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Published: 2 months ago By: Markiplier

By: MarkiplierPublished: 2 months ago

1, 870, 892 views

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Fuck the ocean... just fuck the ocean so hard... it's so damn scary...
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'Markiplier' 2 months ago
Every single "giveaway" is a scam. Don't click links in the comments. This is what a real comment from me looks like.

GIVEAWAYS ARE FAKE AND DUMB AND SO AM I <--- that's how you know it's really me!
Bronze Thunderbeard
'Bronze Thunderbeard' 11 hours ago
Rocio diaz vera
'Rocio diaz vera' 15 hours ago
I hate when do don't realize when you have 1% ox/water so I what kinda happy that you died, you deserved it
Jade_the_anime _geek
'Jade_the_anime _geek' 23 hours ago
I read the description of this video as fuck the ocean just fuck the ocean so damn hard it's so damn SEXY   ... yeah I was really confused till I read it again
'Falmerkiller237' 2 days ago
almost the same thing happened to me it sucks I had to remake my sea moth I know your pain
KrankCase Gaming
'KrankCase Gaming' 2 days ago
Scariest moment in all of Subnautica my ass! Cuts to when he finds the Sea Dragon.
'Phoenix' 2 days ago
has mark forgotten abut the aliens and being infected and all the fish getting sick
'Phoenix' 2 days ago
that's a new record right from  the start of the video Mark found himself in trouble
flaming raspberry
'flaming raspberry' 4 days ago
the new ship spiking up must be the one that got shot down
Ace Zaid
'Ace Zaid' 4 days ago
this is why you need a teraformer so u can get out of these situations where u cant find an exit
'Rosales214fly' 4 days ago
He stresses me out so much when he just HAS to get everything while on the brink of dying. Like Jesus just come back when you're topped off, everything spawns in more than 1 place too.
kevin kwiek
'kevin kwiek' 5 days ago
Why didn't he just reload...
'ichgugge' 5 days ago
you could just go an dekonstruct your first base? xD
Man Squatch
'Man Squatch' 6 days ago
the degasi, aurora, and now the sunbeam are the ships that have been shot down
Lava Shrine
'Lava Shrine' 7 days ago
I just realised... What if WHEN you leave the planet, you take the infection with you and spread it throughout the universe?
cue dramatic music
Stin Bltryk
'Stin Bltryk' 7 days ago
Lopez Ana
'Lopez Ana' 1 week ago
he just saw ghost leviathans
Tomas Hale
'Tomas Hale' 1 week ago
Markiplier stop being a little bicth
Ty Hargrave
'Ty Hargrave' 1 week ago
What part was the scariest?
'MrRavenExCore' 1 week ago
that exact same thing happened to me when I parked my seamoth to close to that wreck and got out, I just laughed my ass off.
'Sabbath' 1 week ago
5:28 O-O
Cobrasgaming viper
keep looking for what you need p.s keep up the great work on youtube
Cobrasgaming viper
you walk right by the base😂
Marx Fourie
'Marx Fourie' 2 weeks ago
try building a base in the lost river just remember to reinforce the hull of the base
'MasterGamer' 2 weeks ago
what if the recage was from sunbeam or whatever the ship that was shot down was called
'BUZz KiLL' 2 weeks ago
11:20 sounds like someone shat out a wet rubber suit
Calvin Rougen
'Calvin Rougen' 2 weeks ago
that warper scared the shit out of me ffs
Yoshi 4 President
'Yoshi 4 President' 2 weeks ago
6:28 f##k this s##t I'm out
'BulletsThatHurts' 2 weeks ago
mark why not make a cyclops
Dank Taint
'Dank Taint' 2 weeks ago
"Warning, severe dehydration detected."
I know I know I know I know. I'll grab a couple of these...
Approaches Bladderfish, tries to grab it but hits it and instantly kills it instead
Well shit... Killed that...
Dragons Clash
'Dragons Clash' 2 weeks ago
What if the reck is from the sunbeam
john campbell
'john campbell' 3 weeks ago
those octopus things look like something from spore
Lonewolf 287
'Lonewolf 287' 3 weeks ago
Subscribe to mark
Neon Boom Riann
'Neon Boom Riann' 3 weeks ago
around 15:00 minutes in.
Markimoo was being stalked by stalker/teleporter Chan.
Jackson Saice
'Jackson Saice' 3 weeks ago
you saw the base....... you saw the underground base before the new things showed up......
FaZe Bleach
'FaZe Bleach' 3 weeks ago
16:32 i died that exact same way in xbox. the exact same wreck and exact same position
SilverFang I
'SilverFang I' 3 weeks ago
wft is that = a Base I know let's not scan it or go to it twit.
Aito Tokisaki
