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7 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test -
Published: 4 months ago By: CrazyRussianHacker

By: CrazyRussianHackerPublished: 4 months ago

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Hey everyone!
For today's video Luke and Hugo going to help me to put to the test 7 dog gadgets.

K-9 Kannon
Cooling Dog Pad
light up dog leash
Biodegradable Poop Bags
Deshedding Glove

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Waynesville, NC 28786

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Gokul G
'Gokul G' 3 days ago
This mat is big... I mean too small
'AMIR NAZAROV' 5 days ago
Me I remember
Benjamin Manta
'Benjamin Manta' 5 days ago
Your dogs are beautiful
Eric Bui
'Eric Bui' 5 days ago
I think the cooling pad is for huskys
Sarah Abba
'Sarah Abba' 6 days ago
What type of dog is Luke
Surprise Eggs and Toy Fun!
Your dogs are so cute!!
mylife as Me
'mylife as Me' 7 days ago
He's so lucky
idrees N
'idrees N' 1 week ago
I really want a husky so cute ^_^
Noot noot
'Noot noot' 1 week ago
wow i naild it i paused it on 6:44 / 7:44
Almighty Foe
'Almighty Foe' 1 week ago
so cute : )
Steven Lewis
'Steven Lewis' 1 week ago
I love dogs
Neon Jellybean
'Neon Jellybean' 1 week ago
He has a cool house
Thomaso Yeomans
'Thomaso Yeomans' 1 week ago
Steven Universe Fan
They have such great eyes
NayNayDab Memelord
Your dogs are so cute
Nicole Apaza
'Nicole Apaza' 2 weeks ago
Hugo tried to bite Luke's ear
ThomasTDM // The diamond minecart
Mistake of Someone made the subtitles Instead of Luke he/she typed Lucas
Сабир Цокаев
6:00 oaooehheheehheeheh :}}}}}}}}}}}}}
skippy fresh cool
'skippy fresh cool' 2 weeks ago
Face Gamer
'Face Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Robert Williams
'Robert Williams' 2 weeks ago
Bruno Panger
'Bruno Panger' 2 weeks ago
how old is hugo
Andrew Myers
'Andrew Myers' 2 weeks ago
My dog is part Alaskan wolf and yellow lab so yeah I understand
Elizabeth Angel
'Elizabeth Angel' 2 weeks ago
smart dog
mc rapper Contreras
'mc rapper Contreras' 2 weeks ago
Jani Sanders
'Jani Sanders' 2 weeks ago
At 1:04 look how he was standing haha
Jerremy Jones
'Jerremy Jones' 2 weeks ago
lexi got that for Christmas
Robert Dawes-Hegan
'Robert Dawes-Hegan' 2 weeks ago
no links on where to get the gadgets?
Ryan Higa Fan
'Ryan Higa Fan' 2 weeks ago
I'm late but dog vs other 1000 degree knife wielding dog
'bENTAFEE' 3 weeks ago
5:25 is so funny with the dogs hahah
Kenneth Abril
'Kenneth Abril' 3 weeks ago
The Best Part Of The Video Are The Dog's
The unknown User
'The unknown User' 3 weeks ago
How long have you had Luke?
IT`S bantersarus
'IT`S bantersarus' 3 weeks ago
it's Luke dog walker
Theola Phillips
'Theola Phillips' 3 weeks ago
Hey love your vid good luck with your work
Karina Gaming
'Karina Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Aww i love your dogs they are so cute
noel gabriel villapana
I only watched the video just to see Cute Dogs
shalom means peace
'shalom means peace' 3 weeks ago
Puppycat Animations
'Puppycat Animations' 3 weeks ago
his dogs are so cute
Larry Brantley
'Larry Brantley' 3 weeks ago
you have more suds than ssundee
mohammad najeem
'mohammad najeem' 3 weeks ago
I like you wolf is it a wolf or a dog in i like your video's
i love wengie!!
'i love wengie!!' 3 weeks ago
in soviet russia, 7 dog gadgets put you to the test
Alex Adams
'Alex Adams' 3 weeks ago
"Hugo is so playful today, he is attacking everybody and everything"😂😂
rajesh haryani
'rajesh haryani' 3 weeks ago
i love your white dogg
Eve Page
'Eve Page' 3 weeks ago
what breed are those dogs?
'PRUNĂ VERDE' 3 weeks ago
What? The title is in Romanish. That is Ok. Im am romanian
Madhoo Leo
'Madhoo Leo' 3 weeks ago
please do make vedios on your dogs they are really cute
Michael Cabot
'Michael Cabot' 3 weeks ago
what do u do with the gadgets when your finished?
Gisela Clemens
'Gisela Clemens' 3 weeks ago
We have the glove thing
'BranFlakeGames' 3 weeks ago
Sees microscopic hair.Wow look at how much it collects!
Crysis Fire
'Crysis Fire' 3 weeks ago
Your 1000% Good
Aapo Huusko
'Aapo Huusko' 3 weeks ago
your england😅
Jamie Baker
'Jamie Baker' 3 weeks ago
My name is hugobaker
Blake E Boi
'Blake E Boi' 3 weeks ago
your dogs are too cute
Kevin Coates
'Kevin Coates' 3 weeks ago
Tommy Gunner ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Bro Hugo has jukes
antonio Hobbs
'antonio Hobbs' 4 weeks ago
I like your dogs
Pässi Karvanen
'Pässi Karvanen' 4 weeks ago
you have soo cute dogs
Santa paws
'Santa paws' 4 weeks ago
You can just throw a tennis ball😅
Dakker Gaming
'Dakker Gaming' 4 weeks ago
I actually have the first one
'JACKIE J' 4 weeks ago
james sampang
'james sampang' 4 weeks ago
I want more dog gadgets
HorizonVolcano2 Xbox
I like his accent
primp GD
'primp GD' 4 weeks ago
0:30 nerf or nothing
nicole`s channel
'nicole`s channel' 4 weeks ago
I got husky on my birthday which was on the fifth of march her name is snowcone
Alvar Lahtinen
'Alvar Lahtinen' 4 weeks ago
nice gazecs
Jung Kil
'Jung Kil' 4 weeks ago
Your dogs are cute
'K - POPER' 4 weeks ago
dude you have so cute dogs _ ^^
StoryShift Chara
'StoryShift Chara' 4 weeks ago
I wish I could have a husky like Hugo but I'm allergic to them 😭
Amrit Singh
'Amrit Singh' 4 weeks ago
i love your dogs
Zein Arslan
'Zein Arslan' 4 weeks ago
Your dogs are sooooo cute
'DaftApollo658' 4 weeks ago
Next up:

