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Barack Obama: What does he most regret? BBC News -
Published: 1 month ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 month ago

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President Obama has made countless decisions during his presidency - and some he's come to regret. So which ones make the list? Produced by David Botti

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BBC: This was really a wonderful news documentary. I really enjoyed it. Thank you. :)
Andy Gill
'Andy Gill' 1 week ago
prick ! no brain or character
michael sorensen
'michael sorensen' 2 weeks ago
Does he not regret the regime change in Syria that cost 500,000 lives, a million or more wounded and 10 million people forced out of their homes many of them having to flee to neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan and many others trying to get to Europe to get away from the murdering and genocide. America funded Jihadist groups to over throw Assad. Does he not regret the creation of ISIS. That America and Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded and armed ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Giving them billions of dollars and giving them huge amounts of arms and heavy weapons.
'MrFurling' 3 weeks ago
Obama is a corrupt criminal terrorist, who failed to close down guantanamo bay.
Victoria Connor
'Victoria Connor' 1 month ago
Why always blame others? Why not come to terms with yourself responsibility?
Pavel Ratatoskov
'Pavel Ratatoskov' 1 month ago
Obama killed 500.000 people in Africa, Iraq and Syria and very proud of it! He gave them democracy.
Brandon Ninja
'Brandon Ninja' 1 month ago
what he regrets that helping the black community. he treated the gay community better than black community.
Gordon Freemason
'Gordon Freemason' 1 month ago
I'm glad he's acknowledged the polarization. Hope he'll try and help with that in the future.
Rajib Rahman
'Rajib Rahman' 1 month ago
what the point now whats dobe is done
Truth Tellah
'Truth Tellah' 1 month ago
Interesting comments relating to his foreign policies, but how many people actually bothered to look into his stance on foreign diplomacy while he was campaigning? If you had you'd have seen that apart from a reduction in action in Afghanistan, most of it was on a par with the Bush administration, so the current state of affairs should come as no surprise.

Also interesting that noone seems to mention the failings of successive Secretary of Sates over the years. Let's not forget that foreign relations and diplomacy is their only responsibility all day everyday!
'Closeoutracer' 1 month ago
Obama wrecked the Middle East and gave Iran uranium ... Made sketchy alliances with radicals and armed those alliances, Obama armed ISIS.. Then back stabbed Israel .. Complete failure in foreign policy with 2 wanker Sec of States. China has begun flexing it's muscles b/c Obama is weak. Putin ignored him.. but hey at least get your demoralizing transgender policy through to the Military... Obama was a tool and advocate for Muslims, ran the debt to 20 Trillion.. so glad he's going.. good riddance !!
Michael Mariner
'Michael Mariner' 1 month ago
Being the most corrupt Politician besides Bush and Clinton,Probably the Gayest President ever,he is called Barry and His wife has got a Penis and Balls..and He added $10 TRILLION to the debt of taxpaying sucker's whom thank him for his service and smile..BBC NEWS Is a pathetic News Corp no better than CNN.
fuck being politically correct it don
Barrack insane Obama.
'TheDiabolocraft' 1 month ago
these comments make me sick.
'Fantasm' 1 month ago
Instead of a Nobel Peace Prize, they should have given him an oscar. Millions were fooled. Just another authoritarian, anti-civil rights, anti-privacy, warmonger.... like 90% of Democrats and Republican. Give back the liberties you and your cronies took, Barrack.
Chuck Berry
'Chuck Berry' 1 month ago
The Sadist
'The Sadist' 1 month ago
Not tapping his secretary
'botakleong' 1 month ago
do not regret, your time is over.. please take a good rest...
President Donald Trump
I got a joke for you:

How many times does it take for Obama to change America?

