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SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet! -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: SuperMarioLogan

By: SuperMarioLoganPublished: 2 weeks ago

1, 976, 136 views

30, 319 Likes   991 Dislikes

Jeffy sees Junior's dog and decides he wants a pet!

Paddy McCarron
'Paddy McCarron' 17 minutes ago
Did junior actually throw the hamster down the stars
Merlis Padron
'Merlis Padron' 47 minutes ago
peepeesuck 3 is a bird
The Minecraft Gamer
my mom give me a hamster in January 8 for 5.000 subs and I deleted my channel because it was tereblle
Lilly Love
'Lilly Love' 1 hour ago
The animal that I never shan't to pet is : Jeffy
Sam Foster
'Sam Foster' 2 hours ago
Tomorrow is the big day...
'I'm Zexlm' 2 hours ago
Kinshi gameing Youtube
Nick The savage
'Nick The savage' 2 hours ago
Can I get subs please? My cat died😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😪😓
'_.J.Kicks._' 3 hours ago
Make a jeffy video where he goes shopping
Dalia Camarena
'Dalia Camarena' 5 hours ago
you shuled make a Jeff gets hurte .
'EOIN BREEN' 5 hours ago
'justinthesilver' 8 hours ago
you should do a vid where jeffy farts and its so big that everyone faints for 24 hrs. any only jiefy is awake and while jiffy is awake he goes on an adventure and does a lot of stupid stuff
Daniel Soto
'Daniel Soto' 9 hours ago
chef poo poo and jeffy should be in a video
Isabella De Petrillo
'Isabella De Petrillo' 10 hours ago
Nathan Libby
'Nathan Libby' 10 hours ago
Jeffy *
Nathan Libby
'Nathan Libby' 10 hours ago
I would not want Jeffey as a pet because he is a pet retard
IPixelAndroid YT
'IPixelAndroid YT' 11 hours ago
sml:Jeffy goes shopping
Alycia Fetty
'Alycia Fetty' 11 hours ago
😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 find the difference!! Like if you found it
Reka Tihw
'Reka Tihw' 11 hours ago
Lol pee pee suck
Armani Santiago
'Armani Santiago' 11 hours ago
do Jerry's pool
Ghoul blade
'Ghoul blade' 11 hours ago
A spider
'EmKitty101' 11 hours ago
What if Jeffy's mom is Peach 0-o
Cruze Roeby
'Cruze Roeby' 12 hours ago
If I had to choose a name for a pet I will name it poop butt stick hole XD
Strawberrypop AJ
'Strawberrypop AJ' 12 hours ago
I would never wanna own jeffy XD
Elsie Alvarez
'Elsie Alvarez' 12 hours ago
the animal i dont want to have is jeffy
Parker Hilliard
'Parker Hilliard' 12 hours ago
Pee pee suck 3
jing shen
'jing shen' 12 hours ago
jing shen
'jing shen' 12 hours ago
A dog I would rather be lost in codys mom
D-Block 911
'D-Block 911' 12 hours ago
at 2:43, I lmao'd
D-Block 911
'D-Block 911' 12 hours ago
at 2:43 I lmao'd
Person 64
'Person 64' 12 hours ago
That was Stupid
Adrianna Montoya
'Adrianna Montoya' 12 hours ago
I would never want to own a tarantula I would stick with corn snakes ball pythons bearded dragons crested geckoes leopard geckoes and much more EXCEPT TARANTULAS!!!
World of Gamers Tv
'World of Gamers Tv' 13 hours ago
I will never wan't to have a snake as a pet if it is poisons BUT IF I HAD SUPER POWERS I WILL BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF IT.
Reina Francisco
'Reina Francisco' 13 hours ago
I want a jeffy puppet
Millie Vasquez
'Millie Vasquez' 13 hours ago
Pepe sum 2 1
El Stinko Sanic
'El Stinko Sanic' 13 hours ago
poo poo button jeffys fart
robman137 Velazquez
'robman137 Velazquez' 14 hours ago
Jeffy's favorite football team
Mady Ziegler
'Mady Ziegler' 14 hours ago
a snake
'Alldaygamer20YT' 14 hours ago
Marshall Long
'Marshall Long' 14 hours ago
I wouldn't want a spider
FredBear 1759
'FredBear 1759' 14 hours ago
why is there a snake in your house isn't that dangerous
Jeffy Jeffy
'Jeffy Jeffy' 15 hours ago
Pee pee suck
The hooded gamer 1268
Sml idea:jeffy gets grounded
FirelordHQ Welcome To a NEW World
I would not like to have Jeffy as a pet
Alyson Moreno
'Alyson Moreno' 15 hours ago
the animal that i hate is Codys mom
robert shapiro
'robert shapiro' 15 hours ago
Jeffy should get pregnant. 😅
Sergio Luna
'Sergio Luna' 15 hours ago
I want a pippysuck 1 and 2
Jake Corny ear
'Jake Corny ear' 15 hours ago
Isaac Ramirez
'Isaac Ramirez' 16 hours ago
A elephant 
'That's So Random' 16 hours ago
Pee Pee Suck 2
Andrew William