'Aito Tokisaki' 3 weeks ago
You missed da PDA
Doge 0_0
'Doge 0_0' 3 weeks ago
Slid to hard into the dms 😂
Ian Marr
'Ian Marr' 3 weeks ago
The whistles reminded me of negan from walking dead
Young Savage
'Young Savage' 3 weeks ago
the ghost levitation is real
Eric L
'Eric L' 3 weeks ago
he's so... so annoying...
'TheGamingArachnid' 3 weeks ago
Everyone reading this message, please go to exactly 1:57 minutes in the video, he fucking looked at the fucking base. I AM SO TRIGGERED, ANYONE ELSE!?!?!?!??!!?
L Massa
'L Massa' 3 weeks ago
The sound was like someone putting on a condom at 11:30
ToxicCrocAttack Gaming
Aw Mark, that sucks dude. That was painful to watch.
Moonlight Darkrai
'Moonlight Darkrai' 3 weeks ago
Hey Mark, Can repair those electrical leakage holes?
'Zaph' 3 weeks ago
Why doesn't Mark ever try fighting them? I mean Prawn suit STRONG. and stasis gun + fire knife seems like a good combo.
Jake Karn
'Jake Karn' 3 weeks ago
when mark started saying ayi multiple times i pictured the robot from power rangers
Bethany Bennet
'Bethany Bennet' 3 weeks ago
my aesthetic is mark thinking he's stuck when he really isn't actually
kerie west
'kerie west' 3 weeks ago
This episode should have been called "Sliding into the Dm's"
Brooke Methvin
'Brooke Methvin' 4 weeks ago
If I could I would just get fucking plastered and watch your videos and laugh all fucking day.
Brooke Methvin
'Brooke Methvin' 4 weeks ago
🤣🤣🤣When you said, Fucking Fuck ooofff! "you sounded like Peanut (Jeff Dunham puppet XD)
Bull Gaming
'Bull Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Markiplier, just Drill that crab squid and turn it into a white, pasty mulch
SilverFang I
'SilverFang I' 4 weeks ago
wasn't that a Base when you said what is that?
'CammieDo' 4 weeks ago
Was anybody else screaming that the base was right there?! No offense to Mark, its just that those kinds of things drive me crazy.
mischa wolf
'mischa wolf' 4 weeks ago
he left a file(PDA?) laying around at the last wreck where he found the propulsion arm ^^
Jessica Costa
'Jessica Costa' 4 weeks ago
Mark u done beefed up real bad
Linty Scorpion29
'Linty Scorpion29' 4 weeks ago
"I have to get out of here" Mark says that as he was going deeper.
Frozen Articuno
'Frozen Articuno' 4 weeks ago
was anyone yelling at Mark when he didn't grab the PDA?
Towheadedjam// TheLuniticprince
According to all known laws of aviation a be should not be able to fly. It's wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. XD
Austin Brown
'Austin Brown' 4 weeks ago
hey mark make sure you turn off ur vehicle lights around crabsquid
McCherk The Glorious
Mark in every other video: Space is so COOL*Mark in this video: *I don't want to CONTAIN Aliens I want to kill them all*Me: *Sure thing Mark sure thing....
Stickman Joey
'Stickman Joey' 4 weeks ago
Lol at 7:25 he said ailment instead of alien
Minty_ Playz_
'Minty_ Playz_' 4 weeks ago
Mark didn't you know that you can actually see a infection sequence of you by pressing f key and scanning yourself to see if your infected
'EUnicorn' 4 weeks ago
I have been watching this for an entire morning
'Stipper' 4 weeks ago
Mark you can find some Polyaniline at around 244m. They are white mushrooms that you need to get the Seamoth perimeter defense system.
Samantha Porcaro
'Samantha Porcaro' 4 weeks ago
took llooouuuddd
Samantha Porcaro
'Samantha Porcaro' 4 weeks ago
u r awesome I mean it
Samantha Porcaro
'Samantha Porcaro' 4 weeks ago
is the ghost leviathan real
Sarah Murphy
'Sarah Murphy' 4 weeks ago
I almost can't listen to Mark's videos without watching them because it's a BIT too riskay... Mark calm down with the sensual noises hahaha
Sarah Murphy
'Sarah Murphy' 4 weeks ago
Mark I think the weirdest thing I'VE ever heard was whatever noise came out of your mouth XD
Sarah Murphy
'Sarah Murphy' 4 weeks ago
I love how Mark always forgets about the creatures he has already seen before. Like the little green glow bug and the Crab Squid. XD
Zach Mirza
'Zach Mirza' 1 month ago
Who the hell ever yelled 'waper help'
exept markiplier in 2016
Ss Destiny
'Ss Destiny' 1 month ago
There was a PDA in the Ship Wreck where you got the nuclear parts
Jonathan Rhodes
'Jonathan Rhodes' 1 month ago
Thats why I leave the cheats unlocked - just in case you fall through the floor or get stuck in a wall.
Jonathan Rhodes
'Jonathan Rhodes' 1 month ago
Yeah, I depowered my habitat with the water purifier. >.<

