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Donald Trump's 'soft sensuality' inauguration - BBC News -
Published: 6 days ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 6 days ago

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The chairman of President-elect Trump's inaugural committee, Tom Barrack, gave reporters a taste of what's in store for the big day.

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Emmanuel Goldstein
BBC uses fast cuts and cheesy music to disguise the fact that it's cut the meat out of what the man really said. Fake News BBC
Silvia Leon
'Silvia Leon' 4 days ago
LOL ! The worst inauguration ever! I bet Trump wants even gladiators fighting for their life and Trump arise of his golden chair like Cesar moving his finger down ! NOBODY WANTS TO PARTICIPATE BECAUSE HE IS AN IGNORANT NARCISSISTIC SOON TO BE PRESIDENT! I will not watch the inauguration, at least no ratings for him.
Aditi Kaur
'Aditi Kaur' 5 days ago
Funny editing bbc loool
'xguy' 6 days ago
⛔ Trumps' into " water sports " he hired b list talent to urinate on the crowd‼️ Talk about pissed off‼️
anton lovell
'anton lovell' 6 days ago
Louis Theroux appears to be working as a BBC reporter.
Hurry up and Jog On BBC.
'abcun17' 6 days ago
Hey... maybe we can get some girl on girl action at the inauguration... involving some former Miss Universe contestants and the new first lady Melania... that'd be worth a pay-per-view show!!!! 😁
'abcun17' 6 days ago
Strap yourselves in folks and get the popcorn 'cause the circus is coming to town...😂
Carlos Blanka
'Carlos Blanka' 6 days ago
Conor Mulvihill
'Conor Mulvihill' 6 days ago
I think all the triggered crybaby trump fanboys disliking the video need a safe space
Steve Cramlington
'Steve Cramlington' 6 days ago
The BBC need to stop pretending to be a news organisation.
Tough Puppy
'Tough Puppy' 6 days ago
I'm sorry, Trump; you might be one of the richest men alive; you might be one of the greatest beneficiaries of corporate globalism; you might also be one of the greatest con-artists in the history of mankind; but there ain't anything sensual about you whatsoever.
'FLOWER' 6 days ago
That's because no A,B,C,D lister would preform at the inauguration. So the second choice is the people. The people were not the first choice. Unfortunately the arm services have to be there or else there would be a revolt.
cary bary
'cary bary' 6 days ago
Dogs. Man's best friend. BBC tv license goon's worst enemy
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