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Men Find Out Their Prostate Cancer Risk -
Published: 5 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 5 months ago

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Reilly Hill
'Reilly Hill' 3 months ago
Can they do girls checks there ovarian cancer risk
Carlie Davis
'Carlie Davis' 3 months ago
I'm sorry. I'm about to be that person, but Robin is SO dang attractive! :D
'SecretLars' 4 months ago
3:27 Fat shaming are we BuzzFeed I would have never guessed this from you.
Malaysia Ball
'Malaysia Ball' 4 months ago
click bait thumbnail
Ramon Castillo
'Ramon Castillo' 4 months ago
Robin's a cutie lol :)
Aina Maree Siason
'Aina Maree Siason' 4 months ago
Reminds me of the Black Mirror episode yesterday that I saw. Soldiers had implants that rendered them to see people who were previously screened as having genes that carry cancer and other abnormalities as "roaches" or monsters. The monsters that they saw made them afraid thus having a 100% kill rate. The government didn't want people who carried abnormalities in their genes to proliferate. Eugenics. This screening reminded me of it. :)
Eliana Peretz
'Eliana Peretz' 4 months ago
In case youre wondering and hiding in the comments, none of them had cancer
Liquid Starch
'Liquid Starch' 4 months ago
My grandfather had prostate cancer and stroke and heart attack and a brain hemerage and hes still here alive and kicking
Liquid Starch
'Liquid Starch' 4 months ago
They never find mutations.
Summer bumblebee 21
'Summer bumblebee 21' 4 months ago
Summer bumblebee 21
'Summer bumblebee 21' 4 months ago
My grandma has Brest cancer here hair is almost back
stav bar
'stav bar' 4 months ago
hpq did color pay for this video
Rachel Wang
'Rachel Wang' 4 months ago
They always talk about how a lot of people in their family have cancer but I have never seen a single person tested in buzzfeed that actually came back positive
'jackhappens' 4 months ago
Where are all those people who were shouting about BF not addressing men's health on the breast cancer risk video? They all disappear, or did they just realize that producing and putting out videos takes time?
Lulu Lolo
'Lulu Lolo' 4 months ago
What is prostate cancer
'Val' 4 months ago
Who else's mom has breast cancer
Sorosch Naderi
'Sorosch Naderi' 4 months ago
ffs I watched this while eating
ChaCha Charlie
'ChaCha Charlie' 4 months ago
how this video has almost 200,000 views and the one for women has 1.2million views...
In Burton We Trust
'In Burton We Trust' 4 months ago
This really shows how downhill buzzfeed has gotten.
'aaaaammmmmyyyyyy' 4 months ago
hella eye bags
Margaux Thompson
'Margaux Thompson' 4 months ago
I'm so happy neither of them came back positive for gene mutations. Filming a video would be a rough way to find out.
Reeta Zamro
'Reeta Zamro' 4 months ago
There isn't a gene for cancer! It's a mutation in that gene (which we all have) that could cause cancer. -__-
Ben Lyman
'Ben Lyman' 4 months ago
Going vegan can reduce your risk of many types of cancers, including prostate cancer :)
Even just reducing the amount of animal products you eat can help too!
Sixten Forsberg
'Sixten Forsberg' 4 months ago
Deny issue successfully challenge ride drinking experience perception habit journey.
Brooke Smith
'Brooke Smith' 4 months ago
that one hair that that Robin never fixes;/
Jenna Candy
'Jenna Candy' 4 months ago
I wish one of them did have a risk, then they would be sad
'upgrader99' 4 months ago
Prostate cancer is because of the patriarchy
Lemon Bleach
'Lemon Bleach' 4 months ago
0:2 that is not a man! Look at his gay hair!
Rachel Rogers
'Rachel Rogers' 4 months ago
100% of men will get prostate cancer if they live long enough. Most men die before then or get it but it doesn't cause any problems and so is not diagnosed.
Beth -182
'Beth -182' 4 months ago
Let me guess: None of them have it.
