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BuzzFeed Investigates A Huge Fake News Operation -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 weeks ago

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Should fake news creators be held accountable?

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Shaun Gorzell
'Shaun Gorzell' 3 hours ago
Did they invest their own operation? I mean they just published an article about UNVERIFIED reports about Trump with ties to Russia.
'WemzeKai2' 1 day ago
Buzzfeed is investigating itself
'Johnmconley74' 2 days ago
Oh the irony...
Abigail Harris
'Abigail Harris' 2 days ago
Like yourself
Arty Choke
'Arty Choke' 3 days ago
Britani Fazakerley
You guys are buzzfeed shouldn't you be investigating yourself??
Bradley Carter_2181110
This video is like the dirty cop at a police agency saying, "Hey, don't worry guys! I'll investigate and find that dirty cop!" ...Jeez.
Melli J
'Melli J' 4 days ago
The smell of hypocrisy is strong here....
Ethan Paquette
'Ethan Paquette' 4 days ago
buzzfeed is fake news. buzzfeed should not be considered news
'TheProfficer' 4 days ago
Because buzzfeed is great at journalism
'M30WMAN' 4 days ago
well that's a tiny bit hypocritical isn't it...
'Frisia' 4 days ago
Buzzfeed = Fake news
Sam Jensen
'Sam Jensen' 4 days ago
thx for the idea buzzfeed
Smile Now, Cry Later
Yet you guys posted fake news about Trump. Pathetic. Go back to the ghost hunters.
IG: HoodLives
'IG: HoodLives' 4 days ago
Buzzfeed has more AIDS then Charlie sheen
Excell sLays
'Excell sLays' 4 days ago
fake news lmao remember that time Trump took a golden shower
Makenz Moody
'Makenz Moody' 5 days ago
Anyone else think this is a catfish spin-off?
'msdoza' 5 days ago
Everyone hates buzzfeed so bad, but you believe sex ring in a pizza shop....WOOOOOOOOW...what dumbass's...AND please DO YOU, i block, copy, delete and your a fart in the wind.....HAHAHAHAl
'WickederThanThou' 5 days ago about the fake news story about Donald Trump and Russian prostitutes, Buzzfeed?
Chase Chisholm
'Chase Chisholm' 5 days ago
What about Trumps "golden shower"? put a cyanide laced bullet through you thick skulls and allow the cyanide to kill your brain because the best shot couldn't hit it.
Gowanie 1
'Gowanie 1' 5 days ago
Joseph Watson
'Joseph Watson' 5 days ago
you are fake news though?
'FrostManFilms' 5 days ago
Jacob Moorman
'Jacob Moorman' 5 days ago
Burt Lambaster
'Burt Lambaster' 5 days ago
Buzzfeed is unintentionally becoming better satire than The Onion.
Greg B
'Greg B' 5 days ago
accountable? like posting fake news about trump. Kettle black buzzfeed?
'superkiwistar' 6 days ago
fake news buzzfeed gonna lose white house press pass in a few days. maybe cnn, too.
'Metal8Ball' 6 days ago
Buzzfeed is FAKE NEWS.
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 6 days ago
Antonia Mar
'Antonia Mar' 6 days ago
Kevin Hernandez
'Kevin Hernandez' 6 days ago
lmao is buzzfeed gonna investigate themselves next? doubt it. Buzzfeed is the most hypocritical media source in north america
Jonathon “FOBTYSSC21” Wilson
hypocritical considering buzzfeed is the centre of fake news its pretty fucking shameful to do a video like this
Frank Hamilton
'Frank Hamilton' 6 days ago
Look around the office guys, 2017 is when buzzfeed goes belly up. Enjoy your time while you still have it
Mr E
'Mr E' 6 days ago
Funny now you guys are the fake news.
Tom Allen
'Tom Allen' 6 days ago
the irony of this video after the trump thing is hilarious
Didn't watch the video, I'm guessing they're investigating themselves?
