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7 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test -
Published: 2 months ago By: CrazyRussianHacker

By: CrazyRussianHackerPublished: 2 months ago

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Hey everyone!
For today's video Luke and Hugo going to help me to put to the test 7 dog gadgets.

K-9 Kannon -
Cooling Dog Pad -
light up dog leash -
Biodegradable Poop Bags -
Deshedding Glove -

P.O. Box 49
Waynesville, NC 28786

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squishy love
'squishy love' 9 hours ago
your dogs are so cute
Jasper Taguba
'Jasper Taguba' 10 hours ago
I love your voice
Spartan Bacon
'Spartan Bacon' 19 hours ago
they should us the material from the poopy bag to replace plastic
Maxwell Hobart
'Maxwell Hobart' 21 hours ago
'Anelsongghbbnn' 1 day ago
can I buy your dogs
Chloe Haun
'Chloe Haun' 2 days ago
For the next video can you tell us the story behind Hugo and Luke and how you got them
joshua shepherd
'joshua shepherd' 2 days ago
you put the cool mat in the freezer
from a fan rcracer213
Edrien Dingzon
'Edrien Dingzon' 2 days ago
3:20 "This is a doggy... for your poo..."
-CrazyRussianHacker 2017
ROBLOX Building Academy
I have one of those it's really lame I suggest getting a chuckit
Anna.T Same
'Anna.T Same' 3 days ago
I like the games you make for Luke crazy Russian Hacker
dimitrios dimitriou
'WaveSmash' 4 days ago
Upcoming video, what happens when you put liquid nitrogen in hamburger gadgets in a vacuum chamber in space.
'MB PLAYZ 2' 4 days ago
Who else saw when Hugo tried eating Luke's ear? 😆😆
Angelthewolf X
'Angelthewolf X' 4 days ago
your dogs are cute
Stagnight !
'Stagnight !' 1 week ago
Luke is like me.
Megan Celler
'Megan Celler' 1 week ago
Plastic doesn't degrade
Jaya Kanda
'Jaya Kanda' 1 week ago
Your eic
Ngoc Anh Nguyen
'Ngoc Anh Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Love you love your dogs 💋
Anna.T Same
'Anna.T Same' 2 weeks ago
what are the dogs names
MutedHyperCurve Games
1000 degree knife vs dry ice
SwaggyGamerPig YT
'SwaggyGamerPig YT' 2 weeks ago
Drinking game: every time he says "wow" awsome and cool take a shot
Lord Dracula
'Lord Dracula' 2 weeks ago
Hope he is ready with zombie apocalypse gadgets because a zombie incident happen near his home
Trey Britt
'Trey Britt' 2 weeks ago
were do u live
Madison Showalter
'Madison Showalter' 2 weeks ago
your dog's are so cute and I love their eyes
Ano Nymous
'Ano Nymous' 2 weeks ago
4:34 Look at this "and look Luke likes it you like it Luke" 😂
'ConradS' 2 weeks ago
Were do You live?
'77chppll' 2 weeks ago
1:45 Shootin like a GANGSTA.
I can tell crh likes Hugo better than luke
RvK - Official
'RvK - Official' 2 weeks ago
"When my dogs poop I grab shovel and throw it away" this makes no sense ffs😂😂
'Jerkwaad' 2 weeks ago
Luc is so cute :*
iiKinqLonelyIX C:
'iiKinqLonelyIX C:' 2 weeks ago
Everywhere is his labatory "We have reached neptune men" Hey guys this crazy Russian hacker and welcome to my labatory
love your dogs!
Matthew Ward
'Matthew Ward' 3 weeks ago
wow the first Russian that I hear say safety is number von priority!
Blue Anxdeshia
'Blue Anxdeshia' 3 weeks ago
you act like one of those local  products people who just sAY its great . and that's all
'MooNation' 3 weeks ago
I have had the first one and we left it outside in the sun too long and it broke
Liam S
'Liam S' 3 weeks ago
So what you're telling me is that the poop in those plastic dog bags will be sealed in plastic for years and years until the plastic starts to break down? That is the pinnacle of a "Dutch oven". Gross.
Elaine Chen
'Elaine Chen' 3 weeks ago
did Hugo just bite Luke's ear
Agent 54321
'Agent 54321' 3 weeks ago
Who else watches these videos not because your Russian but you love his voice no just me I'm lonley
Cubic castles GAMER
'Cubic castles GAMER' 3 weeks ago
Did someone saw the huga lick the camera like if see
ThomasTDM // The diamond minecart
Your dog's are cute
killswitch engagefan
such a beutiful dog he has
Truth Abez
'Truth Abez' 3 weeks ago
what the hell I do the date when you bought that thing I bought the thing you're that is so trippy
'Xxgreenturtle' 3 weeks ago
Wow never seen this
'MAGNUS GARRETT' 3 weeks ago
nic gadgic (sory fo bad engush)
'SIL3ntB455Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Now Luke wants some of that
Maddox Mullee
'Maddox Mullee' 3 weeks ago
If this tricked you leave a like

