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Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Ax vs. Gun | MythBusters -
Published: 1 year ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 1 year ago

1, 209, 247 views

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During a zombie apocalypse, is it better to kill a zombie with a gun or an axe? With guns loaded, Adam and Jamie work to find the best method to kill a group of zombies and survive... maybe!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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Texas Burger Boy
'Texas Burger Boy' 1 day ago
The result depends on the type of zombie
Tammi Mars
'Tammi Mars' 1 day ago
A Katana would be lighter, faster, and more effective.
IIDARKYII Roblox and more
Lol they spelled the title wrong. 😂
'stockyjohn' 2 days ago
How is it that Adam now looks older than Jamie?
'Freddydoesfood' 4 days ago
This is complete bullshit. There's a reason every military in the world is equipped with a firearm and not a blunt instrument. If it is more effective against intelligent people it's more effective against zombies. Case closed.
Shiny Espeon
'Shiny Espeon' 4 days ago
Let's be honest

A stash of grenades is better than everything
XxMr DeadxX
'XxMr DeadxX' 6 days ago
I feel like they need to use a real axe to be able to pull this off. Obviously they can't use a real one but They need to feel the weight of the real axe and it would most likely get stuck in flesh from time to time.
michael wilson
'michael wilson' 6 days ago
it only takes 5 lbs of pressure to crush your skull
Tw9 Cartoon
'Tw9 Cartoon' 6 days ago
it's not that easy to pull out axe from zombie's head you know
Kjartan The Viking
Oh, cool. Found something to do a video on.
Karma Akabane
'Karma Akabane' 1 week ago
How about double knives with a spice of knowing how to use them properly
'IdeaBox' 1 week ago
i beat my dick, and then some
Dudemode The dudes mood
In my opinion it's just what weapon your better with not just the wepon
Alex Hutchins
'Alex Hutchins' 1 week ago
a spear works better than both. in the zombie apocalypse the spear will save your life. less strength required. longer distance. less fatigue. get a line of 20 people. 10 Cary shields holding a line. 10 carrying Spears killing zombies.
Loknath Shankar
'Loknath Shankar' 1 week ago
Few grenades would work fine :D
Brandon G
'Brandon G' 1 week ago
the only problem is realistically the guns would Pierce through the zombies
'hamsterdoom360' 2 weeks ago
A lot of people are mentioning the axe head getting stuck and having to pull it free with nearly every swing, but don't forget about glancing blows. Kind of ridiculous to assume EVERY blow lands squarely on its mark. The human skull is, turns out, really dense and anything but a direct hit could result in the axe slipping by the wayside, redirecting your momentum potentially putting you off balance, and/or carrying you right into the zombie.
While the experiment leans towards guns being less effective, they actually did a pretty good job of taking all of its pitfalls into account. But guns are the great equalizer. With a larger sample size, I'd be willing to bet that the gun's results remain fairly constant from person to person, whereas the axe would have much more varied results based on the person wielding it. A child using a gun with a well-placed shot could take out an adult-sized zombie much more easily than the same child wielding an axe.
The Rogue
'The Rogue' 2 weeks ago
guns = mass noise, don't have the risk of getting bit.
melee weapons = risk of getting bit, silent
'TheSpore35' 2 weeks ago
I would train them like in cod zombies
'Plixe' 2 weeks ago
You don't just have to measure the speed the axe is traveling, you also have to take into account the sharpness of the blade. If it is a bit dull like the giant axe, it most likely will only leave a dent in the zombies head.
Hector Josee
'Hector Josee' 2 weeks ago
Better learn how to use that katana
Mr. Happy CS:GO
'Mr. Happy CS:GO' 2 weeks ago
Id spin like a motherfucker in the middle
emil storberget !
'emil storberget !' 2 weeks ago
the zombies are rotten and their skulls/bodies are weaker
Jorge Berruga
'Jorge Berruga' 2 weeks ago
They didn't take edge alignment into consideration.
'Melefono' 2 weeks ago
Axe cause you'll never run out of ammo
KAZUTO Kirigaya
'KAZUTO Kirigaya' 2 weeks ago
Hey it's better if you Nike them
Justin Buser
'Justin Buser' 2 weeks ago
also a big axe would be very heavy if it was created like that
Justin Buser
'Justin Buser' 2 weeks ago
try a sword?
Matthew Hooper
'Matthew Hooper' 2 weeks ago
Daniel Combs
'Daniel Combs' 2 weeks ago
super high capacity drum for a Ruger .22...easy win
'Mixa' 2 weeks ago
Better to have both tho, gun still has the superior range while an axe is a great tool also outside zombie killing.
'nigeypants' 2 weeks ago
