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Rings (2017) - New Trailer - Paramount Pictures -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Paramount Pictures

By: Paramount PicturesPublished: 2 weeks ago

4, 650, 210 views

7, 957 Likes   2, 208 Dislikes

Watch the new movie trailer for Rings! Coming to theatres February 3, 2017.

A new chapter in the beloved RING horror franchise. A young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery: there is a “movie within the movie” that no one has ever seen before.

Director: F. Javier Gutierrez

Starring: Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Aimee Teegarden, Bonnie Morgan and Vincent D’Onofrio

Screenplay: David Loucka and Jacob Estes and Akiva Goldsman

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candy k
'candy k' 4 hours ago
My parents say i looked like samarah as a child... 😳
Aydensix Vlogs
'Aydensix Vlogs' 6 hours ago
I'm trying to buy a new camera I need 15 more subs or add views
'ZomBabeZoe's Channel' 23 hours ago
Camryn Simpson
'Camryn Simpson' 1 day ago
Isn't there a older movie just like this?
Alfonso galvan
'Alfonso galvan' 1 day ago
can wait to see that movie
Alfonso galvan
'Alfonso galvan' 1 day ago
Mirai Nikki
'Mirai Nikki' 2 days ago
Stellt euch das mal in 3D vor^^
Think Smart
'Think Smart' 2 days ago
8:34 RINGS 2017  f u l l  m o v i e
Joe Schmol
'Joe Schmol' 2 days ago
I hope they bring back vhs tapes in this one. they are a so scarytime. after the girl crawled thru the tv I went and got me a flat screen.
Pricilia Sun
'Pricilia Sun' 2 days ago
10:43 RINGS 2017  f u l l  m o v i e
Quentin Ruth
'Quentin Ruth' 2 days ago
Alejandro Garcia
'Alejandro Garcia' 2 days ago
Soc JJ_plays_gta
'Soc JJ_plays_gta' 2 days ago
welp i have 7 days to live fml
Maria Meza
'Maria Meza' 3 days ago
'Andyuf2' 3 days ago
Loved the first movie, but this looks like a by-the-numbers reboot. Are they seriously gonna use stock footage from the first one?!?!
Phat MAN
'Phat MAN' 3 days ago
After seeing the first one several times due to it being so frightening. To feeling betrayed by the second. I'm cautiously optimistic about the 3rd. I'll see it opening day....But not a Matinee prices/:
'AlexTheNineTails' 4 days ago
Looks trash, this makes The Ring look like a masterpiece honestly
Jada-Simone C
'Jada-Simone C' 4 days ago
I would rather see Sadako vs Kayako without subs.
Doubara Aganaba
'Doubara Aganaba' 5 days ago
i so cannot wait to see this movie
dani hatesyou
'dani hatesyou' 5 days ago
but they resolved it in ring 2
Pablo Maya
'Pablo Maya' 5 days ago
Omg, this movie is gonna suck so bad.
Fright Knight
'Fright Knight' 6 days ago
I'm pumped for this movie!
Tekk Savvy
'Tekk Savvy' 6 days ago
Chetan Kumar
'Chetan Kumar' 6 days ago
nice movies
Jonathan Espinoza (TheJiggleton408)
lmao robot chicken predicted they would do this
Missy Minx
'Missy Minx' 6 days ago
Hollywood needs to get its shit together.
Lucas M
'Lucas M' 6 days ago
Erma, quit it with the clickbait and do your homework.
ta n
'ta n' 6 days ago
Sadako versus Symantec
Shana Encarnacion
'Shana Encarnacion' 7 days ago
ha. ha
Shana Encarnacion
'Shana Encarnacion' 7 days ago
to. to
'M E' 7 days ago
I enjoyed watching the very first movie of the Ring. I may watch this one too.
Isiah Robinson
'Isiah Robinson' 7 days ago
Abstract laughter
'Abstract laughter' 1 week ago
1=sub I'll sub you back
Rupesh Dsouza
'Rupesh Dsouza' 1 week ago
i think this movie should be called "suffeRINGS".....cause thats what audiences will feel after watching it:)
Kris Chaitram
'Kris Chaitram' 1 week ago
What if you place a TV in front of another TV?
'JSMRAP' 1 week ago
Perfect trailer for that movie should take few seconds of ring in dark and then a phone ringing sound.
A juliajewelkali
'A juliajewelkali' 1 week ago
Jan Jacobsen
'Jan Jacobsen' 1 week ago
stupid nonsense
'kschmadeka' 1 week ago
Has anyone tried just shooting the bitch?
Queen Elizabeth II
I pooped and peed myself at the same time!
'JACOB ROCKS' 1 week ago
wait a minute "she does not forget,she does not forgive" that means she is from anonymous
'JACOB ROCKS' 1 week ago
where is the real video?
Brave Boy
'Brave Boy' 1 week ago
Rings Movies is available to watch online, check out now :
'maxcohen13' 1 week ago
Lord pepe
'Lord pepe' 1 week ago
but wa she no forgive
13th Evergreen
'13th Evergreen' 1 week ago
God dammit stop fucking up my past. no Hollywood bad bad.
To ky
'To ky' 1 week ago
な に こ れ
филин лесной
Если страх в твоих глазах,
Если мрак в твоей душе,
Если в городе родном,
Невозможно жить уже.

Если хочешь бросить все,
И уйти искать мечты,
Ты не сможешь сделать шаг.

Как бы все в твоих руках,
Но невидимую нить
Невозможно отцепить.

