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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 7 days ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 7 days ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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Businessman revealing superhero costume under suit
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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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'Captain America: Civil War' - Photocall
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Anime Ian
'Anime Ian' 6 minutes ago
Me: *sees evan after workout*

*heavy breathing*
'Animals&Cars' 11 minutes ago
You can't really say 'Training Like A Superhero' because there aren't any 'Superheroes' that are alive and nobody knows how they train because they probably don't even train If they have Superpowers dumbasses! Even If they did exercise, I'm pretty sure that he would be lifting 1,000,000,000,000 Tonnes on each arm every 2 seconds. THINK ABOUT IT, YOU CAN'T TRAIN LIKE THEM BECAUSE YOU JUST CAN'T!!!
Sandy Schwartzkopf
'Sandy Schwartzkopf' 14 minutes ago
Annd now I want Doritos. I'll start my diet tomorrow. not.
'Gourgandise' 2 hours ago
2:48: this is the face of a woman who is NOT gonna put that powder in her body. And I don't blame her.
'Stephen' 2 hours ago
'xMourningStar' 2 hours ago
Evan.... I have a new appreciation of Doritos.... As long as they're YOU.
'Wolfman19' 2 hours ago
I like the both of them! They are both so cute and seems so nice.
hugo pinai
'hugo pinai' 2 hours ago
Why do people care so much about muscles? Eating that much protein is so unhealthy for you anyway
Courtney Bowman
'Courtney Bowman' 3 hours ago
He's so hot nos
Brisa Gomez
'Brisa Gomez' 3 hours ago
omg hes fine af
Annabelle Smith
'Annabelle Smith' 3 hours ago
ok so how much did it cost?
'BMAR' 3 hours ago
That chick is fucking hot
'liv' 4 hours ago
Eugene got some competition now.....
jimmy vans
'jimmy vans' 4 hours ago
Paige Lange
'Paige Lange' 4 hours ago
wow this makes me sad she's probably more than 10 years older than me and I still weigh more than her
'Mr.Buckets' 4 hours ago
So basically eat right and work hard.
Terraria Player
'Terraria Player' 4 hours ago
this is a good buzz feed video, not many exist...
The Eagle
'The Eagle' 5 hours ago
Im actually kind of cracking up because I know the exact workout Chris Evans used to prepare for his role in Captian America all the way down to how many sets and reps for each workout, and this is not it by a long shot. And Chris Evans even said literally he did absolutely zero cardio what so ever.
Isabella Satnik
'Isabella Satnik' 5 hours ago
I wake up at six for school
Jhonny Depp
'Jhonny Depp' 5 hours ago
kelsey is cute..
Chaotic Avenger
'Chaotic Avenger' 5 hours ago
Ricegum needs this.
PUJ - Positivity l Understanding l Justice
After working out (weightlifting and cardio) almost every day for the past 11 months, I did improve physically but the most significant and unexpected improvement I got was a boost in positivity!

Because we all (me as well of course! my whole life before 11 months ago) have little debates in our heads of 'Should I exercise today' and often lose and that gives us a small feeling of failure every day, and that adds up :(

But once you commit and succeed in creating the habit of making exercising part of your weekly schedule, you feel sooo awesome about yourself :)

You don't have to work out every day like me, but commit to certain times weekly and oh my gosh, you'll learn that working out doesn't tire you but give you moreee energy and boost your mood a LOT! If I can do it, you can toooooo

If anyone ever reads this, I believe in you!!!
Duke Sliskus
'Duke Sliskus' 6 hours ago
the only difference I see is that you decided to put your arms farther from your body to make you appear bigger, and clench your abdominal area to make it appear you have better abs
Rachel Ann
'Rachel Ann' 6 hours ago
I'd rather be average and still enjoy a donut with a cup of coffee.
jesus •___•
'jesus •___•' 6 hours ago
they were lifting five kgs at the start😑i can bearly lift does
'GeoEntertainment' 7 hours ago
I need this🤣
Man Boy
'Man Boy' 7 hours ago
How did this get 10 million views in 8 days
Ammar Rasydan
'Ammar Rasydan' 7 hours ago
Subscribe To My Channel For an Instant Sub Back ! promise
Alexandra Ocasio
'Alexandra Ocasio' 7 hours ago
Waking up at six or five AM in the morning to go to school on a daily basis
'oplix' 7 hours ago
i just finished a bag of doritos and two beers. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp
Samantha Shelley
'Samantha Shelley' 7 hours ago
That blonde girl reminds me of Blake Lively!
William Levy
'William Levy' 8 hours ago
But did they do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and then a 10km run EVERY day? Without air conditioning to save money? No. Dislike
'valkura' 8 hours ago
well did anyone get inspired by this after the vid I did 60 situps
A - Kuma
'A - Kuma' 8 hours ago
Not gonna lie, this made me feel extremely fat.
Elizabeth Vega
'Elizabeth Vega' 8 hours ago
'INFIRES bruh' 8 hours ago
when you came because you lowkey thought the guy on the thumbnail looked hot af
Jose Cruz
'Jose Cruz' 8 hours ago
I want to train like that to get fit!!!!!!!!
'jakester0852' 8 hours ago
I love this. Wish I could join!!
'Seven.' 9 hours ago
this video should be called we took one pic drooping and sucking my shoulders in then one puffing my chest and shoulders out to make it look like I changed
Octopie Productions
'Octopie Productions' 9 hours ago
One punch man is Asian
'kubel83' 9 hours ago
God she is beautiful.
Jeremy Neff
'Jeremy Neff' 9 hours ago
this is inspirational
Nikola Knezevic
'Nikola Knezevic' 9 hours ago
haveing 6% body fat is not health
Rosie Azim
'Rosie Azim' 9 hours ago
Eugene who ?
Jacob DeMarco-Cronin
wait is it a thing for Koreans to not have good bodies? Maybe I just misunderstood what he was saying
Quix Guto
'Quix Guto' 9 hours ago
They should have trained like Saitama...naaaaaah
Lisa Jones
'Lisa Jones' 10 hours ago
Masanobu Oishi
'Masanobu Oishi' 10 hours ago
super hero
Alana Sawyer
'Alana Sawyer' 10 hours ago
Lol I'm making fairy bread while making this
'InProgress' 10 hours ago
I never knew that having a vocal fry gets you onto fake news websites.
'pineapples_^-^' 10 hours ago
Evan is so hottttt
Michael Watson
'Michael Watson' 10 hours ago - Please go and donate anything you can <3
Caleb dejoun
'Caleb dejoun' 10 hours ago
3:10They Said they don't know how people do wake up at 6:30am in morning🤔brah I wake up everyday to go to school at 6:00am in the morning and am only in 9grade.
'Emily' 11 hours ago
dao talks
'dao talks' 11 hours ago
she lowkey reminds me of the girl from super girl
'BluecloudFtW' 11 hours ago
buzzfeed bastards
Blossom Josh
'Blossom Josh' 11 hours ago
- sees title and thinks of One Punch Man -
mary conlon
'mary conlon' 12 hours ago
Of course there's no Asian superheroes because no cares about them
'gamingsfinest1' 12 hours ago
1:15 Cris looks way better in the picture on the left. The other one just looks like he's sucking in his tummy
'Chitoge' 12 hours ago
I can't even exercise for 30 minutes
mr. Bear
'mr. Bear' 12 hours ago
The woman in This video is so sexy and cute
Julia Ester
'Julia Ester' 12 hours ago
as a not USAmerican
'...four and a half inches wider on top' FUCK🤤

