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Beyond The Vine Compilation | Best Vines November 2016 -
Published: 5 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 5 months ago

571, 459 views

3, 463 Likes   350 Dislikes

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lovely gal
'lovely gal' 1 month ago
Brian Perez
'Brian Perez' 2 months ago
This is not funny
Fel Ann  Tagle
'Fel Ann Tagle' 4 months ago
Porn aaa
Olivia Dimock
'Olivia Dimock' 4 months ago
Why the hell is there no sound
COD Boss
'COD Boss' 4 months ago
youtube you should kill yourself for being a pusy and having copyright laws
Mini BotOOO
'Mini BotOOO' 4 months ago
It's just a q
Sara Friel
'Sara Friel' 4 months ago
l wish I could meet all of you but l can't because I'm only 9
Juan Lopez
'Juan Lopez' 4 months ago
it is taking so long
so boss
'so boss' 4 months ago
there's no sound
Empty.Doritos Bag
'Empty.Doritos Bag' 4 months ago
youtube sucks with this copyright stuff
Luther Edwardsiii
'Luther Edwardsiii' 4 months ago
Gamer Dinosaur1987
'Gamer Dinosaur1987' 4 months ago
Moosman #yolo
'Moosman #yolo' 4 months ago
can't here nothing it said it's a copyright
raul castillo
'raul castillo' 4 months ago
nothing came up on my screen at all
VINES best
'VINES best' 4 months ago
fallow this website to get gift cards electronics and other stuff
Suki soul
'Suki soul' 4 months ago
am I the only one who can't hear the sound
Cassie Zurcher
'Cassie Zurcher' 4 months ago
the sound is not coming out cuz copy right reasons??
Michael Resendiz
'Michael Resendiz' 4 months ago
Michael Resendiz
'Michael Resendiz' 4 months ago
i have a copyright claim
Michael Resendiz
'Michael Resendiz' 4 months ago
i have a copyright clam
Michael Resendiz
'Michael Resendiz' 4 months ago
i have a fucking copyright clam
Cregg Lund
'Cregg Lund' 4 months ago
Kind of hard to watch without the audio. Stupid YouTube.
david almaraz
'david almaraz' 4 months ago
People are just gey
Thomas Edwards
'Thomas Edwards' 4 months ago
Lol who else's said audio is unavailable due to copyright claim?
'kelitas' 4 months ago
you cant watch this wtf
liz Carrero
'liz Carrero' 4 months ago
alguien habla español aqui
liz Carrero
'liz Carrero' 4 months ago
I do not speak English but I see these videos, they make me very funny so do not understand them
ExtraTerrestrialPeridot Studios
why is the audio unavailible
Adam Carter
'Adam Carter' 4 months ago
Tayla Bentley
'Tayla Bentley' 4 months ago
I feel lonely seiresly
Tayla Bentley
'Tayla Bentley' 4 months ago
soooo funny not I think
'MAHDI KHAN' 4 months ago
yo just delete the vid
Markipony Princess
'Markipony Princess' 4 months ago
Ok I want to know if anybody got a " No auto due to copyright violation "
Eben Pranks
'Eben Pranks' 4 months ago
Y'all go sub and watch my channel it's really funny
'LaughNation' 4 months ago
Nice , i can laugh hahahaha
saxon martin
'saxon martin' 4 months ago
this is sick
Robot x 2EZ
'Robot x 2EZ' 4 months ago
copywriter no sound
Scott Barnes
'Scott Barnes' 4 months ago
copyright claim
Little bro Vlogs
'Little bro Vlogs' 5 months ago
I just want jay Versace to stop he sucks
Anuj Chauhan
'Anuj Chauhan' 5 months ago
WHAT THE F*** HAPPENED TO VINES ...... ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aaliyah villasenor
'aaliyah villasenor' 5 months ago
the dog won
βrιghτ Lιghτε
'βrιghτ Lιghτε' 5 months ago
8:56 killed me 😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Divonte Richard
'Divonte Richard' 5 months ago
what are wrongs with these vines
Helena Jenkins
'Helena Jenkins' 5 months ago
8:00 was so funny omg XD
Emrah Omerovic
'Emrah Omerovic' 5 months ago
Song at 11:05 please
Majestic Ghoul
'Majestic Ghoul' 5 months ago
12:00 XDXDXD
UsernamesAre Stupid
'UsernamesAre Stupid' 5 months ago
Vines are getting way longer.
Der Baum
'Der Baum' 5 months ago
Hey, can someone tell me the name of the song at 10:00 - 10:08 please ? :D
DevilsPlayGames 1
