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The Weeknd - Party Monster (Vevo Presents) -
Published: 1 month ago By: TheWeekndVEVO

By: TheWeekndVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

4, 518, 485 views

61, 860 Likes   1, 421 Dislikes

The Weeknd - Party Monster, an exclusive live performance for Vevo.
The Weeknd performed for fans at the LA Hangar Studios on December 17, 2016, highlighting music from his ‘Starboy’ album. Kendrick Lamar was his guest during a performance of “Sidewalks.”

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'Valentina' 2 hours ago
Falta poco para escucharlo en vivo ❤💃
Athmani Sameh
'Athmani Sameh' 6 hours ago
wicked by girl a dont even know her name
liz morales
'liz morales' 8 hours ago
"Woke up by a girl and don't even know her name". Wow; no offense to him but I really miss music that was more than just hooking up with people, drinking, partying, sex, having an IT butt etc. I wish when things weren't as superficial. Sigh. All respect to the weekend though, just not my style of music :/
leidy rengifo
'leidy rengifo' 8 hours ago
su voz en vivo se escucha totalmente diferente me parece que le arreglan demasiado la voz
Aga me.
'Aga me.' 9 hours ago
White people !😱
Black people!😱
Chinese people !😱 Abel Tesfaye is only Ethiopian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Latin people!😱 Ethiopia is the land of Queen sheba !!!
And the only African Country never been Colonised or Slaved !!!!
he is handsome because he is from Ethiopia .
so plz dont get confuse
Love Love 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Other people !😱
Sandro Henrique
'Sandro Henrique' 9 hours ago
simplesmente FODA❗❗❗
'LPFan4' 17 hours ago
Just don't like this song!
Kirsten. jires. hirey. blly. wirey Johnson
kely. you. Hirey. Birey. Ok. Yires. Day. Love lové. Gires. Boy.
Aarin Ahmed
'Aarin Ahmed' 22 hours ago
it sounds like he says i'm good, i'm good, i'm gay
moe sala
'moe sala' 1 day ago
"I'm good I'm good I'm great"
black stalker
'black stalker' 1 day ago
Chloe fumery
'Chloe fumery' 1 day ago
tu chante trop bien
Chloe fumery
'Chloe fumery' 1 day ago
tu chante trop bien
Danny BSL
'Danny BSL' 1 day ago
I like how the crowed sings with him
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Aahhah so cool 😂😂😎👌👌👌👍👍
Gracyelle Paixao
Raimondas Skarbalius
'XER0 C4' 2 days ago
a cena le facena
Maria Binet
'Maria Binet' 2 days ago
The voice of Selena Gomez is at the end?
Dub x Infinity 2
'Dub x Infinity 2' 2 days ago
Fuck all 1k people's who dislikes
Ashley Jones
'Ashley Jones' 2 days ago
Subscribe, Like, comment, View, & Watch my youtube videos of me singing the Weeknd girls born in the 90's & Nothing Without You
Andrezza Fenty
'Andrezza Fenty' 2 days ago
Esse vocal ❤
Manuel Marcos
'Manuel Marcos' 2 days ago
Melhora Musica do Album...The best music (The weeknd )
Gabrielle Lima
'Gabrielle Lima' 2 days ago
Que homem é esse, gzuis 😍😍
Aryen Leeving
'Aryen Leeving' 2 days ago
Lana ❤❤❤❤
Aryen Leeving
'Aryen Leeving' 2 days ago
Lana ❤❤❤❤
Kriday Sharma
'Kriday Sharma' 2 days ago
Don't You Guys think his YouTube subscribers grew after releasing starboy!! Well now he is my fav singer!! He replaced ZAYN as my fav !!
Sara MUT
'Sara MUT' 2 days ago
العرب يحطون لايك خلوهم يشوفون كلمات العربية
Chuchi RD
'Chuchi RD' 2 days ago
The Best ;)
Diplo_ xxx
'Diplo_ xxx' 2 days ago
Niggers these days
Sreeram Balamurugan
man the voice offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Ioana Moisii
'Ioana Moisii' 3 days ago
The Weekend- artist of the year!
Steven Martinez
'Steven Martinez' 3 days ago
let's keep it going