Need a nuclear reactor.
Malcom Johnson
'Malcom Johnson' 1 month ago
Mark u know u can make oxgyen tanks right?
Violą Bratschę
'Violą Bratschę' 1 month ago
He could've noclipped out. I would've been ok with that much.
'Boomy' 1 month ago
😂😂 squeeks while saying what the fuck was thaaaaaat?!?
'Novuscourvous' 1 month ago
the soundtrack in this game is so immersive at times. especially when you are in the the wrecks
'Sunny.bias' 1 month ago
"I hate to be that guy but I'm not ready to go DOWN THERE!!"
Why did I think dirty about that...
Chief Awesome - Clash Royale & Clash of Clans
At 17:12 he looks like Ssundee
isaiah bedient
'isaiah bedient' 1 month ago
I'm guess the stronger you become, the warper starts to appear more and would start hunting you
Blade Seeker193
'Blade Seeker193' 1 month ago
You already had the blue prints for the nuclear reactor
cody amaral
'cody amaral' 1 month ago
Hey mark u mist the base it was right in front of ur face,and u mist it I saw it
'TheShadowOfMars' 1 month ago
You were certain to die of dehydration anyway.
Whimsy Rainbow Star
'Whimsy Rainbow Star' 1 month ago
Mark, try running the Warper over in the Cyclops. I think I managed it once and it made my life a bit better.
'TheBeastGaming115' 1 month ago
Is that near the floating island
'DarkVortex45' 1 month ago
13:10 insert M. Bison meme here
Ferdinánd Purczeld
'Ferdinánd Purczeld' 1 month ago
Shit, Mark, you deserved that death so badly. Denying retreat with under 10% water and 30% health is foolish. FOOLISH!
The Almighty Commentator
Ay, Mark- here's a tip:
Stock up until you can bring an ass load of water and food every time you go exploring, THEN YOU WON'T HAVE ALL THESE DAMN DYING MID SCAN SPREE PROBLEMS
Isaiah of all trades
was that a building at 1:57
'ApoloFTW' 1 month ago
He saw the base but there was a crab squid next to it and he freaked out
'Chase' 1 month ago
At 1:59 you can see the underground base i think.
Paul Bedford-Holt
'Paul Bedford-Holt' 1 month ago
I was playing on subnautica and the warper was on the precursor island floating about outside my base.
'ShibaPaws' 1 month ago
Greasy Salsa sKrub
'Greasy Salsa sKrub' 1 month ago
you know your excited when your shouting starts to sound like Christopher Walken
'TheTwoPunchPrincess' 1 month ago
At 1.55 mark was looking directly at the sea base
Brage Tannum
'Brage Tannum' 1 month ago
I SAW the base and markiplier missed it😂
Daren De Vera
'Daren De Vera' 1 month ago
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