Everybody in the comments is talking about the axe getting stuck in the heads lol. One, if you saw in the accelerometer test, the real axe doesn't get stuck in the ballistics gel. We're not wood. Bones are brittle. But more importantly, he's swinging a FOAM AXE. He would never be able to swing a real axe that fast. The accelerometer data was based on the deceleration of a real axe, not a stupid foam one.
'Auws1000' 2 weeks ago
How about smgs and assault rifles, they will beat the axe 100% if u can reload like a pro
henry norton
'henry norton' 2 weeks ago
Problem again, if you imbed an axe in a head it's gonna take you a second to get it out. You wouldn't just be able to swing willy-nilly likr he did. Also axes have weight..
'glenisterm' 2 weeks ago
I wonder how a samurai sword would do, since it would probably have a lower kill speed than an axe. Similarly an Uzi would probably do better than a semi-automatic.
george barton
'george barton' 2 weeks ago
My strategy for zombie apocalypse. Step 1: get a weapon and as much food and water I can carry and a fishing pole step 2: fight my way to a ocean worthy boat Step 3: sail my behind to a deserted island with the most idealic food and water source I can find step 3 land step 4 build shelter step 5. live for as long as long as the island food and water sources allow and finally step 5. if forced to leave find another deserted island.
Lee Riley
'Lee Riley' 2 weeks ago
What about Longsword vs axe?
Dylan peel
'Dylan peel' 2 weeks ago
as a dedicated surviavalist with some background knowledge i really dont agree with these findings. 1) an axe is going to be from close range killing only... do you know why humans throws stones and use bows and arrows and long spears... its to gewt as far as possible from the danger. with a accurate rifle you could pick off zombies from a fair distance (200 odd meters with a bit of practice) and that would by you plenty of time to kill a horde or swarm of them. 2)the types of guns used i just dont agree with... i would never use a shotgun(or a bolt action rifle at close range) and i would only use a pistol for emegencies where i was very close range. i would genrally use something like a semiautomatic rifle (or an ak set to single fire). yes in close range a mele weapon may win against a gun as it has its advantages but suprisingly guns can kill stuff from a long way away (why they were invented) and that why i dont agree with this conclusion
'ParkourEh' 2 weeks ago
I think we need more top rated comments about how the axe would get stuck in heads. just sayin
Max Ravenwood
'Max Ravenwood' 2 weeks ago
there would, as people are saying, be a disadvantage to the axe with having to pull out the axe if it got stuck in someone's head, but remember that a gun will also make a louder noise and call zombies from further away, that haven't already lined up at the fence naturally.
Joshua Lin
'Joshua Lin' 2 weeks ago
What about a machine gun on rapid fire?
Bruce Gao
'Bruce Gao' 2 weeks ago
However, in this case automatic weapons would be brilliant.
Michał Poreda
'Michał Poreda' 3 weeks ago
Next time make a mixed test 2 axes, 2 guns and ax with gun
Fredrick Cox
'Fredrick Cox' 3 weeks ago
obviously somebody forgot about how much a axe that big would weigh. it'd be really damn heavy. getting it above your head without dropping it on yourself alone would be a miracle.
Kashikoi Dansei
'Kashikoi Dansei' 3 weeks ago
If you know anything about zombies you know that being close to them is a terrible idea making all melee weapons pointless since you are putting yourself in so much danger of being infect the zombie doessnt need to bite you to infect you its blood going into your system will infect you to so using a melee weapon which puts you in biting range will also cause blood to splash out leading to more chance of infecting and if there is more then one kill one zombie with a melee weapon is time consuming and if not careful can also lead to risk on the user so this make melee weapons a terrible weapon in everyway beside you can use silent range weapons or use silencers beside if your surviving you are not wanted to shoot a zombie if you wont have to you are only fighting when you have to which also means you want some that will kill fast and effective
'YAY BACON' 3 weeks ago
'Pokerface' 3 weeks ago
In a real zombie scenario, they wouldn't be avoiding stepping on dead zombies.
'maui808boiz' 3 weeks ago
Give me my AR or an AK and I'll guarantee more kills then with an axe. Besides each magazine is 30 or more rounds and with an axe after you smash the head in you still need to pull out the axe which they didn't account for.
'10Robbo10' 3 weeks ago
The thing is you also have to pull the axe out of the zombie after you kill it...
'reTARDIS' 3 weeks ago
what about shotgun with axe?
'Therealguymins' 3 weeks ago
The gun lost cause he didn't want to trample over volunteers on the ground lol