I'm Good I'm Good I'm Great
'SALMON ALMO' 3 days ago
kendrick and the weeknd are the best....,
i like this song!!!!
Chariya Sawangphrom
Love ❤️❤️❤️
Maxim Bechler
'Maxim Bechler' 3 days ago
Ayan Atosh
'Ayan Atosh' 3 days ago
just loved how fans sang with him through out the song i'm a big fan of Abel
Gurvinder Kaur
'Gurvinder Kaur' 3 days ago
paranoid part is the best
Soso Wavey
'Soso Wavey' 3 days ago
I just need a girl who's...gonna "jump jump jump??" 😳...🤔.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
DiyaraCreek X
'DiyaraCreek X' 3 days ago
I liked this video before watching because I knew The Weeknd never disappoints (both ways).
Emackulit Music
'Emackulit Music' 3 days ago
my favorite video and song by the weeknd it's time to end the week with this one
Zas Bvm
'Zas Bvm' 3 days ago
Jump jump😂😂✌
Anderson Carvalho
'Anderson Carvalho' 3 days ago
mt bom!!!!
Marie Ryder
'Marie Ryder' 3 days ago
Man...He's Singing LIVE...and doing a lot of Jumping?!! He's GOOD!!
Aryan Dubey
'Aryan Dubey' 3 days ago
if only he had michael jacksons boots
Ashley Ramirez
'Ashley Ramirez' 4 days ago
when I heard this song my ears said I love the weekend
Shannon May
'Shannon May' 4 days ago
Dam! He's lit a fire under me!! Hot! Hot!
Kaneki Ken
'Kaneki Ken' 4 days ago
I heard it more like 30 time and thx to that i have the lyric sticked to my brain :D
Dhivyaa The Stan
'Dhivyaa The Stan' 4 days ago
The Weekend doesn't need auto tune!! <3
Cody Miles
'Cody Miles' 4 days ago
im obsessed with this song
'LMAO STYLE' 4 days ago
flopboy album is trash
Stefani Gaga
'Stefani Gaga' 4 days ago
I used to love him but now his vocals bad
Cassandra Bowman
'Cassandra Bowman' 4 days ago
love this song🔥
'Klausnomi' 4 days ago
people using phones throughout a performance is killing the experience
Richard Wagner
'Richard Wagner' 4 days ago
Somebody have a twin brother
асти асти
'асти асти' 4 days ago
весь мир у моих ног наколени псы
base ballhit
'base ballhit' 4 days ago
put the speed on 2
Mariah Nisar
'Mariah Nisar' 5 days ago
the crowd be LITTTTT
Emma Louise - Emzld
This song is so catchy. I can't get it out of my head😂✔️
vz fbaby (vzfbaby)
everyone fight about who he named droppped heres the spoiler they all are strippers from toronto
bende ozurluyum
'bende ozurluyum' 5 days ago
'alber' 5 days ago
Does anyone notice that he is wrong with the lyrics at 1:59? He doesn't say: I've seen him outside tryna reach her, you tryna leave him... that would be the correct one
Raquel Noade
'Raquel Noade' 5 days ago
i hate the weekend but i love his new song... I'm really starting to like him
john gray
'john gray' 5 days ago
keeping it real u need to come to columbus ohio
this summer
'KNON' 5 days ago
This video is better than the music video.
Desteapta-te Romane
other puppets plying "god". watch what happened to Kanye
Thįck Blóōd
'Thįck Blóōd' 5 days ago
king is live what pure voice live salute
Rahaf Abdelrhman
'Rahaf Abdelrhman' 5 days ago
Selena ass shaped like Selena
Alisha xox
'Alisha xox' 5 days ago
These are true fans !!
Amir Mirzad
'Amir Mirzad' 5 days ago
Did he say Selena?
Aurelia Ionita
'Aurelia Ionita' 5 days ago
2 2wd.

