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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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Jas Min
'Jas Min' 36 minutes ago
he is so hot :
'Aliyah' 50 minutes ago
I have to get up at 6:00 every day for school. it susks
Sagar Pruthi
'Sagar Pruthi' 60 minutes ago
They have uneven shoulders.
'CashMeOussideTUBE' 2 hours ago
This guy seemed like one of those fake, gym trainers
Raspberry Narwhal
'Raspberry Narwhal' 2 hours ago
'Jessie' 2 hours ago
Oh you never wake up at 6:30 in the morning well, welcome to school life
Yu KaLam
'Yu KaLam' 3 hours ago
that's 6.6% body fat? You must be joking
Mr. Puglet.
'Mr. Puglet.' 3 hours ago
inspiring But I think I'm going to eat pizza.
Victoria Dillinger
'Victoria Dillinger' 7 hours ago
why throw away the cheese ? it is fine for low carb
TAK Ism.
'TAK Ism.' 7 hours ago
i wanna do this but I'm 2 broke .
Dwayne Ward
'Dwayne Ward' 7 hours ago
Go doritoman! 😂
aditi shringarpure
'aditi shringarpure' 11 hours ago
The end is super cute. Like, not only did they become even more gorgeous after the one month but they also became good friends and it was adorable when he was eating the dorito and she was like good job
UltimateZoella Games
'UltimateZoella Games' 13 hours ago
Me : Ok lemme get fit
Me ten minutes later : Yeah nah this ain't working (goes and gets a bag of chips)
Vieyiti Kouadio
'Vieyiti Kouadio' 14 hours ago
Notice that they don't do these with the plus sized people, but are always advocating towards how weight doesn't matter and we are all equal?
john martin
'john martin' 17 hours ago
Fatties getting triggered watching this lol
Smøl bean! At the chemical fall øut beebøs
not enough representation of asian superheroes???? NEED I MENTION THE GREEN HORNET???
Jose Perez
'Jose Perez' 19 hours ago
lol " I want that dorito ratio"
ElementalPig115 - Zombies and more
The reason I think Evan gong wants to train as Chris Evans because Evans name is in Chris's name
Pony Pegasister
'Pony Pegasister' 19 hours ago
'Grock99' 19 hours ago
vocal fry is so annoying
Samantha Sherman
'Samantha Sherman' 20 hours ago
wow. as if they both weren't hot enough before.
JellyBeans 4ever
'JellyBeans 4ever' 21 hours ago
Can I train with John Cena's trainer?
Zachary Lee
'Zachary Lee' 21 hours ago
The blonde girl had great physical results. Now if she could just work on eliminating her vocal fry and uptalk.
guwop guwopper
'guwop guwopper' 21 hours ago
bruh all these people use enhanced drugs if you think elsewhise your crazy. Im drunk so take my opinion for granted.
'googleplussux' 23 hours ago
ya look the same
'TheTabaK23' 24 hours ago
They should have made him eat more so that he got big.
Chakka Boola
'Chakka Boola' 1 day ago
either they don't know how to calculate the bf% or this guy has the worst genetics being at 6,6% bf
Milka c:
'Milka c:' 1 day ago
Pause at 3:17 and look at what he is holding... I am so dirtyminded. But.. just look at the coach's face. xD
'BreezyGwen' 1 day ago
Evan's superpowers:

"I can taste how much sugar, or how much sodium something has."
Zackary Doyle
'Zackary Doyle' 1 day ago
Basically protein? More like steroids
'ThruTheDarkness' 1 day ago
Buzzfeed, why did you for the body stats have the R (right) leg on the left?
a drianshipperqueen
5:51 when hogwarts attack
Mailuu love
'Mailuu love' 1 day ago
Evan is Tadashi Hamada
Jillian Wilson
'Jillian Wilson' 1 day ago
omg even is so cute
'cool ranch' - Doritoman
Maria Bourgani
'Maria Bourgani' 1 day ago
I watch these every time before I work out to get motivated. Am I the only one?
Lee Byung Hun broooooooo
'Archer' 1 day ago
A 6ft Asian? Fake and gay.
CREx Official
'CREx Official' 1 day ago
No legs were trained during the making of this video
The Mighty Tree
'The Mighty Tree' 2 days ago
I wanna do this, but the only thing I could do is walk around the park.
Alex4ndrite _
'Alex4ndrite _' 2 days ago
Daaaaaaang Evan. I need me an Evan.
Jasmine Lee
'Jasmine Lee' 2 days ago
I wake up at 6:20 A.M. everyday for school....
Angie Momo
'Angie Momo' 2 days ago
Ok but can we just talk about hot evan is
MyLife AsAnna
'MyLife AsAnna' 2 days ago
MyLife AsAnna
'MyLife AsAnna' 2 days ago
'AROHA' 2 days ago
I'm a simple person.
I see a hot asian guy,
I click.
dc is the best
Lauren Vazquez
'Lauren Vazquez' 2 days ago
you should have done a spartan trianing plan
Maria Duran
'Maria Duran' 2 days ago
yo evan hit a girl up man
Piper Steder
'Piper Steder' 2 days ago
Just thought about it Kelsey probably had her period while doing this. Fuck😂😂
'Cailan' 2 days ago
'fit4ya1975' 2 days ago
Any experienced person that trains, knows theres no such thing as a "cheat day". That just ruins the entire week of training. Its more like a "Cheat meal" here and there. Because your only cheating yourself.
'HagridLow' 2 days ago
Lauren Roling
'Lauren Roling' 2 days ago
Im eating butter pecan ice cream out of the carton on my couch
Hector Thomsen
'Hector Thomsen' 2 days ago
Did anyone notice that pull thing at 3:19? Hahaha xD...
Guy Hautemann
'Guy Hautemann' 2 days ago
You guys are lucky you have a personal trainer so you're always getting pushed and helped but nice job
Sharstar G
'Sharstar G' 3 days ago
If I got paid millions for a movie to get in shape Id be doing this crap w/ a grin.🙃🙃🙃🙃
Sharstar G
'Sharstar G' 3 days ago
This chick is already skinny...gtfoh
mellydian t.a
'mellydian t.a' 3 days ago
Tbh...i wake up at 04.00 am to go to school .-.
FutureBerea Alumn
'FutureBerea Alumn' 3 days ago
Actually, men usually carry more body fat.
'Misterboss' 3 days ago
What should i eat if i am trying to gain muscle???
'Misterboss' 3 days ago
What exactly is the best way to gain muscle diet wise???
VeryLongUsernameThat Doesn
Don't lats make you look like a Dorito as well?
William Feng
'William Feng' 3 days ago
Eats doritoes*

