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'I have a very fortunate life' Angelina Jolie - BBC News -
Published: 3 years ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 3 years ago

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Angelina Jolie talks about her daughter being in her latest film, about humanitarian work and her decision to have preventative surgery to reduce her chances of getting cancer.

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Hiccup Haddock
'Hiccup Haddock' 4 days ago
I can't stand this woman. Even more than Hillary Clinton. And that's hard to do.
'DLLO Eiv' 4 weeks ago
Jolie > beyonce
'DLLO Eiv' 4 weeks ago
I'm so hard for her. she's such wifey goals.
Desert Rose
'Desert Rose' 1 month ago
i dnt judge ppl. but i do judge cheaters n homebreakers. so no respect!
john doe junior
'john doe junior' 1 month ago
I suggest, that Hollywood stars who have so many big multi-acre
houses, use the ones they dont live in, as shelter for new refugees
and homeless people.
Please spread this great idea.
Thank you
ivan Testycle
'ivan Testycle' 1 month ago
Julia Nabizadah
'Julia Nabizadah' 1 month ago
I'm currently studying social justice, and I hope to be like her one day. Help those who don't have a voice.
riri the most beautiful
why do these need to get a life skunks hate upon Angie so much? I think they're jealous of her. Love you Angie stay strong
Harry Limes
'Harry Limes' 2 months ago
Just because you look like you're a good person because you pretend to be doing "right" Maybe a cover for the "bad" person you really are. Maybe ask Brad.....
'TECHNOLİFE' 2 months ago
She is beautiful woman:)
Opal Magic
'Opal Magic' 2 months ago
If I ever have a daughter I will name her Angelina in her honor
Ruma Pengal
'Ruma Pengal' 3 months ago
Whatever anyone says, her heart is in the right place
Elka Elka
'Elka Elka' 4 months ago
Sofia West
'Sofia West' 4 months ago
God gave us beautiful people like Angelina..thank you for her strength and good soul,
'prettyheroin' 4 months ago
she is a great person. she has a beautiful soul.
Jay Al
'Jay Al' 4 months ago
Brad that little nymph
Snupika Katlin
'Snupika Katlin' 4 months ago
'DAN RAV' 5 months ago
fake fake news liar
Larimar Sky
'Larimar Sky' 5 months ago
Love this woman... you can see the emotions behind her eyes when she spoke about the refugees... She really cares and she really does do a lot to make a difference. It certainly gives me hope to know that in despite of how helpless some situations are, there are people like her that just doesn't give up - that stays open - to help make this world a better place. God bless her and her family.
Jones Dawg
'Jones Dawg' 6 months ago
ugly bitch
Suilven Mountain
'Suilven Mountain' 6 months ago
bring out the sick bag
juan pablo zepeda mardones
Nevertheless, her eternity will be awful in Hell as she is satanic. She can avoid that place by repenting of her sins
Muhammad Qamar
'Muhammad Qamar' 6 months ago
m. taylor
'm. taylor' 7 months ago
she is good with acting out her life.
m. taylor
'm. taylor' 7 months ago
This is her brand, the image she creates of herself and everyone believes it is her true self...but at least she is using her fame for a good cause.
artistic endeavors
'artistic endeavors' 7 months ago
Beware the mutilators! She is not fortunate...not by any atretch.
Elka Elka
'Elka Elka' 7 months ago
how beautiful this woman is! God bless you and your family!
'aujoyeu' 7 months ago
Ugly legs
'miloraca' 7 months ago
plastic Hollywood skank, just sayin!!!
'H F' 7 months ago
Ahhh Ange sigh. I've loved her since I was 14. I've known of her longer than I haven't now! Beautiful woman.
'TheIrishrogue68' 7 months ago
Pretty soon she's only going to be able to play a survivor of famines or the camps...sad to see how far she has fallen.
Chol Akuany
'Chol Akuany' 7 months ago
Do not investigat our joyous woman, bad have the means to dislike others . Love is within in us . We are the women who. Care.
'globalchick1' 7 months ago
Wow she's aged 10 years since this interview.
