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7 Terrifying Snake Attacks in History -
Published: 11 months ago By: They will Kill You

By: They will Kill YouPublished: 11 months ago

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7 Terrifying Snake Attacks in History – Snakes are scary animals and some people have died due to snakebites or been strangled and suffocated. These are 7 deadly snake attack stories on humans!

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These are 7 of the most terrifying snake attacks in history. You won't believe what some of these people have been through.

Number 7: Debi Grudzinski
An experienced wildlife worker named Debi Grudzinski had been working with a boa constrictor named Icenia for eight years. That relationship came to an abrupt end in July, 2011 when Icenia attacked Debbi! Debi was reaching inside the snake’s cage to give it some water when out of nowhere, the snake bit and latched on to her.

After biting Debi’s hand, Icenia began to coil around Debi and tried suffocating her to death. The 14-foot long boa constrictor was able to wrap about half its body around Debi. As she started to feel faint, her daughter heard the commotion and called 911. Emergency workers managed to slice the snake until it released Debi. Both Debi and Icenia the snake survived the ordeal, although Icenia is no longer under Debi's care.

Number 6: Kevin Fowler and Tommy
In October of 2015, country singer Kevin Fowler found a rattlesnake in the garden of his Texas home. Fowler posted a photo of the snake followed by a tirade against snakes and those who would not like to see all snakes killed. He then posted pictures of his friend Tommy, who was bit by a rattlesnake a year earlier. The photos depict gruesome wounds that Tommy suffered and according to Fowler, he was still in rehab.

Fowler posted pictures with following caption:
“Ran into this little fellow in my shed this week. Third one this month. All of you people who cry about folks killing rattlesnakes have probably never seen what it looks like when you get bit by one. The other two pics are of my buddy Tommy’s hand after getting bit last year. He’s still going through surgeries and rehab. All of you rattlesnake sympathizers will change your tune when your kid gets bit playing in your backyard.”--Kevin Fowler

Number 5: Erik Arietta
Erik Arietta was a zookeeper and biology student in Venezuela when he was attacked and killed by a Burmese Python. While working at the zoo, Erik made the mistake of opening the Python’s cage alone at night. The next morning he was found strangled to death by the snake that was attempting to eat him. The python had half of Erik’s head in its mouth when the body was discovered. His coworkers had to beat the snake until it released Erik’s body.

While the exact details of the attack are unknown, bite marks were found on Erik’s wrists, which would suggest that he was bit before being crushed to death. It is unclear why Erik decided to open the snake’s cage and what exactly prompted the deadly attack.

