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Dave East - YesJulz & Dave East Discuss Some Life Goals -
Published: 6 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 6 months ago

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Yes Julz and Dave East talk about everything from his daughter's effect on him to his partnership with Def Jam and his relationship with Nas.

DJ Akadmiks Dog
'DJ Akadmiks Dog' 1 week ago
backround music annoying asf
'Joetuss' 3 months ago
You know he fucked after this. She's a notorious thotter
Casanova El Fresco
'Casanova El Fresco' 4 months ago
Chris Brown
'OGmoz4rt' 5 months ago
She's not fooling me, I know that's logic with a wig on
Hoa Nguyen Xuan
'Hoa Nguyen Xuan' 5 months ago
Great video
Nguyen Dang Dan
'Nguyen Dang Dan' 5 months ago
Great video !!!
gr fe
'gr fe' 5 months ago
yrty yty
'yrty yty' 5 months ago
gfhgh ghgh
'gfhgh ghgh' 5 months ago
ett rtet
'ett rtet' 5 months ago
efe ee
'efe ee' 5 months ago
th hth
'th hth' 5 months ago
trt efe
'trt efe' 5 months ago
wew wewq
'wew wewq' 5 months ago
Tino Miller
'Tino Miller' 5 months ago
He is a cool guy
fhrf fgf
'fhrf fgf' 5 months ago
rgr eg
'rgr eg' 5 months ago
Tuan Nguyen Thi
'Tuan Nguyen Thi' 5 months ago
Great hihi
Exchequer Trip
'Exchequer Trip' 6 months ago
Kushblunt Kellz
'Kushblunt Kellz' 6 months ago
Dave east look like the fuvk supreme nigga 😂😂😂
the detroit
'the detroit' 6 months ago
whats thattttt... lol
Katita Rivera
'Katita Rivera' 6 months ago
jaja xd
Сергей Тараньжин (официальный канал)
Привет из России! Пониманешь по-русски? Ставь лайк!
'KING ONE' 6 months ago
Vevo I want to come in and contact you because I have many good songs.
John Leggs IV
'John Leggs IV' 6 months ago
Julz can get it
Tacita Morgan
'Tacita Morgan' 6 months ago
lilibeth y sus mascotas
rimen s
Lionel Messi
'Lionel Messi' 6 months ago
Donald Trump !
'보검이' 6 months ago
0:02 보인다ㅎㅎ
Robert Vasquez Guerra
UeA Tyreck
'UeA Tyreck' 6 months ago
Roman Robles Gaming
'Roman Robles Gaming' 6 months ago
Soy Lu
'Soy Lu' 6 months ago
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