Pirate Radio 9
'Pirate Radio 9' 7 months ago
How many refugees has she taken in. Nothing but lip service.
Agnes Grace
'Agnes Grace' 7 months ago
she is so smart and beautiful
isha i
'isha i' 7 months ago
I absolutely love her
queen issa smith
'queen issa smith' 8 months ago
you are the best idol..
Mis Kay
'Mis Kay' 8 months ago
my kind of feminism.
Diệu Linh Nguyễn
'Diệu Linh Nguyễn' 8 months ago
Amazing woman. I love you
Киборг наил
She is beautiful not only outside but also inside
'KroniccKrona1' 8 months ago
I always thought she was American. 😳😑
'Entürktainment' 8 months ago
hot milf
Sagara Suranga
'Sagara Suranga' 8 months ago
lovely shes a very good example of a wonderful women
Suganya Subramanian
'Suganya Subramanian' 8 months ago
love u Angelina
'sabizeze' 9 months ago
A lot of changes from 10-12 yrs ago in her life but incredibly skinny and botoxed....
Mohssin Hammani
'Mohssin Hammani' 9 months ago
Oh dear angelina you're getting old , but honestly you're still charming :)
Connie T
'Connie T' 9 months ago
Kevin Carpenter
'Kevin Carpenter' 9 months ago
'leapsplashafrog' 9 months ago
She's so stupid doesn't she realise the US train and arm ISIS and caused the Syrian war!!!
'leapsplashafrog' 9 months ago
So is there place for all the crew to send their kids or is she the only one allowed kids on set??
dudley brown
'dudley brown' 9 months ago
If any body look at this name and find
This kid tell him he looks like Michael jordon in my prayer
Ashlee Smith
'Ashlee Smith' 9 months ago
I do think she has a lovely personality. Never met her but she comes over as a lovely person.
Ashlee Smith
'Ashlee Smith' 9 months ago
Not keen on high maintenance women that depend on make-up to step out the door. Still like her moves, and think is has a lovely personality.
Poppy McCollum
'Poppy McCollum' 9 months ago
What a woman
Jon Jonny
'Jon Jonny' 10 months ago
Fortunate?? The word pampered and rich comes to mind.
Angelo Masi
'Angelo Masi' 11 months ago
Why Angelina not go to Syria or Ukraine or Palestine?
tamang pakhrin
'tamang pakhrin' 11 months ago
most beautiful women in the world
Humanity is doomed
'Humanity is doomed' 11 months ago
what an ugly face!!
Horselover Phat
'Horselover Phat' 11 months ago
Her and Brad Pitt are paedophiles...all of Hollywood is paedophile based. Suck it up, you brainwashed by Hollywood useless eaters.
Horselover Phat
'Horselover Phat' 11 months ago
Fucking illuminati whore...she a 0.1% marionette. What may have been fortunate for her, means a shit load of misfortune for everyone else. I fucking hate this illuminati BITCH.
Alana Taouk
'Alana Taouk' 11 months ago
At 4:38 - 4:45 she describes my mum. Brought tears to my eyes. My mother is so strong ❤️ I hope that one day she can just rest
Rachel Sahar
'Rachel Sahar' 11 months ago
let her and her creator be the judge in having tattoos. She is only a human being doing the best she can. In her mind it's nice to have them. that's all that matter. (I'm not fond of tattoos either, but I respect people and their decision in what ever they do.) After all, look all the amazing things she's doing globally!
Sol Luna
'Sol Luna' 11 months ago
Angelina Is Aphrodisiac,her soul is so pure and humble,she is the woman every girl should look up to, what a beautiful angel X
siware bene
'siware bene' 12 months ago
I love her ! I look up to her , she is an amazing inspiration
Dagger - الخنجر
'Dagger - الخنجر' 12 months ago
I can hear the sounds of their saliva that their gums and cheeks are making , it's annoying and distracting
Masroor Hassan
'Masroor Hassan' 12 months ago
baby your counrty is responsible of everything is'it ?