Gains all their previous weight back*
Beebo Beebo
'Beebo Beebo' 3 days ago
Why he look like tadashi from big hero 6
'AFO3310' 3 days ago
2:25 you mean women and men have different body functions and needs? TRIGGERED!!!!
'iiUnicornMayaii' 3 days ago
OMG HE IS A DORITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
Audrey Huang
'Audrey Huang' 3 days ago
wish I have the money for this kind of trainer/training
'trinkCOKEorDIE' 3 days ago
Looking like that would be awesome. Obviously you need someone to push you, by yourself it's going to be really hard and you start slacking.

I would do it but having a personal trainer like that costs a fortune.
Also the horrible diet or some less extreme version for the rest of my life?

It's not worth it.
'Antinate' 3 days ago
We glossed over the part where the actors do steroids~
'TOTO FOFO' 3 days ago
0:38 that's because we already look up to you in society; kung fu, knowledge, agility, (even though it may not be a day-to-day thing to have superhero-likeness) you are more likely than americans
Nigel Ng
'Nigel Ng' 3 days ago
That was an epic transformation way to go guys!
세 훈 Sehun
'세 훈 Sehun' 3 days ago
Tbh Evan is fucking hot
Vaska Bleach
'Vaska Bleach' 3 days ago
Just get a chipotle bowl.
ahmed alani
'ahmed alani' 3 days ago
mikah ong
'mikah ong' 3 days ago
Evan ghangs hot
'WiseWordsOldMan' 3 days ago
whats the routine? I've been wanting to do a superhero type of routine lately.
Kaustav Kardong
'Kaustav Kardong' 4 days ago
that girl reminds me of the girl from your lie in april
Tan Shanisse
'Tan Shanisse' 4 days ago
i wake up everyday before the sun is out to go to school. so dont compare. for your information, 6.30am.
huqiao shawn
'huqiao shawn' 4 days ago
i like girls with bit fat actually
'stillassumed' 4 days ago
hella fake... look at the thumbnail, cover the faces and neck with your finger. the rest is lighting, angles and flexing abs
Joah Dun
'Joah Dun' 4 days ago
When Evan ate the dorito at the end, I thought "Oh no. He's a cannibal."
Slenderhood hyxcriar
I just start seeing the video and when they said that they couldn't wake up at 6am I was just like "really, I have 12 years and I wake up at 5:30am"
Eric Manthuruthil
'Eric Manthuruthil' 4 days ago
any way you guys show the actual routines?
tafuna laupele
'tafuna laupele' 4 days ago
i literally jumped out of my bed and walked to the gym....#NotJoking
I thought he meant the English Chris evans xD xD xD
Steve Martin
'Steve Martin' 4 days ago
How the hell does he have 6.6% body fat
Togi Bear
'Togi Bear' 4 days ago
OML. I love the difference of confidence of before they work out and after. it's amazing!
Jesse TD
'Jesse TD' 4 days ago
Diets are just not functional, protein becomes fat too if you eat way to much and don't balance it with anything else. WHY DOES EVEN DIETS EXISTS
'porexpan' 4 days ago
5:51 Is that... Hogwarts?
Edwin V.
'Edwin V.' 4 days ago
Guys do not listen to this "trainer" his diet plan is terrible. The results he provided in this video are almost entirely dependent on the loss of water weight. This "high protein low fat low card diet" is not a good long term diet. It does not work. Lmfaooo who else came here from freelee??
'Larkle' 4 days ago
That is flipping impressive.
Arka Chakrabarti
'Arka Chakrabarti' 4 days ago

'macherie016' 4 days ago
Man I wish I could do this too
Yana Chan
'Yana Chan' 4 days ago
what if they did the saitama training for 3 months?
siddharth roy
'siddharth roy' 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure a lot of views are for the guy because how hot he looks..
sundeep paudel
'sundeep paudel' 4 days ago
Uploded how to be a power ful
'deathpearl360' 5 days ago
black widow is not a superhero. she just a sidechick.
Tyler Cha
'Tyler Cha' 5 days ago
Music at 5:55?
'taehangelic' 5 days ago
evan's hot.
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