Так как волен телом ты,
А душою на цепи.
В омут грянула душа,
Растворяясь словно призрак
В мутных водах не спеша.
prying eyes
'prying eyes' 1 week ago
Lazy ass remake of a lazy ass remake of a semi-decent Japanese horror flick. It's sad that filmmakers just don't give a sh*t anymore.
'Ramiel' 1 week ago
Auto span folder delete.
Arkar MIn
'Arkar MIn' 1 week ago
now it's coming out of plasma tv......
Big Boy
'Big Boy' 1 week ago
This aint even scary.
Only James Wan can make 'Serious' horror movie in Hollywood.
Stewart Sasha
'Stewart Sasha' 1 week ago
worry! :(
'Emsj9' 1 week ago
rachel keller destroyed the only physical existing copy of the vhs tape even with this new watch me digital verstion in the trailer should not kill people since rachel destroyerd the curse surrounding the creation of the tape in the first place and the girl along with it so this new ''chapter'' in rings is so flawed
'Aeroldoth3' 1 week ago
Killing in itself is not interesting. It's WHY the killing is happening that matters. Greed, revenge, jealousy, desire?

Here we have a girl killing because you clicked a link. Beyond stupid.
O-Remi Ishii
'O-Remi Ishii' 1 week ago
Instead of commenting the same exact same thing over and over again why not give it a chance? It's been 12 years since The Ring Two in 2005. In 2005 Facebook was mainly used by college students as you had to have a university e-mail (or a company one) to have an account. There was no Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, Netflix, etc. which are all mainstream now and could be utilized to spread the video. With that in mind, Rings has the potential to be good as long as it's creative and thoughtfully scary. Sometimes sequels and/or reboots turn out to really good. The Conjuring 2 and Jurassic World are some recent ones that come to mind.
'grunge.' 1 week ago
Looks like shit.
JenJen RoseRose
'JenJen RoseRose' 1 week ago
This reminds me of the exact same storyline from the RPG game "Follow the Darkness."
Greg Salinas
'Greg Salinas' 1 week ago
i have no idea what you nerds are talking about in the comments
'Nine' 1 week ago
Modus Pwnens
'Modus Pwnens' 1 week ago
God this shit looks fucking shitty. I guess Hollywood made too many Holocaust and slavery movies, so they can't think of anything else so remakes. Ugh
'XxJOSE GDLxX' 1 week ago
Ima Abasi
'Ima Abasi' 1 week ago
'inspireDIY' 1 week ago
I couldn't even shower with the door closed after watching the first movie. Why wouldn't I watch the second 😂
Star Spangled Family
Pulling the long strands hair out of the mouth is creepy.
'TheBrother' 1 week ago
Repoiiio :v
'stoops' 1 week ago
2017 : year of the shit remakes
Rob Buchan
'Rob Buchan' 1 week ago
Why don't you make a movie that's actually scary? These are so predictable now a days
Bob Bobbers
'Bob Bobbers' 1 week ago
remember when scary movies used to have that one black person that died first now its always all white. thats racist
'RetroSteve' 1 week ago
Cant wait for the sequel- MORE RINGS.
G. Warren
'G. Warren' 1 week ago
2018 we'll see "Shuttering," the sequel to Shutter.
'MrXemrox' 1 week ago
Who converted the VHS to digital and uploaded it? Whoever the person was is properly dead now.
Lukas Panavas
'Lukas Panavas' 1 week ago
Haters gonna hate. Iove this movie. Cant wait for RINGS !!!!!
Look at my channel description
Next up:

paranormal activities
Look at my channel description
I think the scariest/creepiest parts are when the coughs up hair and the skin on her hand peels :S
Samiya Sultana
'Samiya Sultana' 1 week ago
Setra Brine
'Setra Brine' 1 week ago
Get rid of all electronics in the house
'BabyGirlKyandii' 1 week ago
Grudge rip off
'bencinurts' 1 week ago
What happened to good movies? This looks like total shit just like all the previous ones. They all sucked, and so will this.
'TheMightyWhite' 1 week ago
The Predictable Gamer
1. What if you didn't have a TV?

2. What it you had the TV on the edge of something high?
Cagle faze
'Cagle faze' 1 week ago
This that shit we're if u watch it u die in 7 days
julia johnson
'julia johnson' 1 week ago
Oh boy the movie that started horror chain letters is getting a new movie to the series
Ergo Gray
'Ergo Gray' 1 week ago
One way to get rid of the excess population, Youtube it.
Angelus Grave
'Angelus Grave' 1 week ago
lol, looks like all the creative movies and shows are going to netflix and hulu now and hollywood is so desperate to find anything that they had to remake, an already crappy movie, over again. lol.
Szimi Nagy
'Szimi Nagy' 1 week ago
lol nothing new, so boring..
Michael Getachew
'Michael Getachew' 1 week ago
we're stuck in time: the same movies are being made over and over again, a clinton just ran for president, and the cold war is back on
'SlimJimGoneWild' 1 week ago
Womens screams + creepy child voice + mirrors + strange looking creature crawls up from the basement = horror movie cliché
'broxxad' 1 week ago
omg, some idiot put the ring video on youtube... smh
Yo Mamas House
'Yo Mamas House' 1 week ago
Meh I'll give it a chance.
Ильяз Исмаилов
чет кусок дерьма
'17Seventysix' 1 week ago
Annonymous quote stealing lmao
Dan Rigsley
'Dan Rigsley' 1 week ago
No more vhr...she has gone digital!!
Simon Dewitt
'Simon Dewitt' 1 week ago
it looks like this movie is a rip off of itself. First time I saw it I thought this is way to early for a remake.

This will run into the same problem as Evil Dead. Dont watch this moive/dont read this book or it will kill you. It will only kill those stupid enough to ignore the warning. So how can I relate and root for a character that I want to die for being stupid and deserving whats coming to them. At least Evil Dead is a comedy
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