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Big Sean - Bounce Back -
Published: 2 months ago By: BigSeanVEVO

By: BigSeanVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

50, 955, 041 views

476, 248 Likes   17, 701 Dislikes

I DECIDED. Available Now

Produced by: Hitmaka & Smash David
Additional Production by: Metro Boomin & Amaire Johnson

Music video by Big Sean performing Bounce Back. (C) 2016 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

hot head 123
'hot head 123' 17 minutes ago
that sucks he can not sing
'DnD' 19 minutes ago
never gets old
Beast P
'Beast P' 22 minutes ago
why dislike?
Señor Rota
'Señor Rota' 58 minutes ago
he is getting way too old for this bussines, and believe be i know my shit
Yannis Cimia
'Yannis Cimia' 1 hour ago
stef curry censoprano
if. young. metro. don't. trust. you. IMA. shoot. you
Canyon Ritter
'Canyon Ritter' 2 hours ago
last night took an l but tonight I bounce
'Ellimations_ellie' 2 hours ago
'Yo BoyBHD' 2 hours ago
"Boy, I've been broke as hell." *Wears rings and jewellery worth Thousands of dollars.. but I must admit aside from that this song is fucking on point.
Alejadro Delgadillo
'Alejadro Delgadillo' 2 hours ago
Cally Pentafail
'Cally Pentafail' 3 hours ago
If Young Metro don't trust you I'mma shoot you
'CherylJamieable' 3 hours ago
like = get your crush
reply = kiss your crush
ignore = die alone tonight
btw no lie i hate PSY who wanna beat this song by using AUTHENTIC hits dot com as TMZ saying
Anil Vlogs
'Anil Vlogs' 3 hours ago
People in the future

Wtf did the 21st century listen to
Mira Sandy
'Mira Sandy' 4 hours ago
I'm not sure if i like this song or not
lionel tata
'lionel tata' 4 hours ago
wher the haters at come get this, sean just bounced back
'A' 4 hours ago
Black people should use the word Nigga only if they allow us to say it in public.
Freeze Hazelnut
'Freeze Hazelnut' 5 hours ago
well, Meek Mill is fucked up..
Tejas Chandrasekar
'Tejas Chandrasekar' 6 hours ago
You know the lyrics automatically come on when you turn on captions. Pls stop unnecessarily posting them just to get likes, it's sad and desparate.
Alibek Bolatbay
'Alibek Bolatbay' 6 hours ago
Sooraj Punniyamurthy
Seriously, what's the girls name? 😒
Wolfie Productions
'Wolfie Productions' 7 hours ago
First Of All...Its Awesome
'TheRealGerbels' 7 hours ago
he stole that 6 god flow for a minute there
_ LilBitBallistic _
'_ LilBitBallistic _' 8 hours ago
im beat that ass
'im beat that ass' 8 hours ago
joey cadayona
'joey cadayona' 8 hours ago
'ARI LOVE' 8 hours ago
when y'all sayin big sean should have made this song but he said "knew that ass was real when i hit it from the baxk" buhh nicki fakeeee
Caylyn  Ms MS
'Caylyn Ms MS' 9 hours ago
Its like Big Sean was just banished from the rap game after IDFWU. It was apparently considered Corny. Most people don't even know he made a whole album with jhene aiko.( every song was lit tho). Big Sean is so underrated.
Chelly I
'Chelly I' 9 hours ago
That body tho 👌💯 😍😘🍑🍒
'Bloorgasm' 9 hours ago
unfair how good this is.
Asia Saunders
'Asia Saunders' 9 hours ago
big sean's voice...
Max Smith
'Max Smith' 10 hours ago
I hope he didn't sell his soul,, like lady Gaga!
'PSYCHO DAD' 10 hours ago
the only thing that ain't sold out is your mixtape doeeeeeeee
'PSYCHO DAD' 10 hours ago
making money off god??? you going to hell
Leo Tek
'Leo Tek' 10 hours ago
I'm not a fan but this is hot!
Layla Bieber
'Layla Bieber' 10 hours ago
Fav song
Lojik 301
'Lojik 301' 10 hours ago
who lives on the mountains under the sea
I cant hearrr youuuuuuu
'R3ALIST.Mullaa' 10 hours ago
"if you fuck with my glory imma drop the 'L' and get gory"