'Dus7in' 1 hour ago
The majority of Pentecostals do not believe in such rituals, I like how that was left out. That is an extremely small group of people that have knowledge of something but lack understanding.
Lorna H
'Lorna H' 20 hours ago
Like I've always said, the only good snake is a dead snake. I get sick of all the snake lovers who argue "but they're necessary to control the rodent population". Bullshit. There are plenty of other animals that can accomplish that and do a better job. Because of their slow metabolism snakes don't eat everyday-- a meal can satisfy them for a long time, so controlling the rodent population? I don't think so. I'd rather have rodents around than snakes.
Егор Жилов
'Егор Жилов' 24 hours ago
Coastal figure change potato personally desperate magazine.
Fluffy pie
'Fluffy pie' 1 day ago
0:01 (Stop!!!!!) Like and comment if you thought the snake wus going to Bite that guy
Joshua Fredricksom
What does fucking parents let their fucking children keep Snakes as a fucking Pet! Think before you fuck with wild animals just give them a Chiwawa! such morons
Joshua Fredricksom
What does fucking parents let their fucking children keep Snakes as a fucking Pet! Think before you fuck with wild animals just give them a Chiwawa! such morons
Theo & Casey
'Theo & Casey' 2 days ago
danger noodlz
'SpudNugget' 2 days ago
the first time I saw one of these vids I got hella jump scared in the intro with that pop up skull
Notthebees13579 5
'Notthebees13579 5' 3 days ago
damn that fuckin jumpscare
Cherish Hickman
'Cherish Hickman' 5 days ago
o......k little creepy
Crafts& More
'Crafts& More' 1 week ago
im sad and happy why im sad is that other countrys have deadly spiders and snakes but where im from (Nz) has o deadly snakes nor spiders
Cecilia Maestas
'Cecilia Maestas' 1 week ago
you won't be loving them after they strike
Mylene Laverdure
'Mylene Laverdure' 1 week ago
Thanks for telling us that snakes bites
happy kawaii animal!
I still love snakes 😊😄
Kasowe Games
'Kasowe Games' 2 weeks ago
Noting scared me but the things that says what number we are in scared skull
Steve Faulkner
'Steve Faulkner' 2 weeks ago
naruto uzumaki
'naruto uzumaki' 2 weeks ago
hell no #1 fear snake.
Walker Lamock
'Walker Lamock' 2 weeks ago
What would a tree have said to a falling preacher bitten by a timber...?
Walker Lamock
'Walker Lamock' 2 weeks ago
Heh fowler,,is the snake o.k.?
Mike Xue
'Mike Xue' 2 weeks ago
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Jaylin Owensby
'Jaylin Owensby' 2 weeks ago
Alma Flores
'Alma Flores' 2 weeks ago
this reminds when my sisters husband snake almost attacked my mom so I wanted to berave for my mom so I killed th snake and got bit on my knee cap!!!!
Logan Sinclair
'Logan Sinclair' 2 weeks ago
Sad :(
'harleyss1968' 3 weeks ago
12 gauge shot gun
John Kennedy
'John Kennedy' 3 weeks ago
f you
Jake Appleby
'Jake Appleby' 3 weeks ago
Couple words of advice:
1) Don't fuck with it, and it most likely won't fuck with you.
2) If you're handling a big snake (7+ feet) you should probably have an adult with you, not your little brother, especially if you are young.
3) Snakes are not evil, people just invade their territory and they defend themselves, the same you would do if someone broke into your house.
Wing Truong
'Wing Truong' 3 weeks ago
0:01 that guy looks poor
Joe Marroni
'Joe Marroni' 3 weeks ago
i hate snakes
'jjs4you21' 4 weeks ago
What, most of these are from constrictor snakes and not venomous ones.
'ZairoxAgario' 4 weeks ago
I get scared in the beginning of every video
Cy Gomez
'Cy Gomez' 4 weeks ago
snakes are not pets, they fucking hate.
Nathan May
'Nathan May' 4 weeks ago
This is just a video to make you hate snake
Scumbag Joker
'Scumbag Joker' 4 weeks ago
They seriosuly prayed for that fucking dude ? ARE THESE PEOPLE RETARDED ? why not call a doctor or something
'Ominous' 4 weeks ago
The music does not help.
Tyreke Games
'Tyreke Games' 4 weeks ago
That still doesn't mean you kill them
Steve Meomyou
'Steve Meomyou' 4 weeks ago
if you get bit and then go to the hospital
Jonathan Lance
'Jonathan Lance' 4 weeks ago
you suck your scarring me
Zakxlol Yt
'Zakxlol Yt' 4 weeks ago
Zakxlol Yt
'Zakxlol Yt' 4 weeks ago
Zakxlol Yt
'Zakxlol Yt' 4 weeks ago
Ikhwan Production
'Ikhwan Production' 4 weeks ago
I prefer cat pleas, bye !
Chro Nical
'Chro Nical' 1 month ago
sad death of erik arietta.
Ben Duffield
'Ben Duffield' 1 month ago
it I there a food response or defending it's self
Carl Johnson
'Carl Johnson' 1 month ago
You're a moron. Make videos on things you know about instead of making stupid people more stupid by spreading inaccurate information. You are more dangerous than the snakes because this world already has too many morons and not enough snakes to eat them.
Big Boss
'Big Boss' 1 month ago
That last one isn't a man being attacked by a snake, that was the snake being attack by the man like Goddamn ben, what kind of Steel balls are hanging down your crotch, i feel sorry for your wife