High Warlord
'High Warlord' 4 months ago
Colon-ized? really nigguh
Generic Dank Meme
'Generic Dank Meme' 4 months ago
It Is true that men who ejaculate 21 times a month have a 33% smaller chance of devolving prostate cancer. So dicks out for me and you <3
Artega Manov
'Artega Manov' 4 months ago
this video gave me cancer
'niffler09' 4 months ago
I want to take this but I'm scared of the results :/
Shivansh Ashish
'Shivansh Ashish' 4 months ago
what about other cancers
Ben Dover
'Ben Dover' 4 months ago
who's that cute lesbian in the thumbnail
Hind Hani
'Hind Hani' 4 months ago
my dad died of prostate cancer a month ago. he had been a healthy man, never fell sick. he suffered so much the last month of his life , I have never seen him like that, it was a shock for me. I miss him so much, but the way he suffered, death was a blessing because no one deserve that. before he died I told him that I loved and we will meet again.
'Privat' 4 months ago
25% increase from like 0.1%?
Sophie Grace
'Sophie Grace' 4 months ago
Men can get breast cancer!!
'kmann100500' 4 months ago
"1.08" yeah you're obese.
'kmann100500' 4 months ago
"1:03" no.
'Miss_Lya' 4 months ago
I was so scared for Robin ! 😱😶 I like him so much...!
A Human
'A Human' 4 months ago
Robin is sooooo handsome
Sarah Michaels
'Sarah Michaels' 4 months ago
Y'all also keep in mind our exposure to cancerous chemicals has significantly increased just because u didn't inherit it doesn't mean u shouldn't get tested.
Cecilia Peuse
'Cecilia Peuse' 4 months ago
They probably never show the real answers
Meryl Streep
'Meryl Streep' 4 months ago
I came here to see the reaction of someon with positive results :/
'eugiboy1' 4 months ago
I'm a radiation therapy student. Honestly, while cancer sounds scary and it's definitely still a life changing diagnosis, especially for most types of cancer that can be screened (like prostate or breast) most people won't die from the cancer. Most males that get prostate cancer (usually in like their 70s) usually die WITH the cancer instead OF the cancer. Treatments are very good.
'Cimonay' 4 months ago
That one strand of hair
Tayler Andrews
'Tayler Andrews' 4 months ago
well that's no fun. I was hoping at least one was at risk
Drew Klevan
'Drew Klevan' 4 months ago
She didn't say smoking weed was bad. YEAHHH BOIIIII PUFF PUFF PASS
'treerex37' 4 months ago
Wait, why is the music in the part where they talk to the girl is all hopeful? She's saying they can still have cancer and that there is a chance that they'll get it
'BakerBrotherTV' 4 months ago
You know you could always not eat processed meat...
'noortje4ever' 4 months ago
This gives so much fake safety! Its not always good to get tested without any real reasons other than "maybe I could possibly have a mutation somewhere somehow"
'Scheurthiaume' 4 months ago
Both my parents have cancer right now. My dad has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and my mom has Hodgkin's lymphoma, and they're only 48 and 46. Even though I'm 18, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get cancer eventually. When both your parents have it, it's hard not to think it was somehow passed down to you. I want to get tested to figure out my exact genetic risk, though.
'20thGENERATION' 4 months ago
Next video

Men find out their risk of dying
Buffalo Soldier
'Buffalo Soldier' 4 months ago
Lead a healthy lifestyle
Keep a healthy weight!!
Im triggered!! 😣😣😣
Llama boo
'Llama boo' 4 months ago
it is said that after a prostate 69% of men becum gay
Swaga Trina
'Swaga Trina' 4 months ago
I have crohn's disease and I'm scared that it's gonna turn into bowel cancer. I'M ONLY 13,I DON'T WANNA DIE
'belovedtwilight41' 4 months ago
wow..I thought somebody would come back positive...but ok good for them.
Just Azax
'Just Azax' 4 months ago
Ooh ooh! I know what the outcome! Ahem, "All Men who work in buzzfeed are vulnerable to getting any cancer!"

I can make these jokes because I have osteosarcoma in my Sacrum. (Bone cancer in tail bone)
Wølf Shadøwhill
'Wølf Shadøwhill' 4 months ago
I'm liable to get ALS considering my mom my grandfather bolt died of it
Chris Qiao
'Chris Qiao' 4 months ago
how do you know they are men when there are over 900 genders? oh right, science says there are only two
'Ordr6Tsix' 4 months ago
I probably have a cancer gene. My dad had kidney cancer, my grandfather had some other type of cancer, and my aunt is fighting cancer right now.