'Andrew William' 16 hours ago
The Two Gamers
'The Two Gamers' 16 hours ago
stuffed animal abuse
Yee YeeTher
'Yee YeeTher' 16 hours ago
I wouldn't want a pet dildo
Trista J
'Trista J' 16 hours ago
poop I don't want to own a poop.
Will E Shaun
'Will E Shaun' 17 hours ago
fuckin sick bastarded
Jessica Stephens
'Jessica Stephens' 17 hours ago
the pet I would nevver own is a cheeseburger
super gamer
'super gamer' 17 hours ago
the animal i would never have as a pet is my ex-girlfriend and or her mom
Delilah Lopez
'Delilah Lopez' 17 hours ago
can can can you bring me
Delilah Lopez
'Delilah Lopez' 17 hours ago
can you tell me were you bought the hamster or can you. give it too me please if you still have it
Char P
'Char P' 17 hours ago
come here poop butt
America Sanchez
'America Sanchez' 17 hours ago
i never want to own a snake and a bird
TurtleMaster 101
'TurtleMaster 101' 17 hours ago
Ratchet gamer
'Ratchet gamer' 17 hours ago
sml answer dragon lizard
'RMB SKATES' 18 hours ago
Plz make Jeffys parents Rosalina and Brooklyn T Guy or Rosalina and D Money
Ebube Nkemka
'Ebube Nkemka' 18 hours ago
a snake that peers and poos
The Gamer Foxy 13
'The Gamer Foxy 13' 18 hours ago
The hamster looks like my hamster that died. The name hammy that Rosalina said was my old hamsters name
Andrew Ross
'Andrew Ross' 18 hours ago
Your mom would be a great pet.
Skully Jones
'Skully Jones' 18 hours ago
Kaylee Wagner
'Kaylee Wagner' 18 hours ago
I love you super mario logan
SuperMarioToad- SMT
'SuperMarioToad- SMT' 18 hours ago
No no no jeffys parents are. Coming tomorrow I'm upset that he is leaving he is so funny I love him and he is kinda a smart ass like me I love that he is unique
Jay Henry
'Jay Henry' 18 hours ago
I wouldn't have a seagull!
Tina Clark
'Tina Clark' 18 hours ago
A snake!
Gianna Santos
'Gianna Santos' 18 hours ago
i would never want to to own bowser jr as a pet because he dumb as fuck
Super Pop
'Super Pop' 18 hours ago
bunny cause rabbies
Super Pop
'Super Pop' 18 hours ago
bunny cause rabbbies
'chloeisaXD' 18 hours ago
where any animals hurt in this? or abused?
'chloeisaXD' 18 hours ago
my hamsters name was hammie xD
David Aguilar
'David Aguilar' 19 hours ago
Killzone 188
'Killzone 188' 19 hours ago
Hammy was my class pet
Kenneth Voong
'Kenneth Voong' 19 hours ago
The pet I would not want is jeffy
Savage Lucky Luxray
'Savage Lucky Luxray' 19 hours ago
5:35 The Hamster Tho! XDXDXDXD
'CountryLivin'Boys' 19 hours ago
Doctor Game
'Doctor Game' 19 hours ago
'everburner' 19 hours ago
I hate cats
Young Tre Gaming
'Young Tre Gaming' 19 hours ago
SpiderMan 711
'SpiderMan 711' 19 hours ago
6:48 Jeffy is so tall he is like slenderman
Albert Aman Muhammad
'Albert Aman Muhammad' 19 hours ago
A dead rat named pee pee suck
Animation Entertainment (StudioJoe)
SML Movie Idea: Bowser Jr's Troll Takeover! In it, Bowser Jr and his friends are preparing for another game night, when the Trolls from the hit Dreamworks movie of the same name - Dreamworks also produced Shrek, who is also an SML character - run into their house looking for shelter from the Bergens. The Trolls eventually find counterparts in the gang - DJ Suki and Toad, Guy Diamond and Cody, Biggie and Junior, Cooper and Joseph, Poppy and Rosalina, Branch and Mario, and Harper and Jeffy, who wants her to paint a picture of him. But Chef Pee Pee gets fed up with these Trolls so he bakes them into a pie and feeds it to Junior and his friends ... :(
Emma The Sloth
'Emma The Sloth' 20 hours ago
I would never want jeffy as a pet
Elijah Urias
'Elijah Urias' 20 hours ago
i like it
yusjda som
'yusjda som' 21 hours ago
lion I mean like what on earth who would want that or an otter i already got a gold fish i don't want it to eat it
Elys Gomez
'Elys Gomez' 21 hours ago
Nick Ehinger
'Nick Ehinger' 21 hours ago
These Jeffy videos are cool
crodojoe the khajiit
'crodojoe the khajiit' 21 hours ago
He would kill it in 5 seconds. Jeffy: four!
'CRAFTEDRL snider' 21 hours ago
I will never want a spider
Roblox Gamer
'Roblox Gamer' 22 hours ago
A fart snake
Edgar IsPlaying
'Edgar IsPlaying' 22 hours ago
Edgar IsPlaying
'Edgar IsPlaying' 22 hours ago
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