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Zaalima | Raees | Shah Rukh Khan & Mahira Khan | Arijit Singh & Harshdeep Kaur | JAM8 -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Zee Music Company

By: Zee Music CompanyPublished: 3 weeks ago

44, 824, 615 views

375, 517 Likes   28, 686 Dislikes

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Red Chillies Entertainment and Excel Entertainment Present
An Excel Entertainment Production.

Song - Zaalima
Music - JAM8
Lyrics - Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers - Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur
Choreography - Bosco- Caesar

Written by - Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi & Niraj Shukla
Director Of Photography - K.U Mohanan ISC
Produced By - Ritesh Sidhwani, Gauri Khan & Farhan Akhtar
Directed By - Rahul Dholakia

Sound Design:- Dj Phukan, Sunny M.R.
Programmers:- Sourav Roy, Dj Phukan, Sunny M.R., Rohan Chauhan, Arijit Singh
Mix & Master:- Shadab Rayeen @ Newedge
Assistant:- Abhishek Sortey
Shoot Mix:- Ashwin Kulkarni
Recording Engineers:- Ashwin Kulkarni, Himanshu Shirlekar, Aaroh Velankar, Kaushik Das
Vocal Conductor:- Akashdeep Sengupta, Kaushik Das, Tushar Joshi

Drums:- Alan Hertz
Bass:- Ernest Tibbs
Duff:- Iqbal Azad
Harmonium:- Feroz Shaikh
Acoustic Guitars:- Pawan Rasaily and Arijit Singh
Electric Guitars:- Pawan Rasaily

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zafar kamal
'zafar kamal' 2 minutes ago
I watch this song 25 times a day to make it fastest 150 million views.
jallarp sam
'jallarp sam' 3 minutes ago
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Imran Khan
'Imran Khan' 4 minutes ago
Best song for me 2017
Aviraj Singh
'Aviraj Singh' 4 minutes ago
most poignant part of the song starts here 1:35
Divya Valeja
'Divya Valeja' 5 minutes ago
I love this song
this song is very osm
Azam Khan
'Azam Khan' 10 minutes ago
amazing song Hart touch song ❤
Brij Mohan Singh
'Brij Mohan Singh' 17 minutes ago
To gain something you have to loose something ..!
Keshav Mishra
'Keshav Mishra' 40 minutes ago
I love songs
najax nuura
'najax nuura' 48 minutes ago
She is cute i liket this gril
Farheen naaz
'Farheen naaz' 50 minutes ago
najax nuura
'najax nuura' 51 minutes ago
I.liket this song Raees
Roohina khan
'Roohina khan' 1 hour ago
wow Mahira looks gorgeous in this movie .I love her
RaanU Uli
'RaanU Uli' 1 hour ago
Main Sou Martaba dewana Hua HaYYe
Rehana Sultana
'Rehana Sultana' 1 hour ago
wow getting crazy love u srk
KiNg RoNy
'KiNg RoNy' 1 hour ago
rakibuddin ahmed
'rakibuddin ahmed' 1 hour ago
so beautiful song
faiz ali
'faiz ali' 1 hour ago
1000 crore club men jaee gi fillm
Rafaqat Hussain
'Rafaqat Hussain' 1 hour ago
very nice song zalima
Anything & Everything
our Mailka Arora is 1000% best actress and good looking than this Pakistani beggar's Daughter.... #MalikaAroaKhan, #MalikaArora
Hell Angel
'Hell Angel' 2 hours ago
this for my navedjaan
Hell Angel
'Hell Angel' 2 hours ago
awsome song
arsalan Shaikh
'arsalan Shaikh' 2 hours ago
omg sharukh is awesome
Shivam S
'Shivam S' 2 hours ago
2:24 the way she swayed her hair 😍😍😍
awais shaukat
'awais shaukat' 2 hours ago
nice song
Zeenat Hosenally
'Zeenat Hosenally' 2 hours ago
awesome song....i love it...
Chameli Ghosh
'Chameli Ghosh' 2 hours ago
i like this song
Saddam Khan
'Saddam Khan' 2 hours ago
what a song yrrr.... maine 15 baar sunn liya h subah se lekin mann nhi bhar rha h abhi bhi .... really nice voice with great actor
Shiv Allah Jesus Nanak Buddha is same GODs
"India👉 👬 👈Pakistan"