He doesn't...
'Spookrockcity' 1 month ago
probably being such a failure that he got Trump elected
Hadoken Puncher
'Hadoken Puncher' 1 month ago
Worst president ever
'AVLRECORDS' 1 month ago
imagine a president who stops wars and all the bullshit, also comes with something new instead of money which obvious only ruined the planet.. 200 years from now and people cant even breath on the streetz anymore
Ockert Smuts
'Ockert Smuts' 1 month ago
So he doesn't regret removing habeas corpus from US Law back in 2013?
I'm pretty sure Trump's gonna be taking advantage of for the coming years.
He doesn't regret doing nothing about the Dakota Pipeline and trampling over Native American rights for literaly months until US Soldiers decided to get involved against the Pipeline?

All he regrets is that he couldn't be as smart as senpai?

The only thing more pathetic than the fact that that man was president for the last 8 years is the fact that he was the best choice america had for the last 8 years.

America, get your shit together!
SwordOF Truth
'SwordOF Truth' 1 month ago
im glad him and his tranny wife have left! she better take her dick with her
Silver Liberty
'Silver Liberty' 1 month ago
Very interesting video with a good conclusion.
Thomas Wilson
'Thomas Wilson' 1 month ago
All I can tell you is this, Obama, was a better President than Bush. And that's a fact.😂😂😂
'Cabronosidad' 1 month ago
He probably regrets most being an empty suit, devoid of any integrity or purpose other than keeping his Wall St. chums supplied with endless "quantitative easing", and his other sponsors in the military industrial complex supplied with plenty of nice, juicy defence contracts.
H.U.D. Shute
'H.U.D. Shute' 1 month ago
Does anybody know when Obama got the cock sucker surgery done on his lower lip?
Carlos Blanka
'Carlos Blanka' 1 month ago
Obama worst President ever he gives guns to ISIS ...
lik everytiem
'lik everytiem' 1 month ago
Bla bla bla .... bla ..... bla bla bla bla

