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SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet! -
Published: 4 months ago By: SuperMarioLogan

By: SuperMarioLoganPublished: 4 months ago

4, 078, 576 views

45, 500 Likes   1, 644 Dislikes

Jeffy sees Junior's dog and decides he wants a pet!

'AJL' 4 months ago
stuffed animal abuse
Skye Job
'Skye Job' 12 minutes ago
super Ludow
'super Ludow' 21 minutes ago
I never want a spider
Gymnastics Girl
'Gymnastics Girl' 1 hour ago
I never want to own a snake
Karunya Agarwal
'Karunya Agarwal' 1 hour ago
Mia Smith
'Mia Smith' 1 hour ago
I wouldn't want to own a wolf
Super Bro Gaming
'Super Bro Gaming' 2 hours ago
i dont wanna own a mother fucker
Bryan Lopez
'Bryan Lopez' 2 hours ago
poor melvin he has been abused by Jr
'ReunitedWolf' 2 hours ago
poop butt stinkhole
stinky diaper shannon
'ReunitedWolf' 2 hours ago
hey peepee suck
'Tayabear7' 2 hours ago
my brother 14 year old brother said your chanel is dum can u fix it
Golden Gamer13
'Golden Gamer13' 3 hours ago
super jayon gaming
'super jayon gaming' 3 hours ago
I have snake just like that but bigger
Ashley D
'Ashley D' 3 hours ago
a man and horse together
AnitGamingTheDeath AGTD
Puppets I hate them
The best Dino
'The best Dino' 3 hours ago
a peep suck three cuz it would be a dog jiffy but i mean it would be cool
'KrakenProductions' 3 hours ago
A giaraff
Pikachu Star 23
'Pikachu Star 23' 3 hours ago
I wouldn't want to own Herombe
prikster kid
'prikster kid' 3 hours ago
animal abouse
Mia Murphy
'Mia Murphy' 4 hours ago
i thout this funny 5:35 just the hamsters face
Pres Senpai
'Pres Senpai' 4 hours ago
skybat15 tntl
'skybat15 tntl' 4 hours ago
a gardos
Anna Tamayo
'Anna Tamayo' 4 hours ago
I know a kid in my school like that
Anna Tamayo
'Anna Tamayo' 4 hours ago
A scorpion would be a bad animals to have 🤢
Sean Frausto
'Sean Frausto' 4 hours ago
I really hate snakes
sicorsect 360
'sicorsect 360' 4 hours ago
i made a spin off of sml movie called ss movie.
Mandy Candy
'Mandy Candy' 5 hours ago
I wouldn't want pee pee suck 3 because three is stupid
Natalie Zavala
'Natalie Zavala' 5 hours ago
anjel the king
'anjel the king' 5 hours ago
Emma doorlag
'Emma doorlag' 6 hours ago
did jeffy kill the hamster
Victory&Snivy 495
'Victory&Snivy 495' 6 hours ago
PuggiePlayz -  Minecraft