Brillembourg Vegas Enrique
isn't it better to carry them both around?
Reggie Lawson
'Reggie Lawson' 3 weeks ago
If it were real the axe would be heavier and it would more likely get stuck in the zombies head making it harder to hit the other zombie
Grant Booth
'Grant Booth' 3 weeks ago
Why choose one when you can use both
Habanero Stabanero
'Habanero Stabanero' 3 weeks ago
Axe not ax i think
Bleach 01
'Bleach 01' 3 weeks ago
Mission failed. Well get em next time
J.R. Spingly
'J.R. Spingly' 4 weeks ago
The test was fine, they didn't have kick back on the gun, and the axe didn't get stuck at all, they were both on balanced with the test they did. If they put that into consideration it be less zombie kills but the same end result.
Juan Vicceconti
'Juan Vicceconti' 4 weeks ago
Jamie is a terrible zombie killer.
Benni k
'Benni k' 4 weeks ago
So that again with a full auto!
'ASCtv' 4 weeks ago
what about the ammo?? and fucking noise
Mario Flores
'Mario Flores' 4 weeks ago
thos is what where using with our technology and its awsome
Dimitar Dimitrov
'Dimitar Dimitrov' 4 weeks ago
Depends on the gun. If we talk about semi auto guns or machineguns axe simply cannot match. Even 9x19 pistol is better. Even 22LR revolver. Axe is too slow. It may not jam but get dull,can be broken/damaged and you get tired very easy by swinging the axe.Plus axe can stuck into the zombie.
Zombies decompose and die.You can stop/kill zombie even without headshot. It still have to move, so hearth still must operate to pump blood,the veins still have to work and the bones still must be intact. If any of this not work there will be no zombie. Just corpse that decompose. Regular corpse.
I play killing floor. That is FPS shooter game where you and your squad have to survive. Headshot is better but still you can kill zombie even without headshot.
Flamethrower is very good weapon against massive amounts of zombies. Bombs and explosive weapons.
Everything have advantage and disadvantage. Thats why there are perks. Each perk have bonus damage using weapons in its class.
The berserker perk have melee weapons. You can use the katana and have much faster attacks than Adam and Jamie.
Btw with the sniper or the comando perk 9x19 pistols are wonderful. I mean 18 round magazine and you can shoot 4-5 heatshots per second.
Shotguns are great too. Mythbusters choose the worst weapons. Grab AK 47 airsoft gun with 30 round magazine and see what will happen to the zombies. Or SCAR. Or AA12, Protecta,hand grenades.
Axe is bad choice. The knife is better; Btw professional soldiers were hire for developing the game.
In zombie apocalipse my choice is 22LR revolver,9x19 pistol and shotgun. For melee attacks - knife.
Why? Because there are no gun store on the planet that doesnt have 12 gauge shotgun,22LR ammo,9x19 and knifes.
Axe is good for chopping woods not against zombies.
'I'm HARAMBE!!' 4 weeks ago
Use samurai so u won't have hard time pulling the axe back out from the head because it will just cut through
André de Andrade
'André de Andrade' 4 weeks ago
How about test but with normal people instead a manatee and a drunk giraffe?
Aa Gg
'Aa Gg' 4 weeks ago
Machine gun?
'Typical_Samuelll' 4 weeks ago
Use a katana
Vitor Fogaco
'Vitor Fogaco' 4 weeks ago
I know it's played out but surviving a zombie apocalypse would be so fucking cool
Anthony Schwarberg
'Anthony Schwarberg' 4 weeks ago
'Gamingdaemon' 1 month ago
Test the guns with a trained soldier next
Marcial Pérez
'Marcial Pérez' 1 month ago
thumbs down for the ad
Matheus Rodrigues
'Matheus Rodrigues' 1 month ago
Better use a lance, axe or swords are too close combat for zombies.
Esteban Troncoso
'Esteban Troncoso' 1 month ago
He should have swinged in a circle
Dinie Shuhaimi
'Dinie Shuhaimi' 1 month ago
using axe more easily to kill a large number of zombie than gun.. in left4dead..
Jayson Burke
'Jayson Burke' 1 month ago
Also not taking into account that guns are loud and just attract more. Usually the main reason you would end up surrounded in the first place.
Siegfried Cosplay
'Siegfried Cosplay' 1 month ago
I think a big issue is that these guns are also not as good as real guns, and also that neither of them understandably wanted to actually hurt the zombie actors. I've shot all sorts of different firearms, and would consider getting stuck with pump action shotguns and low capacity handguns a "worst case" scenario. A semi-automatic rifle, with say, a 30 round magazine, which many people in america have, would offer far superior results.
Adam Cauwenbergs
'Adam Cauwenbergs' 1 month ago
fans are stupid don't listen to them
'0GKRAYY KRAYY' 1 month ago
that was me pff cod my whole life
apple bomb
'apple bomb' 1 month ago
does spinning count?
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 1 month ago
For people saying Guns are better, you have to take into account that there are numerous problems with guns over a melee weapon:

