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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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Jeremy Nakagawa
'Jeremy Nakagawa' 3 hours ago
Killer God_08
'Killer God_08' 11 hours ago
I don't why famous Asian peoples are with the name Evan always like vanoss, Evantube
'RSVDCN' 11 hours ago
don't believe this guys....
'OlympicFilms' 12 hours ago
this gets me motivated to get in shape...then i do a push-up and i go back to sleep
'TheMasterOfRoblox' 16 hours ago
Trying to get on a diet....hopefully i dont ever see a cake while it
JJBez Gaming
'JJBez Gaming' 20 hours ago
Steriods much? (2:48)
'Alejandroof' 21 hours ago
she got more and more attractive as the video went on, idk if it was just me or the workout but damn, shes very pretty.
can someone share their daily workout regime?
Jojo Z
'Jojo Z' 23 hours ago
is Sodium Salt?
Sophie Jenkins
'Sophie Jenkins' 23 hours ago
Evan is so hot
Nizar Khan
'Nizar Khan' 23 hours ago
3:17 lmao them penises
he looks like akashi from big hero 6
'abcdefg123456139' 1 day ago
iv never seen an asian like dat
R eLeVaste
'R eLeVaste' 1 day ago
it's called "noob gainz"
Bouisk Hr.
'Bouisk Hr.' 1 day ago
then make a fucking movie named captain asia
Rajeev Agarwal
'Rajeev Agarwal' 1 day ago
Asian super hero......saitama one punch man here to the rescue!!
Lucie Snowhite
'Lucie Snowhite' 2 days ago
The Asian look very attractive after the workout :)
Anthony Marshall
'Anthony Marshall' 2 days ago
Asian super heros seriously
'amazeing11' 2 days ago
I never woke up at 6 am, always around 1pm
Jojo Boon
'Jojo Boon' 2 days ago
The korean guy has the back of a Kpop star... a bts member. Jin...
ahem... hello armies... if your out there...
Funk Overload
'Funk Overload' 2 days ago
Because not enough Asians in superheroes is Racist? buzzfeed libtards
Poe Opo
'Poe Opo' 2 days ago
his so hot!!!
'RyanPerson' 2 days ago
Kind of funny how after one month of working out, his biceps are already the same size as mine are after years of working construction, lifting like crazy and eating almost 5000 cals a day. Yeah I have genetically small arms.
Rory Rumfelt
'Rory Rumfelt' 2 days ago
no carbs- low sodium is a bad idea~ sodium is a good idea when your mainly eating a "paleo" diet
Greg Dausey
'Greg Dausey' 3 days ago
Gym owner looks like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Campbell Covalt
'Campbell Covalt' 3 days ago
Cinefix did it better
Diana Stolz
'Diana Stolz' 3 days ago
And not I'm feeling extremely fat
Nalla Zetroc
'Nalla Zetroc' 3 days ago
Yay she likes harry potter
Bebe Martinez
'Bebe Martinez' 3 days ago
I wake up at 6:00 EVERYDAY FOR SCHOOL.
OMFG its Turkey
'OMFG its Turkey' 3 days ago
train me plz
'Tangobaldy' 3 days ago
wtf is parstor!
'Rabs' 3 days ago
This girl looks like Barry Allen from the flash :D
Marjorie Casrillo
'Marjorie Casrillo' 3 days ago
I just clicked this because of the thumb nail😂. God damn Evan so hot.(how to be yours?😂)
The golden Eye
'The golden Eye' 3 days ago
boobs are still boob XD
Maria Kolle Ramberg
When your a huge Nightwing and young justice fan
'PosiJoel' 3 days ago
I'm no expert, but I thought ~4-6% body fat was around where body builders are at during competition. I would think we would see way more tone in Evan at 6.6%. I would have guess he's closer to 12%... (But again, I'm no expert... just curious of what other people know about the subject).
Edgy Mc My Chemical Romance
use ur glutes!
mirrorsmask 15
'mirrorsmask 15' 3 days ago
sooooo new OPPA anyone?? 😂😂
Marie Cox
'Marie Cox' 3 days ago
Wow! This ought to prove to everyone how different men and women are when it comes to getting in shape. Kelsey had to do TWICE as much cardio. She had great results, but Evan's results are more dramatic. Can you do the exact same thing with a man and a woman and do a weight loss / fitness video please!?
Kelly Ackerman
'Kelly Ackerman' 3 days ago
nick asimakis
'nick asimakis' 3 days ago
Wow.. both look really great for just a month of gym. Good job lads!
yehet ohorat
'yehet ohorat' 3 days ago
You chose people who were already fit...
'snwbubble' 3 days ago
why does that look like chris evans before he became chris evans?
'xXKuuhaku' 3 days ago
There is no fucking way in the world that this is 6.6% body fat.
Thomas McCabe
'Thomas McCabe' 3 days ago
I wake up at 6:00 every morning.
Arcane World
'Arcane World' 4 days ago
For some reason Kelsey looks like the female ver of Grant Gustin...
DoctorNoob GR
'DoctorNoob GR' 4 days ago
Would the same outcome be possible without taking proteins?
Danz Mojica
'Danz Mojica' 4 days ago
Oh dear God Evan is too hot for words.
Samuel Montw
'Samuel Montw' 4 days ago
wtf is wrong with her lips
Ani Gyulinyan
'Ani Gyulinyan' 4 days ago
Ani Gyulinyan
'Ani Gyulinyan' 4 days ago
Katy Nx
'Katy Nx' 4 days ago
How about Zach from 13 reasons why
susan crockett
'susan crockett' 4 days ago
Chez is guud 4 u
Mr.Quadriplegic Snailman
When I was a lad, I violently consumed 4 quintillion eggs every morning to help me get large.
'Georgij100' 5 days ago
There's no way that's a 6% body fat.
Caligula VII
'Caligula VII' 5 days ago
...and got a tan with a white background XD
Alexandra Martinez
lol the whole waking up at six am is pretty normal for me it's take me 45 min to get to school OK
yoav cohen
'yoav cohen' 5 days ago
frankly..except for the upper back maybe..she looked a lot healthier and definately more beautiful in the before shots.
i did like his exercises...even the few that we actually saw targetted the major body areas where most trainees tend to end up with injuries on , due to lack of training. like the rotator cuff for instance.
No Madge
'No Madge' 5 days ago
Evan is so hot. It's hard to believe he has any insecurities
Chupacabra H
'Chupacabra H' 5 days ago
Anyone knows Steven Zim's secret to get this kind of wide shoulders?
Ricky Munoz
'Ricky Munoz' 5 days ago
Holy crap they look good
Raven Scamander
'Raven Scamander' 5 days ago
I always wake up before the sun comes up
'EmergThePlayer' 5 days ago
Literally your posture makes a complete difference to how you look like.
Ivan Stipić
'Ivan Stipić' 5 days ago
6.6 no way
YaBoi HD
'YaBoi HD' 5 days ago
Michelle Huynh
'Michelle Huynh' 5 days ago
In the thumbnail I thought it was click bait, but I am really impressed
Archeage Browly
'Archeage Browly' 5 days ago
Dimitrije Mihailovic
abs are not hard to get if you are training everyday and eating healthly
Tasos Kefalas
'Tasos Kefalas' 5 days ago
This actually got me in the mood for some dorritos
Luca van Hoorn
'Luca van Hoorn' 5 days ago
next time train like goku and vegeta
Phoebe _Sol
'Phoebe _Sol' 5 days ago
I ship Kelsey and Evan like if you do too.
Elian Joseph
'Elian Joseph' 5 days ago
Dang Evan! How?! I need to do this program seriously
Owenirie LS
'Owenirie LS' 5 days ago
the starting😂
Actus FX
'Actus FX' 5 days ago
No way he's 6.6 bodyfat
Bananas Are awesome
Evans voice is so relaxing
'FILNAT2011' 5 days ago
Kelsey looks damn fine to me at the start.
Chase Matney
'Chase Matney' 6 days ago
As I'm laying in bed playing xbox eating cake
Rayes Ordonez
'Rayes Ordonez' 6 days ago
2 : 40 he gives them steroids
Keyth King
'Keyth King' 6 days ago
lmao 30days is nowhere near enough to make any progress, any progress made was probably just fat loss and very little muscle.
'QueenSinnamonRoll' 6 days ago
I feel so insecure about myself now XD
They thought this was hard?

