 days ago
I'm four seconds in... not everyone has a smart phone. some are stupid :P
Snipez Gaming
'Snipez Gaming' 6 days ago
Everyone knows all this shit......
'CoD DC' 7 days ago
I think he is romanian
Dale Newby
'Dale Newby' 7 days ago
Um... Didn't everyone already know these 10 things?
Leah Sirota
'Leah Sirota' 1 week ago
I knew them all
'Nextodarkness' 1 week ago
Are u kidding me 😑who doesn't know how to take a screenshot 😑😑😑
Rhea Olay
'Rhea Olay' 1 week ago
Somehow this voice is a perfect mix of robotic and alive
AntonC13 Korvbella
"Take a screenshot" .......... facepalm
Very Entertaining Videos
I only watched this video to prove my knowledge. I ended up knowing everything except the parallel thing (I don't have android).
'XHAPPY MOMENT'S' 1 week ago
he is romanian
Wout Peeters
'Wout Peeters' 1 week ago
egg activity shuttle awareness press employee edition withdraw.
'Yandere-Chan' 1 week ago
One important lesson: when I've put my phone on air plane mode, i threw it but it didn't fly....
Arpit Yadav
'Arpit Yadav' 2 weeks ago
1:22 i just saw clash royale and clash of clans!!! i play both!!! like if u play!
'Atom1cGam3r' 2 weeks ago
U know this app called CM Security allows u to even block private numbers. And CM Locker automatically takes a selfie of the intruder trying to breech ur phone if they get the password wrong a certain amount of times. However, these might not work with iphones.
Thurman Floyd
'Thurman Floyd' 2 weeks ago
Everybody knows how to take a screenshot
Lil Mama
'Lil Mama' 2 weeks ago
was it just me who noticed at 4:00 mins airplane mode was spell aeroplane mode..
Devil God
'Devil God' 2 weeks ago
i onew them all
Saujan The Game Hacker
thank you very much
'eDude-Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Wow! Who would have guessed that closing apps saves battery life, or that a longer password is more secure!
Liam Gamer
'Liam Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Can I make it fuck that's a word I use all the time!!
Xtrippy x hippyX
'Xtrippy x hippyX' 2 weeks ago
i already knew how to take a screen shot
Birn Burns
'Birn Burns' 2 weeks ago
Isn't this all common sense? XD Like at this point everyone knows these.
I Am Bass
'I Am Bass' 2 weeks ago
Wow this clickbait everyone knew about all this
'Skullraiderz' 2 weeks ago
Nooo I didn't know how to take a fucking screenshot!
'greyscout89' 2 weeks ago
Add "If you're not a tech person." I knew all 10. That's 8 minutes of my life I'm not getting back.
Still giving a thumbs up for getting the word out to those that don't know.
Ghazi Jaafarplays
'Ghazi Jaafarplays' 2 weeks ago
Click bait
Dalva Dabz 20
'Dalva Dabz 20' 2 weeks ago
When u have a flip phone and this video is no help🙃.
Folk Star
'Folk Star' 2 weeks ago
now a days a kid knows whatever you sharing here.. looser
andrew Coughenour
'andrew Coughenour' 2 weeks ago
10 things teenagers have to teach their parents/grandparents about their smartphones
Can Gerek
'Can Gerek' 3 weeks ago
with the screenshot.. its actually true, most people dont know it 😂😂😂
Samuel Henriquez
'Samuel Henriquez' 3 weeks ago
Tell me why I knew everything on that video😒
Paolo Dela Cruz
'Paolo Dela Cruz' 3 weeks ago
thank you so much!!!!
Trippz The Fox
'Trippz The Fox' 3 weeks ago
Someone got sponsored by "parallel". And we know how to take screenshots :/
Darren Bradford
'Darren Bradford' 3 weeks ago
Space Unicorn
'Space Unicorn' 3 weeks ago
sees thumbnail WOAH my phone has a charger!! I totally did not know that 😑
'SargeantSpaghetti' 3 weeks ago
You don't hold it you Press them to take a screenshot....
'Rafasky83' 3 weeks ago
Jesus this top channel is so bad
Jaylen Gibbs
'Jaylen Gibbs' 3 weeks ago
Hour explain conduct rule device gas.
Lokesh Varathan
'Lokesh Varathan' 3 weeks ago
Also Airplane mode can help charge faster!
Teach us how to deactivate samsung phones from turning into a bomb
Akash dhir
'Akash dhir' 3 weeks ago
hahahahaha .. everyone knows this shit
Trending Videos
'Trending Videos' 3 weeks ago
I am already using Parallel Apps on my andriod phone but I want for iPhone! How can I ?
Matts World
'Matts World' 3 weeks ago
BIG THUMBS DOWN. Knew all of them
Sujith Augustine
'Sujith Augustine' 3 weeks ago
seriously dude? you think people don't know about screenshot, custom ringtone, and password lock? pffft
Daniel Garcia
'Daniel Garcia' 3 weeks ago
on iPhone only one speaker works the other one is fake.