Guns make a lot more noise which intern attracts more zombies to your location

Guns need ammunition, with that many zombies you would soon run out of bullets and then you are stuck with a lump of metal. Also Guns are heavy and even if you have a lot of guns on you and lots of ammunition that is going to slow you down a lot. Even if you have a bunch of ammunition thats not gonna last you long in the Zombie Apocalypse, yeah it will help you a couple times when there are hordes of zombies but when a whole population has been infected it won't take long for you to run out.

Finally Where are you going to get all these guns from? Now before you say " I live in america and we have easy access to guns or I own a gun" Remember that there will be a lot of like minded people who's first instinct is to get to a gunshot or police station. Most likely all of the Ammunition stores will be raided during the first couple days of the apocalypse when everyone is panicking. And if you own a gun thats great but as stated above you will eventually run out of ammo and the sound will draw more zombies to your location.

Guns can be great short term but a melee weapons doesn't need ammunition and is silent. You are better of having a bunch of belle weapons that a bunch of guns. But the Choice is yours...
'tbirum' 1 month ago
Not perfect but it was a shit ton better then their first zombie episode,, this was a great deal more realistic,, still some flaws, but a great deal more accurate.
Calvin Lippert
'Calvin Lippert' 1 month ago
1) axes take force to pull out of a head
2) axes deteriorate more than guns do
3) Glocks, xd's, 1911's (modern), ppq's, and most h&k's have tests where thousands of rounds are put through them without "jams" so I hardly find it necessary to take them into account in this test. Especially with the shotgun
4) what did you test this once? sounds like a 5th grade science fair conclusion from what evidence you have
Robert Petties
'Robert Petties' 1 month ago
what about removing the ax from the heads?. that uses a bit of stamina and time
ThresholdSeven Gaming
A gun is always better, no question, until it jams or runs out of bullets, then you better have a good melee weapon. Hasn't anyone ever played a zombie game?... or wonder why they stopped using swords and axes in war when guns were invented?

This was a fun test as a "game" but it in no way proved anything conclusively. How can anyone even argue that a melee weapon is better than a gun in the first place? Melee immediately becomes a backup weapon when guns are available. When stealth is needed may be an exception but that's a whole different story.

Source: Omniscience
Edbert Khovey
'Edbert Khovey' 1 month ago
just use a negev
'jeffiek' 1 month ago
Meh. Regardless of weapon, less than 58 zombies and you live. More than 67 zombies and you die.

What are the chances of there being between 58 and 67 zombies?
'Lyric' 2 months ago
He should just have Bladestormed everyone
'errorproxy' 2 months ago
He has to stop his swing too.

That's wasted energy.
Eden Marty
'Eden Marty' 2 months ago
Hi ! Omfg setting It is truly perfect $!strong ..
TrippyJay Graal
'TrippyJay Graal' 2 months ago
chainsaws anyone?
wyeybe9yuve HD
'wyeybe9yuve HD' 2 months ago
加都 sangluo
'加都 sangluo' 2 months ago
its so fake
Hadinhhuy Ha
'Hadinhhuy Ha' 2 months ago
'UltraJolt' 2 months ago
Adam kinda looks like Negan or is it just me? :)
caleb washburn
'caleb washburn' 2 months ago
whats up with the dress Jamie lol
'Charlotte' 2 months ago
Yeah, with a lightened handle and a foam head it's easy to swing that around for a few minutes. Try doing that with a 10lb axe head and see how quickly you become tired.
Samuel Piña
'Samuel Piña' 2 months ago
give him two glock 17 with a one hundred round mag each gun and a arsenal ak 47 and he be alright..
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