who cares what he regrets. As If he is responsible for half the things he said. A lot of the decisions are done by people who are lower level than him. He is just saying that to show humility.
Paul Baker
'Paul Baker' 1 month ago
more blood..........
'getrekttom' 1 month ago
And now he is trying to start a bloody war with China and Russia just before he leaves.
'JO2GALORE' 1 month ago
only white people hate obama - your all gonna die when trump goes to war with everyone - enjoy! while you all suffer im just gonna be sipping my tea in London England
realtalk leedz
'realtalk leedz' 1 month ago
coconut did nothing for black life's
Jack Striker
'Jack Striker' 1 month ago
Obama George Soros puppet.
Samantha W
'Samantha W' 1 month ago
I'm sure one regret he has was his support of rebel terrorists groups in Syria. A big failure and an absolute disgrace. He also should wipe the egg off his face for getting a nobel prize when in fact he continued with illegal drone attacks...the list is endless. again big failure.
'WinSDFina' 1 month ago
May be being indirectly responsible for ISIS establishment?
'AdamR702' 1 month ago
Not the best president but the country is in a better place than when he got it. Shits still fucked but yea Trump Time
Steve Cramlington
'Steve Cramlington' 1 month ago
I should imagine he regrets ordering fresh hotdogs via email.
Yes M
'Yes M' 1 month ago
I don't get it. People write a speech for him. He dramatically reads it off a TelePrompTer. Nice vocal tones, facial expressions and the commanding far away look in the eyes. Great actor! Lousy president! Leaves a mess . He believes America is more respected today??! Saved our economy??! Now a man of action is taking over . The one thing terrifying left is that he might succeed! The real difference between Barry and trump is; trump is a PATRIOT and LOVES his country. I saw a Russian minister make the smart observation that trump is not right wing necessarily , but he's an American ! Well said. Good riddance to the internationalist Bolshevik !
'COGITO ERGO SUM' 1 month ago
He regrets being the worst president ever!
'SabuPtolemy' 1 month ago
I hope he regrets that he pretty much sucked at being POTUS. Absolutely atrocious foreign policy record - worst since Jimmy Carter. Good riddance!
'UzayUzay' 1 month ago
Tom Jackson
'Tom Jackson' 1 month ago
'jxsilicon9' 1 month ago
FDR and Lincoln had to fight opposition,sometimes literally.Obama never fought like he should have. You should have never listened to Hillary and helped opposition in Libya,Syria.
bleb ber
'bleb ber' 1 month ago
Get him outta here!
'interekweb' 1 month ago
I wonder how many mistakes Trump will make...
Yhwh yhwh
'Yhwh yhwh' 1 month ago
Bye bye Obozo Hussain
'agitbeats' 1 month ago
Worst president EVER.
Victor Droid
'Victor Droid' 1 month ago
He was the problem. He systematically dismantled the laws and the constitution. He ordered immigration laws NOT to be enforced. He stood by while Hitlery slaughtered Americans for profit. He is so manifestly spineless that the USA lost its standing in the world. He systematically pushed unworkable policies and impoverished us by giving our resources away to people who just wasted them.
'oldtin82' 1 month ago
he should regret being the worst president of all time.
Lake Granny Walker
'Lake Granny Walker' 1 month ago
What can he regret?  He did everything he wanted to do.
More Soapbox
'More Soapbox' 1 month ago
Saying Britain would be at the back of the Line
'SF L' 1 month ago
thumbnail looks like he didnt think he wouldve made it this far in his presidency lmao
Razib Baral JOY
'Razib Baral JOY' 1 month ago
He actually regrets for roasting Trump in WH corresponding dinner in 2011. He should shut his mouth.
'Glória' 1 month ago
He makes his mess all over and doesnt bother what come later. Son of a bitch!
Lee Sang Hyeok
'Lee Sang Hyeok' 1 month ago
Idk how is going to be USA with Donald trump
Emmanuel Goldstein
'Emmanuel Goldstein' 1 month ago
Fake news
'tricPort' 1 month ago
Barack Obama the killer of Cristhian in´s the legacy of Iman Obama in the White Mosque!!! never agains a African pro-Islamic in Washington!!!
Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi
Not importing enough Mexicans to outvote the republicans?
L Blueful
'L Blueful' 1 month ago
What about the Drone War in Africa? What about extending mass surveillance? I think that his presidency is seen as much too positive. Although he did legislate gay marriage.
Banjo Marla
'Banjo Marla' 1 month ago
Killing people with drones, bombs, supplying mercenaries with guns and money, lying like a flatfish??
Lucas Don Velour
'Lucas Don Velour' 1 month ago
More to the point ....Barack Obama: What do Americans most regret?
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 1 month ago
News getting out about that big bloody wall he's having built around his house?
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 1 month ago
A man who started his Presidency with a Nobel Peace Prize {for doing bugger all} and finished it with a Pentagon Medal for Public Service, but hey, Meryl Streep likes him, which is nice.
Jo Kerns
'Jo Kerns' 1 month ago
he probably regrets bowing to other world leaders.
'Yatesy' 1 month ago