'YanaFelani' 12 months ago
fake bitch
lila lopez
'lila lopez' 12 months ago
shes so tin! :-(
Black Bullet
'Black Bullet' 1 year ago
Love u Angie,i hope u have a wonderful life babe <3
kathryn doyle
'kathryn doyle' 1 year ago
Just fucking kill that anorexic bitch please you people have lost your minds if you think skinny bitches are beautiful
kathryn doyle
'kathryn doyle' 1 year ago
She looks anorexic. Actors... Once again creating a false imiage of beauty...
'geo123123' 1 year ago
A beautiful woman in every way.
Sujan Khadka
'Sujan Khadka' 1 year ago
Angelina is stunning
ann landers
'ann landers' 1 year ago
This my friends is why Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for this amazing woman.
dreamsdo cometrue
'dreamsdo cometrue' 1 year ago
Angelina is a Goddess inside and out!
Cristina Nappi
'Cristina Nappi' 1 year ago
'ukpropaganda' 1 year ago
Another whore puppet of the elite, serving their agenda.
'ActionTv808' 1 year ago
Angelina is beautiful inside and out. I listened to everything she said but it was hard because she so damn hot. Lol !
EliYah Yahweh
'EliYah Yahweh' 1 year ago
Yahweh bless you even more!!!
even the youtube page becomes pretty which watching you... :)
Yohana1:17 For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Yahshua the Mashiach.
Rubi S
'Rubi S' 1 year ago
She is so amazing.
Naveen Yadav
'Naveen Yadav' 1 year ago
she is wonderfully gifted with inner beauty!!!!!!!
'perliva' 1 year ago
As a woman isn’t she automatically severely oppressed? Or isn’t she?
rebecca henderson
'rebecca henderson' 1 year ago
LOve u so much , you deserve to be loved angelina
Flower Fleur de Lis
Eyes are the Index of the Mind and I see it in her eyes. I wish her and her Family all the best and Healthy life. I respect what she makes for the poor people and help them to become Hope again. God bless you Angel :)
Rahul Panwar
'Rahul Panwar' 1 year ago
my dream girl has much great lips then her.
Lie Detector
'Lie Detector' 1 year ago
What credentials does she have for so called work on international issues. Does she have a masters degree in international studies or is she just some dumb Hollywood actress?
Anna Z-S
'Anna Z-S' 1 year ago
I used to not like her as a actor and a women but I started respect her as a person becouse of what she does and how she thinks...
Anita Niuta
'Anita Niuta' 1 year ago
What I don't understand what is a beautiful woman ruining her body by tattoos? It is good that she is trying to be a good person and I pray that she finds God in her heart as well. Then her charitable heart would be unstoppable.
Jan Bum
'Jan Bum' 1 year ago
who are you ? muselim or not????????
Question MK-Question
Fortunate to be an Illuminati puppet? Like the demonic movies she plays? Living a false existence and measuring your "fortunes" based on material possession is lying to oneself. ....You are no ambassador and what you do to promote your demonic ideology is equally poisonous and dangerous. you are no angel
Sammy Ahn
'Sammy Ahn' 1 year ago
Such a beautiful and inspiring person.. It may seemed easy but, its hard to see and admit for most people.
Muhanad Naji
'Muhanad Naji' 1 year ago
Kss hot glrr
Eduarda Cruz
'Eduarda Cruz' 1 year ago
She's a admirable person. I love her.
Ainah Legaspi
'Ainah Legaspi' 1 year ago
I salute her.. She's a great person with a good heart.. I love you angelina.. Godbless u and ur family 🙏🏻🙏🏻😍😍😍😘
Ainah Legaspi
'Ainah Legaspi' 1 year ago
I salute her.. She's a great person with a good heart.. I love you angelina.. Godbless u and ur family 🙏🏻🙏🏻😍😍😍😘😘
Ainah Legaspi
'Ainah Legaspi' 1 year ago
I salute her.. She's a great person with a good heart.. I love you angelina.. Godbless u and ur family 🙏🏻🙏🏻😍😍😍😘😘
'tangao0000007' 1 year ago
i love you tomb raider
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