Crazy Russian Vlogs
Clutchro Frostbyte
'Clutchro Frostbyte' 4 weeks ago
Hugo's salty
coc trick
'coc trick' 4 weeks ago
which breed of your dog
aedan tierno
'aedan tierno' 4 weeks ago
Ur dogs r cute
the king gamer
'the king gamer' 4 weeks ago
lol i love the dogs 😄
Savannah Eubanks
'Savannah Eubanks' 4 weeks ago
'Bosslh' 4 weeks ago
nice dogs
Knox Jackson
'Knox Jackson' 4 weeks ago
he has so much love for his dogs😄💜
SaNaD Karadsheh
'SaNaD Karadsheh' 4 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure no one here wants to listen to you just use them and we will all understand.
master mage
'master mage' 4 weeks ago
that glove looks pretty useful 👍👌🐶🐕
'Dr FaKS' 4 weeks ago
Вижу ты очень любишь своих собачек.Это так мило.
jordan Remsen
'jordan Remsen' 4 weeks ago
luke is such a cutie
Isiah Hernandez
'Isiah Hernandez' 4 weeks ago
I'm a simple person I see dogs I click
Tyson Bliss
'Tyson Bliss' 4 weeks ago
Unbox therapy gets given brand new phones
Crazy Russian hacker get glow in the dark leash
Peter Thibault
'Peter Thibault' 4 weeks ago
We may have a tornado tonight in Mississippi for every like a person is saved:(
'Musec' 4 weeks ago
''Welcome back in my laboratory'' in his garden
Miro Tiukkanen
'Miro Tiukkanen' 4 weeks ago
you dogs so funny😂😂❤
harrison Kuang
'harrison Kuang' 4 weeks ago
They were playing football
Colbythis video is so boring Alvarez
Those dogs are so cute
Sergiu Gaming
'Sergiu Gaming' 4 weeks ago
stii romana?
kaydee wilson howard
Yes dog
Gman Gaming
'Gman Gaming' 4 weeks ago
I actually have that first gadget it's called the K-9 Cannon.
Anthony Arreola
'Anthony Arreola' 4 weeks ago
love them dogs
Shea Butter
'Shea Butter' 4 weeks ago
"Cown stowch"
jack boyd
'jack boyd' 4 weeks ago
cown stawch
Bacon Instantnoodles
So cute!
Ella Gravley
'Ella Gravley' 4 weeks ago
Love you soooo much
David Fallows
'David Fallows' 4 weeks ago
Nice house.
'ELI JR 1' 4 weeks ago
I imagine how much fun will sure will have with that's fun tennis shooter 😣
The Leicester Gamer
'The Leicester Gamer' 4 weeks ago
"WOW he's bringing it back"

What are they supposed to do
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