or maybe she likes steel balls, idk, not kinkshaming anyone
Muthana Harith
'Muthana Harith' 1 month ago
Snakes are F**** terrifying !
Olly J
'Olly J' 1 month ago
That is scary
Alex Yallop
'Alex Yallop' 1 month ago
Turn your volume down, the person who edited this video puts a loud sound on it, not scary just very annoying, so keep the volume low especially with headphones on
Diamond Parker
'Diamond Parker' 1 month ago
fuck them damn snakes, a snakes is a cursed creature, ain't no fucking way I'm coming close to a snake, you cannot trust a snake, you cannot tame a snake.
Romain Guillaume
'Romain Guillaume' 1 month ago
number 2 is hilarious. They prayed for is recovery ?!! darwin's award amen!
Bruce Banner
'Bruce Banner' 1 month ago
My Anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun!
'danix454' 1 month ago
Snakes are so ignorant.
Astro waifu (Egg)
'Astro waifu (Egg)' 1 month ago
this is why i love snakes.
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 month ago
thumbs down for the loud fucking noise at the start
Boba Fett
'Boba Fett' 1 month ago
2:03 is fake , its been debunked
Boba Fett
'Boba Fett' 1 month ago
I doubt that boa was 14 ft lol , probably more like 7/8ft..
Miami Santiago
'Miami Santiago' 1 month ago
Who else is guilty of singing, Nicki Minaj's Anaconda song when this came up 3:48? Cos I can't be the only one. singing "...My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun!"
papa lenin
'papa lenin' 1 month ago
bit hmmm, isn't bitten a better word?
'FaizaTheBest' 1 month ago
You scared the living shit out of me with the intro at the beginning XD
Amelia Davidson
'Amelia Davidson' 1 month ago
4:56 the look on that guys face😂😂
Franco Falconi
'Franco Falconi' 1 month ago
14ft redtail boa??? thats a fucking lie... im yet to see one ive seen 10feet the biggest
Justis Dickson
'Justis Dickson' 1 month ago
boo this isn't fuckin scary piece of shit people
Marcus Yarbrough
'Marcus Yarbrough' 1 month ago
Do you mean your scared
'LOLFlyingPotatoes' 1 month ago
I feel my cunt pinworms itching my asshole.
Fire Wolf
'Fire Wolf' 2 months ago
It was all the victim's fault
Rose Lee
'Rose Lee' 2 months ago
This past Sunday I was cleaning my garden of fallen leaves when I met with #5 for the second times. This time I saw the body. The first time I saw the head but in a hole. I was sitting trying to remove a large pile of rocks in my garden. I never saw #5 laid only two feet from me. The color of the red Python matched exactly of the tree leaves. One more step and I would have step over it. Using a bloom I was sweeping the leaves. I never knew that a long and large snake with babies was underneath the deep pile of leaves. It was 3pm and sunny. But my garden is shaded by a very large and tall tree that shaded my entire garden. And I had dark sunglass on. Good thing I remembered that I saw it many weeks ago so I thought I better not be continuing on wearing the dark sunglass and took it off. Once I was done scooping the rocks into a trash bag, I move on to cleaning the leaves. I never noticed it until the Python moved. Before I entered my garden I had videotape and took some photos because tons of leaves had fallen into my garden to show to my family. I played loud music to scare off the Snake. I was so careful not to bend down or use my hand. I must broom the leaves only. I was looking but never saw them at all. With all the noises I made I had thought it would move away. But it was hiding close by. It was moving into another section where another type of snake living there. It had confused me for months that two deadly type snakes could co-exist in such a small space. The scene did not make any sense to me. What was even confusing was the type of snakes living in the wrong zone. I kept seeing a large metal cage and thought my neighbor is trying to catch Rat and Mice. I still questioned how these type of snakes got here and into my garden. I told my family that it must be escapees from a nearby home that breeds snakes to sell. As I was trying to clean up my garden the first time, I noticed that my fence had been torn opened at one end and this cage was placed nearby. Then last Sunday, my neighbor moved this metal box cage right next to