Hit like if you want this!!!
Deepika Sowjarla
'Deepika Sowjarla' 3 hours ago
sooperb song😘..loving it!
mohammed abdul khader
hi i think this film may be all time blockbuster by his teasers.........................great acting by shahrukh khan
ekram khan
'ekram khan' 3 hours ago
tu bahut zalim hai zailma
writer ek
producer ek
director ek
everything ek
Mohit. Singh
'Mohit. Singh' 3 hours ago
The best song of the film and SRK looking so good in black dress
Namra Shaikh
'Namra Shaikh' 3 hours ago
WOW.....SRK..... killing expression..
Bhaveh Kumar
'Bhaveh Kumar' 3 hours ago
nic song nic lokeshn
Sharmin Ferdous Toma
sameer ahmed
'sameer ahmed' 3 hours ago
i love u srk sir
'DINESH PAWAR' 4 hours ago
I'm biggest fan of u srk and also waiting for up coming movie Raees. This is a beautiful song, SRK looks great and Mahira is beautiful. Can't wait for the movie, 3 more days..................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hamna hassan
'hamna hassan' 4 hours ago
Love you mahira you looks perfect with srk ❤️
sadanand gosavi
'sadanand gosavi' 4 hours ago
classic song ...👌👍👍👍
Anika Nawaz
'Anika Nawaz' 4 hours ago
Only here for Mahira <3 <3
Raja Debnath
'Raja Debnath' 4 hours ago
Nice song
Rubel Islam
'Rubel Islam' 4 hours ago
arijit Singh Best singer
Gaurav Das
'Gaurav Das' 4 hours ago
shahrukh khan getting morE handsOmE
Aishwarya S shankar
'Aishwarya S shankar' 4 hours ago
Love this song. 😍😍😍😘😘
Roshni khan
'Roshni khan' 4 hours ago
mahira is OK...she looks innocent..wish she was younger and not a single mom of 2 kids !! not sure if she wld get more offers in bollywood
Aastha Khanna
'Aastha Khanna' 4 hours ago
wow srk u killed this song I love it
Leyaqat Ali
'Leyaqat Ali' 4 hours ago
Muhammad Ahmad
'Muhammad Ahmad' 5 hours ago
loved this
sana mulla
'sana mulla' 5 hours ago
SRK is Best 👌💓
Nabina Yeasmin
'Nabina Yeasmin' 5 hours ago
Nice song
Tanveer Pasha
'Tanveer Pasha' 5 hours ago
my favourite song Zaalima
Trisk Khan
'Trisk Khan' 5 hours ago
shahru.. I love u so much
Brij Mohan Singh
'Brij Mohan Singh' 6 hours ago
Harsh deep did well in this song..!
Rehan Shah
'Rehan Shah' 6 hours ago
mahira's success haters giving negative remarks!😂
Soha Fati
'Soha Fati' 6 hours ago
lijay mn 3and lgrinii yji 7daya vive le maroooc big hi to Indian ppl ❤❤
Worst Ever Official
'Worst Ever Official' 6 hours ago
Shahrukh Rocks
'TOAKERS' 6 hours ago
And here comes the KING OF ROMANCE <3
Amber Samee Akhtar
'Amber Samee Akhtar' 6 hours ago
Mahira Khan looks beautiful❤️❤️
Prashant Bansal
'Prashant Bansal' 7 hours ago
awesomeness stylish delicacy beauty .,. raees in everything !!
Kishan Chauhan
'Kishan Chauhan' 7 hours ago
wtfuxxx 28k dislikes 😕...
nafees facade khan i Abidi
Is there link to get information on how to get the stills of mahira and srk from the zaalima song is there rules for copyright. Any one.
Jihane Mounib
'Jihane Mounib' 9 hours ago
respect to india frome morocco ^_^
faheem awan
'faheem awan' 9 hours ago
who else loved voice of harshdeep kaur more then arijit singh? no offence to arijit and his fans offcourse
pakistani princess
'pakistani princess' 10 hours ago
james bond ka bacha khud gora banna chahta hai baat karta hai tu nationalism ki
well actually majority of indians wish they were white anyway well ur still indians chahe naam goron k rakko ya capre goron k pehno u r still indian
pakistani princess
'pakistani princess' 10 hours ago
why are all the haters indian???!! yes she is a pakistani actress in a hindi bollywood movie specially chosen for this movie and casted by srk get over it now! talking about her looks and her professional career taking digs and belittling someone will not make u feel any better