Megatron Moore
'Megatron Moore' 5 days ago
Best artist right now
'Disheartened6' 5 days ago
jams xD
Gavino Bernal
'Gavino Bernal' 5 days ago
I'm gonna say in front of your face via comments. First Off That Biggest Mistake Of Your Life When You broke up with Bella Hadid Back In November 2016. Then On December 2016 you went straight to Selena Marie Gomez after her Recovery from the lupus but the only reason you went straight to Selena Gomez is to make Bella Hadid Jealous And Hurt. Also Last Tuesday When You took a three Hours Dinner Date after that You Kissed Selena Marie Gomez In the Lips by the dumpster In front of Me, All The Selenators, & Everybody Around the World. Also You Took Selena Marie Gomez To Boiling Crab Last Night. Secret Relationship? Yeah Right The secret is out. because you & Selena Gomez Are NOT A Good Couple. You Brainwashed Selena Gomez in front of everybody to tell her what to do. That's pathetic, Disrespectful, & sad. You Just Using Selena Marie Gomez For Making Bella Hadid Jealous, A Publicity Stunt, & Promote Selena Gomez & Your Album. Totally Disrespectful, Disgusted, & Disgraceful. And I think all of us are had enough & there sick and tired of You playing games, making us look like fool, making Publicity Stunt, Making Looking like idiot, & hurt every Selena Gomez's Fans around the world. It's was You that force Selena Marie Gomez to Break My Heart & Hurt My Feelings by You Abel Tesfaye. It's was You that Selena Gomez Kissed on the lips in Santa Monica & kissed you inside the limousine and then post your music video and get away with it. Hell NO! You Made 2017 the worst year. Because Now You became a Big Problem to all of us for getting to Selena Gomez & Became most controversial stories every week in 2017 of social media. If I were you I would break up With Selena Gomez and end this Problems once and for all. Because you don't Everybody is gonna hate so much. Because Nobody want You & Selena Dating In front of Everybody. And that's just wrong, Disrespectful, & break everyone hearts. I feel sorry For you. But Now You became a big problem in 2017 courtesy by All The Selenators & Everybody. And that's a wrong Moves of what you done to Bella Hadid. If you making things right to break up the secret relationship with Selena Gomez. If I were you. You would the right thing. Make Things right to end the Problems once and for all. PERIOD!!
rap RD
'rap RD' 5 days ago
i need me a girl with SELENAS QUINTANILLAS ASS
Jenna Provost
'Jenna Provost' 5 days ago
download apptrailers and enter my code nattie13 for points which you can convert into money and gift cards.
Musical Little Bug
i wanna be in that crowd
Devon “LiftVacuum” O
I mean, now that The Weeknd really is making out with Selena Gomez now..... maybe he really does mean her booty.
Hamza Abbasi
'Hamza Abbasi' 5 days ago
look at em iPhone 7s though who cares I got a 7+
Dragan Ikonomov
'Dragan Ikonomov' 5 days ago
his live performances are so hype!
Chris Cantu
'Chris Cantu' 6 days ago
I like this song
ely ems
'ely ems' 6 days ago
É de arrepiar essa. Party Monster merece chegar a 1 Bilion views
Zay Arts
'Zay Arts' 6 days ago
One of the few artists that sounds JUST like they sound on the actual song AND live
Gerson Diaz
'Gerson Diaz' 6 days ago
autostima a mil
me encanta esta canción
Rory Wells
'Rory Wells' 6 days ago
Cold iron wood tiesnn barely garlic await economist monthly.
meghan n
'meghan n' 6 days ago
the audience 😍
HeavyDont Die
'HeavyDont Die' 6 days ago
Which is better? Starboy vs Party Monster vs The Hills
Georgia Jones
'Georgia Jones' 6 days ago
This is sick asf
'onkz' 6 days ago
'GapZter' 6 days ago
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