the opening. It didn't make any sense still last Sunday. After being spooked the second times, I decided to abort the cleaning. I went inside my house. I was thinking of going back to blow the leaves off to reveal the snakes to video type to show proof just in case the snakes are gone when the snake remover come. Then I remembered that I had taken a video and some still photos of my garden before I went in to clean. Using a magnifying glass I searched the pictures for the snakes. Right away I found the color of the snake I saw. The spots told me that it is a Python snake. Good thing I didn't remember to bring a rake to use. I would have provoked them to attack me when I raked over them. Even though it is large and long, it managed to hide themselves very well hidden from sight. Even if you had good eyes you would never notice that it is there. Because it can hide well under just enough layer of leaves with the same color.
Paul Manzat
'Paul Manzat' 2 months ago
tom_210 same
'Tom_210' 2 months ago
The skull in the intro just made me shit myself...
Heather V
'Heather V' 2 months ago
This is dumb snakes don't attack they either defensively bite or they mistake for food they typically aren't just bloodthirsty or anything
'nl' 2 months ago
One MercilessMing
'One MercilessMing' 2 months ago
You know what they call people who keep venomous or constricting snakes as pets? Two things: Victims and Lunch.
Chedd EU
'Chedd EU' 2 months ago
Snakes are my favourite animal especially venomous ones
'Kikeex' 2 months ago
Lightining fast speed? WTF dude.
Ramen Noodle
'Ramen Noodle' 2 months ago
So, who wants some bleachhh
Lisa Boliaris
'Lisa Boliaris' 2 months ago
get a cat if you have snakes around. my cat killed a rattle snake and brought the top half of it on my porch. little stinker yuck!
Mr. A
'Mr. A' 2 months ago
The animals are sick and tired of humans. I hope all snake keepers will be killed.
Edgar Moreno
'Edgar Moreno' 2 months ago
Why th fuck is there a picture of ball python at 2:39 ? They only get up to 5 feet, and are completely harmless. You ignorant ass peice of shit.
Tamika Grimes
'Tamika Grimes' 2 months ago
omg that is so sad
'jordan.b' 2 months ago
I got bit by a 11foot green andaconda I got 23 stitches
'VTECIVIC TYPE R' 2 months ago
Shaun the dumb arse
'VTECIVIC TYPE R' 2 months ago
Toxic snakes you mean dumb arse.!
Patrick Luy
'Patrick Luy' 2 months ago
A man biting a snake? Wow. Lmao
caden emberson
'caden emberson' 2 months ago
this channel scares the living hell out of me but I still watch it
Dennis Horton
'Dennis Horton' 2 months ago
Boas don't get 14 feet. Some of these are movie pics. This is stupid.
Bravo Demian (Blackarot)
Instead of killing a snake, kill humans. If you'll mess with them surely they'll bite.
Flawless Flow94
'Flawless Flow94' 2 months ago
'makeupbynicole24' 2 months ago
I know that's a bad snake but poor snake
'Hallonskalle' 2 months ago
"Dead within minutes" Bullshit
Danesia McKissick
'Danesia McKissick' 2 months ago
"can demonstrate their faif"
Jahangir Raza
'Jahangir Raza' 2 months ago
chee disgusting
Herpingwith Richard
'Herpingwith Richard' 2 months ago
First of all snakes are not poisonous,they are venomous. Also a timber rattlesnake bite takes at the least an hour and a half to kill u. U need to get ur facts straight before u make a video. Dislike
Cynia Nash
'Cynia Nash' 2 months ago
'Sapher' 2 months ago
the snake process to bring him up a tree, but ben reacted quickly ? Yeah tell me about it
Shabba Shabba
'Shabba Shabba' 2 months ago
0-4:53 Wow those demonized people are scary lookin!
'EclipseT180' 2 months ago
I'm a boss because I picked up a snake (it was a female so I named her Veronica) BARE-HANDED
And I'm only, like, 14 and I was barefoot. XD
Dan the Manatee
'Dan the Manatee' 2 months ago
I find it hilarious how every one of these cases was due to human error. Snakes don't attack people for no reason, if you think so you should take your head out of your ass.
Delroy Williams
'Delroy Williams' 2 months ago
This narrator needs to learn english, he said get bit and was bit and been bit, he should have said bitten, I wonder, what cabbler, taught him english!!
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