Very ineffectual president didn't deliver on promises. ObamaCare total disaster, along with Killery created a vacuum in Middle-East allowing radical Islamists to wreak havoc, desperately pushed for TPP exporting American jobs abroad...mark my words Trump will accomplish more in 2 years than Barack did in his 2 terms.
J Loftus
'J Loftus' 1 month ago
Obama gave ISIS MANPADS last week… MANPADS are Shoulder Launched Anti-Aircraft Missiles.
They will be filtered through some CIA front groups, but ISIS will get them eventually and start shooting down all kinds of aircraft all over the world.
Mike Smith
'Mike Smith' 1 month ago
How about regretting the DNC taking large amounts of money from George Soros to stop a peaceful transition of Ukraine to a Republic of Russia, which was on the table. Or the CIA training of ISIS with funding from Saudis, to use them as a proxy army against Assad, with the millions of displaced people. Even his own Congress tabled a Bill to stop the funding of ISIS. Or perhaps the politicalisation of all the US depts of Justice and Security, so much so, that Propaganda can now be used legitimately against his own American people, with the NDAA. How about his determination to attack Russia because they have identified the true source of the trouble in Iraq and Syria, namely, Islamic Fundamentalism, which he in true style, dares not even utter. Russia is a much easier poltical target, even more so than China.
'USAFPOLfreak1978' 1 month ago
You mean Barry Sotero!!!
'BritishMoralHQ' 1 month ago
droning babies left and right is asia arabia and africa....
Comrade Gaming
'Comrade Gaming' 1 month ago
He don't regret anything he has done
'Nelly' 1 month ago
"So will we, and so will history" that's an awfully scary burden to carry
Mr Beaverson
'Mr Beaverson' 1 month ago
NSA spying, AAA credit rating downgrade, number of Americans on welfare at a record high, fewer Americans at work than in the year 2000 (despite population growth), airstrikes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria and has also been actively engaged in wars longer than any president in US history, then this..but it's cool cos he's into basketball and Kendrick Lamar so obviously the best president ever...
'jazza0007spy' 1 month ago
I hope he stop trump :)
'InoueMasao' 1 month ago
What does BBC most regret?
Stacy Skywatch
'Stacy Skywatch' 1 month ago
He has not finished his job just yet,, he and his cronys have been working hard to get us to the door of ww3 and a police stae dictatorship for the American zombified public,, 600 fema camps for what gardening,, And his birth certificate has been proven by the worlds top two specialists in fraudulent documents who went live over the internet to realize their findings,, still waiting for the satanic free masonic msm to mention anything about this FACT<<< BBC=FAKE FREE MASONIC NEWS designed to continue deceiving the general public of the UK<< His so called wife is not even a women you idiots she is a transvestite, its just a big mainstream MOCK on the none masonic brainwashed sheeple ,,
'Pnmp80' 1 month ago
He regrets to work in the same position as Mr.Trump.
cary bary
'cary bary' 1 month ago
No wonder everyone's refusing to pay the tv license. BBC self interest again
Just some guy
'Just some guy' 1 month ago
Obama never made good decisions he fucked this world up in his term look at us were almost fighting with our neighbours we have terrorists in our country Syria absolutely destroyed and the fear of nuclear wAr he has marked us for war
Mawemu .DK
'Mawemu .DK' 1 month ago
this guy fooled so many people for years
'I LOVE JEWS' 1 month ago
who gives a fuk
Mahmoud Alsibaie
'Mahmoud Alsibaie' 1 month ago
Syria is my county 😳
'LancerFFS' 1 month ago
Continuing the illegal wars? Being a corporate puppet? Lying to everyone constantly? There's a long list. Go to hell, Obama.
'Arctick93' 1 month ago
You guys we're extremely lucky to have Obama. One of your greatest Presidents ever.
Alex James
'Alex James' 1 month ago
Does he regret dropping 26,171 bombs in 2016? Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner everyone! Or this:
"US special operators could be found in 70% of the world’s nations, 138 countries – a staggering jump of 130% since the days of the Bush administration. " - Medea Benjamin, cofounder of Codepink
Miele Rodriguez
'Miele Rodriguez' 1 month ago
A fake, a phony, and a failure. Good riddance Barry. Worst president ever. Also a racist.
Überfat Kraych
'Überfat Kraych' 1 month ago
that son of a bitch regrets not starting a war with Russia
'Landau' 1 month ago
He probably regrets being at war for every single day of his 8-year term maybe?
Devan Velo
'Devan Velo' 1 month ago
Killing more brown people than any other black man in story?
Michael Evangelista
'Michael Evangelista' 1 month ago
the devil is smiling under his lips for a havoc almost done. he made israel and philippines his enemies . and gave perverts access to female's cubicle. almost push putin to detonate his bomb in washington.
Devan Velo
'Devan Velo' 1 month ago
Funding Isis?
Devan Velo
'Devan Velo' 1 month ago
Maybe; "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor"?
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