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Zaalima | Raees | Shah Rukh Khan & Mahira Khan | Arijit Singh & Harshdeep Kaur | JAM8 -
Published: 3 months ago By: Zee Music Company

By: Zee Music CompanyPublished: 3 months ago

99, 265, 567 views

567, 809 Likes   45, 458 Dislikes

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Red Chillies Entertainment and Excel Entertainment Present
An Excel Entertainment Production.

Song - Zaalima
Music - JAM8
Lyrics - Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers - Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur
Choreography - Bosco- Caesar

Written by - Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi & Niraj Shukla
Director Of Photography - K.U Mohanan ISC
Produced By - Ritesh Sidhwani, Gauri Khan & Farhan Akhtar
Directed By - Rahul Dholakia

Sound Design:- Dj Phukan, Sunny M.R.
Programmers:- Sourav Roy, Dj Phukan, Sunny M.R., Rohan Chauhan, Arijit Singh
Mix & Master:- Shadab Rayeen @ Newedge
Assistant:- Abhishek Sortey
Shoot Mix:- Ashwin Kulkarni
Recording Engineers:- Ashwin Kulkarni, Himanshu Shirlekar, Aaroh Velankar, Kaushik Das
Vocal Conductor:- Akashdeep Sengupta, Kaushik Das, Tushar Joshi

Drums:- Alan Hertz
Bass:- Ernest Tibbs
Duff:- Iqbal Azad
Harmonium:- Feroz Shaikh
Acoustic Guitars:- Pawan Rasaily and Arijit Singh
Electric Guitars:- Pawan Rasaily

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Zee Music Company
'Zee Music Company' 3 months ago
Raees's next song is coming soon.
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I am Prachi
'I am Prachi' 26 minutes ago
100 million squad?
Vikrant Tanwar
'Vikrant Tanwar' 30 minutes ago
this song is best
MD Roman
'MD Roman' 46 minutes ago
Opu Srk
'Opu Srk' 46 minutes ago
9X Music
'9X Music' 56 minutes ago
99 millions views
Neha Gupta
'Neha Gupta' 59 minutes ago
best song
Abhijit Das
'Abhijit Das' 1 hour ago
Smashing song ! SRK & Mahira form a great pair, should do more movies together
Rainbow Sunny Boom Dash Sparkle
who is an foreiner or american anything except indian who watched this song give a like
i love this song but cant understand
zafar muhammad
'zafar muhammad' 1 hour ago
very nice
Moiz Ahmed
'Moiz Ahmed' 2 hours ago
habosht habibe EHAB12345
I love shahrokhan veerrrrrrryyyyyy much:-:-):-):-):-):-):-)
Zartashia Zari
'Zartashia Zari' 3 hours ago
should i dance on this song????hit like if you think so
Rüfət Həsənov
'Rüfət Həsənov' 3 hours ago
Hi from Azerbaijane Supper music
Shaharyar S
'Shaharyar S' 3 hours ago
Hit like if you are listening b/w >99M and <100M views...
'VIKAS SINGH' 3 hours ago