Dustin Johnson
'Dustin Johnson' 6 days ago
kind of ironic that buzzfeed is is one of least trustworthy news sources there is.
Beast Warrior
'Beast Warrior' 6 days ago
You are the fake fucking news
Brig Coksksk
'Brig Coksksk' 6 days ago
Dumbest people ever shut up you liberals Tump 2016
'RUAmplified' 6 days ago
Is this fake?
'Yojimbo413' 6 days ago
Trump golden shower? So Buzzfeed is the fake news....
'TheBlueWiz' 7 days ago
I thought this would be about BuzzFeed investigating itself.....
improvisor 1
'improvisor 1' 7 days ago
did u guys investigate yourselves?
Peter Merrill
'Peter Merrill' 7 days ago
Wow online, click bate, low end news. Throw in bias and you've got buzzfeed
gregory hess
'gregory hess' 7 days ago
Hard to investigate yourslef isn't it Buzzfeed? 😃
'kjbarca10717' 7 days ago
Lol how ironic.
Jake Motherwell
'Jake Motherwell' 7 days ago
Francisco Gonzalez
The false news are not responsible for Trump was elected President, was people like YOU! arrogant, lying, manipulative, ruthless, selfish and devoid of love for others only for yourselves. The people tired of dealing with POLITICAL CORRUPT! that they speak very well but do nothing to nothing and steal money from the people and not only that destroy the morals and values that originally made this country unique and different from others. NOW KNOW WHO IS THE RESPONSIBLE OF THAT TRUMP HAS BEEN CHOSEN THE 45 PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA. I think that my point was clear and easy to understand.
'shananagans5' 7 days ago
If you guys want a good tip about fake news, why don't you investigate a place called Buzzfeed. They seem to be running lots of fake or unverified stories lately.
'sillver0100' 7 days ago
Secretary of Shitposting
This video is even funnier after what Buzzfeed did today ahahhahahha
'mrs0019' 1 week ago
Fake news investigating fake news...interesting. Buzzfeed should be able to provide inside expert opinion. 😅
Mack Alexis
'Mack Alexis' 1 week ago
Why would buzz feed even put the picture of the guy if they're gonna blur it out? Idiot
hpfan4life 394
'hpfan4life 394' 1 week ago
I know that this is a whole matter of free speech and all, but spewing out fake news and disguising it as news that people will find legitimate should be on some level a criminal act. You should at least be find, or maybe serve community service, because fake news has turned into such a huge issue and needs to be stopped.
Amanda Barrera
'Amanda Barrera' 1 week ago
Its never that serious.
'GeuwgleSuxBallz' 1 week ago
Irony at its best!
Lee Olsson
'Lee Olsson' 1 week ago
Knowingly spreading false news that can cause harm should definitly be considered a crime.
Jennifer Lamont
'Jennifer Lamont' 1 week ago
Maybe Buzzfeed should be held accountable for stalking and harassing a man, then posting stories about him under his real name?
'Pingasatchi' 2 weeks ago
Yet you fail to acknowledge the countless fake and negative articles centered around Donald Trump.
Nickel Hunter
'Nickel Hunter' 2 weeks ago
how can we even trust this then?
Emma Meade
'Emma Meade' 2 weeks ago
When a business who is all about fake news investigates fake news....????
nicole grooms
'nicole grooms' 2 weeks ago
is this not harassment?
Friday L
'Friday L' 2 weeks ago
Heck yeah people who knowingly spread fake news for profit or just to decieve others should recieve a juicy fine
'36ttyyyog' 2 weeks ago
Buzzfeed logs on to Buzzfeed
Jake Sullivan
'Jake Sullivan' 2 weeks ago
Our generation is so brainwashed that they don't even sign the contract anymore or make sure what they are being told is the truth or not. You're forcing us into an agenda and silencing our freedom of speech for the sake of security. If you want security, go to prison, in which, you will end up creating for us all in the end, backstabbers.
