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Cheap Knife Vs. Expensive Knife -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 weeks ago

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"I feel like this is really dangerous for my hand."

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'azzkun' 4 hours ago
Soma's knife there
'sanitarium' 6 hours ago
the girl with short hair trying too hard to be funny
Pete G (Magnuz)
'Pete G (Magnuz)' 1 day ago
Short haired lady fails at hand and eye co-ordination.
This was so basic, it's not an educational video..
Which metal in which knife. When was it sharpened or was it new? all of those facts were left out.
Useless Vid.
Kuro Shin101
'Kuro Shin101' 1 day ago
Is anyone else going through Jen withdrawal, anyone else?
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
I have the boot they cut lol
Julianne Cervantes
i love the intro it should deserve an oscar
TheOrange Pinapple
I hate you buzzfeed
Johann Eiriksson
'Johann Eiriksson' 2 days ago
Just buy a $3.00 knife, sharpen the sh!t out of it, and BOOM... You got yourself a excellent working knife.
(That's what I did. Saved a ton!! 😊👍)
Elliott Gaming
'Elliott Gaming' 3 days ago
At least it's not a 1000 degree knife...
Gwen Christensen
'Gwen Christensen' 3 days ago
I have a set of those shun knives including that big one and they are so great👍🏻. For sure worth it
Kayla Matos
'Kayla Matos' 3 days ago
Jen was the only one not taking anything seriously🤣
hoden sack
'hoden sack' 3 days ago
why am I watching a bunch of guys cutting through a shoe in the middle of the night..
Freddy Fazbear
'Freddy Fazbear' 4 days ago
knife vs 1000 degree knife
Kiana F
'Kiana F' 4 days ago
Jen bout to kill herself and everyone in the room handling those knives loll
'SilkyC' 4 days ago
1:54 - killed me - SO SO funny. That look when you want to say "OOOOOOOOOO that was smooth!!!!"
Bran Holo
'Bran Holo' 5 days ago
Claire make me a sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'TheRealDanBond' 5 days ago
Ooooor..... you could sharpen both knives
'SwagLord' 5 days ago
Just spend $40 and have a knife sharpener on hand; good to go all day
Alex Shi
'Alex Shi' 5 days ago
black guy looks like wolfie lmfao
Renzeth Bulawan
'Renzeth Bulawan' 6 days ago
I cringe of how they cut the pineapple.
'Pithlyx' 6 days ago
ok so the thing that people don't realise is that any knife made out of almost anything can be sharpened. go watch wranglerstar sharpen a butter knife to shave with. the sharpness of a knife doesn't determine the price. the quality of material the way it was made and its ability to hold an edge are all factors that go into making a quality or cheap knife.
Zac Gan
'Zac Gan' 6 days ago
the beginner girl looks clumsier than my sister 😂😂😂 I didn't think that was possible lol
SoSo Dude
'SoSo Dude' 6 days ago
My friend has scissors that cut through a qurater
Jen is literally me
tanaka hiroko
'tanaka hiroko' 6 days ago
That shoe looks tasty
Rachel Chang
'Rachel Chang' 7 days ago
Scared for Jen's life in this video LOL
'CGB' 7 days ago
Cheap fork versus expensive fork
Mauricio Hasson
'Mauricio Hasson' 1 week ago
i know she is into the ladies but for some strange reason i am absolutely infatuated with jen!
'BrandonCristal' 1 week ago
Honestly was waiting for someone to say, "Issa Knife" Smh, you had one job BuzzFeed
The fact the skilled user is cutting on a plastic cutting board shows to me and most any people that know knives just how knowledgeable she is. Plastic dulls knives fast and with shallow grinds like on a kitchen knife it can chip the edge.
zainab bibi
'zainab bibi' 1 week ago
i was like super worried that jen might hurt her self everytime she came on screen
Ishita Shailesh
'Ishita Shailesh' 1 week ago
so many instances where jen could have killed herself.
why do they keep giving her the knives?
Ambar Marquez
'Ambar Marquez' 1 week ago
They forgot the finger test
Eboy 1013
'Eboy 1013' 1 week ago
The girl with the shorter hair was funny, she just hit everything as hard as she could then laughed:) lol
Mega Millon
'Mega Millon' 1 week ago
what are they talking ABOUT Jen a pro
'cyrio' 1 week ago
New test stick the knife in the toaster
Nico Leung
'Nico Leung' 1 week ago
vs. 1000 degree Knife
Hang Thanh
'Hang Thanh' 1 week ago
jen is so annoying. pls replace her with Ashly or the black girl( forget the name). jen should know that not any situations can be make fun of. I feel super tired of watching her 😫😫😫( even her great sense of humor)
ahmad sharif
'ahmad sharif' 1 week ago
Jen with a knife is the most dangerous thing on Youtube
Phoebe North
'Phoebe North' 1 week ago
I did not expect this video to bring be as much joy as it did
'casuallyDaj' 1 week ago
Favorite knife I've bought thus far, $1.50 from Daiso 😂
Dre Ray
'Dre Ray' 1 week ago
That $3 knife would have cut thru all that stuff just as good as that $200 knife if it was just sharpened better, Fact.
