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10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Phone -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: Facts Verse

By: Facts VersePublished: 4 weeks ago

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

Narrated by : Darren Marlar

Hugo Hallmén
'Hugo Hallmén' 8 hours ago
Totally not sponsored by Paralell space
'Vanquishh' 11 hours ago
I so didn't know I could screenshot on my fucking phone like really? I knew pretty much all of these it's just clickbait..
Ayaan Naqvi
'Ayaan Naqvi' 11 hours ago
Esther L
'Esther L' 19 hours ago
Cameron Young
'Cameron Young' 19 hours ago
You think people don't know these things? This isn't 1964. We can use modern technology
Ary The Awesome
'Ary The Awesome' 1 day ago
____ Social Engineering______
Manipulating since you went broke
Sebastian Czerkawski
After someone tells me that 1080p on their iphone 7 plus i will tell them to look up Xperia z5 premium.
'aceytam' 2 days ago
This is effing idiotic! Was this made for grandmas??
Luiz Ceja
'Luiz Ceja' 2 days ago
number 6 is wrong
James Eden
'James Eden' 2 days ago
These are dumb
James Eden
'James Eden' 2 days ago
These are dumb
Tech Teller Gaming
We're not stupid everyone knows this
Quincy Dewees
'Quincy Dewees' 2 days ago
This is a terrible video..
'DARK ANGEL' 3 days ago
power and home at the same time to screenshot on Android
BL Trickshots
'BL Trickshots' 3 days ago
I'm pretty sure that when anyone gets a new phone the first thing they do is check out all the stuff they can mess around in settings.
IsaiahTheGaming King
Do people really not know this stuff?... like I get the mic on the back but really?
'MsXpert01' 3 days ago
No one was born with knowing how to take a screen shot. We all had to learn at some point, so give it a rest ppl.
DSTG Blast
'DSTG Blast' 4 days ago
DSTG Blast
'DSTG Blast' 4 days ago
There is a find my phone app on iphones. I would know cuz i have one!!
Connie Bowen
'Connie Bowen' 4 days ago
'Greig200704' 4 days ago
not everyone has a smartphone
Amanda Gart
'Amanda Gart' 5 days ago
Samsung is the KING of all phones! 👑👑
'penz5557' 5 days ago
all this shit is fucking common sense Even if i wasn't Training I.T i would still know this crap
isaiah ingram
'isaiah ingram' 6 days ago
Your voice is really annoying.
'M'iaq the Liar' 6 days ago
I knew about vibrations.
Gamer 109769
'Gamer 109769' 7 days ago
You think we don't know how to block what do you think we are 2 year olds?!
Scineers Gaming
'Scineers Gaming' 7 days ago
Eh this video don't help at all. I know MOST of this.
Seven Crazy Girls
'Seven Crazy Girls' 7 days ago
I knew about e find your iPhone I have that app and everybody is likely to know how to screenshot EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT SCREENSHOTS
Monique Portillo
'Monique Portillo' 7 days ago
I knew all this bullshit
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 week ago
who didn't know about screenshots lmaooo
Carl Anderson
'Carl Anderson' 1 week ago
I knew ALL of them😂 I always do for these; Am I a genius or are they just stupid?!
Soheyl Banayeghasemi
Well, I don't say everyone know about all this things, but the title meaning a lot much more to me than taking screenshot or ... ! I would recommend people who don't know how to use smart phones, just don't use it !
Help Me Reach 100 Subs No Vlogs
I don't know how to screenshot before this 😂😂😂 thanks ma nigga. I mean like the date u post was 29th Dec 2016, who the hells don't know how to screenshot
Amazing alex Amazing alex
Facts vers are u romanian????🇷🇴❤️🇷🇴
'JamesLOLREVIEWS' 1 week ago
10 Things I Did Know About My Phone*
'AsianGrapeFruit' 1 week ago
I can play a ps4 game on my Sony xperia
Zara K. Shuja
'Zara K. Shuja' 1 week ago
i think everyone knows about the password and screenshot thing
'Lalamonkey' 1 week ago
I don't have an Apple phone but my screenshot option is the home button and the power button.
Tam Pham
'Tam Pham' 1 week ago
on #4 you're when you say not every phone can control smart tv, projecter.... but when you download app on app store, it won't work, because the devide not support. to know your phone work or not, look at the top of the phone, if the phone have big dot cover by glass. That phone will work. ( only samsung and lg have)
Opulence 夜
'Opulence 夜' 1 week ago
This is so fucking stupid everyone knows EVERY single one of these unless your like 90. my 50 year old mom knows these...
Blaze220 //MR.Blaze
this is stupid i already know most of these!😠
Aaron The Savior
'Aaron The Savior' 1 week ago
I already knew all of this you should really Django the title to say things you problably didn't know
'iBazella' 1 week ago
Lol I just figured out how to customise ur vibration RIGHT b4 watching this 😂
'Cute_Rockstar' 1 week ago
Omg i can take a screenshot AND change my password. Omg i never knew *sarcastic
Hudson Fox
'Hudson Fox' 1 week ago
Wow I never new how to take a screenshot😂😂😂Jesus Christ get your facts straight
Alpha Duck
'Alpha Duck' 1 week ago
everybody knows this stuff....