Shipwreck bp
'Shipwreck bp' 2 weeks ago
Yeah, that video is not creepy stalky at all....
Ella Perry
'Ella Perry' 2 weeks ago
"Just a typical clickbaity news website online" Hmm sounds familiar cough buzzfeed
'kfox0914' 2 weeks ago
Absolutely they should! Any other news source would be, so these sights should be held to the same laws and standards
stephen Nichol
'stephen Nichol' 2 weeks ago
What did they hope to achieve again? A guy to confess in front of millions to confess
Vryxer Gt
'Vryxer Gt' 2 weeks ago
make buzzfeed black for conspiracy investigation and ghost and unsolved pls
Cailin Fratarcangelo
Fake news creators should 100% be held accountable
vapid rabbit
'vapid rabbit' 2 weeks ago
i believe in free speech... but laws regarding advertising or slander should also be in place. if the info isn't true, or if it's satire,... or if it's speculation etc. it should be labelled as such.
'Lilyrose' 2 weeks ago
Most pointless video
Kaesia Alcock
'Kaesia Alcock' 2 weeks ago
Aren't they stalking that guy? ( I love buzfeed by the way)
Meaghan Climis
'Meaghan Climis' 2 weeks ago
Isn't that harassment?
The Plastic Paddy
'The Plastic Paddy' 2 weeks ago
InfoWars, Mark Dice and Paul Joseph Watson if you want some real news. Buzzfeed are the very definition of Fake News
'builder1117' 2 weeks ago
Buzzfeed has been told by their masters to make this video.
They are using the Fake News narrative to attempt to discredit opposition.
They will never attack the evidence itself.
They will always attack the source.
Pizzagate is blatantly real if you've looked at even a bit of the evidence. The possibility it's all coincidence is astronomically low.
Well, if they are spreading false information about some kind of super virus that will kill us all (just an example) and they know it's fake, then they legally can be held accountable. It's like if someone were to shout "fire" in a crowded theatre when there is no fire.
Don Tron
'Don Tron' 2 weeks ago
Fake news is legal. So use it against those consumers devoid of critical thinking. You know Mr. Elect will use it easy.
Kriz Sath
'Kriz Sath' 2 weeks ago
this is the worst video buzzfeed has ever made
'NothingIsSacred' 2 weeks ago
Want to hold fake news creators accountable?? Start at home, Buzzfeed.
'Morgan' 2 weeks ago
Did you mean FOX?
Grant Hillmann
'Grant Hillmann' 2 weeks ago
u never said how fake news helped elect Donald like u stated
Grant Hillmann
'Grant Hillmann' 2 weeks ago
fake news helped no one more than clinton
Pete Zack
'Pete Zack' 2 weeks ago
it's like the convicted criminal plays the judge
DoubledList 3568
'DoubledList 3568' 2 weeks ago
Buzzfeed is a fake news operation
Siberianhuskybud The Grey Wolf
i think they should be held accountable UNLESS they advertise as a fake news site
ernie samora
'ernie samora' 2 weeks ago
haha Pueblo, Colorado. I'm visiting relatives there rn and lemme tell you, that place is not someplace you want to be. especially filiming a big movie with celebrities. (yes i know that the article was fake but)
'killerthunder15' 2 weeks ago
dude wtf we need to bring buzzfeed down this cannot happen
Hadley J
'Hadley J' 2 weeks ago
And they just had to throw in that this news source that nobody has heard of helped Trump win the election smh
Tabitha Wilkins
'Tabitha Wilkins' 2 weeks ago
I hate fake news sites. it's one thing to wrote satire at least it's quickly recognisable as satire. They either need to stop or label it as fake.
'BerserkBird' 2 weeks ago
He already won give it up you sjw freaks.
Paty Mendoza
'Paty Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
Catfish, is that you?
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