damn, he a lyric god
Esmic Arras
'Esmic Arras' 11 hours ago
best song in 2017
Haydin LePlavy
'Haydin LePlavy' 11 hours ago
This song is LIT
Fernando Hernandez
'Fernando Hernandez' 11 hours ago
Laik si hablas español:v
Gar Hartman
'Gar Hartman' 11 hours ago
17,623 people dont know how to bounce back.
Ella Boersma
'Ella Boersma' 11 hours ago
After this listen to Map G Girlfriend !
Niall 09
'Niall 09' 12 hours ago
Not a casual listener to Big sean, but im so excited for the new album with this single <3
KAILA Khounnorath
'KAILA Khounnorath' 12 hours ago
th is is tight brah
'Q.Curry' 12 hours ago
This Sound has yet to feel old or over played to me. Awesome ALbum!
'9STACKS' 12 hours ago
I wonder if rapper can do anything besides rap about sex, drugs, or doing killing their hood homies. Its really pathetic people look up to people like this.
jaret lynch
'jaret lynch' 12 hours ago
"Thank you god, god bless you, thank you so much"
lol did he just tell god to bless himself
Jennifer Hemmings
'Jennifer Hemmings' 12 hours ago
f love this and him
Butternubbs McGee
'Butternubbs McGee' 13 hours ago
Big Sean lookin like Walter White and Jesse cookin in the desert LOL
Misty Breanna Munoz
'Misty Breanna Munoz' 13 hours ago
wtf i live in watts and i never seen big sean recording there
Baddest Hoe Deja/MERCY
Annoying ass shit stuck in my fucking head😭😭😭😭😭😭
'AlexisDC3' 14 hours ago
I can never dance to this song. do not listen while doing home work
Legendary Rice
'Legendary Rice' 14 hours ago
who are the asian girls?
'13s1i3' 14 hours ago
photobooth challenge
Global Warming
'Global Warming' 14 hours ago
This song is like a shot of heroin to the bloodstream
'Alexis_xox' 14 hours ago
i love this song
Katelyn Newhouse
'Katelyn Newhouse' 14 hours ago
DAT base doe 🤑
Valentina Ruiz
'Valentina Ruiz' 14 hours ago
Who see this every day?
Kaelyn Fite
'Kaelyn Fite' 14 hours ago
love this song!! listen to it like everyday
'famousmarrilife' 15 hours ago
watch my videos or u a bitch
Erfan Zeyaei
'Erfan Zeyaei' 15 hours ago
I played this at my school and the fire alarm went of
Brooklyn Jones
'Brooklyn Jones' 15 hours ago
my song❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
'CrisIsland' 15 hours ago
Best song ever
'430EM' 15 hours ago
I miss him with ari they where goals
Leyla the Femme Fatale
Does anybody know who's the girl shaking her ass? She's pretty.
satwik gaddam
'satwik gaddam' 15 hours ago
big sean woke up in BEAST mooode
'ZIKKBOY' 15 hours ago
When i was young i took a pill and never came back
Today i have a mindset ill never trade back

Hahaha waaouh wtf did i just write xD
Becca Koolen
'Becca Koolen' 16 hours ago
Raegan Beast anyone ?????!!!!
Jordin Chandler
'Jordin Chandler' 16 hours ago
JXRecord - Trap Rap Hip Hop Beat Instrumentals
Beat Is Hard ! Trap Beats On My Channel Too !
'GezzieFromThaVille' 16 hours ago
If Young Metro dont trust ya....
'Olivex' 16 hours ago
Still waiting to bounce back
Deandre Bluford
'Deandre Bluford' 16 hours ago
this song go hard
Breanna T
'Breanna T' 16 hours ago
It seems like only yesterday he was singing "Temperature". My oh my has his voice changed
Jader Jarquin
'Jader Jarquin' 16 hours ago
can you draw jeff hardy
Martha Romero
'Martha Romero' 17 hours ago
today's rap fukn sucks.... is fuckn gay...
Nathaniel vlogs
'Nathaniel vlogs' 17 hours ago
I like the beginning
Wreckless Doge
'Wreckless Doge' 18 hours ago
This song actually makes me feel better, because it shows that it's okay if you take a L, just know that you have to bounce back
Aqua Devil
'Aqua Devil' 18 hours ago
Waiting for this song to blow up
Dorsett Solomon
'Dorsett Solomon' 18 hours ago
I like that butt
TheOfficial Trollers
'TheOfficial Trollers' 18 hours ago
The message: bounce back from mistakes, just like my dad did to me
Randolph Johnson
'Randolph Johnson' 18 hours ago
Who is he talking about? 🤔
The Emerald Skull
'The Emerald Skull' 18 hours ago
Girl's name?
Eduin Hernandez
'Eduin Hernandez' 18 hours ago
'Dariobearlol' 18 hours ago
he's waaaay to underrated
Tolomeo Jr V Zaulda
'Tolomeo Jr V Zaulda' 18 hours ago
the best
Master Cuttles
'Master Cuttles' 18 hours ago
Insert name here
'Insert name here' 18 hours ago
i fucks with the vision, lets link up my dude
Itz OptimalAxe702
'Itz OptimalAxe702' 19 hours ago
My Ex Cheated On Me So I Gotta Bounce Back ,
Damn Her Ass Was Big So I Gotta Bounce Back ,
She A Bad Bitch So I Gotta Bounce Back ,
She My Favorite Chola So I Gotta Bounce Back ! 😢😭
Karina Cooper
'Karina Cooper' 19 hours ago
with this song
Cream Team
'Cream Team' 19 hours ago
you know alot of rimes
'01funnyjoke' 19 hours ago
my nigga big sean said thenk you god god bless you nigga
Respap Yangin
'Respap Yangin' 19 hours ago
Big sean is always dope
Dunky GT
'Dunky GT' 19 hours ago
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