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7 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test -
Published: 3 months ago By: CrazyRussianHacker

By: CrazyRussianHackerPublished: 3 months ago

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Hey everyone!
For today's video Luke and Hugo going to help me to put to the test 7 dog gadgets.

K-9 Kannon
Cooling Dog Pad
light up dog leash
Biodegradable Poop Bags
Deshedding Glove

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Waynesville, NC 28786

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Adventures of Z
'Adventures of Z' 2 hours ago
His dogs are cute
Rebecca Cooper
'Rebecca Cooper' 3 hours ago
At 2:44 the black and white dog bite the other dogs ear
'Fifi' 8 hours ago
Are you Russian living in America?
'Meikkhaell' 13 hours ago
I have the tennis shooter thing
'Atmos' 18 hours ago
those are some good looking doggos
KaShanda Johnson
'KaShanda Johnson' 18 hours ago
your dogs are. GORGEOUS!!!
Nexus Rainbow
'Nexus Rainbow' 19 hours ago
Jana Ocampo
'Jana Ocampo' 20 hours ago
what is your dogs name?
Almighty Kash
'Almighty Kash' 22 hours ago
Two puppies 🤓
Almighty Kash
'Almighty Kash' 22 hours ago
That is in Puerto Rico 😋
Josie DeCamp
'Josie DeCamp' 23 hours ago
sylvia morato
'sylvia morato' 23 hours ago
Can you buy these
All Gymnastics
'All Gymnastics' 24 hours ago
I just love your dogs 🐶😘😋
'missyvon1986' 1 day ago
i love his dogs and how he is so loving to them <3
instat gaming
'instat gaming' 1 day ago
they are so cute
Quek El Lynn
'Quek El Lynn' 1 day ago
the dogs are so FLUFF and cute
Acoustic Power
'Acoustic Power' 1 day ago
Yah that can be cool whit potato just that do damage if you shoot somebody
Kawaii Cupcake
'Kawaii Cupcake' 2 days ago
2:44 yum yum your ear tastes good
zzazs pearson
'zzazs pearson' 2 days ago
yeah the puppys XD
Shock Blocka
'Shock Blocka' 2 days ago
Are you okay? :P
Panna Turbucz
'Panna Turbucz' 2 days ago
Huskies are the best
Ryan Hunter
'Ryan Hunter' 2 days ago
Where do you get the foam brush?
TheWolfOA Clarke
'TheWolfOA Clarke' 2 days ago
Domi T
'Domi T' 2 days ago
ur dogs are so cute :3
'VINCENT MANCINI' 2 days ago
You have the cutest dogs ever
Widow Plays VeeTee Helper
Daniel Ramos
'Daniel Ramos' 2 days ago
your awesome is he 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😄
Veronica Iglesias
'Veronica Iglesias' 2 days ago
that for lazy people
Colton Craft
'Colton Craft' 2 days ago
i love huskies especially gray black and white ones like hugo
storm chasers tornado chasers with hailstorm videos
this must be in dubai or The U.K cause im in the U.S.A Can we get these in Nevada U.S.A
'DAT BOI' 2 days ago
"Woah that's far!"says while having a cumshot
'GetSomePlayer1' 3 days ago
i love your dogs they are really cute
King Derp II
'King Derp II' 3 days ago
first name last name
I need that blanket brush
Ketchum Cat
'Ketchum Cat' 3 days ago
You have such cute dogs
C-Royale Universe
'C-Royale Universe' 3 days ago
I like the gadgets
C-Royale Universe
'C-Royale Universe' 3 days ago
Nice Video😆😆...
Nicholas Homer
'Nicholas Homer' 3 days ago
Made from cornstorch
jo beth bowen
'jo beth bowen' 4 days ago
SammyBoy 21
'SammyBoy 21' 4 days ago
Does your dog cast
'OlichkaNesterova' 4 days ago
those dogs are so cute
Holden Harbison
'Holden Harbison' 4 days ago
Dawn Sunshyne
'Dawn Sunshyne' 5 days ago
they are both so cute
Australian Shepherd
I am getting a puppy in June and her name is Molly and I am going to try some of these gadgets to test and see if Molly likes it and it's going to be so so so so so so cute.🐶😀
pateel knajian
'pateel knajian' 5 days ago
Crazy Russian Hacker I want to know what husky gender is good for a family of 4 please comment back thank you.
The Ðark Ðemon
'The Ðark Ðemon' 5 days ago