'DevilsPlayGames 1' 5 months ago
pause at 4:28
'Savannah' 5 months ago
bello razgallah
'bello razgallah' 5 months ago
song at 0:19 please
heather szwarc
'heather szwarc' 5 months ago
dantdm is awsome
'dantdm is awsome' 5 months ago
I hate this video more than i liked it
Daniel _4949
'Daniel _4949' 5 months ago
0:18 to 0:22 got me dead😂😂😂😂
Dillan Squire
'Dillan Squire' 5 months ago
vines suck these days
Shiny Sylveon
'Shiny Sylveon' 5 months ago
At the beginning it's the moment when a white family meets a Spanish family.....
Van Nguyen
'Van Nguyen' 5 months ago
Cătă Cătălin
'Cătă Cătălin' 5 months ago
what's the song at 1:50
Jenna Elsola
'Jenna Elsola' 5 months ago
she said she was gonna be a clown that is not a clown that is harley quinn
Raelynn Sturdavant
'Raelynn Sturdavant' 5 months ago
12:26 I think she is wearing an ankh necklace
Mohammed Afkea
'Mohammed Afkea' 5 months ago
9:02 ya nasty BEAST
Bryan Joslin
'Bryan Joslin' 5 months ago
Rebecca holding shit in lmao
Ilesha AJ
'Ilesha AJ' 5 months ago
Samlomp Bebe
'Samlomp Bebe' 5 months ago
i would clap the shit out of that clown at 5:22
r0aSt_bAit &-/:;
'r0aSt_bAit &-/:;' 5 months ago
I thought they were no more vines!
orinta kazlauskiene
'orinta kazlauskiene' 5 months ago
that bow bit is mad
Ice cream Cake
'Ice cream Cake' 5 months ago
I died laughing on the first one !!!😂😂😂😂
Niya  Eason
'Niya Eason' 5 months ago
'BLUE SEPTIC' 5 months ago
song at 25
maskaroft mina
'maskaroft mina' 5 months ago
how is the name ok the song in the minute 0:44
Svetlana Chapskaya
'Svetlana Chapskaya' 5 months ago
i've noticed something, the vine community isn't nearly as funny as before, and vines are longer and lame.
Phillip Castro
'Phillip Castro' 5 months ago
the boy the farted sounds like a priest
'GOST 24' 5 months ago
Funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Alfonso  Vega
'Alfonso Vega' 5 months ago
oficialmente vine ha muerto
Nathaly Garcia
'Nathaly Garcia' 5 months ago
Was that a fake dog
'NixFree12' 5 months ago
same with Jay
'NixFree12' 5 months ago
King Bo is gay
Marcus Scrubb
'Marcus Scrubb' 5 months ago
Marcus Scrubb
'Marcus Scrubb' 5 months ago
he say don't hold fart
mr android
'mr android' 5 months ago
0:45 what's the file in the black twerkingz instgram
Malina Elisan
'Malina Elisan' 5 months ago
Remember when vines didn't need to use women, ass, twerking or boobs to get a boost in views. Boy was that a long time ago.
RubyLover556 9
'RubyLover556 9' 5 months ago
8:35 Is he married to that IM SITTIN ON TOILET woman?
RubyLover556 9
'RubyLover556 9' 5 months ago
Country Tv
'Country Tv' 5 months ago
WTF it's 2016 and People steel watching vines -_-
RPM 10000
'RPM 10000' 5 months ago
can someone please tell me the name of the song at 1:51
'AlhikPRO' 5 months ago
song 16:16?
ItsDiabloStyles _
'ItsDiabloStyles _' 5 months ago
2:49 song?
'FuryVenom619' 5 months ago
What's the song in Jay Mendoza vine
NaFreezing Bg
'NaFreezing Bg' 5 months ago
The Song on 0:13 ? ;d
Mike Margraff
'Mike Margraff' 5 months ago
Yo! YouTube usually your vines are funny,until you hit that one clip in the vine that's so unfunny or even makes sense it just throws off the momentum for the rest of the video!# i.e.😂😂😂😂😂😨😒😐😐😒!
Myleah Payne
'Myleah Payne' 5 months ago
8:21          I'm fukin dead
Got DA Juice
'Got DA Juice' 5 months ago
11:54 got me dead
'Deathus' 5 months ago
goddanm granny's thick she on that cornbread diet
'TREND SAVAGE' 5 months ago
anybody know the song at 10:10
jsmine w
'jsmine w' 5 months ago
bitch youre not even dressed as a clown
Tristan Burd
'Tristan Burd' 5 months ago
Jay Versace u need to stop making videos
prettyboywill 519
'prettyboywill 519' 5 months ago
song at 0:29 please someone tell me
black skull2704
'black skull2704' 5 months ago
Devan Timbreza
'Devan Timbreza' 5 months ago
what happened to 6 second vids????
ESSA درآكولآ
'ESSA درآكولآ' 5 months ago
هههه 😁
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