Read more
Dab 123
'Dab 123' 3 weeks ago
0:53 have you never seen a dog
Chicken Taco
'Chicken Taco' 3 weeks ago
crazy Russian hacker are you actually Russian?
'HackStack' 3 weeks ago
It's not just the temperature outside - Huskies do not understand the cool pad gadget. I know from experience. They understand a bathtub with ice but cool pads are just too weird for them.
Martin G
'Martin G' 3 weeks ago
Wow, those are two beautiful dogs!
'JabyroneeSalads' 3 weeks ago
I thought youre gonna shoot your dogs
Riya Biswas
'Riya Biswas' 3 weeks ago
Are you a gadget man??
Phileene Peagch
'Phileene Peagch' 3 weeks ago
More Hugo and Luke please! They're so cute!
'YouAre602' 3 weeks ago
his dogs are so precious:D
Sarthak Gawde
'Sarthak Gawde' 3 weeks ago
His dogs are so cute
Rjones04 Elite
'Rjones04 Elite' 3 weeks ago
Anyone who has to wear safety glasses for dog gadjicts needs help ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sorry m8
Rjones04 Elite
'Rjones04 Elite' 3 weeks ago
Anyone who has to wear safety glasses for dog gadjicts needs help ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sorry m8
'WMKK AVN' 3 weeks ago
Well everywhere is his laboratory
'SneakyKingFTW' 3 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure my dog has the same water plate as you
'SneakyKingFTW' 3 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure my dog has the same water plate as you
Mattias Stromberg
'Mattias Stromberg' 3 weeks ago
just throw it
'LucasDH41' 3 weeks ago
I just love your video man!
Rowena Encarnacion
'Rowena Encarnacion' 3 weeks ago
Your dogs are so cute
The Master
'The Master' 3 weeks ago
According to a research the Environment takes about 500 Years to break down Plastic. not sure if it's accurate or not, but it freaks me out because most people don't care what happens when over dispose of plastic and carelessly throw it randomly everywhere!!
Ahmed Kaafi
'Ahmed Kaafi' 3 weeks ago
I like luke the jost
Doge Is L1fe
'Doge Is L1fe' 3 weeks ago
your dogs are so cute ! good job with all your videos !
Da Frontyardigans
'Da Frontyardigans' 3 weeks ago
i want your dogs give me your dogs please
Mazda 787B (MR.B)
'Mazda 787B (MR.B)' 3 weeks ago
Taras must be a kul person
Squid Kid
'Squid Kid' 3 weeks ago
I have that K-9 cannon!!!!
Archit Chandra
'Archit Chandra' 4 weeks ago
t-xcool _
't-xcool _' 4 weeks ago
J Love Dog's 😁
Wolfey Wolf
'Wolfey Wolf' 4 weeks ago
I have one of those gadgets it works really good
Clayton and Dorian the two Bros
love your dogs
Gaige Dieugenio
'Gaige Dieugenio' 4 weeks ago
He laughs like a girl
'Treyd' 4 weeks ago
Your dog gut so Sweet Blue eyes
Alex Anderson
'Alex Anderson' 4 weeks ago
He's got a nice 👍 garden
Kurt O.
'Kurt O.' 4 weeks ago
Taras seemed much less energetic and enthusiastic in this video, lol.
Victor Williams
'Victor Williams' 4 weeks ago
those are such beautiful dogs
James Eberhart
'James Eberhart' 4 weeks ago
Mr Kelakov is a great example of what you can do in the USA hats off to this man.
Maple Heistand
'Maple Heistand' 4 weeks ago
1:22 heavy breathing
Elizabeth Lopez
'Elizabeth Lopez' 4 weeks ago
Crazy Russian Hacker I really like your cool dog gadgets and your dogs are so totally cute.
Darlene Manuel
'Darlene Manuel' 4 weeks ago
Do more dog gadgets please
Jared Wales
'Jared Wales' 4 weeks ago
our whit German Shepard Bismark looks just like Luke
Animals,Toys ,Ect
'Animals,Toys ,Ect' 4 weeks ago
3:38 so......I.......uh..... could eat it right
AdeHD ThunderRemix/Roblox
ur awsome
'EmperorDaikon' 4 weeks ago
was up everybody welcome to my laboratory where safety is number on priority
Maple Callicarpa
'Maple Callicarpa' 4 weeks ago
//Anyone else find his little giggle to be kinda cute?//
Ariana Khakpour
'Ariana Khakpour' 4 weeks ago
Does he live in Alaska?
Brian R
'Brian R' 4 weeks ago
next gajeck
Pam Fridell
'Pam Fridell' 4 weeks ago
what do you think he does with all that stuff he tests? i don't see it cluttering up his home. nice place, by the way!
Nunchuck Gaming
'Nunchuck Gaming' 4 weeks ago
If you haven't already you should make another bottle game for Hugo
Monsibd The Adventurer
Luke is such a thug
Thrasher Starke
'Thrasher Starke' 4 weeks ago
3:01 that's so cool
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