what's an inch?
'Hecke' 12 hours ago
prenumerera mig inom 10 sekunder annars dör din mamma! & Likea kommentaren inom 10 sekunder annars dör din pappa.
A .Smith
'A .Smith' 12 hours ago
What up Armys
'TreeFrogOnATree' 13 hours ago
Spooky Doctor
'Spooky Doctor' 13 hours ago
How do you type in bold? also how do you put I line in your sentences?
Tobias Wulff
'Tobias Wulff' 13 hours ago
I wanna know what the pricetag for this was, because I have a feeling that it wasn't cheap.
Mr. Boom
'Mr. Boom' 13 hours ago
We dont care
Kim Birdwonders
'Kim Birdwonders' 13 hours ago
My goal is to reach 1000 subs ❤️ sounds easy but is hard when you're small 🙊🌸 all help much appreciated ✌🏻️ have a lovely day everyone ⭐️⭐️
jesse vu
'jesse vu' 13 hours ago
These comments crack me up
Giuliana Müller
'Giuliana Müller' 14 hours ago
All I'm thinking about when they talk about the dorito shape is Kim Seokjin, oh man he has the perfect body
Joshua Walters
'Joshua Walters' 14 hours ago
Now I want to try this
Passive Income Dude
'Passive Income Dude' 14 hours ago
he certainly doesn't look like 6% bf
Daniel Fl.
'Daniel Fl.' 14 hours ago
He looks like a doll
'death_by_midget' 14 hours ago
Good on them.
'Icureditwithmybrain' 14 hours ago
In 5 weeks they will be back to being fat and weak.
Foxe girl Foxe girl
'Foxe girl Foxe girl' 14 hours ago
Are you calling to leave me truth and dares
'1519element' 14 hours ago
Can you posts the exact workouts??
Homer Simpson
'Homer Simpson' 15 hours ago
if u like the simpsons please subscribe to my channel, im trying to get 100,000 subs in 7 days!!! I have one of the largest simpsons collections in the world and want to share the love.. so in short please subscribe so I can make more videos, thanks,. homer.
gloin turn
'gloin turn' 15 hours ago
Cancer feminatzis and race card pullers
Angelic Edery
'Angelic Edery' 15 hours ago
Watching this video while eating cheez its...
Shanella Akhtar
'Shanella Akhtar' 15 hours ago
TheTop10 - We tell you, what you wanna know
If you guys sub to me, i'll sub back!
'bangtansgirl' 15 hours ago
I always wanted to be so motivated to work out and lose weight. But nah. Never happened
Drunk Pancakes
'Drunk Pancakes' 16 hours ago
I hate how BuzzFeed loves to put in the supplements these people used but they didn't put in the training program they followed it's all about the program and the diet
Emily dly
'Emily dly' 16 hours ago
That lady reminds me of Blake Lively
Mikkel Schultz
'Mikkel Schultz' 16 hours ago
Vegito SSjB
'Vegito SSjB' 16 hours ago
when should we take the melatonin pill?
'danielXdf' 16 hours ago
when you wish your "after" picture is like someones "before" picture
Halle Ledda
'Halle Ledda' 16 hours ago
she looked so much like supergirl
Michael De Santa
'Michael De Santa' 16 hours ago
Can I have 69 likes?
'Lulu' 17 hours ago
wow, the girl looks so much better!
Adolphine Amani
'Adolphine Amani' 17 hours ago
Hej jeg heder kevin jeg vil rakti mad prove det
Party With Otaku
'Party With Otaku' 18 hours ago
Evan do a Korean drama please
'BOSSxxxKILLER' 18 hours ago
6:22 That ads tho
Jon Max
'Jon Max' 18 hours ago
Not look like superhero lol look normal lol
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