make a 20-minute video with your dogs it would awesome :D
khan Raza
'khan Raza' 5 days ago
I love your dogs bro
Juggernaut 797
'Juggernaut 797' 5 days ago
Chuck Norris uses a grenade launcher for his dog
Thejemix 321
'Thejemix 321' 6 days ago
Your cats are very cute :)
Kade Gonzales
'Kade Gonzales' 6 days ago
anze YTK
'anze YTK' 6 days ago
hello taras can you me follow on instagram by kersicanze or on youtube by anze YTK
Yousuf Abdulrahman
i like glooves osm😱😱😱😱
Ryan Lezra
'Ryan Lezra' 6 days ago
How else came here just for his Dogs
Kaitlyn Slaymaker
'Kaitlyn Slaymaker' 7 days ago
You have such beautiful dogs!
'iiPlexyii' 1 week ago
wat type of dog do u have pls reply
Moonlight Productions
0:57 suddenly his dogs are gone....
Alex Coddington
'Alex Coddington' 2 weeks ago
you can
Jan veloz
'Jan veloz' 2 weeks ago
I love your dogs
kensha lim
'kensha lim' 2 weeks ago
the husky is very cute!! 😍😍🐶
'Deadman2816' 2 weeks ago
Wow this guy is a great advertiser
Maria Teresa
'Maria Teresa' 3 weeks ago
your 2 dogs is so cute
puppy in pants
'puppy in pants' 3 weeks ago
beautiful huskys
Frankie Smartis
'Frankie Smartis' 3 weeks ago
nice garden
Mawsha the Dwagon
'Mawsha the Dwagon' 3 weeks ago
Awwww ur dogs are so cute!!!!!!!
'CynonMCC' 3 weeks ago
I think Huskeys are the coolest dogs! :D
Zap Air
'Zap Air' 3 weeks ago
Nice Husky's!
Himena Hisanaga P. doi
I like your huskey dog
Div Esh
'Div Esh' 4 weeks ago
u have cool dogs
Misha Gopaul
'Misha Gopaul' 4 weeks ago
I need to get all of them for my dog
niitti 12
'niitti 12' 4 weeks ago
Beautiful dogs
'PSYCHRONIC' 4 weeks ago
cooling pad how does it work ?
with the awsome power of science and copper/zinc salts
Matfey Solovey
'Matfey Solovey' 4 weeks ago
wow he is bring it back. isn't that what he's supposed to do
'IT'S A WOLFIE' 4 weeks ago
I love ur dogs soo much
Ikea Karlby
'Ikea Karlby' 4 weeks ago
Luke vs Hugo mortal kombat
Anuj Kukreja
'Anuj Kukreja' 4 weeks ago
from where did you get last gadget
Davone Hampton
'Davone Hampton' 4 weeks ago
yoru dog is so kut
BFFSlps Official
'BFFSlps Official' 4 weeks ago
I have a Husky too. His name is Stark like from Game of Thrones and that glove thing would be PERFECT for him. He HATES the brush, but LOVES petting. Win win. ;P
Chris Siller
'Chris Siller' 4 weeks ago
Lucky Cats club
'Lucky Cats club' 4 weeks ago
'TheGalacticZebra' 4 weeks ago
4:12 "That's kinda pretty good." 😂
Lupus Gaming - Tutorials and more!
Your dogs <3
'DarkLegendsLP' 4 weeks ago
Luke is like one of my dogs he always wants to get pet and sleep
Games With Tommie
'Games With Tommie' 4 weeks ago
like and your crush will kiss you
llellelle gt
'llellelle gt' 1 month ago
taras: welcome to my laboratory
Fuck Misha
'Fuck Misha' 1 month ago
Please make a nap eater where u nap and u eat in ur bed mhew😻😻
'FlimFlamFlummox' 1 month ago
"Woah he's bringing it back"
Steven Does Stuff lol
Hugo is so fluffy
Abhishek Pawar
'Abhishek Pawar' 1 month ago
The first one was so lame
blackout rave
'blackout rave' 1 month ago
I think your dogs eyes are amazing
Maria Benita
'Maria Benita' 1 month ago
I just love your voice <3
squishy love
'squishy love' 1 month ago
your dogs are so cute
Jasper Taguba
'Jasper Taguba' 1 month ago
I love your voice
Spartan Bacon
'Spartan Bacon' 1 month ago
they should us the material from the poopy bag to replace plastic
Maxwell Hobart
'Maxwell Hobart' 1 month ago
'Anelsongghbbnn' 1 month ago
can I buy your dogs
Chloe Haun
'Chloe Haun' 1 month ago
For the next video can you tell us the story behind Hugo and Luke and how you got them
joshua shepherd
'joshua shepherd' 1 month ago
you put the cool mat in the freezer
from a fan rcracer213
Edrien Dingzon
'Edrien Dingzon' 1 month ago
3:20 "This is a doggy... for your poo..."
-CrazyRussianHacker 2017
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