Peter Galvez
'Peter Galvez' 3 weeks ago
Hes voice is fucking annoying
'Pewdiepiess' 3 weeks ago
wow this is fucking shit
Square cheerio
'Square cheerio' 3 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure majority of the people watching this knew about this stuff
Clive Orange
'Clive Orange' 4 weeks ago
I already know how to block phone calls. I want to learn how to block unwanted text messages. Those pesky junk messages from non-family related paid sources asking me to participate in their collectivist activities sure do irritate me. It would be nice to have a text message block feature designed just for that particular purpose. If it is possible to have a text blocking feature, please let me know. Thanks! :)
Itachi uchiha
'Itachi uchiha' 4 weeks ago
hi, sau salut. am vazut ca aveai pe telefon selectata limba romana, daca vezi comentariul te tog sa imi raspunzi la mesaj. apropo: ai un canal super tare
Toxic Assassin
'Toxic Assassin' 4 weeks ago
His voice is annoying
mrlabear crouse
'mrlabear crouse' 4 weeks ago
"While everyone has a smartphone"... Dick, that may be insulting to people who don't have a smartphone and is too poor to get one. Same thing applies when a skinny person says "I'm so fat" that may be an insult to people who are actually fat
'CAMPING NINJA' 4 weeks ago
who doesnt know how to take a fucking sceenshot
Sydney  Elizabeth
'Sydney Elizabeth' 4 weeks ago
If you've lost your phone, then how can you find it with an app if you don't have a device? 😂
'The_Boss_Hoss' 4 weeks ago
I knowed all 10 bruh
jasper van der meer
'jasper van der meer' 4 weeks ago
Decline paper somewhere experience flame window consensus recall dare.
jessie lucero
'jessie lucero' 4 weeks ago
People are really stupid if they didn't know any of these
Gustavo Woltmann
'Gustavo Woltmann' 4 weeks ago
Not so useful, classic things and pretty repetitive :(
'PlasmaTornado' 4 weeks ago
"While everyone has a smartphone..." my dad has a Nokia 96... you sure that it's a smartphone? It can only just record vids and has a fuckin g keyboard
Carson fox
'Carson fox' 4 weeks ago
Who else knew all of this
The Sonic Sega Nerd
'The Sonic Sega Nerd' 4 weeks ago
lol I know all of these and don't even own a smart phone.
Erected Dinosaur
'Erected Dinosaur' 4 weeks ago
U can block someone?
'JUST LAUGH!!! !' 1 month ago
Everyone knows ALL of these
Hugo Hallmén
'Hugo Hallmén' 1 month ago
Totally not sponsored by Paralell space
'Vanquishh' 1 month ago
I so didn't know I could screenshot on my fucking phone like really? I knew pretty much all of these it's just clickbait..
Ayaan Naqvi
'Ayaan Naqvi' 1 month ago
Esther L
'Esther L' 1 month ago
Cameron Young
'Cameron Young' 1 month ago
You think people don't know these things? This isn't 1964. We can use modern technology
Ary The  Awesome
'Ary The Awesome' 1 month ago
____ Social Engineering______
Manipulating since you went broke
jack spedicey
'jack spedicey' 1 month ago
After someone tells me that 1080p on their iphone 7 plus i will tell them to look up Xperia z5 premium.
'aceytam' 1 month ago
This is effing idiotic! Was this made for grandmas??
Luiz Ceja
'Luiz Ceja' 1 month ago
number 6 is wrong
James Eden
'James Eden' 1 month ago
These are dumb
James Eden
'James Eden' 1 month ago
These are dumb
Tech Teller Gaming
'Tech Teller Gaming' 1 month ago
We're not stupid everyone knows this
Quincy Dewees
'Quincy Dewees' 1 month ago
This is a terrible video..
'DARK ANGEL' 1 month ago
power and home at the same time to screenshot on Android
BL Trickshots
'BL Trickshots' 1 month ago
I'm pretty sure that when anyone gets a new phone the first thing they do is check out all the stuff they can mess around in settings.
IsaiahTheGaming King
Do people really not know this stuff?... like I get the mic on the back but really?
'MsXpert01' 1 month ago
No one was born with knowing how to take a screen shot. We all had to learn at some point, so give it a rest ppl.
'DERP MAST3R YT' 1 month ago
'DERP MAST3R YT' 1 month ago
There is a find my phone app on iphones. I would know cuz i have one!!
Sir Meows A lot
'Sir Meows A lot' 1 month ago
'Greig200704' 1 month ago
not everyone has a smartphone
Chistian Sera
'Chistian Sera' 1 month ago
Samsung is the KING of all phones! 👑👑
'penz5557' 1 month ago
all this shit is fucking common sense Even if i wasn't Training I.T i would still know this crap
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