work towards peace if the youth is like this today where they are hateful at a a pakistani artist for doing her job I dread to think what is to come for India
Neha Creations
'Neha Creations' 10 hours ago cute
Shahram Boy
'Shahram Boy' 10 hours ago
That girl has a big nose lmao
'JAWANI BEQABO' 10 hours ago
ahaaa zalim
bilal khan
'bilal khan' 10 hours ago
in mai mahira khan sherum acha lugta hai
Madina Bahit
'Madina Bahit' 10 hours ago
Shahrukh one the best !!!
Ravi Sharma
'Ravi Sharma' 10 hours ago
The actress not good
Hanane Rafiq
'Hanane Rafiq' 11 hours ago
روعة روعة أعدتها أكثر من مرة
Avinash Kharche
'Avinash Kharche' 11 hours ago
Am I the only one who don't like Arijit Singh and miss KK.
Love You Zindagi
'Love You Zindagi' 11 hours ago
Most Romantic hero ever .......mmmmuuuuaaahhhh
'noblemoi' 11 hours ago
porno khan
kirishima Touka (BeautifulWings)
KAABIL will be BB = The joke of the year 2017
fatima sattar
'fatima sattar' 12 hours ago
shahrukh looks much better now then before
Raj M
'Raj M' 12 hours ago
This song will rock on the big screen! Can't wait to see it in theater....getting goosebumps!
Shobha Shrestha
'Shobha Shrestha' 12 hours ago
I love you king of the world
Salu Gurung
'Salu Gurung' 12 hours ago
"WOW" She look so pretty but deepika is better sooooo Much
M Nadeem
'M Nadeem' 12 hours ago
wow,srk TM sa Hassen koi ni
hassan Munir
'hassan Munir' 12 hours ago
Dear indians how could you be so unfair with mahira khan she's innocent and she has nothing to do with terrorism
You guys didn't let her promote her film
So unfair
Mind So Cray
'Mind So Cray' 12 hours ago
3 days to go! Cant wait for this movie to come out
'Sourav' 12 hours ago
shanu ahmad ksa Sa
'shanu ahmad ksa Sa' 12 hours ago
Nice song srk bhai
shanu ahmad ksa Sa
'shanu ahmad ksa Sa' 13 hours ago
Nice song
'MzKyu' 13 hours ago
mahira is so beautiful. There is a sincerity in her eyes that draws you.
Hazrat Bilal
'Hazrat Bilal' 13 hours ago
i love you khan
how to creat
'how to creat' 13 hours ago
Guyzzz!!! mujhe yakin he ki yhh film ke bad india & pakistan ke relationship me kaffi sudhar aa jaegii ...agr asa ho skta he .. toh ao hum sab mil kr iss film ko ek alag hi mukam par le chalte hen
HD Vids
'HD Vids' 13 hours ago
shahrukh and mahira rocks
'VVeDesi' 13 hours ago
This is a beautiful song, SRK looks great and Mahira is beautiful. Can't wait for the movie, 3 more days!!
vishal pratap
'vishal pratap' 13 hours ago
kabil movie song all are great awesome ye hakla h
vishal pratap
'vishal pratap' 13 hours ago
mahabakawas bete bilkul pasand nh aaya
gaming introduction videos Mungul
the song is very amazing and i love shah rauk khan very much oh zaalimaa
'Foodwala' 14 hours ago
Zabardast movie.... Main dekhna chahta hoon... Per demonetization k baad paisay bahout tight hogay hain...... 250 rs for first day first show... N that too when you are not at all earning...
'Evergreen' 14 hours ago
Every time I play this song
And I tell myself Why this song is only 2:51 minute.
Danish Menish
'Danish Menish' 14 hours ago
if u love him go to the movies...coz loves doesn't come in piracy
Danish Menish
'Danish Menish' 14 hours ago
m going for raaes
David Roy
'David Roy' 14 hours ago
Arijit is the best singer ....... the song was awsm
Mohammad Usman
'Mohammad Usman' 14 hours ago
o my god mahira khan so hot and so beautiful this movie and specialy this song i am witting for this movie of long long time and i no this movie break every indian movie record
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