I do this daily... so.
We need more Asian superheroes?

Either Saitama...

Torres 420
'Torres 420' 6 days ago
Belstia Music
'Belstia Music' 6 days ago
She's really cute. Her smile reminds me of Emma Stone somehow.
Tiffany Naumovich
'Tiffany Naumovich' 6 days ago
yes black widow
'CHEEJOEKAY' 6 days ago
millions of dollars tends to be a good motivator
raya sessoms
'raya sessoms' 6 days ago
I want this F-ing trainer😢
Temzzz Zia
'Temzzz Zia' 6 days ago
This like going to barbers and saying u know cap America and the barber day in I got u except gym version
Cauf E. Bean
'Cauf E. Bean' 6 days ago
Does anyone have any details about the workouts they did, how much time per day, etc.?
Guy Katabi
'Guy Katabi' 6 days ago
evan actually made a big difference. he looks like a different man.. kutos to you
Scott Powell
'Scott Powell' 6 days ago
they should do a follow up video to see where they're at now.
Emerson Guzman
'Emerson Guzman' 6 days ago
i wana do that work out if i get to do that ill go every day
Sebastian Kielak
'Sebastian Kielak' 6 days ago
There is no way this guy have an 6,6% body fat xD Cmon guys. Google real 6/7% BF.
SgtMaster Fluff
'SgtMaster Fluff' 6 days ago
Anyone else notice the "Authentic Asian Food" sign behind Evan when he smelled the fried chicken? Coincidence, I THINK NOT
M Bro
'M Bro' 6 days ago
not that impressive. and the dude is NOT 6.6% bf come on.
Fedor Voronov
'Fedor Voronov' 6 days ago
this guy sounds like a cosmetician
Fedor Voronov
'Fedor Voronov' 6 days ago
Asian superheroes? Please, you have ninjas, and samurai's that is as dope as superheroes
Mark de Laak
'Mark de Laak' 6 days ago
just give them an extra portion of tren and clen
Sebastian Skalski
'Sebastian Skalski' 6 days ago
>6.6% Body Fat
Don't make me laugh. with that amount of body fat he would have killer abs, even if he didn't have too much abdominal muscles
'khyunwoo1' 6 days ago
damn those two are such a good couple
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