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Is This Guy Happy or Sad? -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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The Quick and the Curious
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The Thatcher effect is a phenomenon where it becomes more difficult to detect emotions and features in an upside-down face. Can you guess if this man is happy, sad, or angry?

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Droiden War
'Droiden War' 4 months ago
Anyone eles jumped out the window
Blake Frost
'Blake Frost' 4 months ago
this guy is happy/gay just flip the p
Daniel Șuteu
'Daniel Șuteu' 4 months ago
Imagine how aliens will see us, when we will first encounter them. :)
Pan Brand
'Pan Brand' 4 months ago
Hey, that's cheating!
flappy bird
'flappy bird' 4 months ago
no todo lo que se ve es verdad
'TheDerpyDude' 4 months ago
Was that Mark Rober?
Santiago Arevalo
'Santiago Arevalo' 4 months ago
He is hasangry
Cry Whit
'Cry Whit' 4 months ago
OK, It is clearly an inverted eyes and mouth on an upside down face. Why not show us a side-by-side of a normal face upside down? Really round out this "learning" experiment for us.
Imran Ahmed
'Imran Ahmed' 4 months ago
He is dam fucking ugly
Piyalak Nuchim
'Piyalak Nuchim' 4 months ago
He's photoshoped. Originally he's happy. That's why you feel he's happy at first glimps. It's not that his eye and mouth are fliped to his head so we feel that. But his whole face are happy. People expression arn't just mouth and eyes. See his cheeck, his brows. Those are all element of the happy face. Flip it or not. And trust me, If without any image manipulation, anyone could read emotions upside down.
Truth seeker
'Truth seeker' 4 months ago
He's happy that's it no bull crap science explanation, hes happy end of discussion.
'HeadShotPR' 4 months ago
When they give you 3 options and it's none of them, insta dislike
'Fuentes' 4 months ago
no his upside down
'Cult' 4 months ago
i'm cleary not smarter than everybody but it was obvious that the mouth and eyes was inverted, no?
Bong Salvador
'Bong Salvador' 4 months ago
is that Joker?
bryce cain
'bryce cain' 4 months ago
i thought his face was upside down I was right
Nick Reichwein
'Nick Reichwein' 4 months ago
Interesting, very, very, interesting
ilyes sk
'ilyes sk' 4 months ago
he's a freaking alien !!
John T
'John T' 4 months ago
That shit had me rollin!
Isaac Chay
'Isaac Chay' 4 months ago
Eyes and mouth are flipped upside down
'twilisht' 4 months ago
can someone tell me the name of this host?
German Eagle
'German Eagle' 4 months ago
Sorry, didn't work on me, noticed the mouth was inverted, he had weird all round his face.
god emperor TRUMP
'god emperor TRUMP' 4 months ago
he is photo shopped
Peter the Porcupine
'Peter the Porcupine' 4 months ago
Mark rober!
Awkward Silence
'Awkward Silence' 4 months ago
I'm not so sure that I reach the same conclusions as you. So, looks like the image was originally a smiling man, but after you had flipped the entire image upside down, you then flipped the individual eyes and mouth upside down as well, creating the monstrosity we see before us. So, either someone first sees him as smiling (since that's what the eyes and mouth are technically still doing, despite being all rearranged), like I did, or else one can't tell the expression because it's reached the uncanny valley kill-it-with-fire stage. But neither one has anything to do with him himself being upside down.
Josue Mendez
'Josue Mendez' 4 months ago
Heyyy its mark rober!
Cee Jay
'Cee Jay' 4 months ago
The first second I saw the Thumbnail I knew he was happy. You got to be a complete fucking retard to not know how he is feeling.
Vuze Droid
'Vuze Droid' 4 months ago
am I the only one that saw it the same upside down?...
The Loyal Tenno Loki
'The Loyal Tenno Loki' 4 months ago
'takosmegas' 4 months ago
He's disgusting lookin
Himnesh Khar
'Himnesh Khar' 4 months ago
Moon Door
'Moon Door' 4 months ago
Is this guy is happy or sad?

He is fucking mental.
Aravind Ashok
'Aravind Ashok' 4 months ago
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