'BANANA BOO' 4 months ago
Yyessss I wanted theis
'KAD96BAD' 4 months ago
im gald that i quit smoking.
'capinkyky' 4 months ago
I didn't know cancer was genetic--that's really interesting. I always thought people got it from buzzfeed content.
• . • Dragon • . •
Why am I watching this?? I am female. ( I think)
Kay Duff
'Kay Duff' 4 months ago
I wasn't aware the BRCA gene affected men as well. Thanks Buzzfeed!
ILoveSims Forever
'ILoveSims Forever' 4 months ago
I got here at 22,002
'WaKe' 4 months ago
Now THIS is quality content
Tom Zborovsky
'Tom Zborovsky' 4 months ago
I thought Robin said his sister got breast cancer when she was 5, and i got real confused
insert namehere
'insert namehere' 4 months ago
"Very young .." Does not mean that cancer risk is not there and it should never be taken for granted thou.. I was 18 when I got it....
Sabelo Msibi
'Sabelo Msibi' 4 months ago
Buzzfeed videos are giving me prostate cancer
'Candies1Creations' 4 months ago
Great video
'lily' 4 months ago
i wasted 5 minutes of my life watching this video then commenting on it ...
Indra Yudha Kusuma
'Indra Yudha Kusuma' 4 months ago
Pfftttt id rather not knowing because im poor , health care are only for rich white privileged people
Mandy Schmidt
'Mandy Schmidt' 4 months ago
But buzzfeed are female supremacy man haters, insecure males will say.
Tyanna Semone
'Tyanna Semone' 4 months ago
this is a great thing
Smiling Darling
'Smiling Darling' 4 months ago
Has anyone been having a bad day we'll take a look and see what you have that others don't and be thankful for what you have because someone else is also having a bad day so just remember you can try again tomorrow
Adrian King
'Adrian King' 4 months ago
buzzfeed once again making me not want to live a fun life..
'Ariel' 4 months ago
im pretty sure I'll get some sort of cancer
Mitra Stojanović
'Mitra Stojanović' 4 months ago
i have a weird crush on robin idk..... he's just adorable
Valerie Aparicio
'Valerie Aparicio' 4 months ago
robin is so fucking cute
Jeric Jurado
'Jeric Jurado' 4 months ago
Didnt you see a video in facebook that will lower 18% of prostate cancer is to masturbate at least 20 a month!
'Rachel' 4 months ago
Why is someone wearing that dog t-shirt in like every BuzzFeed video
Squishy Land
'Squishy Land' 5 months ago
No one in my family has cancer
Karissa Barron
'Karissa Barron' 5 months ago
My uncle recently passed away from two forms of cancer and my grandma is battling pancreatic cancer that also turned into liver cancer.
'MrBOx195' 5 months ago
the cancer is already in the colourful autistic hair
'AsterDXZ' 5 months ago
Buzzfeed Videos about Women: Feminism, Nipple Bras, and Make-Up
Buzzfeed Videos about Men: Prostate Cancer
Joe King
'Joe King' 5 months ago
Well they all work at buzzfeed, so their chance of cancer instantly skyrockets. Because you know, buzzfeed IS cancer
'Bean' 5 months ago
This test isn't accurate though
Dank Squidge
'Dank Squidge' 5 months ago
Did I just read that title??? Buzzfeed caring about mens issues?? Wow they changed
'MeOhMyItsBibleGuy' 5 months ago
Thank you Buzzfeed! Finally prostate cancer gets some recognition. All I hear is "Breast Cancer Awareness" when in fact prostate cancer has similar mortality rates and gets half the funding breast cancer does. All cancers matter!
Matt Dickson
'Matt Dickson' 5 months ago
my blue haired bae is back
xo Quake
'xo Quake' 5 months ago
Buzzfeed actually cares about men!?!
Yousef Ahmed
'Yousef Ahmed' 5 months ago
I heard my aunt was a prostate on the streets after dawn
'ziljin' 5 months ago
daily ejaculation can help reduce prostate cancer, do the deed and fight the fight!
Sam Mansfield
'Sam Mansfield' 5 months ago
If anyone wants to know.

Literally nobody had a huge future risk. I mean, it's not clickbait but come on ☕️
'EirikXL' 5 months ago
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