Vikas Rajpoot
Shaikh Sohel
'Shaikh Sohel' 3 hours ago
Love u SRK
Hasina Khatoon
'Hasina Khatoon' 3 hours ago
loving song
virendra pandit
'virendra pandit' 3 hours ago
love srk
Prince Abraham
'Prince Abraham' 4 hours ago
i love sharokhan
Ansh Dhingra
'Ansh Dhingra' 4 hours ago
gud song
Rashmi Devi
'Rashmi Devi' 4 hours ago
After listing dis song I remember my love.....dis iz best song of 2k 17 .....💕
Aftara Parvin
'Aftara Parvin' 5 hours ago
Nice song
Sudha Singh
'Sudha Singh' 5 hours ago
to srk you are my favourite actor and I study in 5 oo a in sica school 78
Mailk Faisal
'Mailk Faisal' 5 hours ago
Shafin Islam
'Shafin Islam' 5 hours ago
joss he.😄😄😄
Nadeem Ahmed
'Nadeem Ahmed' 6 hours ago
dangerous ride
clash gaming
'clash gaming' 6 hours ago
Nice song 😆😀😁😉😊😊
Imtiyaz Khan
'Imtiyaz Khan' 6 hours ago
what a lovely song😘😘😘
Xjvhjcujd Dhvfonss
'Xjvhjcujd Dhvfonss' 6 hours ago
nice song
Xjvhjcujd Dhvfonss
'Xjvhjcujd Dhvfonss' 6 hours ago
best song
faiz mohammed
'faiz mohammed' 6 hours ago
know have words to she abt really superb birlyen song
sandesh rawle
'sandesh rawle' 7 hours ago
lovely voice Arijit
Bapi Rout
'Bapi Rout' 7 hours ago
best song of 2017
'ZAKIRI SAEM' 7 hours ago
Who s here to check 100 million views of zaalima 😍
rahul tandel
'rahul tandel' 8 hours ago
What does zalima means?
Amrita Roy Bhasin
'Amrita Roy Bhasin' 8 hours ago
The LallaN ToP
'The LallaN ToP' 8 hours ago
love u srk 100millian😎🙌
Panacea Academy
'Panacea Academy' 9 hours ago
we love srk from nepal,,,,,,
Raj Bhamare
'Raj Bhamare' 9 hours ago
mahmood ali kareem
'mahmood ali kareem' 9 hours ago
Sharukh's 3rd song reaching 100 million +
beenish jahanzeb
'beenish jahanzeb' 10 hours ago
Great joint venture of indian and pakistani talent.. Well Done guys !!
Raj KumAr
'Raj KumAr' 10 hours ago
Nice video
Usha Rathod
'Usha Rathod' 10 hours ago
Usha Rathod
'Usha Rathod' 10 hours ago
love song
'Raz' 13 hours ago
Can we get this to 100M soon?!
Lati Moe
'Lati Moe' 13 hours ago
I love Hindi song from yemen💜
Abdal Khan
'Abdal Khan' 14 hours ago
complate 100M
Jameeyameen Ali
'Jameeyameen Ali' 15 hours ago
Yassar Mian
'Yassar Mian' 15 hours ago
Zaalima to 100M lets go
Wafae Zaher
'Wafae Zaher' 15 hours ago
i love this song
Zubair Malik
'Zubair Malik' 16 hours ago
I love this song
Dinesh Thakur
'Dinesh Thakur' 16 hours ago
king of romance bollywood ka baadshaah h srk love u king khan
Dinesh Thakur
'Dinesh Thakur' 16 hours ago
srk king h
dubai amazing
'dubai amazing' 17 hours ago
100 milloin views 44k comment 1st bollywood song
srk creat recod love mahira
Shubhankar Sharma
'Shubhankar Sharma' 17 hours ago
arijit is always rocking, acting to koi bhi kar sakta hai kala kapra, kala chasma pehenke, idhar udhar ghumke.....
shah nawaz
'shah nawaz' 17 hours ago
Saima Tariq
'Saima Tariq' 17 hours ago
I love this song
Rabab Zehra
'Rabab Zehra' 17 hours ago
Owsm song love it😊😊
Waquar Khan
'Waquar Khan' 17 hours ago
Beautiful Lyrics and Awesome song
محمد الضباري
شكرن على متبعه في قناتي
محمد الضباري
مشاهده فيلم رئيس
Maria Batool
'Maria Batool' 18 hours ago
very nicee song... Pakistan India Friendship Zindabad....
Ali Waris
'Ali Waris' 18 hours ago
love lu nice song
I really luv this song
Nasir Shaik
'Nasir Shaik' 19 hours ago
love this song 2017... :)
Anita Shahi
'Anita Shahi' 19 hours ago
Awesome song😘
kinal Mehta
'kinal Mehta' 19 hours ago
Zainab Haider
'Zainab Haider' 20 hours ago
Sabbir Ahammed
'Sabbir Ahammed' 20 hours ago
Wow 😮 Awesome 👏 song
'SuperSoldiers' 20 hours ago
Who watched this video in his month like this comment
Dr sumbal Sohail
'Dr sumbal Sohail' 21 hours ago
Lovely  baloch
'Lovely baloch' 21 hours ago
Nyc song
padakanti Ananthkishanrao
What does zaalima mean
MOHD talha
'MOHD talha' 21 hours ago
I hate mahira
Adya parasar
'Adya parasar' 21 hours ago
I love it
Shahanaz Akter
'Shahanaz Akter' 21 hours ago
nice I love this song
labsna h
'labsna h' 22 hours ago
my best song 😍😍😍
Zaka Husen
'Zaka Husen' 22 hours ago
This is 96
Elkar John
'Elkar John' 22 hours ago
çok güzel zaaalima
Sajid Ali
'Sajid Ali' 22 hours ago
Mahira khan proud to be pakistani
Iqra Siddiqui
'Iqra Siddiqui' 23 hours ago
i Love s r k sog
Iqra Siddiqui
'Iqra Siddiqui' 23 hours ago
i love s r k good song
Shaikh Sahil
'Shaikh Sahil' 23 hours ago
Shaikh Sahil
'Shaikh Sahil' 23 hours ago
Pallab Bodo
'Pallab Bodo' 23 hours ago
m watching this video once in week
mahnoor naveed
'mahnoor naveed' 1 day ago
i LOoove this Song
Trishagni Ghosh
'Trishagni Ghosh' 1 day ago
one of my favourite song...
love this song alot... 💖
Asif Khan
'Asif Khan' 1 day ago
aneekumar tolani
'aneekumar tolani' 1 day ago
lovely and romantic song
chanakya_ danny2fa
nice coment shompuma gunjan
VI Σιgma
'VI Σιgma' 1 day ago
απιjιτ яоскs
Ayushi Dikshit
'Ayushi Dikshit' 1 day ago
I love mahira khan I have watched all her dramas specially humsafar she is fab
Ibraheem raja the king
lovey song
ruchita Gohil
'ruchita Gohil' 1 day ago
it's amazing song ..mahira is looking very beautiful...
zara zainab
'zara zainab' 1 day ago
good song
mounis salih
'mounis salih' 1 day ago
I like
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