Just Nuclear
'Just Nuclear' 7 hours ago
a worm it can eat me
'Speed' 7 hours ago
I want a tiger
'Sy'Rxus Davis' 7 hours ago
a snake
Rosa Rodriguez
'Rosa Rodriguez' 8 hours ago
A dog
Cheryl Nichols
'Cheryl Nichols' 8 hours ago
Name it savage
Jesse Robledo
'Jesse Robledo' 8 hours ago
Pee pee suck 2
Batmanzo8 Curry
'Batmanzo8 Curry' 8 hours ago
Pee pee suck suck pee pee uhhhhhhhhhhhhh said Jeffy 5 seconds later MARIO: jeffy don't eat him!!!!
monica searle
'monica searle' 9 hours ago
was the snake trained
Toby Lovett
'Toby Lovett' 9 hours ago
Mo Diggs
'Mo Diggs' 10 hours ago
thats a werid name but jeffy im your bigest fan
Kegan Taylor
'Kegan Taylor' 11 hours ago
you mama
jodie okeefe
'jodie okeefe' 12 hours ago
'BioncpigMC' 13 hours ago
A dick
Ms J
'Ms J' 15 hours ago
a snake
Most snakes can't harm you and it's venomous
Savage Tiler 5
'Savage Tiler 5' 16 hours ago
Joey Cole
'Joey Cole' 17 hours ago
Oh now I saw the end
Joey Cole
'Joey Cole' 17 hours ago
Did you actuly throw the hamster down the stairs I know Jeffy didn't eat it
Seby S
'Seby S' 17 hours ago
Animal abuse, if it wasn't fake I'm disliking the video
nikeyboy gaming
'nikeyboy gaming' 17 hours ago
is it a hamster (real one) when it's not going down jeffys stomach and down the stairs
Breanna Addington
'Breanna Addington' 17 hours ago
a snake
HunterFoxZMARIO Gaming
I am a king of pros
Miniminter Fan
'Miniminter Fan' 20 hours ago
I wouldn't want Jeffy as a pet
Sienna Gaddan
'Sienna Gaddan' 21 hours ago
he did it
jake roiland
'jake roiland' 22 hours ago
pp suck 3
Vero Bastidas
'Vero Bastidas' 23 hours ago
Black Panther 21
'Black Panther 21' 23 hours ago
Never want a flaming unicorn
Bryce Cronin
'Bryce Cronin' 24 hours ago
i named my dig peepee suck
Little Bros
'Little Bros' 1 day ago
Any reptile
Aidan Bain
'Aidan Bain' 1 day ago
I think snakes are cute
Caleb TRM
'Caleb TRM' 1 day ago
Jonathan Sanchez
'Jonathan Sanchez' 1 day ago
the golden fish got in Jeffys mouth because it's an gold fish like the good kind that's why it went in the mouth
'nycazz2311' 1 day ago
I would never want a bird because they are too noisy and I won't be able to sleep.
Too trill to be real. Dede my name Peace
I would never want to own a bat its weird tbh
Michael Bunsey
'Michael Bunsey' 1 day ago
why dousent the snake bite Jeff and browserjr?🤔
Noah Podgursky
'Noah Podgursky' 1 day ago
Hello little poop butt,poop butt stink hole,pencil fart. Jeffys fart
'Uhhavenduh' 1 day ago
Your mom uhhhhhhhhhh
Zoey Witherspoon
'Zoey Witherspoon' 1 day ago
question: snake,bat,worm or spider
Hayden White
'Hayden White' 1 day ago
Jackson Hensley
'Jackson Hensley' 1 day ago
Vladimir Cardenas
I want a snake and I'll name it chopper
SNC Gamer
'SNC Gamer' 1 day ago
The animal I would never want is jeffy
Marefujio Rico
'Marefujio Rico' 1 day ago
Jessie Garcia
'Jessie Garcia' 1 day ago
Jessie Garcia
'Jessie Garcia' 1 day ago
pee pee suck
Mason Bowers
'Mason Bowers' 1 day ago
I subscribed
Emily Martinez
'Emily Martinez' 1 day ago
peepe suck
Juicebox 339
'Juicebox 339' 1 day ago
Juicebox 339
'Juicebox 339' 1 day ago
the pet i would never want is jeffy
Rylie MacNeill
'Rylie MacNeill' 1 day ago
I would say donkey
MrDiamond Gaming
'MrDiamond Gaming' 1 day ago
What animal would I wouldn't want?

I wouldn't have Jeffry as a pet😂😂😂😂
Land of Monster mania
Pee pee suck three
livs channel
'livs channel' 1 day ago
i would never want a cat because they are much more work then dogs. I own a dog and my BFF owns a cat
'OJCactusGames' 1 day ago
I would never want jeffy as a pet
war GIO_Z
'war GIO_Z' 1 day ago
I'm not going to have Jeffry as a pet
deadpool spring trap
A mouse cause there dum I'm not scared of them though
Naruto Nation
'Naruto Nation' 1 day ago
2:43 to 2:52 i started dying😂😂💀💀
Trevor Besplug
'Trevor Besplug' 1 day ago
A buttcrack
I would never want me as a pet
'SKIPPY 5229' 1 day ago
I would never want to own a pet jeffy
John M Denny
'John M Denny' 1 day ago
I Like Your Puppet Shep Scare The Snake Is Funny I Like
Maria Cortez
'Maria Cortez' 1 day ago
fuckin snakes
Slavko Stojanovic
Your mom
The Challenger
'The Challenger' 1 day ago
Randomweirdness Stuff
What happened to the goldfish?
skull tammer
'skull tammer' 1 day ago
i would want to own a cat
Caro Lina
'Caro Lina' 2 days ago
A mango
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