except for the super scrubs (Daniel Vigna)
kelly moore (Asteroidart21)
Yes we may know how to take screen shots but this video is for those grandmothers who are trying to stay in touch with their new phones
kelly moore (Asteroidart21)
Yes we may know how to take screen shots but this video is for those grandmothers who are trying to stay in touch with their new phones
Gaspard Richard
'Gaspard Richard' 1 week ago
supposed Anybody watch one's better than this case la{l..
'AwesomeEB' 2 weeks ago
if it wasnt for that red circle in the thumbnail, i would never have found where to charge my phone
Rambo G
'Rambo G' 2 weeks ago
Love this channel so much
Fluffy Tater Tots
'Fluffy Tater Tots' 2 weeks ago
@ the thumbnail,

Dr Muhammad R Khan
'Dr Muhammad R Khan' 2 weeks ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'TigerTooth' 2 weeks ago
Română :)) deci ești Român?
Jennifer Clark
'Jennifer Clark' 2 weeks ago
"everyone has a smart phone" a lot of people dont have phones or older flip phones and track phones
Sam Giterman
'Sam Giterman' 2 weeks ago
Merry Christmas John 3:16 we love Jesus only if u christian
Preston Lim
'Preston Lim' 2 weeks ago
10 things I didn't know about my nonexistent phone 😥😪
kaitlyn collins
'kaitlyn collins' 2 weeks ago
Wonderful sight sauce amendment companion frequency ask.
'Onvix' 2 weeks ago
This is helpful XD Not like I didn't know a app called find my iPhone
Julie Guillaume
'Julie Guillaume' 2 weeks ago
helicopter transformation slide estimate present northeast guess hesitate.
Andy Honeydick
'Andy Honeydick' 2 weeks ago
thanks for this phone review
'superlakitu04' 2 weeks ago
I knew that a white cable can go into holes
'T1K' 2 weeks ago
lmao wtf who doesnt know how to take a ss lmao XD
Dani Jenk
'Dani Jenk' 2 weeks ago
Sadly my plug thingy in my phone for chargers and that stuff doesn't work anymore.
Mr Faze
'Mr Faze' 2 weeks ago
Fake YouTuber PLayz
'Fake YouTuber PLayz' 2 weeks ago
on the screenshot part it worked on my phone
Badir Khalaf
'Badir Khalaf' 2 weeks ago
Daniel do you know that everyone knows they can take a screenshot😐
Frida Frank
'Frida Frank' 2 weeks ago
wildlife possibility late bounce female next.
Daniel Gonzalez
'Daniel Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
I knew every single one ugh and I was here thinking I was gonna learn more:(
Riley Dawson
'Riley Dawson' 2 weeks ago
who seal grocery wet legislation casual what percentage.
'Jungkookie' 3 weeks ago
my password for my phone is my finger print ;3
Gray Anderson
'Gray Anderson' 3 weeks ago
That was 10 things I did know.
Sam Giterman
'Sam Giterman' 3 weeks ago
Number 8 is easy my mom take pics when we want to hear songs from Pandora then we listen it again and again
Jan Niemand
'Jan Niemand' 3 weeks ago
if anybody doesnt already know these features he must be very dumb, even my grandfather can do that
'Majormatt' 3 weeks ago
Who doesn't know how to screen shot!!?!!?!!???
Shiny Sylveon
'Shiny Sylveon' 3 weeks ago
Wait, why was this in my recommended list? I DON'T HAVE A PHONE! >.<
Debra DKT
'Debra DKT' 3 weeks ago
Thank You for sharing this interesting and informative video.
From The EmpathWarrior To U May All Ur Days Be Filled With Sunshine! :)))
abigail walsh
'abigail walsh' 3 weeks ago
surprisingly african wall without script issue inform custom.
Deepnarayan Sett
'Deepnarayan Sett' 3 weeks ago
You are Indian ??
0:25 is there
Ivan Vlasov
'Ivan Vlasov' 3 weeks ago
Its 2k17, everyone knows this shit. tell me something NEW. The title says "didn't know" when everyone knows this.
Ivan Vlasov
'Ivan Vlasov' 3 weeks ago
this is outdated asf
'M M M' 3 weeks ago
who's watching holding their phone
Tomkar 01
'Tomkar 01' 3 weeks ago
Seriously u start off with find my iPhone. Like everyone knows this
Anthony Ferracciolo
'Anthony Ferracciolo' 3 weeks ago
I used Parallel Space before it was cool
John Smith
'John Smith' 3 weeks ago
Facts verse doesn't know that's not my phone.
Dj Mystery
'Dj Mystery' 3 weeks ago
Hey guys if you hold the screenshot one for long enough it will start taking I vid I think it's like 30 sec
'MASTER GAMER2005' 3 weeks ago
what did u use for editing the video fact verse
Lyssie Lou
'Lyssie Lou' 3 weeks ago
I knew the parallel space one 😂🙈
Sitt Yan
'Sitt Yan' 3 weeks ago
Rolf Jander
'Rolf Jander' 3 weeks ago
"Everyone has a smartphone"
No they don't. I don't have or want one. No one in my family has one.
Mentally Challenged
'Mentally Challenged' 3 weeks ago
I'm sorry but if you didn't already know these your a bit stupid 😂
'Unicørn' 3 weeks ago
i knew all of these
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