Norman Ohto
'Norman Ohto' 1 week ago
Jen seems like such a klutz, almost seems forced
Sabrina Yue Xin
'Sabrina Yue Xin' 1 week ago
I'd be like Jen
'demonbanger69' 1 week ago
Next one:Cheap condoms vs Expensive Condoms
Jonathan Delgado
'Jonathan Delgado' 1 week ago
Just sharpen the cheap knife . . .
elias cabral
'elias cabral' 1 week ago
That guy makes the video a bit awkward
Raquel Gutierrez
'Raquel Gutierrez' 1 week ago
I love you Jen!!!!!
Obsidxan Ig
'Obsidxan Ig' 1 week ago
issa knife
Jasper “Cheeto” Quartz
only reason i clicked was jen in the thumbnail XD
Kim K.
'Kim K.' 1 week ago
Jen is SO funny!!!!😝😝😝
Travis Francis
'Travis Francis' 1 week ago
But what about 1000º knife?
Kaitlyn Ducharme
'Kaitlyn Ducharme' 1 week ago
everyones like of yeah its really nice and got a good edge and Jen is like fucking cut everything
Rusty H
'Rusty H' 1 week ago
But what's the name of the nice knife?
'〈Meporco〉' 1 week ago
I love Jen so much she is half the reason I watch BuzzFeed so much
Eliza Sizzle
'Eliza Sizzle' 1 week ago
Jens mom is the ULTIMATE savage
Sushi Flying
'Sushi Flying' 1 week ago
Jen: Uses both hands in a single barbaric movement quickly ending a poor unsuspecting tomato's short life
Claire: Like a chef
Katey Rom R
'Katey Rom R' 1 week ago
"You like this chain? 3 dollahs"
Sopietje Nightclash
'Sopietje Nightclash' 2 weeks ago
we need more Jen in our life.
solar memes
'solar memes' 2 weeks ago
Spicyboi 420
'Spicyboi 420' 2 weeks ago
Where those 1000 degree knife experiments at
'xMiragePhetsany' 2 weeks ago
this video gave me so much anxiety omg hahaha
'Emilystar56' 2 weeks ago
It killed me watching them cut the boots because I really want them and there about 50 dollars where I live.
Natalia Hans-Lee
'Natalia Hans-Lee' 2 weeks ago
I liked Jen but at this point its like she's trying too hard to be weird and funny and awkward at the same time. Ok yall can shoot me down but it's getting tiring watching Jen.
'rmendoza720' 2 weeks ago
Jen....i love you
'Lulu' 2 weeks ago
Jen is a food Ninja and a non-food ninja
kc lynch
'kc lynch' 2 weeks ago
This vid would be bad without Jen
Brina Soesbee
'Brina Soesbee' 2 weeks ago
Goddddd the entire time I was itching just take that knife away from jen!! 😭😭😭
Ffff Ffff
'Ffff Ffff' 2 weeks ago
NEXT time on buzzfeed CHEAP dildo vs EXPENSIVE dildo
'ilovecorn97' 2 weeks ago
i was on the edge of my seat the entire time worrying that someone would cut themselves
Amalia Escobar
'Amalia Escobar' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone else think that the girl with the glasses have a weird voice ? I don't know but it was bothering me
'shadowblood14' 2 weeks ago
Jen with a knife makes me nervous....
'100nitrog' 2 weeks ago
Shun's really not worth it. They're just too expensive and delicate for what they offer.
nick weeks
'nick weeks' 2 weeks ago
heat it to 1000 degrees
Anjelo Whebb
'Anjelo Whebb' 2 weeks ago
of course the lesbian has no idea how to use kitchen implements
'drummerchick14' 2 weeks ago
Jen is my spirit animal
linky binky crew
'linky binky crew' 2 weeks ago
goodness Jen had me scared the whole video I thought she was gonna chop a finger off.
Ashley Leger
'Ashley Leger' 2 weeks ago
"even if it would go trought the boot.. i dont think i would care" ahhh love u jen
'AAGHOST' 2 weeks ago
Jen is the goofy one 😂
'Chi-chan' 2 weeks ago
Yo Jen is making me so freaking nervous.... be careful my child!
'DCO 7' 2 weeks ago
Jen is now my Spirit animal
Aya Mohamed
'Aya Mohamed' 2 weeks ago
Claire- ''I'm so professional and let me talk facts….''
Jeff Sha
'Jeff Sha' 2 weeks ago
the way jen holds the knives makes me so nervous
'jlee1522' 2 weeks ago
I totally thought she was going to cut herself.
Ginger Nolasco
'Ginger Nolasco' 2 weeks ago
$1 ice cream vs $200 ice cream
'MasterofPlay7' 2 weeks ago
lmao is all about the sharpening, the more expensive knife might have a more polish edge and better steel, quenching and tempering. But it all comes down to sharpening and how you maintain it
'Namjoon's Dimples' 2 weeks ago
Claire and gadiel are wearing the same color lip
'Hikaru_Kitsune' 2 weeks ago
i was laughing the whole time with jen compared with the others XD
Charles Rogers
'Charles Rogers' 2 weeks ago
I have 3 shun knives
'addbackwards' 2 weeks ago
Jen was doing waaaay too much in this vid.
Goddessphe Mabuza
'Goddessphe Mabuza' 2 weeks ago
the guy is funny😂😂
'Furno' 2 weeks ago
or maybe you could fucking take the time to fucking sharpen the god damn knife
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